Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ever hear of Chris Hayes? Me either until recently. Now I know why. The reason is Chris Hayes has a show on MSNBC called, “Up with Chris Hayes.” Not only do I not watch MSNBC, I don’t even know anybody who watches MSNBC. After hearing what Hayes said I am certain I would never watch any TV network that would employ a Chris Hayes.

This is what he said. It seems Hayes is “uncomfortable” calling our fallen military men and women heroes. He believes that identifying those who die in war as heroes serves only to encourage politicians and Generals to continue to fight wars. Not only is this piece of human waste “uncomfortable,” he also has the bad fortune of bad timing. You see he chose the eve of Memorial Day, one of the most sacred days of our calendar year, as the time to announce this thinking to his audience. Fortunately the entire audience watching MSNBC on any given day may often number less than a few hundred viewers

It is long past time for the American people to tell MSNBC and their advertisers that such pronouncements and other un-American activities promulgated by them are unacceptable. Hayes and his ilk should get some remedial education studying to learn how they have the good fortune to live in a free society. They might want to know how this freedom came about. They could start with Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton who famously said, “War is the price of liberty.”

Hayes and people like him have doubtless never served their country in the military. They take for granted their easy, free life. They never had to face the draft. Consider if you will how General George S. Patton might have regarded and dealt with the Chris Hayeses among us had they been required to be inducted into the military service. Somehow I don’t think it would have been a happy time for Hayes. I have often wondered how these punks would fare taking eight weeks of basic training in June and July at Ft. Benning, Georgia where the average temperature is 90 to 100 degrees every day. How would they fare facing a rabid zealot in the Middle East who murders women and children regularly? How long do you suppose he could go without a shower? What about a nice little jungle war? Humidity, snakes, booby traps, and crazed killers behind every tree. No, I don’t think these little metro-sexuals, who seem more concerned with their manicures and their make-up, would handle life in the real world. No, I don’t think it would work out very well for them.

The VFW has demanded that Hayes and MSNBC apologize for his comments. I do not share their thoughts. I would prefer that people like Hayes be required, as was I and millions of others, to serve a period of time in the US Military. Send these clowns to basic training. Load them down with the gear of war and send their butts off to the Middle East. Let them learn to appreciate the free and easy life they enjoy. Let them learn what being an American means and what is required of that citizenship. Hayes might quickly understand what a hero truly is. Then and only then would I or anybody care about what he thinks about American heroes.

Here during this Memorial Day period, we should all remember those who served. Those who gave their time, those who gave limbs, and especially those who gave their all. Hero is such an easy word to say and yet its meaning is so profound. To all who serve and to those who have served, thank you. You are all our heroes.

Finally, concerning Mr. Hayes,  I would re-name his TV show. Instead of “Up with Chris Hayes,” I would much prefer, “Up yours, Chris Hayes.”

Ron Scarbro May 30, 2012


Anonymous said...

He should at the very least be removed from the airways. I'm sorry but there will always be weak minded fools he can influence. An apology should only be the first step. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but someone in his position has no right to insult those Americans who have given life and limb so he can make an idiot out of himself. I still say bring back the draft, but I guess we can't really afford that anymore. By the way I never heard of him either.

Bo Lumpkin said...

Never heard of him and have barely heard of MSNBC... I don't have cable and frankly I don't reckon I miss it. My dad fought in WW2 and in Korea. He is not only my hero but he is an American Hero. It is people like him and not like Mr. Hayes that have made this country the greatest country in history to live in.
I am a very tolerant and compassionate man but I am getting sick of these media hacks spouting left-wing cowardly phrases when they don't know what they are talkin' about.
I guess the Freedom of the Press that has been so galantly fought for gives him the right to be an idiot on the airwaves. He needs to thank a military man.

Jwo- said...

Funny you mention Ft. Benning & summertime there. I was just watching "Green Berets" on Memorial Day and talking with Scott of our times in Columbus and specifically, his sweating through those similar Army experiences you mention in the weather stagnant Chatahoochee Valley. Too funny!

Like Bo, I have never heard of this clown before either...hell, I don't even know what channel MSLSD occupies on my TV. I have noticed that he is a shining example of what is being crafted/created/fashioned in the Liberal factories. I recall how the Democrats, of which my lineage largely comprised, were conservative like the Right...only with slightly askewed perpsectives of government inclusion. Now, they're the ball-less, anti-American, radical, national apologists that seem dedicated to re-writing the Constitution and following blindly in the footsteps of failure. Examples of their thought process abounds worldwide yet they point to the worst political choices made by man extant and enthusiastically & collectively yell,"we want that"! They are not just wrong but 'wrong headed'!! Because they stand for nothing and fall for anything, Socialits have infiltrated their ranks and endoctrinated their minions...but I digress. His comments and thoughts are so askew as to make me envision him in his white gown, broadcasting unbeknownst from the rec room at the looney farm...which, come to think of it, pretty well describes MSLSD, doesn't it?

GOD bless all veterans and my unending thanks to those who sacrificed all for this pissant's freedom to disrespect & disregard. When he finally ends his worthlessness here, I hope my WWII Navy veteran Daddy cold-cocks his ass right back into his body a couple'o times before he's allowed to fully cross over! That actually made me smile...