Saturday, May 29, 2010


It is that time again. It is the time I must select this month's moron of the month. Once again this dubious honor must be shared. It is just impossible narrowing it down to one.

Number one on this month's hit parade is Richard Blumenthal, Democrat, Attorney General, Connecticut, and candidate for US Senate. I am sure you have all heard of this guy. Added to his long list of accomplishments we must now add liar. Blumenthal has, on several occasions, attempted to pad his resume by stating he was in Vietnam during war time. That has been proven to be a lie. He evidently believes by suggesting he was a combat veteran, he would be more acceptable to the electorate. Well he has been caught. Initially he tried to weasel out of it through denials but, alas, it didn't work. He had to face the press and admit that he lied. Here comes the strange part. This was his excuse. He said that on the hundreds of occasions that he spoke, he only lied about his wartime service a few times. Look how many times he didn't lie. That, he supposed, should have made it okay. Let's say that I, having met hundreds of people, only killed a few of them. Does that make me any less a murderer?
Look how many I didn't kill. Is Blumenthal, having lied only a few times, any less a liar? All combat veterans who did risk their lives for their country should be up in arms. Here is the State of Connecticut's top law enforcement officer and he is a proven liar. He should be ashamed and ashamed to the point of removing himself from office as well as dropping out of any run for the senate. That, my friends, is a true moron.

Now Ron, you ask. Who could be so moronic as to be on an equal footing with Blumenthal for this month's honor? The answer to that is the people of Connecticut. Polls have shown that even after Blumenthal's admissions, his poll numbers have increased. His lead over his nearest competitor has grown. I guess the people who inflicted Chris Dodd on this country would think nothing of once again electing a proven liar as his replacement. All across America people are looking for ways to clean house and rid the Congress of crooks and liars and the people of Connecticut are considering reinfecting the Senate with the likes of Richard Blumenthal. God help us all.

You know this is really simple. We have elections to hire (select) our representatives. They are elected to be our voices in Washington and reflect our views. They should be above reproach. They should be solid citizens. They should be the epitome of squeaky clean. What in the world are the people of Connecticut thinking? Is Blumenthal an example of the people of Connecticut? Wake up. He has shown you who he is and what he is capable of. How can he be trusted by anyone?

Elections have consequences. It would be bad enough if one state elected a crook to the Senate just for their representation, but it doesn't end there. They wind up being involved with laws that affect all of us. If this clown makes it to the US Senate it will be a sad day for the entire country.

Morons, morons. How sad.

Ron Scarbro May 29, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money". That, of course, was a famous quote by Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. It was true when she said it and it is true today. One needs to look no farther than Greece or even Spain to see what this quote is all about. In fact all of Europe is in a similar situation.

Let us consider Greece for example. Greece is a prime example of European Socialism. One in five employed persons works for the government.
That folks is 20% of the employed work force. Normal retirement age in Greece is 54. Greece enjoys socialized medicine. The Greek billionaires, of which there are several, often pay no taxes on their income or holdings. They hide that income and their assets in off shore accounts. It has been reported that most if not all of them enjoy cozy relationships with the governing officials who would otherwise be after them for their delinquencies. Now it would seem that the chickens have come home to roost in Greece and they are probably not alone in their situation. Spain and others are facing similar deficits in income and cannot pay their debts or fund their many social programs.

The Greek citizens are rioting in the streets and some have even been killed in those riots. World markets are quivering at the possibility of European default. Greek officials have tried to pass austerity programs to help them get back on their feet but the citizens are furious. Just print more money and everything will be okay. Greece, as a part of the European Union, is a subscriber to the Euro as official currency. Greece cannot just print more money. So what is the answer? How will this matter be resolved?

The EU has set aside a fund of one trillion dollars to help Greece and other member states in the event of default. What this is, however, is not a fix. This is a band aid. This is at best a temporary solution. What has to happen is a complete change of philosophy in governing. It is clear Socialism doesn't work. It has never worked. The reason it doesn't work is simple. For an economy to flourish, wealth must be created. Government doesn't create wealth, it only spends wealth and it only spends other peoples' wealth. Government doesn't generate money; it only takes money away from those who produce it. When those who take exceed those who contribute, the end is at hand. As a part of this European bail out, member states must re-align their priorities and become more austere. They must prove to the Union that they will abide by reasonable measures to help cut their debt and internally fund their social programs. Of course, their citizens will not be happy. It would appear that the gravy train has been derailed and the depot is closed.

I am presenting this essay because it is obvious to anyone who would care to look that we are headed down a similar road. I don't believe that we are in as much trouble as Europe, but we seem hell bent on getting there. In our last election, the winners were of the taker side of the equation. The producers either stayed home or they are now so outnumbered that the result couldn't have been changed. It certainly seems that I, and those who think like me, am in the minority. That doesn't bode well for this country or for the world. If this country goes into default, the whole world is in serious trouble.

So, what is the answer? How are we going to prevent this mess from happening? The answer is simple. We absolutely have to elect the right people. We cannot afford to continue electing these free spenders that have held power in the past. I am speaking of both Republicans and Democrats. There truly is no free lunch. It is clear the so-called elite media is on the wrong side as well. That puzzles me also because they will be among the first to be out of business if the left continues its climb to power.
There is no place for profit in the Socialist idea of the promised land.

I am about to reach my seventieth birthday. This will not affect me. It will however affect those I love who are charged with the responsibility of fixing the mess. I think it is going to be ugly, but I think it is inevitable.

Ron Scarbro May 11, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Now I can write about it. Now the last of the three Navy Seals has been found not guilty at their court martial. Now I can say that this has to be the dumbest, most ridiculous action ever taken by the US Navy. Three brave, highly trained, efficient warriors have been subjected to a trial where they had to prove that they didn't mistreat a vicious killer who was also our avowed enemy during war time. To the Naval High Command, what in the hell were you thinking? Don't you morons know we are at war? What do you suppose happens on the real battle front? You who fight your wars from hidden war rooms and country clubs must think this is some sort of game. Well it isn't. The enemy really wants to kill us all. They really don't care anything about fairness or "rules". They are capable of lying and do. They don't wear any uniform or march under any particular flag. They are just rag tag killers who could care less about you or your "rules". The idea that these three Seals and also this country have been subjected to this embarrassment has been repugnant to me and most right thinking Americans. Shame on the US Navy, the young man who was the Navy's so-called star witness, and anyone else who participated in this fiasco.

To that very small minority who believe it is important that we, America, must show the world how fair we are and how we obey the rules and that we must prove that even our enemies have the right to sue us for anything we do in fighting a war which they started, I say to you that is ridiculous. Wake up. This is stupid. The only thing I want this bunch of militant religious maniacs to feel about us is fear. I want them to face every day believing that this is probably their last. When we put our warriors on trial for the silliest of reasons as was the case in this action, our enemy is laughing themselves silly. This does not induce fear in this group. It makes us look weak and further causes our enemy to believe that they actually have a chance of defeating us. What nonsense. They need to see the might and the fury of a country who is tired of all of it. They need to see what happens when you wake the sleeping bear.

I am going to make this column very short. I don't give a damn if the Seal hit this enemy in the lip and caused him to bleed. I hope he did. I don't care if he hurt him or otherwise caused him to have a bad day. Maybe it would be better for our troops to just eliminate these prisoners when they catch up with them. It would solve a lot of problems. If I were a soldier in the field that is the message this nonsense would be sending me. When I was in the Army we were told that it takes only one soldier to kill an enemy but it takes several to handle prisoners. Is that what the High Command wants? Are we prepared to lose any intelligence we may acquire?

Finally I want to say this. Either we are at war or we are not. If we are, then by all means let's get after it and bring it to an end. If we are not, let's just bring all our troops home and call it good. You can't have it both ways. My heartiest congratulations to the Navy Seals for their courage and their fighting ability. May they never face silliness like this again.

Ron Scarbro May 8, 2010