Wednesday, July 27, 2016

0 FOR 4

Marilyn Mosby, cop hating, racist, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, has gone 0 for 4 in her persecution/prosecution of the police officers who were called upon to arrest criminal thug Freddie Gray with the latest acquittal just a couple of weeks ago.

You will surely remember the Freddie Gray incident. Gray was chased down and arrested by a number of Baltimore police officers who, during the arrest and subsequent transport, were alleged to be guilty of murder when Gray died in their custody. Mosby decided to indict them and charge them with murder. If ever there was an overcharge this was it. At the absolute outside they could be guilty of possible mishandling of a prisoner by not belting him in, but no, Mosby, in her judicial wisdom, decided the police had murdered this poor hapless man. What utter nonsense. This is the kind of crap that makes the job of police officer even more difficult. Any two-bit politician can, for her political gain, make any charge she wishes. Apparently the prosecutors in Baltimore don’t have the courage to say no to her.

Every police officer in every major city should mail in their badges and let these slick politicians fend for themselves. Can you just imagine what a city like Baltimore would look like with no police protection? It would be anarchy and mayhem. It is almost that even with police protection.

All across this country our police departments are under attack. Police officers have giant targets on their backs. Disaffected punks with no sense of morality or purpose have taken it upon themselves to kill off the police in our cities. These thugs are terrorists, period. Some may even believe they are doing the work of some foreign terrorist organization or just crazy enough to think they have support for their criminal actions. Any way you look at it, they are just terrorists.

One of the main problems with this attack on the police is that the people we have elected to defend our nation and support our police seem to look the other way. In some cases they even side with the criminals. Many years ago I wrote a column that suggested that if you think police officers are pigs, the next time you are in trouble, call a hippie. Then and only then might you come to appreciate what the policeman does for you.

Ultimately these attacks on the police will end. There isn’t going to be a race war. That would be the height of stupidity. The few who are causing the problems will be either rounded up and jailed or just shot down in the street. Until then they will be like ants at a picnic. They will harass and they will be pests, but in the final analysis, they will be squashed like the bugs they are.

As a military veteran I am often thanked for my service and I appreciate that. Today and every day though we should be thanking the police officers who put themselves on the line every day for our safety. Can you even imagine what our lives would be like if there was no police presence? God forbid.

To any cops who might be reading this, thank you for your service. I hope you understand that the great majority of citizens support and appreciate you.

Ron Scarbro

Just today July 27, The Wall Street Journal reported that all charges have been dropped against all of the police officers involved in this case. The prosecution/persecution against these police officers has ended. The city of Baltimore and their entire judicial system should be ashamed and thrown out of office especially Marilyn Mosby. That city does not deserve the police department they have.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Comedian Jeff Foxworthy released a piece on the internet recently in which he stated that we are a country created by geniuses but run by idiots. To some that may seem a bit harsh but I think the events of the past few days bear this out.

Just this past week Obama said that we will continue to fight against terrorism through diplomacy and negotiation. Say what? ISIS has no diplomats. They have no negotiators. What they have are blood thirsty, power hungry, baby killers. They are not a state. They are not a country. They are a gang of killers being run by cowards who send minions out to do their dirty work. Who does Obama propose that we negotiate with? With whom should our diplomat visit to have talks?

This Administration gives stupidity a PH.D. In a recent address to the media by  Attorney General Loretta Lynch concerning the Orlando massacre, she offered as a solution to radical killers mowing down innocents, the thought that we just don’t show them enough love and respect. She seems to think that by showing these radical, beheading baby killers we are a loving people they will just throw away their weapons and we can all get together and sing Kumbaya. Hell, we can bake cookies and have lemonade.

Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Lynch, and the entire bunch seem to be of one mind. If we just put our heads in the sand, this will go away. Maybe the cowards who are ISIS will just get tired of killing children and go back to their goat herds.

Are these people out of their minds? You cannot negotiate with a rattlesnake. Radical Islam has but one goal and that is the total destruction of us all and our way of life. How do you negotiate with someone whose only point is to kill you before anything else can be discussed?

By their continued refusal to identify our enemy as radical Islam, the Obama Administration, under the banner of “political correctness,” is attempting to lessen our resolve to destroy this enemy. These radical baby killers have declared war on us, not the other way around and that seems to be inconvenient news for the Obama Administration. Oh, and by the way, the killer in Nice, France did not use an assault rifle. He used an assault truck. Should we now consider banning trucks?

The American people will not just sit around and wait for the next shoe to fall. We are far more likely to kick it over. Here is a pure reality. We could, at a moment’s notice, put together the necessary armaments to eliminate not only ISIS but the majority of the Middle East and we could do that in a matter of minutes. If these morons want to live in the seventh century, we could bomb them back there in an instant.

In our history we sat on our hands while Hitler roared across Europe. We stood by idly as Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and very nearly destroyed our entire Pacific Fleet. Eventually we decided that we had had enough and we handled it. We need to respond to this threat now.

Nobody wants to go to war. But remember the song by Kenny Rogers “The Coward of the County?” In the last line of that song are the words, “sometimes you gotta fight if you’re a man.” The time for talking has come and gone. It is long past time for men to rise up. We are either going to kill them there or we will have to kill them here. Killing them over there is a lot less messy than having to kill them here.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Did you know that black people represent approximately thirteen percent of our population? Did you further know that between 1980 and 2008, according to the Department of Justice statistics, black perpetrators committed 52% of the homicides in this country and that those homicides were committed by fifteen to thirty-four year olds? That group represents three percent of the black population. So then 52% of homicides in this country are committed by 3% of a population of 13% of Americans. While math is not my specialty, it doesn’t take much calculation to realize that black people kill a lot of people and incidentally most of their victims are black.

We also know that white people are twice as likely to be killed by police officers as black people even though black people commit at least as much crime if not more than white people.

Liberals bemoan the fact that our prisons are populated largely by black inmates. While that is a fact, the reason is that on a per capita basis, black people commit far more crimes that do whites.

Let’s not forget that this “Black Lives Matter” group got its start from the Ferguson lie. When Michael Brown attempted to kill a police officer, he himself was killed in self defense. His cohort in crime lied and told the press that Brown had his hands up and was saying don’t shoot when he was killed. That has proven to be a complete lie.

Since that lie was published, hundreds of people have been killed in Baltimore, Chicago, and many cities across this country. Just today I saw a group of black protesters marching with their hands in the air chanting “don’t shoot.” This is the mantra of the “Black Lives Matter” hate group. It is all based on a lie. A lie incidentally pushed and promulgated by the liberal media who must take a lot of the blame for  the bloodshed it has caused.

There are some very simple answers to the problem black people seem to have with the police. It starts and ends with the word “respect.” If a police officer says stop, you stop. If he says go, you go. If he says I am going to detain you until I can figure out what’s going on, you submit to the detention. If he places you under arrest, you submit to the arrest. If you fight, you are going to lose. He is armed with a gun, a vest, and back up. After the smoke clears, then and only then can any discussion be held. The facts will come out and if you are innocent, you will be released.

Contrary to the news that is being spewed today, the police don’t plant evidence. They don’t shoot people just because they are having a bad day or because someone is a minority. Black or white you are far more likely to be killed by a falling meteor than by a policeman’s service weapon.

The so-called black leaders also known as “race baiters” are doing no favors to anyone by continuing to preach hate and fear. They should be preaching trust and respect for law and order. If there was no police presence in the black community, the murder rate would soar and of course the victims would be the residents of that community.

Black people must stop seeing themselves as victims. They fare better in America than in any nation on earth. They say they want to be treated as equals. That just isn’t true. What they want is to be treated as a special group with special privilege. That isn’t going to happen.

You want to succeed? Stop making babies out of wedlock. Obey the law. Get educated. Respect law and law enforcement. Pull your pants up and clean up your language.

Some may find these suggestions inconvenient. Too bad. The truth is often inconvenient.

Ron Scarbro

Friday, July 8, 2016


A strange odor is emanating across the land and it is coming from Washington DC. It is a smell resembling rotting fish over an open septic tank. As your dedicated reporter I decided to investigate just where the smell was coming from.

My investigation has led me to three sources. Number one is the criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton. She has been dirty for her entire time in the public eye. For the sake of this inquiry however, we will concentrate only on her obvious violation of our secrecy laws. Without a doubt she exposed this country to great harm by her willful negligent handling of top secret information through her “Mickey Mouse” e-mail server. She broke the law and should be held accountable before a criminal court for her violations.

The second source of the odor came from the “accidental” meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. This “accident” was set up and orchestrated by the Clintons for the purpose of intimidating Lynch into refusing to indict Hillary regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation. It is also obvious that Lynch was easy pickings and very receptive to this unprofessional and unethical interference by Bill Clinton. There was an additional bone tossed to Lynch, that of being able to retain her job if Hillary is elected.

Finally in my exhaustive examination of the issues, FBI Director James Comey bowed to political pressure by suggesting that no charges should be filed against Hillary even though she clearly is guilty of many, many violations of law. Obviously somebody got to him. This after we were led to believe he was an honorable man. That turned out to be another lie.

These three events have brought about an odor that is literally choking the life out of our Republic.

The basis for our freedom is law and order. No one is above the law. I remember when Richard Nixon said that if a President does something it can’t be illegal because the President is the law. Wrong again Dicky boy. As Nixon found out, the law applies to him just like it applies to everyone else in this country.

We, the people, have a choice today. It is the most serious choice we as voters have ever faced. If we sit by and allow this criminal political hack to become the President as well as the Commander-in-Chief, we deserve the outcome, and it won’t be pretty. The actions of Hillary, Lynch, and Comey have neutered law in this country. They have announced, by their actions and findings, that if you are connected, the law doesn’t apply to you. They all have another thought coming.

CNN announced that Hillary was thrilled to be exonerated by the FBI investigation. How could you be thrilled if you were found to be a liar as well as a criminally negligent handler of state secrets on national television in front of the entire country? I would be embarrassed. Most honorable people would resign. In some cultures, suicide would be the only alternative. Oh, my mistake. I was referring to honorable people. It is tragically obvious that none of the people I have identified above are honorable people. We had the opportunity to send the Clintons back to their trailer park in Arkansas a few years ago and the Congress let them off the hook. Big mistake.

The only way to get rid of the smell coming out of Washington is to change the people in Washington. If this country elects Hillary Clinton, the entire world will laugh at us. Worse than that, our enemies will doubtless attempt to work their evil, feeling that we are too weak and certainly too stupid to do anything about it.

Today I am ashamed of the FBI. Elliot Ness is rolling over in his grave to think that the Director could be bought off so cheaply. So much for untouchables.

Ron Scarbro

Monday, July 4, 2016


The citizens of Great Britain have voted themselves out of the European Union. It appears the Brits were tired of the “status quo.” They were tired of foreigners coming into their country taking their jobs and the easy, liberal welfare benefits foreigners received  paid for by the British taxpayers. So, the Brits declared their independence from the European Union. Hmmm, I wonder where they got the idea to declare their independence.

Isn’t it ironic? Today we celebrate our independence from that very same country. We declared our independence from England just a few short decades ago. We were tired of the subjugation. We were tired of taxation without representation. In all ways we were tired of being governed and controlled by a foreign government so we said enough. I think the average Brit felt much the same way as did our forefathers. We needed to be independent. We needed to be responsible for ourselves and so did they.

Of course this isn’t going to be easy for them. It wasn’t easy for us. I hope and I believe that it won’t come to armed conflict, but the Brits are going to have to fight for their sovereignty and their independence. The other Europeans who have gotten used to Britain’s money are not going to give up easily. Germany has announced that any trade agreement between the EU and England will only be allowed if Great Britain continues to let foreign workers into their country to work. This will be a major sticking point because this is one of the primary reasons the Brits wanted out of the EU. England will close their borders as any independent country would.

If you listen to the average man in the street the British are also fed up with the increasing number of immigrants coming into their country. They are tired of the increase in crime and the terrible cost to the average taxpayer that this immigration has caused. They are tired of neighborhoods turning into ghettos. Their vote has caused the resignation of their sitting Prime Minister, David Cameron, and will create a new government. They will be in a state of flux for a time but I believe they will overcome the obstacles and succeed.

How similar is the situation we face today in our own country. In fact, we may have to declare our independence again. But this time it will be our independence from what our government has become. The reason Trump is as popular as he is seems rather simple. The average man in the street is tired of what we have become and the direction we are headed. America has always been a “center right” country. Obama was an experiment that has obviously failed. Hillary is another experiment. I sincerely believe she also would be a failure if for any reason America chose her to be President. Today she is more apt to be in prison than in the White House.

For some unknown reason today’s liberals seem to despise our traditions. They seem not to want to be governed by a constitution that has served us so well for over two hundred years. Many see themselves as citizens of the world rather than just Americans. I believe they are in for a jolt come November. Traditional Americans are going to take this country back. I fear for us if this doesn’t happen at the ballot box. There is growing unrest all around this country. Gun sales are going through the roof. People are getting ready for the worst case scenario. That worst case scenario would be the election of any Clinton, period.

But today we celebrate. We celebrate our courage and our grit. We declared ourselves independent before and we may well do it again.

Happy Birthday America.

Ron Scarbro