Friday, July 8, 2016


A strange odor is emanating across the land and it is coming from Washington DC. It is a smell resembling rotting fish over an open septic tank. As your dedicated reporter I decided to investigate just where the smell was coming from.

My investigation has led me to three sources. Number one is the criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton. She has been dirty for her entire time in the public eye. For the sake of this inquiry however, we will concentrate only on her obvious violation of our secrecy laws. Without a doubt she exposed this country to great harm by her willful negligent handling of top secret information through her “Mickey Mouse” e-mail server. She broke the law and should be held accountable before a criminal court for her violations.

The second source of the odor came from the “accidental” meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. This “accident” was set up and orchestrated by the Clintons for the purpose of intimidating Lynch into refusing to indict Hillary regardless of the outcome of the FBI investigation. It is also obvious that Lynch was easy pickings and very receptive to this unprofessional and unethical interference by Bill Clinton. There was an additional bone tossed to Lynch, that of being able to retain her job if Hillary is elected.

Finally in my exhaustive examination of the issues, FBI Director James Comey bowed to political pressure by suggesting that no charges should be filed against Hillary even though she clearly is guilty of many, many violations of law. Obviously somebody got to him. This after we were led to believe he was an honorable man. That turned out to be another lie.

These three events have brought about an odor that is literally choking the life out of our Republic.

The basis for our freedom is law and order. No one is above the law. I remember when Richard Nixon said that if a President does something it can’t be illegal because the President is the law. Wrong again Dicky boy. As Nixon found out, the law applies to him just like it applies to everyone else in this country.

We, the people, have a choice today. It is the most serious choice we as voters have ever faced. If we sit by and allow this criminal political hack to become the President as well as the Commander-in-Chief, we deserve the outcome, and it won’t be pretty. The actions of Hillary, Lynch, and Comey have neutered law in this country. They have announced, by their actions and findings, that if you are connected, the law doesn’t apply to you. They all have another thought coming.

CNN announced that Hillary was thrilled to be exonerated by the FBI investigation. How could you be thrilled if you were found to be a liar as well as a criminally negligent handler of state secrets on national television in front of the entire country? I would be embarrassed. Most honorable people would resign. In some cultures, suicide would be the only alternative. Oh, my mistake. I was referring to honorable people. It is tragically obvious that none of the people I have identified above are honorable people. We had the opportunity to send the Clintons back to their trailer park in Arkansas a few years ago and the Congress let them off the hook. Big mistake.

The only way to get rid of the smell coming out of Washington is to change the people in Washington. If this country elects Hillary Clinton, the entire world will laugh at us. Worse than that, our enemies will doubtless attempt to work their evil, feeling that we are too weak and certainly too stupid to do anything about it.

Today I am ashamed of the FBI. Elliot Ness is rolling over in his grave to think that the Director could be bought off so cheaply. So much for untouchables.

Ron Scarbro

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