Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A few years ago I wrote monthly columns identifying the “Moron of the Month.” I stopped doing that after some encouragement from some of my more sensitive readers. But, if I were writing such columns today, I would be on the horns of a dilemma. You see there are so many morons to choose from anymore it would be difficult to pick.

As an example, animal rights group PETA is in a tizzy because Gov. Chris Christie swatted a spider in front of some school children. I’m serious. I didn’t even know spiders were animals, but I digress. They have pitched a fit explaining the spider has rights too and Christie had no business killing it just because it was around some school children.

This bit of moronic behavior pales to insignificance, however, when compared with the New York legislator who has introduced a bill regulating the language allowed by police in their reports. In a nutshell the bill forbids identifying suspects by any number of ways. For example, you cannot identify a suspect as white or black. In fact no skin color identification is allowed. But wait, there’s more. You cannot even identify a suspect by sex. Suspects have to be gender neutral. And no, I’m not kidding you. Furthermore, you cannot identify a suspect by national origin, religion, sexual preference, or sexual expression, whatever that means. I guess basically the only wording allowed on a police report is that a crime may or may not have been committed by a person or persons with no further identification. Be on the lookout.

Be on the lookout for whom? Be on the lookout for what? This is the kind of nonsense that happens when morons are put in positions of power. Attaining the lofty position of legislator does not in any way grant one intelligence or judgement. In fact, putting someone in front of a camera or giving them a microphone often serves only to show the world just what idiots they are. You all know of the Member of Congress who believes Guam would capsize if too many people lived on one side, or the Congresswoman who doesn’t know the difference between Mars and the Moon. How about the Senator from California who was unhappy with an Army General who referred to her as Ma’am. She was offended preferring the title Senator. She obviously had no knowledge of basic manners or military procedure which requires all women to be referred to as Ma’am regardless of their title.  

This is what I know. If I were a black/hispanic transexual hooker who killed his/her tricks as an expression of my sexuality, I would definitely want to ply my trade in New York. The chances of being identified or ever caught would be next to zero.

I don’t know the identity of this moronic legislator yet, but it is easy to assume he/she is one of those gender confused/challenged types who really doesn’t understand what police work is all about and who is truly trying to take political correctness to its most ridiculous level.

As of this writing, this bill has not yet become the law in New York, but don’t hold your breath. Remember this is the same place where your soda container size is regulated by law along with your choice of cooking oil. Anything is possible when morons who believe they know what is best for everyone else are given that opportunity by voters.

God help us all.

Ron Scarbro May 8, 2013

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Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of this before, but i'm glad you brought it to my attention, I needed a good laugh. I wonder if New Yorkers realize how ridiculous all this makes them look. They just keep voting them in. I can;t believe anyone would still want to live there.