Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So Hillary now wants to change her stance on Obamacare. She now wants to include all people in this country whether they are here legally or not. Simply put it means that people who want medical care just have to cross our very porous border and get themselves into a hospital and they will be treated at US taxpayers expense.

Now I realize that she is just pandering to Hispanics but, let’s consider her proposal for a moment. It is estimated that Obamacare currently costs American citizens approximately $5000 each per year. Be aware that is over and above the costs of premiums and fines for non compliance. To now include illegal aliens in this coverage would be catastrophic. Liberals say their numbers are about eleven million. I believe it is much closer to twenty-five million and that doesn’t even count the millions who would surely come racing in if such a proposal became a reality. Either way such a change in that ridiculous government program would bankrupt this nation.  

As a citizen and a taxpayer in this country you have to have healthcare insurance under Obamacare’s provisions whether you want it or not. If you fail to prove you have such coverage, you are fined by your government anywhere from $700 to over $2000 each year. You have to pay that fine on your income tax return. So what if you are an illegal alien? First of all you don’t file income tax returns. You don’t have a Social Security number, at least not a legal one. You see, every illegal alien in this country who works for any wages and identifies himself to his employer, does so with stolen identification. Our government doesn’t know who they really are or where they are. Since they don’t file taxes, there is no way of collecting any fines or fees. It is just another Democrat rip off.

Also in considering her proposal to include all people in this country for Obamacare, what do you suppose would happen when the word gets out in Mexico and Central America? Illegals would swarm to our border and overwhelm it. If you think you have a long waiting period in the emergency room now, imagine how it would be if another twenty or thirty million people came for care.

Sooner or later we are going to have to wake up to what is happening to us. We have currently two politicians in the Democrat race for President who are trying to out give away each other in order to get votes. What amazes me is that either of them get any votes at all. If the citizens of this great country elect either Hillary or Bernie, we deserve what we will get. We deserve the ensuing bankruptcy which will surely follow. Wake up. There is no free lunch. There is no free anything. Somebody is going to have to pay for everything both now and in the future. How could anybody with even a modicum of intelligence be fooled by these charlatan politicians?

I’m an old man. I haven’t lived my life up until now to see it all come undone. It’s my kids and grandkids who will have to pay the piper for this. Hillary Clinton is an opportunist politician who will lie about anything that serves her needs and she is making herself very wealthy by fooling a large portion of the public. Bernie Sanders is just an aging hippie who doesn’t know any better. America is and will be the victim if either of them is elected. They both should be run out of town.

Ron Scarbro

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