Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here’s a thought. When you file your next income tax returns, just write the statement, “I haven’t committed any crime and I am not guilty of any violations, therefore, I am exercising my rights under the Fifth Amendment and refusing to answer any of the questions on this form. Thank you very much. Goodbye.” Think that might work? Just asking.

I have done some research into the Fifth Amendment. IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner cited her rights under this amendment to keep from answering questions from Congress during her hearing. The amendment basically says that you are not required to answer questions if your answer might tend to incriminate you. The amendment even says that it only applies during a criminal prosecution. Lois hasn’t faced a criminal prosecution yet, but she is about to. She will be recalled and she will be forced to answer these questions under threat of contempt prosecution. I doubt she would be willing to go to Federal Prison to protect her superiors. Oh, and they know it.

Douglas Shulman is another IRS Commissioner who is about to learn what his particular arrogance has bought him. When asked what he could remember about his hundreds of visits to the White House, he could only remember the Easter Egg Roll. It is obvious to any relatively intelligent person that crimes have been committed and the cover-up is underway. Shulman has a double problem. Not only is he an arrogant moron, he also looks like a weasel. That’s a bad combination.

Now information is being reported that these moves by the Obama camp go back to before the ‘08 election. Not only were conservatives targeted, but so were Democrats who could compete with Obama in the general election, specifically Hillary. As I wrote before, we are looking only at the tip of the iceberg. When it all hits the fan, there is going to be such a mess that it will take years to clean it all up.

My question is simple. Have you had enough yet? Many now think that Obama cannot survive this. That brings up a whole new can of worms and that can is named Joe Biden. Nobody really believes we are better off with Uncle Joe, so the fact remains, we have a problem.

Looking forward we have only one solution. Starting in 2014, let’s get rid of all the co-respondents in this scandal. It is absolutely essential that Republicans retake the Senate and keep the House. This runaway criminal enterprise has to be stopped.  

Now many of you may read this and think old Ron is overreacting. Really? Remember Nixon? Most Republicans thought the Democrats were overreacting. The same with Clinton and he was ultimately impeached and disbarred. In the final analysis Obama’s problems will face bipartisan scrutiny. Even now the lefty media is on his case because of the AP seizure and the seizure of Fox News documents. He will have no place to hide. Regardless of who you are, you cannot work to destroy this republic and get away with it. You will face the judgment of the American people and that will not be a pretty sight for Obama. It is looking more like Huckabee’s theory of Obama not surviving these scandals might come true.

Our job is clear. We absolutely must thin the herd of corrupt individuals who do not have the best interest of America at heart. There will be a Congressional election in 2014 and it is essential that all Americans get off their butts and vote to put honest people in office. This insanity train can and will be stopped and derailed, but it is going to take a concerted effort from all of us.

If you, like me, have had enough, don’t let America down.

Ron Scarbro May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I confess. I’ve  been watching some of these Congressional Hearings dealing with Benghazi, AP phone records seizures, and now the IRS hearings dealing with the targeting of conservative groups. I heard Hillary scream “What does it really matter who or why Americans were killed.” I heard Eric Holder say he had recused himself from the AP seizure matter. I also heard the State Dept. career employees who had been previously threatened with their jobs if they spoke to Congress. I listened as Steven Miller, IRS Head, denied any responsibility in the targeting matter. I heard Jay Carney as he attempted to explain away the unexplainable to justify the unjustifiable. Just recently I also heard as Holder try in vain to defend the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme. Now I have heard IRS head Lois Lerner invoke Fifth Amendment privilege and refuse to answer any questions from mere mortal Congressmen. As I have listened to all these bureaucrats, I have come away with this single conclusion. “Somebody Lyin’.”

When I was a youngster and got into trouble, my mother would sit me down and say this, “If it wasn’t you, and if it wasn’t me, then it must have been that rascal behind the tree.” Of course there was no rascal and there was no tree. There was only me.

I remember my first day as a brand new manager. My supervisor gave me this information. “I will someday visit your office and if there is a light bulb burned out or if the restroom needs cleaning, I won’t be looking for the janitor. No, I’ll be looking for you. Anything and everything that happens in this office is your responsibility and no one else’s.” That was an excellent lesson.

Today, as we look at the Obama administration, and as we see all the scandals being revealed, I have come away with one of three conclusions. Number one, they are all completely incompetent. Or number two, they are lying, cheating, self serving, arrogant, crooks who care only about themselves, or number three, a combination of the first two.

I said at the outset of this administration that these were corrupt people and nothing has happened to change my mind. But, I never thought they were also stupid. I may have to re-examine that thought. Some of you may think that all of their misdeeds are now hitting the fan. I believe what we are seeing today is just the tip of the iceberg. When you have corrupt people in power, there is no limit to their potential crimes. And yes, I did say crimes.

The actions of the State Dept., the Attorney General, the heads of the IRS, and the press secretary are criminal acts. The question is were they directed by Obama? Where did these crooks get their marching orders?

I have heard Congressional leaders say clearly that the findings of their committee hearings will be turned over to prosecutors with the possibility of  criminal charges being filed.

I remember Nixon. Nobody really thought that he was the instigator of the actions that eventually brought him down, but he was. I remember Clinton. Who really thought he was stupid enough to have a dalliance with an intern in the Oval Office and then lie under oath about it, but he did.

As is often the case, the attempted cover up usually winds up being worse than the original crime. Lying requires more lies. More lies require even more lies. The point in time comes when you just can’t remember all the lies. Just look at Jay Carney.

Do these people really think they are going to get away with this? This fact is clear. Somebody lyin’, period. And somebody gonna pay, period. The American people will demand it.

Ron Scarbro May  22, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Some on the left have said the Benghazi hearings going on in Washington are nothing more than a Republican witch hunt. Probably true. Some in the liberal media have said these hearings are not worth reporting and many are not even covering them. Okay.

I remember Nixon’s problems. I remember Clinton’s travails. If anybody thinks this matter is going away, they are sadly mistaken. While this may well be a witch hunt, there are probably witches (you pick your witch), to be found and exposed. And, this is going to happen whether the New York Times chooses to cover it or not. It is going to happen whether the big three networks report on it or not. This time there will be no moving on. We will not be satisfied with the excuse, “that is old news,” or any other effort by the White House to sweep this mess under the rug.  

This is probably what happened. There is enough information out already to know that the Embassy in Benghazi requested more security because they believed they were in danger. We know that in an e-mail signed by Hilary, security was even cut back. We know that the Embassy was subsequently attacked and four Americans were killed including our Ambassador.

The next things we know are that during the attack pleas went out for assistance. Our people were under a coordinated attack. Not only were those pleas ignored, an  order to “Stand Down” was issued to the military. That means simply that the Administration had no interest in protecting these people or our Embassy. You see, it didn’t fit the narrative Obama was spewing about Al-qaeda, that they were impotent and on the run and posed little or no danger to us.

Next came the “talking points” from the White House. Everybody was told what to say and they did as they were told. Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton dutifully carried the company mail and tried to hide the truth from the American people. Well, it didn’t work. This was all done to try and protect Obama’s reelection campaign. That part worked. America bought the lies and Obama was reelected. Now it has hit the fan.

The CIA is now being blamed by the Administration for altering the talking points. More lies. As Gov. Huckabee recently said, this is less about the CIA and more about CYA.

I have lost count of the times when scandals have hit people in high places only to be brought down, not by the scandal as much as by the attempted cover up. During Watergate there were the tapes. During Clinton there was the dress. In other words there is always going to be something. Somebody, somewhere, is going to come up with something and all hell is going to break loose. Huckabee has now said that Obama will probably not serve out his complete term because of this and other scandals. I am not ready to write his eulogy yet but he is in for some real tough sledding. Only time will tell.

Today the IRS is having to apologize for targeting political foes of Democrats and Obama in particular. Who ordered that targeting? Obamacare is in serious trouble from both sides of the aisle because it is just flat unworkable and too expensive. The Benghazi scandal is not going to magically disappear and will have to be dealt with. Add to that an economy that is stagnant with unemployment at unacceptable levels. No, I would say that the road ahead for Obama is going to be at best difficult if not impossible. And if you don’t think this is going to hurt Hillary in 2016, again you are sadly mistaken. This is going to be fun to watch.

Ron Scarbro May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A few years ago I wrote monthly columns identifying the “Moron of the Month.” I stopped doing that after some encouragement from some of my more sensitive readers. But, if I were writing such columns today, I would be on the horns of a dilemma. You see there are so many morons to choose from anymore it would be difficult to pick.

As an example, animal rights group PETA is in a tizzy because Gov. Chris Christie swatted a spider in front of some school children. I’m serious. I didn’t even know spiders were animals, but I digress. They have pitched a fit explaining the spider has rights too and Christie had no business killing it just because it was around some school children.

This bit of moronic behavior pales to insignificance, however, when compared with the New York legislator who has introduced a bill regulating the language allowed by police in their reports. In a nutshell the bill forbids identifying suspects by any number of ways. For example, you cannot identify a suspect as white or black. In fact no skin color identification is allowed. But wait, there’s more. You cannot even identify a suspect by sex. Suspects have to be gender neutral. And no, I’m not kidding you. Furthermore, you cannot identify a suspect by national origin, religion, sexual preference, or sexual expression, whatever that means. I guess basically the only wording allowed on a police report is that a crime may or may not have been committed by a person or persons with no further identification. Be on the lookout.

Be on the lookout for whom? Be on the lookout for what? This is the kind of nonsense that happens when morons are put in positions of power. Attaining the lofty position of legislator does not in any way grant one intelligence or judgement. In fact, putting someone in front of a camera or giving them a microphone often serves only to show the world just what idiots they are. You all know of the Member of Congress who believes Guam would capsize if too many people lived on one side, or the Congresswoman who doesn’t know the difference between Mars and the Moon. How about the Senator from California who was unhappy with an Army General who referred to her as Ma’am. She was offended preferring the title Senator. She obviously had no knowledge of basic manners or military procedure which requires all women to be referred to as Ma’am regardless of their title.  

This is what I know. If I were a black/hispanic transexual hooker who killed his/her tricks as an expression of my sexuality, I would definitely want to ply my trade in New York. The chances of being identified or ever caught would be next to zero.

I don’t know the identity of this moronic legislator yet, but it is easy to assume he/she is one of those gender confused/challenged types who really doesn’t understand what police work is all about and who is truly trying to take political correctness to its most ridiculous level.

As of this writing, this bill has not yet become the law in New York, but don’t hold your breath. Remember this is the same place where your soda container size is regulated by law along with your choice of cooking oil. Anything is possible when morons who believe they know what is best for everyone else are given that opportunity by voters.

God help us all.

Ron Scarbro May 8, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Did you hear the latest pronouncement from “emperor wanna be” Bloomberg of New York? In the wake of the Boston bombings and the potential threat to New York City, he said that we may just have to give up some of our freedoms in order to be safer. Notwithstanding Benjamin Franklin’s admonition that one who gives up freedom in order to be more secure deserves nor has either, it seems people like Bloomberg just don’t get it.

It would be simple enough to label Bloomberg as the idiot that he is, but the real problem is that the people in New York City elected him and re-elected him knowing he is an idiot. To me that doesn’t speak very highly of the voters of New York City. This is the same moron who believes he is the all knowing arbiter of your diet, your soda drinking habits, your tobacco consumption, your gun ownership, and your choice of cooking oil.

This brings me to the point of this essay, the so-called “low information voter.” Recently a gentleman named Mark Dice, as a gag, went out on the streets of San Diego with phony petitions asking for signatures for silly changes to our Constitution. He got signatures from people who wanted to eliminate the second amendment, the first amendment and more recently the sixth and the seventh. He explained that by just saying the words that this is designed to help Obama out, his signers readily signed without even thinking. His comment was that he was able to get dozens of signatures in minutes.

It is frightening how ignorant the people who live in this free country are sometimes. I used to wonder how Adolph Hitler could achieve power in a country like Germany. Now I know. This brings us to the second frightening thing. These same morons vote and their vote counts the same as intelligent thinking people who pay attention. In most parts of the country voters don’t even have to prove their identity or their citizenship. This is a recipe for disaster.

Today both Republican and Democrat Congressmen are putting together legislation to exempt themselves and their staffers from Obamacare because the cost is prohibitive. Who didn’t know this was coming? The rest of us, the people of America, will just have to suck it up and pay the bill.

The election of Barack Obama and his subsequent re-election is the result of low information voters. The re-election of the current Congress is the result of low information voters. The mess this country is in is the result of low information voters. And if you think it is bad now, just wait until all of Obama’s dream legislation hits the fan. There will be no place to hide.

So what is the answer and is there an answer? The numbers definitely favor the low information voters and the politicians know that. Plantation owners never want their slaves to know what they are missing. They want their subjects to believe this is just the way things are.

In my view one of the solutions to our problem is education and I am not talking about public schools. They are a major part of the problem. People must hear the truth, and that truth is not readily available through the national news media. Finally, there are enough knowledgeable voters to overcome this. We absolutely have to get real Americans off their behinds and out to vote. We are truly running out of time to reverse the situation.

I am an old man and I worry about the mess we are leaving to our children. It doesn’t have to be this way. Hopefully even the low information voters will also get a belly full before it’s too late.

Ron Scarbro May 1, 2013