Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ever hear of Chris Hayes? Me either until recently. Now I know why. The reason is Chris Hayes has a show on MSNBC called, “Up with Chris Hayes.” Not only do I not watch MSNBC, I don’t even know anybody who watches MSNBC. After hearing what Hayes said I am certain I would never watch any TV network that would employ a Chris Hayes.

This is what he said. It seems Hayes is “uncomfortable” calling our fallen military men and women heroes. He believes that identifying those who die in war as heroes serves only to encourage politicians and Generals to continue to fight wars. Not only is this piece of human waste “uncomfortable,” he also has the bad fortune of bad timing. You see he chose the eve of Memorial Day, one of the most sacred days of our calendar year, as the time to announce this thinking to his audience. Fortunately the entire audience watching MSNBC on any given day may often number less than a few hundred viewers

It is long past time for the American people to tell MSNBC and their advertisers that such pronouncements and other un-American activities promulgated by them are unacceptable. Hayes and his ilk should get some remedial education studying to learn how they have the good fortune to live in a free society. They might want to know how this freedom came about. They could start with Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton who famously said, “War is the price of liberty.”

Hayes and people like him have doubtless never served their country in the military. They take for granted their easy, free life. They never had to face the draft. Consider if you will how General George S. Patton might have regarded and dealt with the Chris Hayeses among us had they been required to be inducted into the military service. Somehow I don’t think it would have been a happy time for Hayes. I have often wondered how these punks would fare taking eight weeks of basic training in June and July at Ft. Benning, Georgia where the average temperature is 90 to 100 degrees every day. How would they fare facing a rabid zealot in the Middle East who murders women and children regularly? How long do you suppose he could go without a shower? What about a nice little jungle war? Humidity, snakes, booby traps, and crazed killers behind every tree. No, I don’t think these little metro-sexuals, who seem more concerned with their manicures and their make-up, would handle life in the real world. No, I don’t think it would work out very well for them.

The VFW has demanded that Hayes and MSNBC apologize for his comments. I do not share their thoughts. I would prefer that people like Hayes be required, as was I and millions of others, to serve a period of time in the US Military. Send these clowns to basic training. Load them down with the gear of war and send their butts off to the Middle East. Let them learn to appreciate the free and easy life they enjoy. Let them learn what being an American means and what is required of that citizenship. Hayes might quickly understand what a hero truly is. Then and only then would I or anybody care about what he thinks about American heroes.

Here during this Memorial Day period, we should all remember those who served. Those who gave their time, those who gave limbs, and especially those who gave their all. Hero is such an easy word to say and yet its meaning is so profound. To all who serve and to those who have served, thank you. You are all our heroes.

Finally, concerning Mr. Hayes,  I would re-name his TV show. Instead of “Up with Chris Hayes,” I would much prefer, “Up yours, Chris Hayes.”

Ron Scarbro May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Have you heard the story of Desmond Hatchett? Desmond is a 33 year old man from Knoxville, Tennessee. His claim to fame? He has 30 children by 11 different women, none of whom is his wife. He has petitioned the state of Tennessee to help him pay child support because he only has a minimum wage job and the state already takes half of his paycheck. I am not making this up. I don’t do fiction.

I have purposely stayed away from columns about the plight of minorities but sometimes I just can’t help myself. There are some issues that need discussion and examination. Here’s my first question. What in the world were these women thinking?  Is it possible that in their community these women didn’t know about the other “baby mamas?” Is it possible that Desmond was just so irresistible that they just had to jump into the sack with him? Aside from a roll in the hay, what did Desmond bring to the lives of these women?

Let us look at some of the possibilities. Some will say that the women were just looking for a paycheck from the welfare department. We have all heard about people gaming the system by producing children strictly for the money. Or, maybe they were in love with Desmond. Naw, I doubt it. More likely these women, along with Hatchett, are just irresponsible dregs of society. Maybe they don’t have any concern for themselves or for the children they are inflicting on the  community.

And when you consider the children, what chance do they have for a reasonable life? Who will be their father figure? Will they, if they survive to adulthood, become the same societal dregs that their mother and father are? Any study of economics already shows us that the surest way to live a life of poverty is to be born out of wedlock, in a minority community and with no father figure at home. Desmond and his co-respondents have given us 30 such children. The odds of these offspring continuing this dependent life on welfare and becoming the next criminal element as they grow up are staggeringly high.

So, what is society to do? Are we just to pay up? Are we just to arrest them when they eventually become the next criminals? Do we continue to send the welfare checks with no restriction? When will we have had enough?

It would seem that the Hatchetts of this world have reverted to a feral animal lifestyle. They have become opportunity breeders. Like other male animals they wander through the herd of females and breed anyone who stops long enough. There is a large segment of our populace who believe we should castrate Desmond and his ilk. They also believe we should take the children away from these irresponsible women and put them in real homes where they might have a chance at a real life. These are indeed harsh solutions.

Others will say we need to educate these people. They need to understand that their actions have consequences. Unfortunately there are none so stupid as those who refuse to learn. Sadly this appears to be the case of Desmond and his “baby mamas.”

If you will be true to yourself and examine this situation without prejudice, you have to conclude that this situation, and others like it, are caused and exacerbated by such liberal fixes as “The Great Society.”  The liberals have spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to assuage their own guilt under the guise that they are helping the minority community. Some seem to have the belief that if we just keep these people down on the plantation and send along a little money, they will not be a bother to us. The result is that we have created a dependent society who will never grow out of it. We have generations of dependents producing more dependent generations.

Finally, excusing these actions without calling the guilty to account is a crime in and of itself. We are doing this minority community no favor by looking the other way. I know I have some readers from minority groups. I hope you will offer your thoughts. I and many of my fellow taxpayers are fed up.

Ron Scarbro May 23, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Back in the 1700s when America was young and fighting for her independence from England, France came to our rescue. They sent troops, arms and money. Their assistance was invaluable. They later gifted us with the Statue of Liberty, a  gift that still shines off our shore welcoming visitors as well as new citizens. During World War II, we repaid that debt many times over. Thousands of our finest soldiers and sailors lie beneath French soil, their lives given to free the French people and kick the Nazis out of France. Our two countries are forever linked as allies. Today France is giving us yet another gift. A gift whose value could never be calculated. A gift which will prove, in the final analysis, to be her greatest.

France has decided at the polls to re-institute a socialist government. The voters have decided the austerity efforts of Sarkozy were just too unfair. Raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 was just too harsh. Requiring citizens to help pay for their services and retirement was just unfair. This, they said, was the government’s job. Never mind that France, along with most of Europe, is broke, the money will somehow appear. The new Socialist government plans to increase the tax rate on their wealthiest citizens to over 75%. That, they opine, will fix everything. Of course if those wealthiest people move or transfer their money offshore, 75% of zero is still zero. In our own country it has just been reported that Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, will renounce his American citizenship in order to evade some 600 million dollars in capital gains taxes occasioned by Facebook going public. His 4% share will be 3.84 billion dollars. So much for taxing the rich.

The French gift to which I refer is a picture of what happens when socialism becomes the government of choice of formerly free people. The gift to America will be to watch what happens to a once great country when the takers outnumber the givers. We get to see what happens when you try to create wealth by taking away from the producers and giving to the non-producers. We have reported time and again Margaret Thatcher’s comment, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” The world will now see clearly that socialism is a fantasy and has no place in a modern world.

The civil service unions that dominate France’s workforce seemingly don’t care. The welfare class of France will continue to have their hands out.
There seems to be a class of people in every country that believes money grows on government trees. That certainly is true here in America. There are people who think rich people are rich because they are lucky. There are even some people, the “Wall Street Occupiers” for example, who believe that they should never have to work, that the government should just support them from birth to death. They will just sit around and sing Kumbaya. They never seem to consider where the money will come from.

There are some realities that must be faced by everyone. Governments don’t produce wealth, they only consume it. Monies that fund governments are the result of profits created by working people in successful, working companies. Money doesn’t fall out of the sky. It doesn’t just magically appear. If governments overtax and overspend, they contribute to the ultimate destruction of their own existence. Greece is a prime example of this overtaxing and overspending. France has apparently decided to be next.

To France I would say keep your gift. Save yourself. But if you insist on killing yourself, don’t look to us. We will not be available to bail you out again. You will have to depend on Germany for your salvation, and I don’t like your chances. After all, how did that work out for you the last time?

Ron Scarbro May 16, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Ever since man has inhabited this planet he has developed language to communicate with his fellows. Groups of people split off from each other and subsequently began formulating their own languages. This split often caused other problems. When diverse groups were unable to communicate they then became unable to solve their differences. This was probably the beginning of wars in an effort to solve such differences.

As man grew and developed more intelligence, he figured out ways to communicate with other groups. This was necessary for trade as well as just getting along. Different religions came into being. Most, but not all, religions figured out ways to co-exist with people who didn’t share their views. This is the issue that brings up this discussion.

I believe our problem with the Middle East is a language problem. This is what I mean. A short time ago an individual sitting on an airplane decided to ignite a bomb in his underwear. He was not an American citizen. He was grabbed and held for arrest. He was read his Miranda rights, as if he had Miranda rights, and told he had the right to remain silent. And he did. People from the Middle East said, “We don’t understand.” There was also the moron who, also on an airplane, chose to attempt to kill the entire planeload of people as well as anyone on the ground by firing up a bomb in his shoe. We arrested him, called him sir, treated him as if he were human, fed him, clothed him, and tried him in a real court as if he was actually entitled to such treatment. The people from the Middle East said, “We don’t understand.”

As a response to these airline attacks, we instituted the TSA. They stop 85 year old ladies in wheelchairs and strip search them while allowing twenty year old Muslim men to go through the line unencumbered. The people from the Middle East said, “We don’t understand.”

Now we have the military trials in Guantanamo where seven known killers are being tried for the massacre of thousands of innocent people. They are treating this trial as if it were a joke. They even have a female American lawyer who has chosen to dress in a burkha, covering her entire body and face, so as not to offend her “client.” Some of these idiots are making paper airplanes and mocking the families of their victims and we are allowing it. The people of the Middle East are saying, “We don’t understand.”

The best guess is that this trial could last for years. Vital evidence could be excluded from the trial so as not to prejudice the judges. In other words this trial will be handled as if it were for real humans with rights being granted to non-citizens and protections given where no protections should be granted. And the Middle East says, “We don’t understand.”

I think I have a solution for this language problem. I think we need to speak to the Middle East in a language they will understand. Here is my plan. Bring out these seven defendants, stand them up near a pickup truck. Shoot each one of them in the back of the head with a .45 slug, tote their bodies out to the nearest swamp and dump them where they will be disposed of by feral hogs. Oh, and telecast the entire event to the entire world so that all can see.

I believe the response from the people of the Middle East would then be, “Aha, now we understand. There had been a failure to communicate. Nobody ever explained it to us before. All we ever needed was for someone to just speak to us in our own language.” Language problem solved.

Ron Scarbro May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Do you remember the old commercial that started, “I wonder about a lot of things, like how balloons can fly. How can they when they don’t have wings? I wonder.” I also sometimes wonder. There are so many things about today’s world that seem strange to me. Like:

I wonder how a Federal judge can rule that Florida’s law requiring drug testing for all state employees is unconstitutional and at the same time most private employers continue to do this testing. Are the private companies violating some law or is the judge just overstepping his authority? I wonder.

I wonder how Warren Buffet can be trotted out as an example of the beauty of tax increases even to the point of naming a tax increase after him when Buffet himself, along with some of his many companies, is millions of dollars delinquent in their taxes and fighting it all the way. I wonder.

I wonder how the Federal Government, while refusing to enforce laws against illegal entry into this country, files a lawsuit against a state that is only trying to do that enforcement which the Feds refuse to take care of. Is there some financial benefit to the government for their actions? Like receiving contributions to Social Security when there can be no payout because of the fraud committed by the illegals? I wonder.

I wonder how our elected representatives, whom we hire to be our voice and speak for us, suddenly decide they are not our representatives at all but instead our leaders and in some cases even see themselves as our daddies. Daddies who come to believe they know what is best for us without regard to the law. I wonder.

I also wonder how any American Jew could be a Democrat. Never has it been clearer that Democrats are not friends of Israel. Are American Jews paying attention?  I wonder.

I wonder what my hero, Harry Truman, would think of the Democrat party today. Do you think he would be a Democrat now? I wonder.

I wonder about National Organization for Women Chairperson, Gloria Steinem who famously supported Bill Clinton when he was dallying with an intern. It was an obvious case of workplace sexual exploitation. Her comment was that powerful men had unusually high sexual needs, which was the excuse she gave for Clinton’s action. If he had been a Republican what would she have said? Is this just a phony baloney double standard? I wonder.

I wonder about prescription drugs being advertised on TV. I wonder about any Doctor who would take the advice of his patient as to what medication to prescribe based on the patient’s watching of TV commercials. I also wonder how anyone would take any of these drugs after hearing their disclaimers. Oh and how much is the cost of my prescriptions increased by this silly advertising? I wonder.

Speaking of ridiculous advertising, would my auto insurance be cheaper if so much of the company’s budget wasn’t spent for non-stop TV commercials? I wonder.

I wonder, after just hearing of a poll which shows 45% of respondents approve of the job Obama is doing, what exactly about his performance do they approve of? Is it 8% plus unemployment, tanking real estate values, unending wars all over the world, or the poorest economic recovery in history? I wonder.

I wonder how a twenty year old could be arrested for a crime only to learn that he had been arrested and convicted of many, many crimes in his short life. How could he be walking the streets of our country and not in prison? I wonder. Is there some financial benefit to the lawyers, courts, and the judicial system to keep up this flow of crime? I wonder.

Is skeptic spelled with a “c” or a “k”? I wonder.

I could fill pages with things I wonder about. But this is one thing I know. If you fill a balloon with hot air it will fly. And it would seem that hot air is one commodity we have in abundance.

Will our great country ever return to the paragon of civility and good where personal responsibility was once the norm?  Will we ever again be what most of us remember? I truly wonder.

Ron Scarbro May 2, 2012