Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So Hillary now wants to change her stance on Obamacare. She now wants to include all people in this country whether they are here legally or not. Simply put it means that people who want medical care just have to cross our very porous border and get themselves into a hospital and they will be treated at US taxpayers expense.

Now I realize that she is just pandering to Hispanics but, let’s consider her proposal for a moment. It is estimated that Obamacare currently costs American citizens approximately $5000 each per year. Be aware that is over and above the costs of premiums and fines for non compliance. To now include illegal aliens in this coverage would be catastrophic. Liberals say their numbers are about eleven million. I believe it is much closer to twenty-five million and that doesn’t even count the millions who would surely come racing in if such a proposal became a reality. Either way such a change in that ridiculous government program would bankrupt this nation.  

As a citizen and a taxpayer in this country you have to have healthcare insurance under Obamacare’s provisions whether you want it or not. If you fail to prove you have such coverage, you are fined by your government anywhere from $700 to over $2000 each year. You have to pay that fine on your income tax return. So what if you are an illegal alien? First of all you don’t file income tax returns. You don’t have a Social Security number, at least not a legal one. You see, every illegal alien in this country who works for any wages and identifies himself to his employer, does so with stolen identification. Our government doesn’t know who they really are or where they are. Since they don’t file taxes, there is no way of collecting any fines or fees. It is just another Democrat rip off.

Also in considering her proposal to include all people in this country for Obamacare, what do you suppose would happen when the word gets out in Mexico and Central America? Illegals would swarm to our border and overwhelm it. If you think you have a long waiting period in the emergency room now, imagine how it would be if another twenty or thirty million people came for care.

Sooner or later we are going to have to wake up to what is happening to us. We have currently two politicians in the Democrat race for President who are trying to out give away each other in order to get votes. What amazes me is that either of them get any votes at all. If the citizens of this great country elect either Hillary or Bernie, we deserve what we will get. We deserve the ensuing bankruptcy which will surely follow. Wake up. There is no free lunch. There is no free anything. Somebody is going to have to pay for everything both now and in the future. How could anybody with even a modicum of intelligence be fooled by these charlatan politicians?

I’m an old man. I haven’t lived my life up until now to see it all come undone. It’s my kids and grandkids who will have to pay the piper for this. Hillary Clinton is an opportunist politician who will lie about anything that serves her needs and she is making herself very wealthy by fooling a large portion of the public. Bernie Sanders is just an aging hippie who doesn’t know any better. America is and will be the victim if either of them is elected. They both should be run out of town.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Have we seen enough yet? If not, then when. How much more carnage do we have to witness before we end it? Our politically correct President won’t even identify our enemy for what it is, radical Islamic terrorism. To see him at a baseball game in Cuba with a communist dictator while this attack was going on was an embarrassment. It is clear that he is unaffected by the whole interruption of his plans. When I think about it, I probably would prefer he be out of the country during these periods of crisis. He is far more apt to exacerbate the situation than to fix it. For my money he can just stay in South America and keep Michelle with him.

So, what is the answer? What should the world’s response be to this latest violence on innocent civilians? My answer is simple. We kill them.

Some will say that is just impossible. We can’t possibly kill them all. Well, we don’t have to. We actually just have to kill a few. We have to kill the right ones. We know where they are. We know who they are. We know who is protecting them. They should have to wake up, look over the horizon and see a fleet of bombers bearing down on them. There will be no advanced warning. There will be no “threat level” elevation. No, just a delivery of the same carnage they have inflicted on the rest of the free world. Doubtless there will be collateral damage. Doubtless there will be so-called innocent people killed with the terrorists. To that I say they brought this war on themselves. Sadly the mothers and fathers who bred this group of evil may well have to suffer. Such is war. Had these parents been teaching their children peace and love instead of hate, we wouldn’t have to kill them like dogs.  

In the final analysis this would end very quickly. Remember it took just two bombs and about twenty seconds to bring the Empire of Japan to her knees. What makes you think we could not do the same to ISIS. Some will say these people want to die. Okay, let’s let them have their wish. Dead people cannot fire back. Dead people cannot bomb airports. If they keep popping up, we play “Whack-a-mole.” Believe me, when they see that theirs is a no-win situation, it will come to an end. We then arm the Kurds and anyone else in the neighborhood who is likewise tired of the radical jihad and watch them bring about a peaceful end to the hostilities.

If we don’t act and act very quickly, we are going to see the same destruction here. In fact we may already be too late. We don’t stop anyone at our border. We are letting thousands of so-called refugees into this country with little or no vetting. In reality there is no way of vetting them. Without a doubt there are already camps set up in this country preparing their “soldiers” for the jihad. We absolutely have to get them first before they try to get us.

Does anybody really believe Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could or would do anything to protect this country? Let me assure you, they won’t. Either of them would be too busy attending “gay weddings” or supervising abortion clinics to deal with the protection of America.

America needs a warrior to be President. We need decisive leadership, not polling. We need firm resolve, not “green energy” or cookie baking lessons. We need a President to whom our  military would be loyal. Not like it is now.

We are going to be hit again. These morons are going to pick at the scab until we either roll over and die or we rise up and destroy them. The choice is ours and the clock is ticking.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I’ve heard a lot about this lately. It is in the news, on television, and on the internet. I’m talking about “white privilege.” When I first heard the term I was puzzled. What on earth could this mean? I decided to do some research.

It turns out the term “white privilege” is another liberal invention designed to salve liberal guilt by indicting all Caucasian people and accusing them of racism. According to the liberals, if you are successful at any endeavor and you are white, your success is because of your whiteness and has nothing to do with your effort, your intelligence, your talent, or your hard work. Wouldn’t the other side of that theory be that if you are not white regardless of your effort, your intelligence, your talent, or your hard work, you can never be successful? That might come as a shock to many of the very successful people of color. People like Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, or Condoleezza Rice.

Further, according to “white privilege” theorists, white people don’t even realize they are privileged. They just expect favor and success because of their whiteness. This is especially true when it comes to law and order. They expect never to be put into jail because they are white. The liberals would have you believe that the reason our prison populations are predominately minority is because they lack this privilege. The deck is stacked against them. It never seems to occur to liberals that the reason prisons are full of minorities is because they commit the majority of the crimes. That appears to be a tough pill for them to swallow.

I’m not buying the liberal’s explanation. I’m not buying their accusations of me and of all the white people in this country. Let’s examine another possible definition of the phrase “white privilege.” What if it actually is an excuse for laziness? What if it really is nothing more than a lame alibi to allow non-white people the freedom to never try or to never be responsible for their lives? Because they are in the minority they should be granted special privilege. They should be allowed to hang out on the corner dressed like a thug, acting like a thug, and never questioned about being a thug.

What if they further believe they are entitled to be disrespectful of law and law enforcement all because the “white establishment” is out to get them? What if they believe they are entitled to produce babies out of wedlock to be supported by the taxpayers and not the parents themselves?

But Ron, you’ve never been followed in a department store by security because they thought you would steal something all because of your skin color. Maybe it is not because of your skin color. Maybe it is because of your actions. Maybe it is because of their experience with your brothers and sisters.

All people, if they want to improve their lives, need to stop looking for excuses and start living as good citizens. Stay away from illegal drugs. Stay away from gangs. Quit impregnating young girls and then abandoning them. Stay in school and get an education. Speak English. If you dress like a thug, talk like a thug, and act like a thug, expect to be treated like a thug.

Some will read this and say, “why he’s a racist.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a realist. And realism is what we need. The plantation is closed. Slavery ended years ago. We are all responsible for our own choices and our lots in life today. I refuse to take responsibility for the actions of people over two centuries ago. I wasn’t there. Nowhere on earth do minorities have a better opportunity than in America. Take advantage of your opportunities and quit making excuses. You have “American privilege.”

Ron Scarbro

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Did you hear the latest from Oregon? They have decided that getting a driver’s license automatically registers you to vote. So then everyone in Oregon who has a driver’s license is a registered voter whether they are a legal American citizen or not. What could possibly go wrong with that? Oh, and Gov. Jerry Brown in California thinks it’s a great idea and is pushing for the same in California. There are literally tens of thousands of illegal aliens with driver’s licenses in California. Rejoice Democrats. You no longer have to depend on dead voters for your election victories. You now will have illegal aliens at the polls.

Lil Kim, beloved dear leader of North Korea, has decided to launch nuclear attacks against both South Korea and Washington DC. It seems he is upset that the UN has imposed new sanctions against his little country. Here’s some news for Lil Kim, push one button and watch in amazement as your little country is vaporized. Don’t worry because you won’t have to watch very long because you too will be vaporized all in a matter of seconds.

ISIS has sent a notice to Great Britain that they will be targeted for an all out attack in the near future. How about we, the free world, just eliminate this irritant once and for all. We know where they are and we know who is giving them a place to hide. The sooner we take care of this problem the better. We are talking about a ten minute exercise with a result of leveling thousands of square miles of former ISIS territory. Then we pop any head that sticks up. In a matter of days we will have to look for a new problem.

Bernie Sanders. You should have read Margaret Thatcher’s admonition, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Free education, free healthcare, free stuff for everyone. Who do you think is going to pay for it all? Your nonsense is wearing thin and eventually even you will have to shut up.

Hillary, did you think I would forget you in this tirade? Well I didn’t. I heard your so called forum on Fox News the other evening. It is pretty obvious that because of Sander’s recent victories you feel you have to out free-stuff him. You are a joke and even your most loyal fans will soon come to that same conclusion. If there is any justice left in this great country, you will be indicted and face trial for crimes against this country. Because of your arrogance in establishing a private server for your communication, you have exposed this country to great harm and you will be punished for that crime. We all know the reason for the private server was so you could continue to bilk other countries out of millions for yours and Bill’s private accounts. The money laundering scheme you established will be exposed and there will be a price to be paid. If the FBI and the Justice Dept. fail in their duty in this matter, there will be a revolt among the people who do obey the law. A revolt among people who have lost loved ones to the arrogance of politicians like Hillary. There will be no place to hide.

Now to the Republicans in the race for the Presidency. I will support whoever is the Republican candidate. I don’t care if it’s Elmer Fudd. The reason is simple. Any vote not cast for the Republican candidate is a vote for Hillary or whoever the Democrats wind up with. Our country, our way of life, cannot survive another term of liberalism in the White House.

Finally to the Congress. The people elected a Republican majority in both houses for a reason. You had better get the message and get it soon. The country you save may be your own.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


A few years back when we lived in Minnesota, I used to listen to a radio program called “Garage Logic.” It was hosted by a genial curmudgeon named Joe Soucheray. Joe would find and comment on some of the sillier items in the news. One of his favorite sayings was, “I’m just not made for these times.” It was another way of saying that the world was passing him by, and he didn’t mind because he didn’t feel he belonged to what was going on. Well, in many ways, I feel the same way.

For example the City Council of Charlotte North Carolina recently passed an ordinance which let people decide for themselves which public restrooms they should use without regard to biological gender. They felt that people should be allowed to decide for themselves whether they belonged in the men’s room or the women’s room. Their choice of bathrooms should be made not on a biological basis but on a personal choice based on what they believed to be their gender. This, the City Council determined, would solve the “gender identity” problem some folks have. So if you want to be a girl today, even though you are a biological man, I guess you can just use the ladies restroom.

I received an email forward recently which sought to take care of the gender identity problem once and for all. It said, “Having a gender identity problem? Just look in your underwear.”  

Now before I get attacked by the entire cross dressing, confused, undecided, LGBT population, let me just say this. I recognize there are some individuals who may have chemical imbalances or even physiological mutations. I used to raise livestock and we would occasionally have such an animal. They were extremely rare however. Those animals were culled from our herd for obvious reasons. The human animal is treated quite differently today. We don’t cull people. In some quarters he is congratulated, awarded prizes for courage, or just exalted among his peers. Such treatment, I fear, has caused some to take on the transvestite persona in order to get in on the action  and get attention.

Several school systems are in the same boat. They have young girls who want to be on the boy’s team and several young boys who want to dress and shower with the girls. It seems they just can’t make up their minds whether they are girls or boys. Sounds a little fishy to me. Silly me, I guess I’m just not made for these times.

Young girls are tattooing up their beautiful faces and bodies with permanent and hideous images. Many youngsters are cutting holes in their faces and bodies for various piercings. What’s going to happen when they show up at a prospective employer looking like a clown? They better hope they have a good source of money that doesn’t require they have an actual job. No, this is not a world that I was made for.

We have allowed the scourge of political correctness to control our language and our actions. We cannot call a spade a spade. Truth is compromised so we don’t hurt someone’s feelings. We cannot call a freak a freak even though he may be a freak. We spend untold hours dancing around the elephants in our rooms. All the while the freaks get freakier.

I am convinced that there will be an accounting for all this and it is coming soon. The world will not conform to the silliness of a few weirdos. Eventually the sane people will take the world back and reestablish common sense rules of living. It won’t be pretty for some but for the adults it will be a great sigh of relief. I look forward to such a time.

Ron Scarbro