Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here’s a thought. When you file your next income tax returns, just write the statement, “I haven’t committed any crime and I am not guilty of any violations, therefore, I am exercising my rights under the Fifth Amendment and refusing to answer any of the questions on this form. Thank you very much. Goodbye.” Think that might work? Just asking.

I have done some research into the Fifth Amendment. IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner cited her rights under this amendment to keep from answering questions from Congress during her hearing. The amendment basically says that you are not required to answer questions if your answer might tend to incriminate you. The amendment even says that it only applies during a criminal prosecution. Lois hasn’t faced a criminal prosecution yet, but she is about to. She will be recalled and she will be forced to answer these questions under threat of contempt prosecution. I doubt she would be willing to go to Federal Prison to protect her superiors. Oh, and they know it.

Douglas Shulman is another IRS Commissioner who is about to learn what his particular arrogance has bought him. When asked what he could remember about his hundreds of visits to the White House, he could only remember the Easter Egg Roll. It is obvious to any relatively intelligent person that crimes have been committed and the cover-up is underway. Shulman has a double problem. Not only is he an arrogant moron, he also looks like a weasel. That’s a bad combination.

Now information is being reported that these moves by the Obama camp go back to before the ‘08 election. Not only were conservatives targeted, but so were Democrats who could compete with Obama in the general election, specifically Hillary. As I wrote before, we are looking only at the tip of the iceberg. When it all hits the fan, there is going to be such a mess that it will take years to clean it all up.

My question is simple. Have you had enough yet? Many now think that Obama cannot survive this. That brings up a whole new can of worms and that can is named Joe Biden. Nobody really believes we are better off with Uncle Joe, so the fact remains, we have a problem.

Looking forward we have only one solution. Starting in 2014, let’s get rid of all the co-respondents in this scandal. It is absolutely essential that Republicans retake the Senate and keep the House. This runaway criminal enterprise has to be stopped.  

Now many of you may read this and think old Ron is overreacting. Really? Remember Nixon? Most Republicans thought the Democrats were overreacting. The same with Clinton and he was ultimately impeached and disbarred. In the final analysis Obama’s problems will face bipartisan scrutiny. Even now the lefty media is on his case because of the AP seizure and the seizure of Fox News documents. He will have no place to hide. Regardless of who you are, you cannot work to destroy this republic and get away with it. You will face the judgment of the American people and that will not be a pretty sight for Obama. It is looking more like Huckabee’s theory of Obama not surviving these scandals might come true.

Our job is clear. We absolutely must thin the herd of corrupt individuals who do not have the best interest of America at heart. There will be a Congressional election in 2014 and it is essential that all Americans get off their butts and vote to put honest people in office. This insanity train can and will be stopped and derailed, but it is going to take a concerted effort from all of us.

If you, like me, have had enough, don’t let America down.

Ron Scarbro May 29, 2013

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