Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Are we really becoming two separate countries? I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Here are some irrefutable facts. We just elected a Republican President who soundly defeated an extremist liberal Democrat. Some in this country just cannot seem to accept this so they are going to do everything they can do to undermine Trump’s Presidency. They are going to riot, burn, loot, lie, and create havoc at every turn in an effort to get rid of Trump. The morons in the streets who are actually doing the rioting are just pawns in this battle. They are being directed and even paid by some very rich, very powerful people who believe they should be the ones in charge. These people are using the very liberal higher education system to further their cause. They have also enlisted the aid of the media and the Hollywood “elite.” Oh, and here’s some news for Hollywood. Nobody really gives a tinker’s damn what Meryl Streep or Ashley Judd or Madonna think and even less about what they have to say. They are paid to entertain and they come with an off/on switch. I, like so many others, have already turned them off.

As a nation, we could be on the verge of a real battle for our very existence. A lot like the Civil War except it won’t be the north vs the south. No, this will be a fight of traditional America against socialist America. Let’s examine this.

We’ll call traditional America, America One and socialist America, America Two. Here are some realities. America One is where the guns are, and America Two thinks guns are scary and evil. One produces most of the food we all eat. One produces the fuel we use to travel and to heat our homes. Two produces most of the welfare recipients and users of government. America One manufactures and America Two consumes. America One earns and America Two spends. America One is self-reliant whereas Two is dependent on government and social programs to get through life. America One has a mighty military staffed by like-minded individuals and America Two doesn’t even have people who qualify for military service. Etc., etc., etc. Are you seeing a pattern here?

The socialists who want to destroy America could not exist on their own. They are like the little dog chasing a car. What would they do with it if they caught it? I am sure these would-be emperors who are at the root of this unrest think that eventually they will prevail and then they will be in charge of all the little peons who will do their bidding.

Guess again, idiots. I and people who think like me will never allow you to be successful. The food you need to live on only happens if America One allows it. The military will always be in the corner of traditional America. The great midsection of this country will always be armed and ready to defend their homeland. The socialists have already lost and just don’t have enough intelligence to realize it.

As we watch the antics of the left and their flailing temper tantrums, I sincerely believe we will all grow tired of it and very soon tune it out. As we watch Trump’s policies continue to be successful, the left will look sillier and sillier. And finally, as we watch Democrats lose even more elections and even more power in Washington, they will have to work hard to even survive as a party.

America, however, will survive and prosper. The left will lose. That outcome is already known to all who are smart enough to see it.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


America is a sovereign country. We have borders and those borders are there for a reason. We have the right to decide who comes into our country and who does not. No one on earth has a right to enter our country without our express permission. We have the right to allow visitation and we have the right to allow for immigration. We also have the right to refuse anyone.

Over the years of our history we have been more than lenient about letting people in. We are truly  a nation of immigrants, but this nation of immigrants decided long ago to create borders and allow just so many in and to vet them before they come. We can house and support just so many people. I believe if given the choice, millions and millions of people around the globe would immigrate to America at the drop of a hat. We are the land of milk and honey. Most probably believe that money falls off the trees and the streets are paved with gold. They want in on the action.

Some decide to enter this country without our permission. They call themselves “undocumented immigrants.” What they are is trespassers. What they are is lawbreakers. Are street level drug dealers “undocumented pharmacists?” Those illegal immigrants who have jobs do so with stolen identification. They buy phony social security cards on the streets. Some enter so their children can be born here thereby making a case for them to stay. Billions and billions of dollars are sent back to their home countries. Many of those countries depend on this infusion of cash just to survive. Is it any wonder that they would be less than helpful in stemming the flow of this illegal activity?

So, Donald Trump was elected with the promise that he would build a wall to help curb illegal trespassing and that Mexico would pay for it. That wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it through border taxes and reduced cash from illegals already here. Deportation will be increased and the Border Patrol will be allowed to do their jobs.  

That process of deportation has begun and already the liberal media is up in arms. How dare President Trump arrest and deport mothers and maids. Trump is ripping families apart. It goes on ad nauseam. The truth is that so far only criminals and felons have been picked up and sent back to their own countries. I believe and hope that the deportation will continue until we are left with only legitimate citizens. Then people who want to become Americans can apply legally and do what is necessary to become citizens.

Just last week a lady was arrested who was in fact an illegal alien but who had registered and voted in at least three elections. She was incidentally registered in several counties. She was sentenced to eight years in prison and to be deported on her release. Why did it take so long to arrest her? She was being protected by the Obama Administration and their refusal to enforce the laws regarding illegal immigration.

Some very smart computer whizzes have extrapolated illegal alien voting to come up with a number somewhere north of 800,000 illegal voters in the last election. One is too many, 800,000 is ridiculous. I wonder which of the political parties favors this activity? One also wonders how actual election results are affected by this criminal activity.

Truly one of the main reasons this country chose Trump as President was to get a handle on this kind of crap and bring it to an end. The liberal media can just keep on crying and moaning. We are going to return to law and order regardless of what they say or print.

You want to be an American? Great. Apply, follow the rules, get in line. Do it the right way and you will be welcome. Do it illegally, and you will be kicked out.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


As a veteran of many elections, I thought I had seen it all. Even with the understanding that this was one of the most contentious, ugly, hateful campaigns in history, still I thought when it was over that it would be over. How wrong I was. We have moved from a completely fair and honest election to a series of “hissy fits” by the losers. They just don’t get it. They ran a poor candidate who was flawed beyond belief. She lied and she cheated and she, of course, lost. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put Hillary back together again. She is yesterday’s news and yesterday’s business and is no longer a player in American politics. She will be fortunate to stay out of prison.

Here is a fact. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States for at least the next four years and probably the next eight. After that we will again get to choose who will be our President. If the Democrats want to be a part of that process, they had best get a clue. The American voters made their choice in this election based on their desire to change the direction of the country. All politicians who want to be involved had best understand that little fact.

And speaking of clueless Democrats, California has an interesting dilemma. There is a large group who wants to secede from the Union. I’m with them. I hope they pull it off. It might be a bit difficult, however, trying to raise an army to defend her borders. With marijuana legal and freely available, it could be very tough finding anyone who can even hold a rifle let alone shoot it.

And more on California. Did you hear about Senator Kevin DeLeon, D, Los Angeles? He is President Pro-Tem of the California Senate.  He announced that most of his family are in this country illegally and are surviving and prospering by the use of phony Social Security cards and phony green cards as well as phony driver’s licenses. What a moron. He ratted out his whole family. I wonder what would happen to an American citizen who used a phony Social Security number or a phony driver’s license. Do you suppose that might be considered identity theft? Do you suppose they might get arrested and put in jail? And is it possible that any of these individuals who possess this stolen identification used that documentation to vote in the last election? It’s a fair question, don’t you think? We should round up every last one of them, charge them with identity theft and fraud and send them to prison. The only way this crap ends is if we end it.

To our Republican Congress. We, the people, expect you to do your jobs. We expect you to enforce the very laws you have enacted. Any law is only as good as its enforcement. Like most of the American people, I am tired of “red lines.” We are told there are some eleven million illegal aliens in this country. I believe the number is much higher. These people have crossed the red line. Round them up and send them home. It is as simple as requiring all employers and welfare agencies as well as schools to “e-verify” all Social Security numbers and criminally prosecuting any employer or agency who refuses. When those illegal aliens are found, either send them home or put them in prison.

We would then establish a visitor’s work visa program and that visa would have an entry date and a departure date. Persons who choose could then, with their work visas in hand, work here, pay taxes here, and upon completion of an established period of time, and with a clean criminal record, apply for citizenship. I think it would work. What do you think?

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The left, which would include the media, Hollywood, and academia are apoplectic. What a great word. It has its origins in the word apocalypse which refers to the end of the world. So, what we have here are apoplectic individuals who are “end of the world crazy.” They all seem to be taken by surprise by the actions of our new President. “How dare he do what he said he would in the campaign.” Well they better get used to it because this is just the beginning of an eight-year period of growth in our economy, pipe lines being built, and borders being protected.

Another thing the left needs to understand is that since we are a country of law and order, laws will be enforced. That is especially true for the various Mayors who are currently defying immigration law regarding their cities. Sanctuary cities are illegal, period and any Mayor or city official who refuses to obey and enforce the law may soon be arrested and jailed. This is not a new law. It has been on the books for decades. Persons who enter our country illegally will and should be arrested and deported. To those who think this is unfair or mean spirited, try entering any other country illegally like Mexico or Canada for example, and see what happens.

The Border Patrol will once again do the job they are paid to do. Our military and our police departments will once again have the respect they are entitled to. In other words, we are returning to a place of normalcy.

Smart Democrats will soon recognize all this and get on board. Others will fight a losing battle until they are ruled irrelevant by the voters. There are ten Democrat US Senators up for re-election in the next election and Trump carried each of those states, “bigly.” That doesn’t bode too well for “business as usual.”

After Trump cancels more of the Obama Presidential edicts and replaces them with workable Executive orders, we should start seeing new legislation and some old that will be reintroduced like “Kate’s Law.” You may remember this bill which would require a mandatory five-year prison sentence for deported individuals who return to this country.  Harry Reid refused to allow this bill to be heard by the Senate. That is about to change. What kind of a moron could oppose this law?

Just last weekend our President issued an order refusing some individuals from certain hot spots in the world from entering America. These are not American citizens and for the most part we know very little about them because we cannot vet them. Extreme vetting is now under way.

Elizabeth Warren is on her high horse about the “unconstitutionality” of Trump’s order. Sorry, Pocahontas but his order is completely Constitutional. And by the way, Elizabeth, you can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own Constitution. Try reading ours. You might learn something. A new day has dawned and a new sheriff is in town. It is no longer business as usual.

For me and many other conservative types, this action couldn’t have come much sooner. We are a sovereign nation with borders and we will protect those borders. No non-citizen in the world has a “Constitutional” right to enter this country. They do so only with our specific permission and they can be here only for as long as we allow.

And on that point, I have another question. How does anyone who illegally enters this country or even the children of those illegals without legal birth certificates, now known as “dreamers,”  get a job without a legitimate Social Security number? How do we legally collect their taxes? How do we report their income to the IRS? Just wondering.

Thinking about all this makes me apoplectic. But I’ll get over it. Will the left?

Ron Scarbro