Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It has been a wild few days. On Sunday the preacher observed that the world, and especially this country, is in turmoil. What used to be immoral is now amoral. What used to be wrong is now just sorta wrong and in some cases even sorta right. What used to be incorrect is now correct, as in politically correct. His observation, we know better. We know right from wrong. We know moral from immoral. We know correct from incorrect political or otherwise. We know and we should be ashamed.

We know and yet we allow it to continue. We allow politicians to run amok with our laws and our Constitution. Gov. Terry Mcauliffe of Virginia bypassed the duly elected State Legislature and issued an executive order allowing convicted felons to vote. In Virginia that has been illegal for one hundred fifty years but Mcauliffe, with the stroke of a pen, has overturned the law. He insists politics has nothing to do with his decision. Yeah, right. In his heart of hearts he believes these felons will register as Democrats and will further help his long time friend Hillary Clinton win Virginia. He has said that this was to correct a wrong that had been perpetrated on poor, black people to keep them out of the voting booth. He wanted to restore their rights to them because they had served their sentences. Okay, what about gun ownership? Do these convicted killers and rapists now get to go out and buy guns? Don’t they also have that right? Or is this just for the purpose of electing Hillary? I report, you decide.

In an effort to kiss up to a godless new liberal religion, John Kerry signed a “global warming” treaty without Congressional approval. As if the treaty was legal, which it isn’t. Any cursory reading of the Constitution clearly lays out what is required for any treaty to be valid and legal. It must have Senatorial approval or else it is as worthless as the paper it is written on. Remember the illegal nuclear treaty we signed with Iran? They have already broken that agreement and they don’t particularly care that it was illegal. They are laughing at us as they continue to build their nuclear arsenal. They will until we stop them and our “Mickey Mouse” treaty is just to salve the liberals into thinking they were doing something to slow them down.

I recently reported to you that men can no longer enter the women’s bathrooms because of a newly passed law in North Carolina. If you listened to the national media you would have to believe that the world was coming to an end. How dare the state try to dictate that a man cannot use a woman’s bathroom especially if he feels like he is a girl. Never mind that he might be a crossdressing pervert, to the leftist media he should be entitled to enter at will.

Like the preacher said. We know better and we should be ashamed. We know the difference between right and wrong. We know the difference between moral, immoral, and amoral.

Obama is sending another 250 troops to the Middle East to take on ISIS. Obama, with the military experience and judgement of a first year cub scout, is attempting to make military decisions that put real military people in harm’s way. Our troops will be restrained by the rules of civility. ISIS is governed by no rules. Eventually we are going to have to end the nonsense that is called ISIS and the sooner the better. It would take General George S. Patton or any true military mind like his about two weeks to bring it all to an end.

The preacher was right. We know what is right and we know what is wrong, and we should be ashamed.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Here’s a quiz. What does the term “freedom of speech” mean? Can it be referring to anything other than just verbal expression? For example, is art freedom of speech? Is giving money to a political candidate freedom of speech? How about public demonstrations? Are they freedom of speech and are there limits on speech? It has been said that one has the freedom to swing one’s fist through the air but that freedom stops just short of my nose. So there are definitely some limits, but what should they be?

An incident which happened at Emory University comes to mind. Apparently someone drew in chalk on the sidewalks of the school the phrase “Trump in 2016.” That phrase offended some of the students. In fact they were so offended they had to have counseling to soothe their shattered nerves. They then demanded a “safe space” so they wouldn’t have to be exposed to such harmful words. Apparently they are just too delicate to have to see such hateful speech. The school is actually considering their grievance.

Yale has had their problems also. It seems their journalism department is closed to any ideas other than the most liberal. In fact most of these high cost universities seem closed to any ideas which they deem non-progressive. That, it seems, would include the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Well I have some news for these schools and for their students. Outside of the hallowed walls of these closed minded schools is a real world. And in that real world real people exist. They work and play as free American citizens. They speak their minds and sometimes their speech might appear hateful to one group or another. Too bad. Freedom of speech gives us all the right to express ourselves even if our expression might be hurtful to someone else. No one is guaranteed the right to never be offended.

The Op-ed page of newspapers is a bastion of freedom of expression. What you are now reading is my expression of free speech and you have that same right. Rarely do I agree with most newspaper’s editorial opinion, but I defend their right to express themselves just as I have the right to express mine.
We have all seen that some universities have cancelled certain Commencement speakers because of their politics. That is called “mind control” or “brainwashing.” In other words if you do not keep in step with the university’s belief system of progressive liberal politics, you cannot express yours. If you are a parent of a student who is being brainwashed, and you are paying the high dollar tuition, how does that make you feel? How do you like the fact that your child is not allowed to hear any dissenting view? How do you think they will react when they surely hear such dissention after they leave school?

Were it not for our strong capitalist economy, a strong military, a government based on freedom guaranteed by our Bill of Rights and our US Constitution, there wouldn’t even be schools of higher learning. These liberal professors who have never had to actually work and make a profit but feel compelled to spew their nonsense would be better served by taking a sabbatical and getting a real job for a while. They need to see how it is in the real world. I once heard that the quickest way to become a Republican is to get a job and a mortgage. That usually cures liberalism.

We absolutely cannot take our freedoms for granted. To ask which of our freedoms is most important would be like choosing your favorite child. Picking one’s favorite freedom is difficult but freedom of speech would have to rank very high.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


One of my all time heroes, John Wayne, once said that life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid. I thought of that when I heard the latest news from the moronic liberal left. This time in the form of Bruce Springsteen who has decided to cancel his concert scheduled for North Carolina because of North Carolina’s new law concerning public restrooms.

To refresh your memory, North Carolina has decided by law that one may use public restroom facilities based on the gender indicated on their birth certificate. In other words just because one may feel like a girl from time to time, he may not enter a ladies restroom. He must tend to his bathroom business according to his actual gender, not his choice gender.

To the weenie liberals, this is a travesty. How dare any state make a gender decision for anyone. Just because one is born a male, doesn’t necessarily mean one must live as a male. He may feel it necessary to dress in frilly clothes and frilly underwear. He may feel it necessary to wear facial makeup in an effort to make himself pretty, even though it never works. He would then feel completely uncomfortable entering a restroom designated for men.

The same rules apply to the opposite sex as well. I don’t know if it has escaped your notice, but men’s restrooms are equipped for men, not women. Urinals are for standing room only and men are usually equipped to suit the equipment.

As a husband, father, and a grandfather I have more basic concerns. The last thing I would want is for any of the females in my life to enter a public restroom facility only to be faced with a group of cross dressing men adjusting their makeup or attending to other duties.

While I am not a doctor, I do have an opinion about this. I think chemical imbalance, sometimes referred to as crazy,  may  cause some of the gender confusion. They may truly believe they are of a different sex than their birth gender, but a public restroom is not a laboratory. One’s imbalances, chemical and otherwise, must be dealt with in hospitals or doctors offices.

I am aware that in rare cases individuals can be born with undeveloped sexual identities but those are so rare that they don’t even rank on any scale. I have written before that, as a livestock producer in my younger days, I have seen animals equipped with organs of both sexes. Such animals are culled immediately. Of the thousands of animals I have seen, this particular weirdness only showed up twice. In the so-called lesser animal kingdom such animals are culled by their peers.

I once heard that insanity is contagious, you can get it from your kids. Maybe so, but the kind of craziness that is going on in the “politically correct” community appears to be contagious also. It must be. Nonsense begets nonsense. This is not going to end until the sensible sane people of this country get together and end it. North Carolina as well as several other states is trying to do just that. I believe the sane, sensible people of this country should celebrate North Carolina and the other states that are dealing with this nonsense and support their efforts.

We should turn our backs on the weenie liberals who just can’t seem to get the fact that what they want just isn’t America. I wouldn’t go across the street to see Bruce Springsteen do or sing anything. But I wouldn’t have even before this latest incident. I will continue to carefully use my platform to celebrate true American ideals and continue to use this same venue to pan and criticize the enemies of freedom, the liberal left.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


There has been a lot of talk in recent days and weeks about whether Hillary will be indicted or not. There has been speculation as to whether she violated federal law by setting up a private server to operate her e-mail system. Did she lie about Benghazi? In fact, has she lied about almost everything since she first appeared on the national scene?

I clearly remember the time her husband, renowned skirt chaser Bill Clinton, was first implicated in the so-called “bimbo eruptions.” Her response, why this is just a vast right wing conspiracy. Well, as a proud charter member of the “vast right wing conspiracy,” I am pleased to announce that Bill was in fact guilty of illicit sexual contact with many young ladies and went on to be disbarred from the practice of law for lying to a Grand Jury and further was impeached by the Congress. So much for a conspiracy.

So, back to Hillary. Is she a congenital liar? Is she a pathological liar? Is she guilty of compromising national secrets and jeopardizing the lives of agents across the world? Did she or did she not, on her first day in office as Secretary of State, sign a document stating that she would guard all secrets with which she was entrusted under penalty of criminal indictment and prosecution?  Did she set up this private e-mail service for convenience or to bypass review by anyone else? In other words, did she just decide that the rules didn’t apply to her and she could do whatever she wanted to do? Were her closest advisors and employees in on the activity therefore serving as co-conspirators?

Now comes the real question. Should she in fact be indicted and prosecuted for her violations of the law? There is at least one person who surely knows. The FBI probably knows. The State Department probably knows. The Justice Department probably knows. But, the one person who definitely knows is Hillary herself. She knows what she did and why. She knows this wasn’t a mistake. She knows she lied about Benghazi. She knew that her husband was a serial cheat long before the famous blue dress. She knew there was no “vast right wing conspiracy.” In fact all of the questions concerning her criminal activity which she has worked hard to cover up for years are well known to Hillary herself.

So far she has gotten away with everything. So far her followers seem blind and just brush under the rug all of her sins and indiscretions. They seem to think this will all just go away. Wrong. Hillary has a major problem. Violating our secrets and mishandling classified information is not a sin or an indiscretion. It is a violation of federal law punishable by federal prison time and I mean serious prison time.

If Hillary thinks that James Comey, head of the FBI will cover up her crimes because of politics, she is grossly misjudging the situation. If she thinks that Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the US is going to look the other way…wrong again. These public servants will not put their careers on the line for a washed up, opportunist politician. No, Hillary is going to have to face the music.

The sad truth is Hillary knows she is guilty. She knows that an indictment is imminent. She has to know that she will not even be the nominee if she is wearing an orange jumpsuit let alone be elected to the highest office in the land. You know what else? The Democrat party knows this too. They are holding their collective breaths waiting for the other shoe to fall. The smart money says they are already getting her replacement ready and he isn’t Bernie Sanders. Time will tell.

Ron Scarbro