Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Did you hear Romney’s answer to questions concerning health care providers? His comments were basically that if a company who offers him insurance coverage fails  to provide the coverage they contract for, he would enjoy firing that company. That is the same response you or I would have. If we are paying for a service or a product and that provider fails, then it should always be our option to get rid of them and perhaps replace them with a company or provider who will fulfill their commitment to us. This is of course, the American way. We are free people and we live in a capitalist society. We have the right to contract with companies and people for goods and services and we also have the right to fire them if they fail.  So far, so good.

Here is the problem. The Democrats have decided to take this one little comment out of context and try to use it against Romney. Some of his Republican opponents have even gotten on the bandwagon to rail against Romney as an individual who enjoys firing people. This is just disgusting. This is what politics has become. The truth has no place in a political race apparently.

Here is some truth for you. Romney worked for a time as a venture capitalist for a company who would buy up companies which were often in trouble. They would then attempt to either revive those companies or, failing that, would extract any available assets and close those companies and move on. Many companies survived and prospered. Some failed. Such is life in the big city. There are no guarantees. Many, many jobs were saved and improved by these mergers. Some were lost. That’s just the way it is. If you do not like it, get a government job.

Romney’s answer regarding health insurance providers who don’t live up to their contracts and the subsequent firing of that provider had nothing at all to do with his previous job as a venture capitalist. It was a simple answer to a simple question.

Don’t tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat, FL. that though. She and the Democrats have decided to try to destroy Romney by saying he enjoys firing people. Well, it won’t work. The American people are too smart to fall for this nonsense. Even some of Romney’s opponents will try to gain some traction from this. Bad move.

This is what amazes me. Obama and the Democrats have been in charge for three years and by any definition, have failed and failed miserably. They have not performed up to any reasonable expectation. I am going to enjoy firing them. When I was in business in my former life I had to fire people who did not perform up to the expectations of my company. It was never a pleasant experience. I never enjoyed it, but it was a part of my job and I did it. This election is different though. This time I am going to enjoy firing people. I am going to enjoy firing Barak Obama. When a politician or a political party fails in their job and doesn’t measure up to the expectations of their employer, the American people, they need to be fired, period.

Trying to make political hay out of a simple statement by Romney is a classic example of nit-wits nit-picking. We, the people are better than that.

Ron Scarbro January 11, 2012


Mike Query said...

One thing you failed to mention is that while we do have the freedom to fire our insurance company, good luck on finding another one that will accept you. Depending on the health issues, one can find himself out in the cold where no one will except you because of pre-existing conditions or they will exempt from covering those conditions. I have friends who cannot get out of their HMO because no other insurance company will accept them. The whole insurance industry needs to be overhauled. Q

SteveGanshert said...

It is normally not you firing someone, but rather them choosing to have themselves fired due to incompetence or rules infractions.