Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Today I heard a well-known loud mouthed liberal say that we should celebrate diversity. We should welcome immigrants into our midst with open arms and open borders. After all, aren’t we a nation of immigrants?

Okay. Let’s agree that we are a nation of immigrants. Let’s also agree that literally thousands of new people are arriving on our shores every year. I absolutely have no problem with new immigrants coming to America if they come legally. My problem is when some of these new people come here, they expect us to turn our country into the pig sty they just escaped from. They refuse to learn our language expecting us to cater to their whims and publish in their language. Rather than trying to assimilate, they choose instead to form separate communities. What do you think would happen if you decided to go into any foreign country and asked them to change their road signs into English and supply English speaking teachers for your children? Also, what do you think would happen if you snuck in illegally? Do you think they would accommodate you?

Rather than learning our laws and customs, many Middle Eastern immigrants want us to accept their twelfth century laws and mores. I don’t care if they want to dress as if they were in the desert and facing sandstorms. That is their choice. I do, however, resent their refusal to remove their headscarves for required identification. I also object to our allowing it.

I am aware of a major retailer who must have someone else check customers out of their grocery store when pork is purchased because the clerk running the cash register cannot or will not touch “unclean” pork. That is total nonsense.

Most of the recent “immigrants” as they are called, who are actually trespassers, come from Mexico and Central America. They come, we are told, to improve their lives. They take the jobs that Americans will not take. They are hardworking people who pay taxes and never take welfare. What they actually are are potential Democrat voters who try to hide until someone takes pity on them and gives them full citizenship. Regardless of their reason for sneaking into our country, they broke the law to get here. I understand many of them pay cartels thousands of dollars to hire guides and so-called coyotes to get them across the border and into cities on our southern border. Where did they get that kind of money? And if they have that kind of money, why don’t they stay where they are and fix their own country instead of coming here and trying to screw up ours?

I have known and worked with many Hispanics over my lifetime and I have liked them all. They are industrious people. They are truly hard working people. If they put half as much effort into fixing their own messes as they put into trying to trespass into our country, they wouldn’t need to immigrate. If I had the power, I would trade California for Mexico and then all the Hispanics who came here illegally would probably go back to Mexico for a better life. It is a beautiful country with untold natural resources. If they just got rid of corrupt leaders,  enforced the law, and collected the taxes they should, they would be a very rich country indeed.

America is the country it is because of our people. We are indeed a beacon to the world and as such have become the destination for many. Unless we control our borders, we will cease to be that beacon. Today, rather than celebrate diversity, I choose to celebrate America.  

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Over the last few years many agencies of government have suffered a loss of honor, trust, and credibility. Some believe, as do I, that this has been caused by the Democrat in the White House. This column will examine some of the agencies and groups which have suffered these losses. While I will name some, they will be but a few of the many who will never return to the position of trust they once held.

First is the IRS. Now I have never been a fan of the IRS but I have always seen their value to our country. One of the things that separates us from banana republics is the willingness of our citizens to pay for the cost of government and we do that through taxes. The IRS should be an independent arm of the government and should never be a tool in the hands of any President to use against his enemies. Under this Administration we have seen this agency turned into a weapon against conservative groups. Their discredited managers and heads have sought and received protection from prosecution by pleading the Fifth. What an insult.

Next is the Justice Department. Former Attorney General Eric Holder is the first and only AG to be held in “Contempt of Congress.”  And it doesn’t end there. The current AG, Loretta Lynch, entertained known liar and perjurer Bill Clinton for thirty minutes on her private plane just before the  Justice Dept. was to issue a ruling on the possible indictment of Hillary Clinton. Obviously a deal was made and Hillary skated free. I am sure if Hillary is elected President, Lynch will get to keep her job. Shameful and disgusting.

Then we have the FBI. In times past the FBI was “untouchable.” Well, no more. They have been “touched” and today, famed untouchable FBI agent, Eliot Ness, would be ashamed. James Comey was compromised or threatened or both. Either way, he was bought off and once again Hillary and her group of criminal thugs skate free. I have heard every possible reason and excuse for his actions but they all are just crap. Comey cannot be believed. Many of the best agents of the FBI are ready to quit over all this. They worked hard on the Hillary investigation only to see their hard work thrown out the window and their reputations ruined in the process. Martha Stewart went to Federal Prison for telling one lie and it was about a stock trade. Hillary told lie after lie and they were about national security and treason, and because of a deal being made behind the backs of American citizens, Hillary gets away with it again. The FBI will never again have the trust and respect of the American people nor should they. Obviously Comey was told by Lynch who got her orders from Obama to cover the whole affair up. It is a tragedy for America.

Next is the Congress. They have been sitting by as all this has been going on. Jason Chaffetz, R. Utah, head of House Oversight, says they don’t give us handcuffs. No, Congressman, they don’t. They give you the checkbook. If you don’t pay for it, it ceases. The Congress will never again have the respect and esteem they must have to be effective in their mission.

Finally, the national media. Of all the groups and agencies I have mentioned, none deserves more criticism than the national media. Instead of fulfilling their role as discoverers and reporters of the truth, they have become propaganda arms of the government. Their reporting cannot be believed. It is not news, it is agenda driven opinion designed to further the aims of a dishonest government.

Obama set out to fundamentally change our country and sadly he has been successful beyond his wildest dreams. I am ashamed of it all.

Ron Scarbro

Thursday, October 13, 2016


You’ve heard of them. The “lofos.” Who are they? Why are they in the news? This column will be a discussion of lofos and others who have been identified recently. They are today’s voters.

Let’s start, however, with the “nofos.” They are the no information voters. You will often find them in these “man in the street” interviews. These people don’t have a clue. When you ask them who is the Vice President, they are dumbfounded. They know Lady Gaga, or as I call her “Lady Gag Me”, but they couldn’t tell you anything about the elected leaders of this country. This is especially tragic when those interviews are held on college campuses as they often are. On a happy note most nofos don’t bother to vote. They are much too busy with their noses in some electronic device with earplugs in their ears or they are playing video games. These voters, the nofos, don’t concern me too much.

Next we have the “lofos.” They are the low information voters. They know what newspapers are but rarely partake of them. What news they get comes from headline grazing. They watch a little television but don’t pay a lot of attention to news programs or news analysis. They also spend a lot of time on the internet but not to research news stories. No, they are looking for gossip from their “cyber friends” whom they have never met. They have discussion groups among questionable people who offer opinions with no possible way of determining who they really are. This sounds like a terrible way to develop political opinion. Almost as bad as getting their news from comedians on the comedy channels, which they often do. This group seems to just stumble through life expecting someone else to take care of them. A problem with this group though is they often vote.  

Next is the group which I believe pose the biggest risk to our Republic. Those would be the mifos. They are the misinformed voters. How else could Hillary Clinton even be in a Presidential race? They are people who watch the news but only from selected sources. They look for news reports that help them with their preconceived notions. What news they get comes from only one perspective. They never question what they are being told because the news they get serves to further their own thoughts. If, for example, you watch MSNBC, and fortunately very few people do, your news isn’t news at all. It is leftist blather with very little fact. If you watch the major networks, you are going to be fed mostly left leaning opinion.

So what to do? Today understand most reported news isn’t news anyway. It is opinion. I have long believed that unless you experience something personally, all you can know about it is what you are told. If you limit your news sources to, for example, CBS news or the New York Times, all you know about an issue is what they want you to know. An interesting experience is to take any news story and watch it on three different networks, such as ABC, CNN, and Fox News. You would be amazed by the differences in that story. What is the truth? It is then up to you to decide.

The mess we as a country are in today is caused by the fact that so many voters fall into the nofos, lofos, and mifos and they have chosen our current crop of “leaders.” We absolutely have to take the time to learn the issues and know who the candidates are. The direction in which we are headed is unsustainable. We either turn this ship around or it won’t matter what kind of voter we are. It will be too late.

Ron Scarbro 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I think the Iranians must have a death wish. A few years back they took some hostages and we tried to get them back. What I mean to say is Jimmy Carter tried to get them back. He bribed, cried, and cajoled. He sent weak recovery teams who were poorly equipped. He tried everything he knew and none of it worked.

Then there was an election and Jimmy was removed from office. In his place came Ronald Reagan. On Reagan’s first day in office, Iran freed all of the hostages and returned them to us and no ransom was paid. Now why do you suppose that is? Why did the Iranians suddenly decide to release our hostage citizens? Was it a parting gift to Carter? Hardly. They knew that if they didn’t release them and do so immediately, Reagan was going to come and get them. He wasn’t going to come with a small ill-equipped force. No, he was coming to get them at any cost. That’s why the hostages were released.

Now, with another weak Democrat in the White House, the Iranians are tempting fate again. They have been sending their little motor boats out into International Waters harassing our massive, powerful, well-armed naval ships. Why would they do that? I think it is because they believe Obama just doesn’t have the courage or the will to do anything about the harassment. They appear to be correct.

I’ve got some bad news for the Iranians though. Another election is on the horizon and a new sheriff is going to take over. I further believe that new sheriff will be Donald Trump. He will be another Reagan and that is some serious bad news for Iran.

In the meantime they should be very happy that I am not in charge. If these little boats came near my destroyers I would show them what destroyers do, they destroy. Then we would pick what survivors we could and deliver them back to Iran for a fee. A fee of, let’s see now, how about 1.37 billion dollars in US cash on pallets. That should take care of the Iranian situation.  

What really irks me is that not since WWII have we shown Iran or the rest of the world for that matter, the consequence of messing with us. We are the most powerful nation on earth. We have the armament and weaponry to make a giant hole where Iran used to be. They surely know that. What they also seem to know is that as long as we have weak, puny, wussy Democrats in the White House, they can mess with us with impunity.

Russia has been buzzing our ships and aircraft with their jets. Recently one came within ten feet of one of our jet fighters. They neither respect nor fear us. They don’t believe there is a consequence for their actions. Sadly, for now, they are right.

We deserve the lack of respect being shown to us. We deserve the way we are treated by China, or the Philippines, or Iran, or ISIS, or any of these little tin horn dictators. They do not fear us. They don’t fear us because we have never given them any reason to fear us. And that includes Li’l Kim of North Korea who fires his little missiles with impunity.

When we don’t exercise our power the way we should, we make the world a more dangerous place. When these little countries think they can do whatever they want with no repercussion, we fail in our duty to the world. There must be consequence for such disrespect.

I miss Ronald Reagan. I miss the America of my youth. What would Reagan do? Do you think we would be seeing this kind of disrespect? You be the judge.

Ron Scarbro