Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tragedy often brings out the best in people, but it also sometimes brings out the worst. The earthquake in Haiti definitely was a tragedy. In the wake of that event, morons have come out of the wood work. Once again it is impossible for me to settle on just one, so I am selecting two. They will hence forth be known as co-morons of the month for January.

This month's choices are polar opposites politically, but have found common ground in the realm of moronic behavior. They are Rev. Pat Robertson and actor Danny Glover. As you can see, they are pretty much like oil and water but they found a way to display total idiocy together, not as a team mind you but separately.

First, Pat Robertson. In the past he has proffered some very questionable positions but this month he has topped even himself. In an interview he declared that Haiti's earthquake was caused by the Haitian people themselves because in 1791 they made a pact with the Devil. It seems, according to Robertson, that Haiti, in order to get rid of the French, through voodoo, gained the upper hand to overthrow the French and take control of their island. In return they had to pledge themselves to the Devil. Apparently the Devil has since found some displeasure with them and subsequently brought about this earthquake. Are you following this?

Danny Glover, not to be out done, has made some fairly wild declarations himself. According to Glover, the earthquake was caused by the failure of the attendees to the Copenhagen conference to come up with a Global Climate agreement. Can it get any more ridiculous?  I wonder what might be Glover's qualifications meteorologically, to come up with such a theory. Does he have some kind of inside information on the comings and goings of the earth's movement? If so, wouldn't it be in the world's interest that he be in charge of predictions of such events as earthquakes, hurricanes and even tornadoes? Why would we waste his talents for prediction and understanding on such mediocrity as acting? By using his great talent, we could be prepared and possibly even prevent great tragedies in the future.

I recognize that, just like me, everybody has the right to an opinion. What troubles me sometimes though is that some people have a world wide audience and while normal people will find the two above as completely stupid, some will find plausibility in their pronouncements. How else would you explain some of the movements that have occurred throughout the world? The press seems to take great delight in publishing these kinds of moronic statements.

This blog does not seek to cure what ails the world. We do attempt on occasion however, to explain the phenomena of moron. We try to just expose it in the light of day for you to make your own judgments. I believe, when viewed in this manner, common sense will prevail and people will see what is right in front of them. Neither Robertson nor Glover has any more information or expertise than anyone else regarding this earthquake. Neither of them has any inside tract on the truth. Tragedies happen. Thousands die. We often are left to question them, but no one of us knows any more than the other as to why. The wind blows, rain falls, temperatures rise and fall, and the earth sometimes moves. Such is life and considering the alternative, life is good.

Ron Scarbro January 19, 2010