Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well the South Carolina primary election has ended and another winner has emerged. That means after three different Presidential preference primaries, three different individuals have won. I am relatively sure this will not continue primarily because there are only four candidates and there are many, many more primaries left.

So why did Newt Gingrich win? Two weeks ago he seemingly was behind by double digits, according to most polls. These are my thoughts on the subject.

The big turn around came with the last CNN debate. Gingrich came out on the attack from the start. His attack was not against his competitors however. His attack was not even against the current administration. No, he attacked the elite news media. He rightfully blasted John King, the moderator, for his first question about Newt’s ex-wife and her accusations. Let’s face it, it was a ridiculous question and was handled properly by Gingrich. Neither the question nor any possible answer would have added to the information needed to make a reasonable decision about a particular candidate. No one, except for possibly CNN, cared about what a scorned ex-wife thought or said. It was just a gotcha question. Newt turned the question against the media. The audience erupted with a standing ovation and screamed their approval of his attack. The gotcha was on the media.

I think it is reasonable to assume that across the board most people are fed up with the agenda driven media and their obvious support for Obama and his party. Any semblance of fairness or integrity has long since disappeared from this group. As Gingrich opined he also was fed up with the media covering for and protecting Obama. The audience agreed and leapt to their feet with their approval of that opinion. This was not a good day for the so-called elite media. They may want to re-assess their stance.

The second event that happened in that debate was Gingrich’s statement that he would love to sit down for a three hour “Lincoln/Douglas” debate with Obama and the president could bring his teleprompters and Gingrich would bring only his intellect. Who wouldn’t pay to watch that? In such a debate, Obama would look like the impostor that he is. Gingrich would not only be the smartest man in the room, he would also be the mentally quickest. He is skilled and glib and has years of experience in dealing with detractors and critics. He probably has never felt the need for a teleprompter. I am sure that such a debate would be one of Barak Obama’s biggest nightmares.

Now we are on to Florida which is said to be the biggest test to date of any of these candidates. The reason is that Florida is a microcosm of the country as a whole. The diversity of race, ethnicity, and economic status is far closer to the entire country than any state having held their primary thus far. I will watch with great interest.

I have these simple questions. Can Gingrich beat the field in this state where Romney is supposed to have a huge lead in the polls? And if he does, can he then beat Obama in a general election? As I have said before, and I will say again, getting rid of Barak Obama is the most important matter facing the electorate. This election may well be our last chance to stop the bleeding and turn this country around.

Ron Scarbro January 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Friday before the three day weekend was another day for the news dump. That is what administrations do when they want to release news but don’t want any particular scrutiny of that news. If it is released on a Friday before a three day weekend it usually just goes away until it is too late to do anything about it. Obama did just that last Friday by asking the Congress for consolidation powers of several agencies of government to reduce the size of government.

Now who wouldn’t want a smaller government? This looks for all the world like a Republican move. Not so fast, Skippy. As usual the devil is in the details.

Consider this. Barak Obama has never actually had a real job. He has never met a payroll. He has never served in the military. And yet here he is, the President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in history, presiding over the world’s largest economy. And by his own words and deeds has proven time after time that he is an enemy of free enterprise and capitalism. Now he wants to further consolidate his power over commerce and business in this country and he wants to have complete control of this new super agency? I don’t think so Tim. Frankly he is just not qualified. Let’s face it, most of these agencies need to be eliminated anyway, not consolidated.

In addition to his being unqualified, I suppose my biggest problem with this consolidation is that I just do not trust Obama. History is replete with incidents of individuals coming into office and then consolidating power to a point of dictatorship. We elected a President in the last election, we didn’t elect a dictator. You don’t have to think too hard to come up with other figures in history who were elected by the people and then altered their governments through consolidation and usurping to become supreme leader. There have been many and they now dwell in the trash heap of failed dictatorships.

This is what I would like from this president for his remaining time in office. Ride in parades, attend state funerals around the world, host one final Easter egg roll on the White House lawn, but don’t, under any circumstance, further screw up this economy. Leave it alone. To the Congress I have this bit of advice. Do not allow this unqualified community organizer any more opportunities to become a dictator. He has “czars” who were never vetted by Congress along with many recess appointments which go quite nicely with his numerous executive orders.  Enough already. Do your job and stop him in his tracks. If I wanted to live under a dictatorship, I would live in places like North Korea or Venezuela, not in America. Obama is not a manager and has zero experience in business. He is absolutely the last person who should be in a position of authority over anything to do with a for- profit business.

As students of world history you and I have seen countries destroyed by giving away too much power to individuals. Normally one would expect Congress to hold down these overly ambitious potential monarchs. I fear our Congress doesn’t have the stomach for this. It is up to the people to scream loud and long. Failing that, where is the press? Oh, I forgot. They are in the tank for the Democrats and will not even discuss this latest usurpation until it is too late. It is pretty much going to be up to the American people to end this latest power play.

We have a constitution. It has served us for over two hundred years. No need to change now.

Ron Scarbro January 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Did you hear Romney’s answer to questions concerning health care providers? His comments were basically that if a company who offers him insurance coverage fails  to provide the coverage they contract for, he would enjoy firing that company. That is the same response you or I would have. If we are paying for a service or a product and that provider fails, then it should always be our option to get rid of them and perhaps replace them with a company or provider who will fulfill their commitment to us. This is of course, the American way. We are free people and we live in a capitalist society. We have the right to contract with companies and people for goods and services and we also have the right to fire them if they fail.  So far, so good.

Here is the problem. The Democrats have decided to take this one little comment out of context and try to use it against Romney. Some of his Republican opponents have even gotten on the bandwagon to rail against Romney as an individual who enjoys firing people. This is just disgusting. This is what politics has become. The truth has no place in a political race apparently.

Here is some truth for you. Romney worked for a time as a venture capitalist for a company who would buy up companies which were often in trouble. They would then attempt to either revive those companies or, failing that, would extract any available assets and close those companies and move on. Many companies survived and prospered. Some failed. Such is life in the big city. There are no guarantees. Many, many jobs were saved and improved by these mergers. Some were lost. That’s just the way it is. If you do not like it, get a government job.

Romney’s answer regarding health insurance providers who don’t live up to their contracts and the subsequent firing of that provider had nothing at all to do with his previous job as a venture capitalist. It was a simple answer to a simple question.

Don’t tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat, FL. that though. She and the Democrats have decided to try to destroy Romney by saying he enjoys firing people. Well, it won’t work. The American people are too smart to fall for this nonsense. Even some of Romney’s opponents will try to gain some traction from this. Bad move.

This is what amazes me. Obama and the Democrats have been in charge for three years and by any definition, have failed and failed miserably. They have not performed up to any reasonable expectation. I am going to enjoy firing them. When I was in business in my former life I had to fire people who did not perform up to the expectations of my company. It was never a pleasant experience. I never enjoyed it, but it was a part of my job and I did it. This election is different though. This time I am going to enjoy firing people. I am going to enjoy firing Barak Obama. When a politician or a political party fails in their job and doesn’t measure up to the expectations of their employer, the American people, they need to be fired, period.

Trying to make political hay out of a simple statement by Romney is a classic example of nit-wits nit-picking. We, the people are better than that.

Ron Scarbro January 11, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


President Obama has an excellent opportunity today to, one, reduce some of our dependence on Middle East oil, and two, reduce unemployment by several thousand people. I am talking about good paying jobs of construction, driving, and all the management that those positions require. Of course I am talking about the Keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas. It should be noted that there exists today many pipelines in so-called environmentally sensitive areas. This proposed pipeline will have no more effect on this area than any of the others do now. For reasons that could only be political, Obama has refused to even consider approving this pipeline until after the election next November. The Congress, however, has snookered him into having to make a decision well before he would like to. He now has less than two months.

Let’s think about this. Who would be opposed to such an opportunity? What rational person could ever come up with any sane or logical opposition to this prospect of both jobs and energy? Well it isn’t the unions. No, they favor this job producer. The opposition comes from the so-called environmental movement. I say so-called because the environment is not at all what they are concerned about. No, they have a totally different agenda. These are the same morons who ride their bicycles in heavy automobile traffic headed for the recycling center to deposit their aluminum cans clad only in their little spandex leotards looking for all the world like  rejected dancers from a ballet company. We call them environmentalist wackos. Now please don’t get me wrong. I see myself as an environmentalist. The big difference is that I am also a realist. I believe in protecting the world and all of its natural resources. I don’t want to waste anything and while I love the natural world, I also love my fellow man. Oh, and by the way, humans are also a part of the natural world. If I have to pick between a snail darter fish and a human being, the fish is in trouble. If some lizard is compromised by our need to feed, clothe, and warm humanity, sorry Mr. Lizard. You lose. If that sounds harsh to you, too bad.

The truth of the matter of this pipeline is something quite different. The wackos don’t really care about fish or lizards. They just hate capitalism. They despise the thought of American exceptionalism. It has been said that the environmental movement is actually a refuge for yesterday’s communists. I have no proof, but it certainly makes sense to me. The real troubling part of all this is Obama’s willingness to put the environmentalist’s feeble concerns over what’s best for the American people. He has a real dilemma. Does he listen to the unions or does he ignore them in favor of the environmentalist wackos? And why does he want to wait until after the election to deal with this issue? Seems pretty clear to me. He just wants to get re-elected. After that he will not need his base, either group. But then I am something of a skeptic.

Here is something else for you to consider. With one little eruption of one little volcano in Iceland, more pollution is spewed into the atmosphere than all that the green movement could change in a hundred years. All the Prius drivers and bicyclists combined couldn’t change the effect of ten minutes of volcanic eruption. Reality sometimes sucks, huh?

This whole thing is obvious to any thinking person. Obama is trying to please too many of his base at the expense of the only people he should be concerned about, the American people. They are the ones who will judge his actions and will hold him responsible in November. Here is an excellent opportunity for him to show true leadership and get this pipeline going. The positives? Jobs, and energy. The negatives? A few disgruntled environmentalist wackos. Doesn’t sound like too tough a choice to me.

Ron Scarbro January 4, 2012