Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I think the Iranians must have a death wish. A few years back they took some hostages and we tried to get them back. What I mean to say is Jimmy Carter tried to get them back. He bribed, cried, and cajoled. He sent weak recovery teams who were poorly equipped. He tried everything he knew and none of it worked.

Then there was an election and Jimmy was removed from office. In his place came Ronald Reagan. On Reagan’s first day in office, Iran freed all of the hostages and returned them to us and no ransom was paid. Now why do you suppose that is? Why did the Iranians suddenly decide to release our hostage citizens? Was it a parting gift to Carter? Hardly. They knew that if they didn’t release them and do so immediately, Reagan was going to come and get them. He wasn’t going to come with a small ill-equipped force. No, he was coming to get them at any cost. That’s why the hostages were released.

Now, with another weak Democrat in the White House, the Iranians are tempting fate again. They have been sending their little motor boats out into International Waters harassing our massive, powerful, well-armed naval ships. Why would they do that? I think it is because they believe Obama just doesn’t have the courage or the will to do anything about the harassment. They appear to be correct.

I’ve got some bad news for the Iranians though. Another election is on the horizon and a new sheriff is going to take over. I further believe that new sheriff will be Donald Trump. He will be another Reagan and that is some serious bad news for Iran.

In the meantime they should be very happy that I am not in charge. If these little boats came near my destroyers I would show them what destroyers do, they destroy. Then we would pick what survivors we could and deliver them back to Iran for a fee. A fee of, let’s see now, how about 1.37 billion dollars in US cash on pallets. That should take care of the Iranian situation.  

What really irks me is that not since WWII have we shown Iran or the rest of the world for that matter, the consequence of messing with us. We are the most powerful nation on earth. We have the armament and weaponry to make a giant hole where Iran used to be. They surely know that. What they also seem to know is that as long as we have weak, puny, wussy Democrats in the White House, they can mess with us with impunity.

Russia has been buzzing our ships and aircraft with their jets. Recently one came within ten feet of one of our jet fighters. They neither respect nor fear us. They don’t believe there is a consequence for their actions. Sadly, for now, they are right.

We deserve the lack of respect being shown to us. We deserve the way we are treated by China, or the Philippines, or Iran, or ISIS, or any of these little tin horn dictators. They do not fear us. They don’t fear us because we have never given them any reason to fear us. And that includes Li’l Kim of North Korea who fires his little missiles with impunity.

When we don’t exercise our power the way we should, we make the world a more dangerous place. When these little countries think they can do whatever they want with no repercussion, we fail in our duty to the world. There must be consequence for such disrespect.

I miss Ronald Reagan. I miss the America of my youth. What would Reagan do? Do you think we would be seeing this kind of disrespect? You be the judge.

Ron Scarbro

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