Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It has been a wild few days. On Sunday the preacher observed that the world, and especially this country, is in turmoil. What used to be immoral is now amoral. What used to be wrong is now just sorta wrong and in some cases even sorta right. What used to be incorrect is now correct, as in politically correct. His observation, we know better. We know right from wrong. We know moral from immoral. We know correct from incorrect political or otherwise. We know and we should be ashamed.

We know and yet we allow it to continue. We allow politicians to run amok with our laws and our Constitution. Gov. Terry Mcauliffe of Virginia bypassed the duly elected State Legislature and issued an executive order allowing convicted felons to vote. In Virginia that has been illegal for one hundred fifty years but Mcauliffe, with the stroke of a pen, has overturned the law. He insists politics has nothing to do with his decision. Yeah, right. In his heart of hearts he believes these felons will register as Democrats and will further help his long time friend Hillary Clinton win Virginia. He has said that this was to correct a wrong that had been perpetrated on poor, black people to keep them out of the voting booth. He wanted to restore their rights to them because they had served their sentences. Okay, what about gun ownership? Do these convicted killers and rapists now get to go out and buy guns? Don’t they also have that right? Or is this just for the purpose of electing Hillary? I report, you decide.

In an effort to kiss up to a godless new liberal religion, John Kerry signed a “global warming” treaty without Congressional approval. As if the treaty was legal, which it isn’t. Any cursory reading of the Constitution clearly lays out what is required for any treaty to be valid and legal. It must have Senatorial approval or else it is as worthless as the paper it is written on. Remember the illegal nuclear treaty we signed with Iran? They have already broken that agreement and they don’t particularly care that it was illegal. They are laughing at us as they continue to build their nuclear arsenal. They will until we stop them and our “Mickey Mouse” treaty is just to salve the liberals into thinking they were doing something to slow them down.

I recently reported to you that men can no longer enter the women’s bathrooms because of a newly passed law in North Carolina. If you listened to the national media you would have to believe that the world was coming to an end. How dare the state try to dictate that a man cannot use a woman’s bathroom especially if he feels like he is a girl. Never mind that he might be a crossdressing pervert, to the leftist media he should be entitled to enter at will.

Like the preacher said. We know better and we should be ashamed. We know the difference between right and wrong. We know the difference between moral, immoral, and amoral.

Obama is sending another 250 troops to the Middle East to take on ISIS. Obama, with the military experience and judgement of a first year cub scout, is attempting to make military decisions that put real military people in harm’s way. Our troops will be restrained by the rules of civility. ISIS is governed by no rules. Eventually we are going to have to end the nonsense that is called ISIS and the sooner the better. It would take General George S. Patton or any true military mind like his about two weeks to bring it all to an end.

The preacher was right. We know what is right and we know what is wrong, and we should be ashamed.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

Now I’m just confused…
Ron, you, and every other rational thinking person on the planet, have criticized Obama for not taking enough action against ISIS. Countless times in your blogs you’ve advocated going after these wicked, immoral bastards suggesting we take them out at the knees and finish them off with a bullet in the forehead to make them start paying for their monstrous crimes against civilized humanity. And now that he’s FINALLY doing something, you’re bemoaning that, as well? What gives?!

Ron Scarbro said...

I appreciate your comment and question. I don't know if you have military experience but I can tell you that the term "limited War" is oxi-moronic. War by its only definition is an all out activity. And it can only end when there is a winner and a loser. There are no ties. If we were truly interested in ending the ISIS threat to the world, we could accomplish that in a matter of days by using the military brains and the power we have. ISIS is a scourge on this earth and they must be eliminated, period. That may well entail collateral damage, like taking out the breeders who continue to produce these morons. Sending 250 individuals over there to "train" is not what our military does. The military's only job is to kill people and break things and until we get about our only true job, ISIS will continue to be a threat. I think 3 bombs and thirty minutes and its all over.

Jwo- said...

Anonymous, any 3rd grade 'HOME SCHOOLED" (not public ED) student could answer that question without a stammer...250 troops is so ridiculously inadequate and blatantly symbolic as to have NO serious impact...intended or otherwise...against a capable & energized caliphate the size of Indiana! If you're confused its because you either CHOOSE to turn a blind eye to the reality of the Left or you're so complicit, you've lost rational thought! There's not one area of our country or our world that's better off because of Liberal policies. They have auctioned off our security for political correctness and the vapid stance of public image and photo ops, while orchestrating a growing subterfuge against our Constitution! 250 troops is akin to sending a patrol car into inner city Detroit to quell crime, regardless of how you 'define' the mission! obama (spit!) is doing NOTHING of consequence against his muslim kin but symbolism. Does that answer your question? Do you feel better/safer because of the deployment of these 250 'targets', this presidential bastard is using and probably sacrificing? Our troop's most formidable weapons available to them, under the obama (spit!) administration, is basically harsh language!! Now you tell that a foreign policy that America could or should champion?

Ron, I'm not going to throw a 1000+ words at this, like normal (stop clapping!). I'll just say amen, you're absolutely right and I pray daily...and can't wait...until the stupidity ends! However, I have little to no confidence that we'll be successful pulling this madness back from the edge...too many Socialist, self-important, self-focused, uninformed generations are being created, in ever increasing numbers, by our education and entertainment machines. There's too many fools desiring an equality of outcomes verses an equality of opportunities and once America loses her uniqueness among history's achievements, the world suffers its greatest loss. No more "shining light on a hill", just another compromised, struggling, bankrupt failure, needing someone (the elites orchestrating such) to save them, feed them and control them. Sad!


Anonymous said...

Ron (and jwo), thanks for your input. I’m not an expert on military intelligence but I dare guess neither of you are either. (And simply serving in the military doesn’t make you an astute authority, either. I’m grateful for all of the men and women who have defended our country but let’s be honest, many would fail horrifically competing in an 8th grade spelling bee.) We are a civilized society and we, unlike the animals that make up the enrollment of ISIS, value the lives of the innocent – especially the women and children who are being used as human shields by these barbarians. And absolutely Ron, I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh say countless times that it is the military’s objective to kill people and break things. Dropping a few bombs in a couple of hours MIGHT wipe out all of the bad guys, but it might not, as well. Regardless, the collateral damage would be devastating. Again, America conducts herself more humanely. (Would Reagan or either of the Bush Presidents be more aggressive? Maybe, but I don’t believe for a minute that they’d just start blowing up things at will, either.)
Is 250 American troops enough to finish the job. Probably not, but I’m still sticking with my original thought of “at least were finally entering the game of doing something about this”! Does Obama have a plan? Sure he does. Is it a good one? Most likely no, but only time will tell. Like you, I want results and I prefer them sooner rather than later. I pray for all of those involved that we’re on the right track to conquering these savages. That IS the goal! (And for what it’s worth, it took what, 23 Navy Seals to take out bin Laden? Maybe you could send just one squad car into a crime-infested, inner-city neighborhood, provided you had the right cops commandeering it.)