Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I’ve heard a lot about this lately. It is in the news, on television, and on the internet. I’m talking about “white privilege.” When I first heard the term I was puzzled. What on earth could this mean? I decided to do some research.

It turns out the term “white privilege” is another liberal invention designed to salve liberal guilt by indicting all Caucasian people and accusing them of racism. According to the liberals, if you are successful at any endeavor and you are white, your success is because of your whiteness and has nothing to do with your effort, your intelligence, your talent, or your hard work. Wouldn’t the other side of that theory be that if you are not white regardless of your effort, your intelligence, your talent, or your hard work, you can never be successful? That might come as a shock to many of the very successful people of color. People like Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, or Condoleezza Rice.

Further, according to “white privilege” theorists, white people don’t even realize they are privileged. They just expect favor and success because of their whiteness. This is especially true when it comes to law and order. They expect never to be put into jail because they are white. The liberals would have you believe that the reason our prison populations are predominately minority is because they lack this privilege. The deck is stacked against them. It never seems to occur to liberals that the reason prisons are full of minorities is because they commit the majority of the crimes. That appears to be a tough pill for them to swallow.

I’m not buying the liberal’s explanation. I’m not buying their accusations of me and of all the white people in this country. Let’s examine another possible definition of the phrase “white privilege.” What if it actually is an excuse for laziness? What if it really is nothing more than a lame alibi to allow non-white people the freedom to never try or to never be responsible for their lives? Because they are in the minority they should be granted special privilege. They should be allowed to hang out on the corner dressed like a thug, acting like a thug, and never questioned about being a thug.

What if they further believe they are entitled to be disrespectful of law and law enforcement all because the “white establishment” is out to get them? What if they believe they are entitled to produce babies out of wedlock to be supported by the taxpayers and not the parents themselves?

But Ron, you’ve never been followed in a department store by security because they thought you would steal something all because of your skin color. Maybe it is not because of your skin color. Maybe it is because of your actions. Maybe it is because of their experience with your brothers and sisters.

All people, if they want to improve their lives, need to stop looking for excuses and start living as good citizens. Stay away from illegal drugs. Stay away from gangs. Quit impregnating young girls and then abandoning them. Stay in school and get an education. Speak English. If you dress like a thug, talk like a thug, and act like a thug, expect to be treated like a thug.

Some will read this and say, “why he’s a racist.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a realist. And realism is what we need. The plantation is closed. Slavery ended years ago. We are all responsible for our own choices and our lots in life today. I refuse to take responsibility for the actions of people over two centuries ago. I wasn’t there. Nowhere on earth do minorities have a better opportunity than in America. Take advantage of your opportunities and quit making excuses. You have “American privilege.”

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

While I fundamentally agree with all, I disagree re: the death of slavery. The Left's social programs have continued to enslave blacks since the end of the late war of Northern aggression. I believe blacks to be largely complicit and uninformed. They don't collectively seem to question why they've bred generations of ignorant, poor, downtrodden, drug addicted, living in slums, largely imprisoned and remain racially compromised against the opportunities this country offers...albeit under Democrats, ALL opportunities are vastly limited and diluted, in lieu of Big Government solutions. The Left caters to minority fears and tells them, "Its all're too incompetent to stand on your own. But no worries...we'll take care of you and provide for you. We only require your blind allegiance at the ballot box. Here...have a phone, here's someone else's money, huddle together in these sprawling & toxic compounds, reproduce without responsibility, abort generations at will (we'll help), evade consequences and live your vices!"

Is that not slavery? Is that not ownership? Is that not fundamentally predatory & criminal? Look at what these policies create and all right in our face. They openly degrade a race of peoples and these people have accepted this yoke for so long, they can't recognize nor accept their situation as collectively submissive and complicit. They champion their owners and laud their 'Toms' that encourage and further their plight. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cornell West, black entertainers and politicians and black masses carry the Left's banners and praise their policies...and profit from the collective pain. And the beat goes on! These men in the following video and their like are modern day HEROES to me...if the black community would embrace this reality, our country would soar and our race relations would dramatically improve!

Further, I define reality based on and from it's expressions. Slavery exists because it surrounds and permeates our policies and is a bastion agenda of the Left. Black lives frankly DON'T matter because they won't quit killing each other, aborting themselves, incarcerating their lives and breaking disruptive I correctly interpret that they DON'T matter...otherwise, THEY'D QUIT! Its not up to me or any outward body to determine their worth...ITS UP TO BLACKS, DAMNIT! And again, who promotes, takes advantage and feeds upon this "opportunity"? The Left! 'White Privilege' should be broadly available and belong to ALL peoples, as it manifests itself to describe preference when there's doubt, deference to 'goodness', respect for lives & limb and the benefit of trust & perceptions of innocence FIRST.

As for this looming election, I don't care anymore about 'Conservatism'...I've been lied to by the best and politically abused by the most pious! I'm not electing a Preacher. I want a pragmatist, a Capitalist, a problem solver and a leader. If they're a Christian, that further qualifies their bona fides. I want 'opportunity' to return to the marketplace so we can lift ourselves above the noise and hopefully, enact a new awareness among all peoples. Opportunity lifts all boats collectively and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (the foundation of perceived 'White Privilege') is the climate and birthright of all Americans! Why do you think people of character are treated differently? Because they carry their code of conduct openly, for all to see, hence respect and deference is granted from experience. Conversely, those 'enslaved', compromised and described as above, will always be perceived, treated & defined by their majorities they emulate.