Monday, December 28, 2009


It's the Christmas season. It is not a time for harsh words or criticism. This should instead be a time for finding the good in people not the faults. Even the most ridiculous among us have some good, don't we? I have therefore decided not to select a moron for this month. This was not a hard decision because I am by nature non-judgmental (???). So it is indeed a good thing that I have made this choice. If I did pick though, there would surely be a vast collection of candidates.

Consider those people who, in their haste to go about their Christmas shopping, feel the need to leave their grocery carts standing in the parking lot. Never mind that in order to park, someone has to get out of their car and put the cart in its proper place. Never mind that that same cart could begin rolling and damage some unsuspecting car in its path.

It is good that I am not writing about morons this month. If I was, I might pick Harry Reid. You know Harry who explained that
sweeteners are just a part of business as usual in the Senate. If a Senator's vote is needed for a particular piece of legislation all that Senator has to do is hold out and the sweeteners will suddenly appear. Never mind that the rest of the country has to pay the bill for Nebraska or Louisiana. Hey, it is just the way it is done in Washington. Still it seems a little sleazy to me, so it is good that I am not picking morons this month.

We all know that Catholic priests are not capable of being morons, so I would not be able to pick the priest in England who declared from the pulpit that shoplifting was perfectly okay in God's eyes as long as you are in need and as long as you only steal from big chain stores who it seems can better afford the loss. Never mind that all those who actually pay for the goods they purchase have to pay more to cover the losses the stores experience. No, the only important thing is that you might be in need so everything is okay. I wonder what would happen if someone decided that they needed say a million dollars. Should they only steal from a big bank? I'm glad I am not writing about morons this month because that guy would surely get honorable mention at least.

Are there any other morons out there that I am not considering this month because of my unwillingness to tarnish this season with harsh rhetoric? The cop who pulled his gun because someone hit his car with a snow ball? The people who tail gate on icy roads because they think they need to get someplace faster than the law allows? So many morons, so little time. I have discovered another thing about morons in general. They all seem to think of no one but themselves. Consider the morons you know and see if this isn't the case.

No, this is the season of good. This is the season of tolerance. This is the season of love. Let's face it. There will be morons a plenty next month. As I have said before, my problem is never a shortage but rather an abundance.

This will be my last posting for this year and so I wish you and yours a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May all your hopes and dreams come true. May you have good health. Thank you for visiting this site this past year and I hope you will continue to be my guest in the years to come. HO HO HO!

Ron Scarbro December 28, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on December 24, 2009)

Christmas means different things to different people. For some it is toys and gifts. For some it inspires charity. For others it is a family time when Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and others gather together for meals and just plain being together.
It was certainly my favorite time of year when I was a child. We always had a decorated Christmas tree and there was always family and great food. I can still remember the stockings that were filled with treats and fruit from Santa. My father would play Christmas carols on the record player while we opened our stockings. We waited until Christmas morning to open our presents. It was a very exciting time, but even then we all knew the religious significance of the Holiday.

As I grew older my Christmas changed some but the meaning for me has never changed. For one thing I joined the Army and experienced my first Christmas away from home. My memory of that first Christmas away from home was brought back to me recently when my wife and I were going through some papers that my late mother had kept. One of the items we found was a poem I wrote as a gift for her in 1959 while stationed in Europe. I had forgotten it but she had had it published in our local newspaper and kept it in her papers. Reading it flooded me with memories.

While that was fifty years ago, I remember that Christmas as if it were yesterday. It was beautiful with fresh snow that seemed to hush all the noise of daily life. At the time I wrote the poem Handel's Messiah was playing on the sound system. The "Hallelujah Chorus" still sends chills up my spine. I was stationed in the land where Handel lived and wrote. For this special season I thought I would share this very personal poem with you as a greeting for Christmas. I know my mother wouldn't mind. I hope you enjoy it.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
The world was at peace by God's mighty hand

The shepherds were watching their sheep in the night
And looked in amazement at a great shining light

When all of a sudden there came from the sky
Angels singing praises to our God on high

The shepherds were fearful and shook at the sight
But the Angels said, "Peace, for there's good news tonight

For you there's a Savior born in a city not far
You can find him by following the great shining star

The great star will lead you to the place where he lay
In a stable for sheep, He's asleep in the hay"

Then the Angels were gone but the air still did ring
And the shepherds said, "Now let us go find our King"

The shepherds did as the Angels had said
And followed the star to our Savior's bed

They knelt down and worshiped this small newborn child
Savior to the world yet so tender and mild

Then the shepherds proclaimed to all that they saw
That Jesus was born in a manger of straw

That Christmas was first with more on the way
And that's why I wish you Merry Christmas today.

Ron Scarbro Christmas 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009


Some time back I was in a china shop and the sign on the wall said it all. You break it, you own it. That was very clear. There was no doubt that you had to be very careful with the goods as they would be your responsibility in the event you damaged them.

I use this analogy to describe what is happening today in the Congress. As of this writing they have finally persuaded, cajoled, and bought the necessary votes to pass their health care reform. So now to the analogy. Ever since Obama has been in office, he has blamed all of his troubles and all the troubles of the world on George Bush. The Congress has been his willing accomplice. From this day forward however, all the troubles of this country and the world for that matter, are on him and the Democrat Congress. You could say they have broken the china. They are passing a piece of legislation that is opposed by at least sixty per cent of the electorate and every Republican in the Senate. They have done this because they seem to believe that they know what is best for you. Today they own it. They cannot blame this on anyone else.

Some key things need to be discussed. First, almost no one truly knows what is in this reform bill. Harry Reid keeps saying that when we all find out what is in it, we will be happy. Wouldn't it make a little more sense to know the bill before it is voted on and becomes law? I have long commented on the need for reform, but I would never take any politician at his word. If this is such great legislation, publish the bill so everyone can read it. Let there be a real debate on its merits. Secondly, why are the Catholic Bishops so opposed to this bill? Ben Nelson assured us that abortions would not be funded by the government. Really? Apparently we are only going to know after the bill becomes law and then it will be too late. Finally, most legal scholars that I have heard are saying that this legislation would not stand the test of a lawsuit. Many of its reforms are unconstitutional.

But hey, who knows? Maybe Harry is right. Maybe we will be pleased with the result. Here is my problem. Even in the far out event that this legislation is good for America, (insert smirk here), I don't like the way it is being handled and passed. I want such major re-making of our country and its economy open to all who will have to pay for it. I don't want to have to wait until it is law to find out the quirks that were hidden from the American people.

And so it now appears that the bull, (Congress) has rumbled through the china shop and broken all the china. If that is the case, they truly own it. They own the result. They own the bankruptcy that could ensue. They own the outcry from seniors who will not be able to find doctors or hospitals that will treat them. They own the scorn from future generations who will be saddled with the debt.

There is one final ownership that will have to be borne by the Democrats. In 2010 when the votes are counted and Obama, Reid and Pelosi look up and find their majority has vanished, they will own that also. We will have new people hired to do the people's business. They will have a big job. Who knows how long it will take to restore this country to fiscal sanity? I truly pity those who will replace these big spending liberals. It is going to take a gargantuan effort to fix it.

Ron Scarbro December 21, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The big shots are meeting in Copenhagen for the conference of conferences. Under the guise of the emergency of global warming I believe they intend to forward their true agenda. Finally, they believe, they will come up with enough restrictions and sanctions that the west will be subdued and brought down. Finally they will be able to balance the world's wealth by taking away from the rich to give to the poor. After all, they reason, why should one part of the world have so much while the rest has so little? I hope to share with you in this essay what, in my judgment, is really going on. This whole nonsense is a smoke and mirrors affair.

First and foremost the so-called green movement which they represent is not about the environment at all. It is instead a religion. A Godless religion to be sure, but a religion none the less. We are learning on a daily basis that much of the data used to sell the global warming philosophy is fraudulent at best and probably a criminal conspiracy.

As you know, I am not a scientist. I do believe, however, that the climate is changing to be sure, but to say it is man caused is laughable. The climate has been changing for the entire time the earth has existed. We have had cooling periods and we have had warming periods. Who among us knows what the temperature is supposed to be? Has our climate for the past few hundred years been normal? What is normal? Who is supposed to decide? It is just possible that we are coming out of a cooling period and will warm considerably in the next few years. Oh and by the way, a few hundred years does not even register on the scale when one considers the age of the earth. To believe that climate change is man caused is the height of arrogance. Man's presence on this rock we call earth is minuscule in time compared to the age of the planet, and if you think you could have some effect on nature, try stopping rain from falling. How about changing the tides? Maybe you could change the direction the wind is blowing or stopping the wind period. Across this planet great deserts used to be oceans. Mountain ranges used to be swamps. Did man cause that?

What really is happening is an attempt by some on the world's liberal left to stop the growth of the west. They see this as an opportunity to bring us down and they have many aides in the liberal media. This is to be the great wealth re-distribution that will once and for all time slap the west down. These morons apparently don't realize that the wealth created by the west benefits the entire world and if that wealth is compromised, the world will suffer. No doubt the movement has had some success in making their nonsense common thinking. Just look at what the word green has come to mean. Wasn't it Hitler who said in "Mein Kampf", "Tell a lie, tell it often, and soon it becomes the truth"?

To see just how bad it has become, an administration official recently told reporters that unless Congress passes "Cap and Trade" they (the administration) will have the EPA issue punitive regulations and rules that will have a terrible debilitating effect on our economy. What country do they think they live in? Do they truly believe they can pull off this blackmail? Here's a news flash for the administration. You govern with and by the consent of the governed. The moment that consent is withdrawn, you cease to govern. We have elected representatives who do the bidding of those to whom they are responsible. It would serve this administration to read up on the rules (The Constitution).

Global warming is just a catch phrase. It and other similar nonsense being perpetrated by the green movement is designed as an attempt to control those in the world who produce and to re-distribute that wealth, period.

Most thinking people love the earth and do what we can to preserve our natural resources. We do not waste nor squander the gifts we are given by our Creator. As for me, I don't need another man-made religion. I want to leave to my children and grandchildren a clean and productive place to live and prosper. The earth is our home, it is not our mother. It was here for millions of years before humans inhabited it and will be here for eons after we are gone.

Ron Scarbro December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on November 27, 2009)

General Dwight D. Eisenhower said upon discovering the Nazi death camps, bring in the film crews, record these facts, gather up the witnesses. 
Somewhere down the road some SOB is going to stand up and say this never happened. That was one of the messages I recently learned as I sat through a presentation by St. Joseph, MN resident and WWII veteran Larry Tillemans. Larry was a clerk typist/stenographer during the Nuremberg trials.
He was a witness to history. He looked into the faces of the Nazi monsters who perpetrated the Holocaust and caused the death of 6,000,000 Jews as well as millions of others during their arrogant and failed attempt to rule the world. He listened to their rants and their excuses as they tried to explain away their murderous activities.

I have been a history buff for sometime and I have had a special affinity for the study of World War II. It was a great treat to sit and listen to one who was there. His presentation made the whole scene come alive. We are truly blessed to have such a witness in our midst. Yet as blessed as we are, we must also be aware that the march of time is claiming these heroes daily and their ranks are diminishing at a rapid rate. Soon enough they will all be gone. What then will happen to the history? Will it be forgotten? Will it be rewritten, revised? Will the images that burned into our memories just be forgotten?

Sure enough today there are morons who happen to be in positions of leadership in their third world countries who already deny the Holocaust. Even Great Britain has eliminated the teaching of the Holocaust from their school's curriculum. It would appear that such teaching is inconvenient to the  political correctness they wish to practice. General Eisenhower was right. He knew that eventually the deniers would come forth and continue their particular type of hatred by trying to revise history.

What then is the lesson to us? What should we take from this denial? Do you think this could never happen again? Consider if you will just the past few years. Consider Iraq under the murderer Saddam Hussein. How about North Korea? Then there is Africa and South East Asia. All over the world today millions of innocent people are being eliminated by various dictators. Entire races and ethnic groups are being purged by those in power. These are all just new Holocausts. In Nazi Germany Jews, Gypsies and others were inconvenient so those in power just decided to eliminate them. What is happening now is the same deadly game just with different players. 

Well you say, "Sure that is happening in other parts of the world. It could never happen here." Don't bet your freedom and your life on that. Don't bet your freedom of expression on it. Don't bet your freedom to own guns on it. Don't bet your freedom of religion on it.

The facts are clear. Our way of living is under continuous attack from outside forces as well as forces from within our own country. Do you think the German people wanted their country to fall into the hands of murderers and thugs? Do you think that when they looked the other way as their neighbors were rounded up and hauled away to concentration camps, they didn't know what was happening? Was their complacency actually an aid in allowing this to occur? You be the judge. I have my opinion.

My message, and I think Larry's message, is simple. DON'T FORGET. DON'T EVER FORGET. It can happen again. Never let complacency allow us to be taken over as was Germany. Our freedom is precious and dear, but it is also fragile. Never take it for granted.

Thank you again Larry Tillemans. I hope all those who have heard your presentation will take your message to heart.

Ron Scarbro November 20, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on December 11, 2009)

A news story appeared in the Star Tribune on November 9 that brings up many questions. The story, written by Amy Forliti of Associated Press, relates an incident that should concern us all.

According to the report ABM Industries, a New York based company, issued a ruling that all workers in their company had to prove their eligibility to work in America. In the Twin Cities alone, approximately 1,250 workers were terminated. In this instance all appeared to have been janitors and, according to the news item, all appeared to be "undocumented workers". It would further seem that Immigration and Customs Enforcement are now beginning to require that all workers show proof that they are eligible to work in this country.

The act by ICE and this particular employer raises a n
umber of questions. First, is this a response to the fact that we are experiencing 10% unemployment? I know of no new law having been passed that suddenly requires legal eligibility to work here. That has been the law for many years. So what has changed? Are we now going to try to retain our jobs here for legal residents? According to published reports, there are over 25 million illegals in this country and you can be assured that most of them are holding down jobs that would otherwise be available to unemployed legal citizens. If ICE were to get serious about making sure that American jobs were held for Americans, our unemployment problem would disappear overnight.

The second problem that has arisen by the firings in the Twin Cities is very troubling. According to reports, none of these illegals has been arrested or deported. If that is true, what are they doing now? How are they paying for their groceries? How are they paying their rent? How are they paying for their health care? I think it is reasonable to assume that they have not just picked up and returned to their own country. Will they now just become a drain on our welfare system? Our emergency rooms? Our criminal justice system? These are fair questions and questions we should be asking our elected leaders. I read an item recently which reported that over 30% of babies born in California are born to illegals and paid for by Medi-Cal, medical care for poor people of California. All of those babies are suddenly US citizens with illegals as parents. It is no wonder that California is bankrupt.

No one really knows how many people are here illegally. If they are employed, they probably have stolen identities, stolen social security cards. Many cannot speak English. Most have no driver's license or automobile insurance. All have already shown a disdain for our laws by illegally entering our country. It is extremely unlikely that these illegals will suddenly realize their error and return to their own countries.

This brings me to my final questions. What are we going to do about it? Are we just going to continue to look the other way? When the compost hits the fan with all the stolen identities, are we just going to say, "Oh Well"? Can you imagine the mess that is facing the IRS with all of these unknowns? Do you care? Are you one whose potential job is being held by an illegal?

Just yesterday a report from the Federal Reserve stated that our unemployment problem could extend for many years. I think it is past time for us to take care of ourselves. Let Mexico and the other countries that regularly chase their citizens out to come to America figure a way to deal with their own problems. We have enough on our plate.

Ron Scarbro November 11, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009


In my lifetime I have come to understand a lot of things. I also have come to accept a lot of things that I cannot understand. I think I am no different than most people in that regard. There is, however, one thing that I just cannot understand or accept. That enigma is the thinking of wealthy and ultra wealthy people. What brought about this essay are the current troubles of the world's greatest golfer, Tiger Woods. You have all heard the stories and rampant speculation of his latest trials and tribulation so I will not waste this space rehashing the story, but the issue brings me to the theme of my lack of understanding.

First of all, I do not choose to pick on Tiger. I am a huge fan of his golfing ability. That having been said, I do not know him personally and probably wouldn't care to. I understand that he has a net worth in excess of a billion dollars. Good for him, I guess. Money and fame, it would seem though, have also brought him troubles and troubles on steroids. Because of his "star" status, he is a magnet for young ladies wanting to get their hands on some of that money. Recent reports state that he has a prenuptial agreement with his trophy wife that guarantees her several million dollars if she stays married to him for a certain period. If she produces children she is in for some more money. Now that the compost has hit the fan, she is apparently renegotiating that agreement. Instead of just getting maybe fifty million dollars, she seems to be asking for half of his net worth, something to the tune of five hundred million. Is their marriage based on love or money? Did Tiger marry her or buy her? Just a question.

This is part of my lack of understanding. Do you know how much money a million dollars is? Do you have any concept then of what fifty times that amount is? That is what I am talking about in this column. How on earth could you spend it? It would multiply faster than you could dispose of it. Does money at that level have any value to those who pursue it, or is it just a way of keeping score?

It seems that some millionaires and billionaires, whether in business or sports, are driven not to enjoy their accomplishments, but instead to continue to make even more money. It appears that they can never have enough. Many drive themselves to early graves pursuing unknown and unattainable satisfaction that always seems just out of reach. Some would say that is their satisfaction. If so, I don't understand that either. Do they then qualify for the best grave site in the cemetery? Is that as ridiculous sounding to you as it is to me?

This is my understanding of life. Once you have housed, clothed and fed yourself, the only thing left is more of the same. You can only have one wife at a time. Any more is bigamy or, as my brother once said, pigamy. You can only live in one house at a time. You can only wear so many clothes. You can only eat so much. How many cars can you drive? I know of people who have garages full of different cars. I wonder in their most private moments what do they think about? Do they worry that their neighbor might have a dollar or two more than they? I knew of a gentleman who, at a point in his life, sold his company and realized a net profit of twenty-five million dollars. I asked him now that he had all that money, what could possibly worry him? His reply stunned me. He said that when he visits his friends who have more than twenty-five million, they look down their noses at him. What a sad state of affairs.

I know that many wealthy people do wonderful things with their money and I say good for them. Many charities benefit from their benevolences. Marvelous. To my way of thinking, that is the way it should be.

To any millionaires and billionaires who might stumble upon this blog, I have just this bit of counsel, money is a terrible way of keeping score. Another friend once told me that there is no U-Haul trailer on the back of a hearse. Enjoy your life and your wealth but remember your days are, as are mine, numbered. Spend them wisely.

Ron Scarbro December 4, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009


You know this is getting too easy. One would think that people in the public eye would pay closer attention to their activities and their pronouncements but no, they just keep feeding writers like me. Morons come in all sizes and shapes and from all political persuasions but it seems that the Democrats continue to lead the pack of idiots. Maybe it is just because they happen to be in power at this time but whatever, they once again get the honor.

Today's pick is none other than Attorney General Eric Holder. It certainly will come as no surprise to this group of intelligent readers that Holder has decided that the way to handle the 9-11 conspirators is to bring them to New York City and try them as if they were common street criminals. Never mind that New York will spend approximately 75 million dollars to try and protect their citizenry and that additional millions will be spent on lawyers, judges, and police activity, that doesn't seem to matter to Holder and his lefty constituents. No this is to be the maximum payoff to those on the left who are still trying to punish George Bush for his Presidency.

I have a question. Where is Obama on this issue? Has he spoken out? Did he bless this decision, or will he continue to ignore the firestorm and pretend it is Holder's problem and that it will go away. I think it is safe to say that Obama is going to let Holder hang in the wind because the stakes are the highest of his Presidency. I'll explain.

What if, as the press has pointed out, one of these thugs decides to use the whole proceeding as a rallying point to the rest of the world's killer terrorists? What if he gets his world stage and incites even more havoc on the free world? Even worse, what if some of his thug friends manage to evade the security and kill another two or three thousand New Yorkers or any other citizens as retaliation for the trial?
What if, God forbid, some of these killers are acquitted? You know, if they are tried in American courts and under American law, they will be entitled to all the rights and protections of any other American citizen. Remember the killer O.J. Simpson? If anyone on earth was ever guilty of double murder with pre-meditation, it was O.J. Simpson and yet he was found not guilty. Stranger things have happened.

Of course Holder has guaranteed a conviction. How does that happen? Is he buying the judge, the jury? Holder has guaranteed that our CIA tactics will not be compromised. How is he going to do that? It all seems so moronic to me.

The reason Obama is staying away from this matter is because he knows the danger to his Presidency for the debt they are paying the left. No matter, because if any of the things I have described occur, neither Holder nor Obama will be able to hide from the wrath of the American people. This is an unbelievable gamble on Obama's part. There is no doubt that we have in place measures to deal with these killers through Military Tribunals. The Supreme Court has blessed it and it should have gone forward long ago.

When I was in the military we were trained in how to take prisoners and we were taught that it is difficult to take them because it takes several soldiers to handle even one prisoner. This administration, through its Attorney General, is telling the military that it might be better just to forget trying to take prisoners. Is that what they want?

Like you I am not a fortune teller, but I see all kinds of potential problems ahead for Holder and the Obama Administration. This is just another example of their inability to lead this country. Let us all hope that this matter is dealt with quickly and without incident, but don't hold your breath.

Ron Scarbro November 20. 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on May 28, 2010)

Now let's see. I want to go on a vacation. I want to take some friends with me. We decide hey, wouldn't it be a great idea to go for a little hike along the border separating Iraq and Iran? What could go wrong? After all we know this is a war zone and people are getting killed by the thousands every day here, but we are just innocent tourists. Who would bother us?

Is there anything about the above conversation that you would find a little ridiculous? Of course I am talking about the three young people who have been taken prisoner by Iran for illegally entering their country, and have spent over one hundred days in captivity. We now have learned that they are going to be charged with espionage.

First of all, if these idiots are spies, they have to be the most incompetent spies in history. If they work for the CIA, I want that agency fired. No, I don't believe for a moment they are spies and neither does the Iranian government. As a sidebar, I read recently that if you illegally enter North Korea or Iran you get tried as spies and sentenced to hard labor. If you illegally enter the United States, you get a Social Security card, free health care, and a driver's license. But I digress. What is happening in Iran over these three morons is something quite different. Iran sees this as an opportunity to get the US to kiss their rear end and make concessions that ultimately could endanger the entire free world. I am sure they intend to hold these people until they get what they want.

I am truly sorry for the relatives of these three youngsters, but if it were up to me, I would tell Iran to proceed with any trial they choose but to do so at their risk. These three put themselves in serious jeopardy and they put their country in jeopardy as well. We must decide whether they are worth putting the world at risk to save their sorry hides. Iran must decide whether they, if they try these kids, are willing to put their country in harms way like they could never believe.

I have a few thoughts on a possible solution for this incident and for future such events. Too often countries such as Iran see these incidents as opportunities for gaining concessions from us. There is no doubt in anyone's mind who has given this matter any thought that Iran intends to have nuclear ability. They want to be the master of the Middle East and nuclear warheads will give them such power. We must never let that happen.

We need to send a message to Iran. Do what you wish to save face as you see it, but if you choose to harm or imprison any American, you do so at your peril. We need to end this blackmail once and for all. We will retaliate in any way we see fit. If we believe embargoes will be enough that is what we will do. If we believe more stringent sanctions up to and including military action is warranted, then we reserve the right to do that. It is up to Iran. If these three so called hikers are lost because of our actions, they brought this on themselves. If however we get them back in this country, we need to prosecute them fully for their actions.

Here then would be my message to Iran or any country who would dare challenge the power of America. Iran, are you willing to sacrifice your entire country to try these people? How much are you willing to lose? Do you really want to take that chance?

As long as we allow our might and our sovereignty to be compromised, these things will continue to happen. Let's just end it. Let us use this incident as a teaching opportunity for the rest of the world. Sooner or later we are going to have to deal with these thugs, why not just get it over with.

Ron Scarbro November 15, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on November 6, 2009)

Their blood has been spilled in the mountains and fields of Europe. Their body parts have been scattered over the swamps and jungles of Asia and the deserts of The Middle East and North Africa. Some have found their eternal rest in the watery graves of the North Atlantic and the South Pacific. Boys became men and little girls grew into women in defense of liberty and freedom. Still they answered the call. When this great nation needed them they came. They came by the thousands and tens of thousands. They came not to be heroes but that is the way it turned out. They are the veterans we honor today. Some came home in flag draped coffins. Some came home missing limbs and with bad dreams of the horrors they witnessed and dealt with. Still they answered the call. Some veterans gave their all and some just gave their time. Either way, they gave and continue to give today.

Today we pay tribute to war veterans, but we also pay tribute to those who put their lives on hold to enter the military service in times of peace to stand as a barrier against the evil in the world. Like all veterans, you too answered the call. By your presence you stood as a deterrent to those tyrants and thugs who would seek to destroy our freedom and our way of life. For your service you were paid poor wages and fed questionable food. Often you were required to sacrifice many of the freedoms you enjoyed in civilian life. But still you came.

Some returned from an unpopular war to a less than friendly welcome home. To those who felt they had to get out of their uniforms quickly, we apologize. To those who participated in the unfriendly welcome, shame on you. It may be helpful for you to know soldiers and sailors don't get to choose what orders they obey. They are trained as warriors and they put their lives on the line for your freedom when they are called to do so. Today we honor those among you who suffered such treatment. May we never again be so ungrateful as a people.

To the families who give up so much. You have given this country your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors and friends. Today we also honor you. No one could ever understand your fear or the feelings you experience when your loved ones are in harm's way unless they have been in your shoes. But still you stand and wait. Please do so in the knowledge that a grateful nation loves you and appreciates your sacrifice. 

America has set aside but one day out of the year to honor our warriors, our military, our veterans, but I say every day should be Veteran's Day. Not a day should go by that we all should not pay tribute to those who answer the call and serve. As has been said so many times, freedom is not free. To those among you who have paid the price and answered the call, we will never forget. A grateful nation honors you this day and every day.

Ron Scarbro  Veterans Day 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


Just another nut job with a gun? I am talking about the maniac who shot up Ft. Hood and killed, as of this writing, thirteen people. I am going to ask some questions with this column.

When I first heard of the incident my first thought was that this had to be the work of Muslim extremists. Now why would I think that? To me it is obvious. They are the group of people who do this sort of thing. Before you get all excited and yell at me, I know there are other nut jobs in the world and in our own country who commit heinous acts. I am aware of the Oklahoma City bomber as well as so many others who have perpetrated all sorts of mayhem on us in the name of some sort of real or imagined cause. When I first heard of the Oklahoma City bombing I thought that was probably a Muslim act also. When I see a person in Muslim costume or hear of a person with a Middle Eastern surname, I wonder if they are also fanatics. Am I profiling? You bet I am. Is it fair on my part? I think it is. I am automatically suspicious of all things Muslim. Whose fault is that? I'll give you two seconds to come up with an answer. If you answered it is the fault of the Muslims, you get a gold star.

As it turns out, the killer from Ft. Hood was in fact a practicing Muslim. He also had a Middle Eastern surname. The fact that he was a doctor and a Major in the army is superseded by the fact that he was a Muslim. It has been reported that during his shooting spree that he was shouting "Allah Akbar", which I am told is loosely translated as "God is Great". It appears to be the favorite phrase of Muslim crazies who commit suicide bombings and was the phrase used by those same morons during the 9-11 attacks.

Here is a question. How does a Muslim extremist who has clearly expressed his negative opinion on our war against terrorists get to be a Major as well as a doctor in the US Army? Did he escape detection? Or was his insanity ignored because of "political correctness"? After all he was an officer and a gentleman in the US Army. What he did was not the act of an officer or a gentleman however. What he did was the act of a homicidal maniac.

Political correctness is bad enough when it is practiced in the private sector but when it is practiced in the military it can become quite deadly as evidenced by the events of November 5.

It is well past time for this particular leftist concept to be tossed from our lexicon. If some person or group of people is offended by another's definition of them in a free country with free speech, that is just too bad. Taking offense seems to be the latest malady infecting people who under value themselves, and frankly I'm tired of it.

From all I can learn at this point, this particular killer was born in my free country, educated in  my free schools, wearing the uniform of my country's army, and enjoyed the life of any free American. It is quite apparent however that his loyalty was somewhere else. The time has come and gone for us to root out these morons and deal with them. We have one flag, one country, and one loyalty. If you want to live here, get used to it or get out. If you are offended by these statements, that is just too damned bad.

Ron Scarbro November 6, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009


When I first sat down in front of this computer to write this weeks' blog, it was my intention to write about the moron who decided that he  and his honor were offended by none other than his own daughter, and further decided that because of his twisted idea of religion he was required to kill that daughter. Her offense? Becoming too westernized. You have read the story. He ran her and a friend down in his car putting them both in the hospital. As of this writing his daughter is still in critical condition. My mere words could never do justice to the feelings I have about this barbaric act. If I had my way, I would gut shoot him with buckshot and feed him to a herd of feral hogs. But, of course, I am not in charge so I will have to let our judicial system deal with this sub-human idiot.

You, my readers, are far too intelligent to have to hear my thoughts about these third world, ignorant, cave dwelling, freaks. So, today I wish to be more philosophical.

 Here's my simple question. If you knew you were living in your last week of life, what, if anything, would you do differently? How would you spend that time? What, if anything, would you change? What would your meals consist of? Would you eat that hot fudge sundae? Who would you spend your time with? What would you worry about? Someone recently told me that the first thing he would do is light up a cigarette. I probably understand that. The questions could run on and on but I think you get my direction.

As for me, I think about this once in a while. I just had my 69th birthday so my age alone should alert me to the fact that time is fleeting. But consider this, being young doesn't necessarily guarantee you a tomorrow or a next week. By the same token, being older doesn't mean that you are living in your last hours either.

Here is what it gets down to. How am I spending my time? Is it being wasted? Tim McGraw recently released a song entitled "Live like you are dying". That is the message of this writing today. We don't know what tomorrow may bring. We have all lost friends and relatives and felt the sorrow of that loss. Our friends and relatives will feel that same sorrow when we are gone. But this message is not about dying. It is instead about living. It is about enjoying our time on this earth whether that time is measured in hours, days, or decades. It is simple enough to be distracted by the idiots in this world who do vile and vicious things to each other. My challenge to you and to me is to live our lives as if we were dying. Here is a simple task. Consider what you would order for your last meal on earth, then go out and have it. How easy is that?

Don't get me wrong. It's okay to be aware of things going on in the world, but, there is nothing gained by dwelling on them. Priorities, priorities, that is my message. Do you have debts? I am not talking about monetary debts. No, I am talking about emotional debts. Do you owe any "I love yous"? Do you owe any "I am glad to have you as my friend"? Have you told your kids how proud you are of them? Have you told your mate how your life has been made whole by his or her being in it? That is the living I am talking about.

My final point is this. If you were about to draw your last breath, is there anything you have left unsaid? If so, say it now.

Ron Scarbro November 1, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009


I hope you have been aware of the latest shenanigans from the Obama Administration. Apparently they have decided to declare war on Fox News. Last Sunday their minions were out spreading the word that Fox News was not a legitimate news organization. Why? Could it be that Fox doesn't give the Obama Administration the coverage that Obama believes they should? It would seem that the only news the President would have us receive is positive pro-Obama coverage. Any criticism of the current administration should be outlawed. The latest threat was last night when Obama himself said that his administration would continue to monitor Fox for their compliance. Well guess what? There is an old adage that goes like this, "never pick a fight with anybody who buys ink by the gallon." When the Administration recently decided to offer a news event for reporters but to exclude Fox, fortunately for this country and our Constitution, the other news organizations declined to cover the event. This rebuff by the news media should be sufficient to let the Administration know that that is not the way it is done here in America. No elected official, not even the President, gets to choose who covers the news or the content of that coverage.

The reason for this latest attempt by Obama to try and control the news media and their access is very simple to understand. The Obama Administration is afraid. They and their proposals are in free fall and have been for some time. Obama's poll numbers are now at the lowest of any President on record at this point in their term. There are now rumblings that Obama will not survive a full term let alone win a second term. Some have said that the Democrats have the goods necessary to ask for his resignation at any time they choose to do so. If the Democrats, as expected, suffer huge losses at the mid term elections, it will not be pretty for Obama or his administration. I, however, do not believe we as a country need this type of Constitutional crisis.

Being the kind and helpful individual that I am, let me offer some thoughts to this administration. How about some study material? Number one, I recommend reading and committing to memory the first amendment to the Constitution. For edification I'll spell it out. "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances." I don't know about you, but that seems pretty clear to me. Secondly, perhaps a study of the Nixon White House might be helpful. Nixon had his enemies list and it ultimately led in part to his complete down fall as President. Some, including me, thought that Nixon saw himself as something of an Emperor. That turned out to be a fatal mistake. Any good that Nixon could have done was compromised by his arrogance and his phobias. His legacy is clear and it is not very flattering. There is helpful information here for the Obama Administration. Please note there is a difference between governing and ruling.

On this final note I offer this. Our President is not our Emperor. He is elected by the people and he can be removed by the people. If Obama is to have any success, he would do well to come back down to earth and face the facts. He doesn't make law. He doesn't rule. He is not above the law. To be successful, he must have the people with him. A little humility is definitely in order. He may well have some good ideas and changes that would be good for the country, but it is not going to happen if he refuses to obey the law and tries to circumvent the Constitution.

Ron Scarbro October 23, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on October 9, 2009)

Regardless of your politics, you are probably not in the majority. Does that surprise you? This is the way it breaks down. At any given time approximately forty percent of Americans consider themselves Republican or conservative types with more traditional thinking, and another forty percent deem themselves Democrat with more liberal or progressive thinking. That leaves about twenty percent of Americans who might be considered independent or even apathetic. Some may see themselves as not political at all with no concern for the way government is run or by whom. Many of these do not even know where they are on the political scale. Many are Democrat or Republican because their parents are. Some continue the tradition of their families thinking. I am convinced that many many people, who profess a particular preference politically speaking, do not truly know what that party stands for.

Why is this important? What does it all mean to us? Consider this. When an individual decides to run for a partisan political office, they assume a forty percent support from their "base". That means if they are to be elected, they must pick up approximately eleven percent of the independent or apathetic others. In the vast majority of elections, those who are voted in are elected by a bare fifty percent of the electorate or less. The so called mandate some consider having is no mandate at all. Rarely do elections generate more than a fifty percent turnout.

Here is another thing to consider. When one of our political representatives says something like, "This is what the American people want", or "This is the way America sees this issue", what they are really saying is "This is what I think and probably the less than fifty percent of people who elected me think".  As you can see from the numbers, no particular individual is in the majority. There are probably very few things on which a vast majority of Americans would agree. It also follows that when a politician offers a partisan opinion, he or she should count on up to sixty percent opposition to that opinion.

Today we are seeing partisanship being practiced to the detriment of our country as a whole. One party cannot stand the other party being successful because it might give them an advantage in the next election. It becomes clear then that most politicians want what is best for them, not necessarily what is best for the country.

Throughout the history of this great Republic we have made choices at elections and for the most part have made good decisions. On those few occasions when we have made less than stellar picks, we have corrected that decision in the next election. America is not going to disappear just because one particular party or another is in power regardless of their politics. We the people are in charge even though some politicians don't like it. Time and again in our history we have seen long time so called powerful politicians defeated at the polls when it is in the best interest of the country.

What remains a constant in America is this, there will be another election soon. If you are dissatisfied with the way things are, work to elect someone who will more reflect your thinking. If you are pleased with the direction of the country, work to retain those who govern as you desire. We all should let our elected representatives know what we think. Tell them when they do well and criticize them when they mess up. Another constant is this, the majority of Americans truly love their country regardless of their politics.

Ron Scarbro September 21, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


From time to time I think I will stop this particular column. I have in the past received criticism for use of the word "moron", and have also suffered some criticism for being so "judgmental". I considered these issues, I thought about them, but I decided to continue the columns anyway. After all somebody has to keep the morons in line. Why not me?

Today's choice is a no brainer. The honor goes this month to that bastion of integrity, that arbiter of all things pure and proper, none other than the Nobel Committee. Now I know they have really messed up things in the past, for example, Yassar Arafat, Al Gore, or Jimmie Carter, but this time Alfred Nobel has to be turning in his grave. Selecting Barak Obama as this year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has even the most liberal thinkers of the world scratching their heads not to mention the recipient himself.

This column however is not a criticism of Obama. He had nothing to do with this I don't think. For all I know he may well prove to be a prime candidate for this award some day. That might occur some time in the future when he has had an opportunity to grow up, learn his job, perform his duties, and become the statesman he probably thinks he already is. For your information his name was placed in nomination for the peace prize when he had served less than two weeks as President. It is obvious to me, and should be to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that his selection had nothing to do with peace, or achievement, or service to the community of nations, or anything one might consider necessary for this prize. This is something much more sinister.

Selecting Obama is an overt attempt by European liberals to inflict themselves on America and inject their opinions into our foreign policy. It is an attempt to direct our conduct in world affairs. Their own statement that Obama has as a goal the elimination of all nuclear weapons in the world is at best wishful thinking on their part. There has been no such statement coming from Obama. He knows better. It would surely be great if this Utopian concept of a world at peace with their neighbors, all religious differences set aside, all border disputes ignored, and all the crazies held down and not ascending to positions of leadership, were possible, but of course that is nonsense. True world peace is achieved by mutually assured total destruction. That is what we have today. That keeps the war mongers at bay and offers us the best chance of a peaceful life. All the world powers know that if they strike out with any nuclear weapon, they would be eliminated immediately. When lunatics such as Iran and North Korea have these weapons, that somewhat changes the game plan, but their total destruction is guaranteed if they strike us or any of our allies.

Norway, and for that matter most of Europe, exists today because of America's willingness to spend our treasury, send our troops and materiel, and to spill our blood for their defense. What peace we have in the world today is the result of our war making ability and our commitment to making sure that peace can occur. Neville Chamberlain proved to the world that appeasement is the road to defeat and ultimate destruction.

The current Nobel Committee has, by their recent actions, cheapened the award and insulted all who have truly earned it. Awarding this prize has become nothing more than a political act designed to influence, and in some ways control the actions of other nations and their people. What a pity. What a shame for the original purpose of Alfred Nobel. What morons the selection committee has become.

Ron Scarbro October 10, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As you no doubt know, the Supreme Court is once again hearing a case regarding the second amendment. Chicago has a city ordinance which forbids owning handguns in the city. From the looks of things, that law doesn't seem to be working out too well for their murder rate, but I digress. Chicago, like other municipalities, has two problems. One is that their law breakers, especially those with gun offenses, are not sufficiently punished, and number two, you cannot fix your crime problem by violating the Constitutional rights of the law abiding people in your city. The National Rifle Association has sued Chicago to have that law overturned and that action has made its way to the Supreme Court.

 I recently was watching a hunting show on television and saw Chuck Norris come on with what was a public service announcement concerning the second amendment. Chuck's message loosely translated said that "Freedom is not about what government can do for us. Freedom is about keeping government from doing what it wants to us." Think about that for a moment. The second amendment guarantees us the right to keep (own) and bear (carry, have in our possession) arms (guns, knives, etc.). The reason for the amendment and those rights is not necessarily to go hunting or even to protect us from home intruders. No, that right to own guns is about protecting us from our own government. The reason our government is accountable to the citizens is not only because of free elections. One of the main accountabilities is that the citizenry is armed. That is also one of the primary reasons foreign nations don't attack us. They know we are all armed and will repel any such attack.

I know there is a large group of people who are afraid of guns. They see guns as evil. The fact is that there are far more people killed or injured by automobiles than guns in this country, and yet there doesn't seem to be this inexplicable fear of automobiles. Guns, in the hands of a law abiding citizen, are no more dangerous than a hammer or a screw driver. A hammer or a screw driver in the hands of a homicidal killer are at least as dangerous as a gun. Guns, like hammers and screw drivers are just tools. When used for their proper purpose, they are completely benign. As we all know it is the killer not the tools he uses that are the problem. I believe this group of people who fear guns have bought into the propaganda of the left that wants to disarm America so that they can go about their plan to change this country into the socialist utopia that they imagine. Another thing I heard recently is that apathy is the enemy of freedom. To those among you who fear guns, do us all a favor and stay away from them. I for one do not want anyone who has this fear to have a weapon in their possession. They are already unstable enough.

In the far out event that you are not familiar with the language of the second amendment to the Constitution, it reads as follows, "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." As you can see there is no ambiguity here. There are no hidden messages. This is as clear as our language. If this right is inconvenient for you, then I would recommend you taking up residence in a country where no such right exists, such as China, or Iran, or maybe Venezuela.

I will leave you then with this final thought. I believe it was Ben Franklin who said, and I will paraphrase,  those who sacrifice freedom in order to gain security wind up with neither.

Ron Scarbro October 5, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on March 5, 2010)

I serve as moderator of a coffee/discussion group that meets weekly. Recently we had as our guest author Sharon Schulte who has written a new book entitled "The Children Remember". The book is a compilation of memories of Minnesota people who were children during World War II. Sharon went throughout the state interviewing and recording the thoughts and memories of people who are now in their sixties, seventies and older to make a record of how life was at that time. I recommend the book. It is available on as well as most normal book sellers. It is so revealing and reflective of a simpler time when our attitudes were so different. The discussion that followed her presentation was the inspiration for this essay.

I too was a child during that time. I can remember rationing stamps, war bonds, and other sacrifices. As kids we saved tin foil. We would peel the waxed paper off gum wrappers and start a big ball of tin foil to help make ammunition. Being a youngster at that time meant that I felt my life was normal. I didn't realize we were giving up anything because of the war. I do remember the fear however. We lived near Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and we were told that spot was a great target for the bad guys. I was aware of friends of my parents going off to war. I was acutely aware of the fact that some never returned. Families of servicemen and women had flags which had stars for the number of family members who were serving in the military. They were flown proudly. The military was respected above anything else. It was a great treat to see anybody in their uniform.

The purpose of this writing is just to ask the question, "What happened?" What was the change that caused the American people to lose their regard for the military? How is it possible that while we have thousands of men and women in foreign lands putting their lives on the line for us, our lives here at home continue as normal? No one is sacrificing with rationing stamps. No one is buying war bonds. No Hollywood movie star is making movies about war heroes and helping the war effort by selling bonds. They are instead making nice with our enemies and committing treason. Fifty years ago they would have been arrested and tried as criminals. At the very least they would have been shamed out of existence. It truly is a different world.

I believe some of the changes have occurred because the Press has taken such a turn to the left that they no longer reflect the thinking of the majority of American people. TV networks report what they want you to hear and skew the news to their agenda. The "Educational Community" has become an apologist for all things liberal to the detriment of this country as a whole.

We all need to think about our feelings. I believe we need to return to a time when patriotism was the rule rather that the exception. We need to hold our military in higher esteem. We need to see the so-called Hollywood elite as what they truly are, for the most part, morons.

Finally, if we are to send troops into any war, we need to win it. Stop this nonsense of limited war. By any definition, war is an all out action. If it is worth the single life of an American soldier, it is worth winning. We have wasted far too many lives trying to be modern day war fighters. Let us end this now or just leave. If the idiots in these countries want to keep on killing each other over some perceived difference in their religions, let them have at it. Then, if any country harbors terrorists who attack this country, we should just take that country out swiftly and completely without a single American boot on the ground. We don't need to send troops. Then we would truly have a different world.

Ron Scarbro September 26, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009


I couldn't wait any longer after hearing this latest bit of stupidity from the mouth of one who should know better. I am talking about none other than former President Jimmie Carter, this month's "Moron of the Month". There are many reasons why he would qualify for this month's dubious honor but one statement that he recently uttered leaves all of the other ridiculous things he has said in the dust. That statement was to accuse the Congressman from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, of racism. You will remember Rep. Wilson was the one who yelled out "You Lie" during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress earlier this month. Carter went on to say that the outburst was another example of white America's inability to accept a black man as President.

First of all Mr. Carter, white America elected a black man as President. The black vote, while it is significant, could never elect a President. To be elected to the Presidency, you must carry many segments of the population. You have to generate millions of dollars to even consider a run at the White House. Where do you think that money came from? For better or worse, all America elected Barak Obama as President. His acceptability as President will be what he does as President, not the color of his skin.

Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times, is also spreading this particular bit of hate speak in her column. Maureen probably doesn't know any better and not that many people read her nonsense anyway. While that is no excuse, it at least puts her comments into perspective. Former President Carter is another story however.

In my almost seven decades on this planet I have seen tremendous strides in the overall acceptance of different peoples in America. Like Carter, I was raised in the South. I remember how it was and it was ugly. But I have seen the change and the change has been for the better. The state of the black man in America has never been more positive. His life has never been more secure, safe, and filled with potential. There is no other place in the world where black people have more opportunity or more potential for personal wealth and success. This is not the result of runaway racism. No this is the result of brotherly love, compassion, and acceptance of others who might be different from ourselves.

Are we completely out of the woods concerning racism in this country? Certainly not. Are we making tremendous advances in our ability to live together and get along? Absolutely. Is the state of Black America served in any positive way by the likes of Jimmie Carter and his stupid remarks? I think you would agree with me that Carter has set race relations back years by his outburst.

I have two words for you Mr. Carter. Go Away. You were an unsuccessful president and it took years of hard work to overcome your mismanagement of America. Don't compound your errors by continuing to inflict yourself on this country. You, Mr. Carter are insignificant and your legacy is fixed in the minds of most thinking Americans. The vast majority of our country does not care what you think about anything least of all your opinion of racism in this country. Be kind to the country which gave you so much and just fade away into your retirement. Just go away.

Ron Scarbro September 18, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009


Recently during the reporting of Edward Kennedy's death a phrase was thrown about which I began to examine. That phrase was public service. The Senator had 47 years of public service.  Now I am not going to pick on Kennedy. History, if allowed to be truthful, will deal with the Kennedys. No, this essay will deal with some more words which seem to have selective meanings. In other words, they have definitions which satisfy the agenda of the user of those words. Politicians use the term public service and I would use the phrase feeding at the public trough. As we go forward in this writing I think you will get my drift.

The next word is lobbyist. That word sounds so professional, so clean, so legitimate. What if we used the true term and called them bribers or extortionists? Another good definition might be influence peddler. After all, what do they do? They buy legislation for their clients. Groups like the AMA, the AARP, the Trial Lawyers, and too many more to count throw money around Washington to make sure that their client's turf and wealth are protected. When this practice is done by a lobbyist it appears so legal. But we should call it what it is.

This then brings us to the next phrase, campaign contribution. Humorist and philosopher Will Rogers once said many years ago, "We have the finest Congress money can buy." Nothing has changed except for the amount of money flowing into the hands of a few elected representatives of the people who become very wealthy in just a short time in Washington. Consider this. You feel very strongly about a particular candidate for office so you decide to contribute $100.00 to his or her campaign. Let's just say that a large corporation also feels very strongly that this same candidate, if elected, could be very instrumental in forwarding their agenda. So you both contribute but the corporation gives $10,000.00 to the campaign. Your candidate is elected and you want to access your new Representative for an issue that is in opposition to the corporation's agenda. Who do you think is going to be favored with both the access and the favorable legislation? The one hundred dollar contributor doesn't have a chance. In other words, money talks.

Of course the next of many words is campaign war chest. That is nothing more than the wealth amassed by the "bribe-e" contributed by the "bribe-er". This amassed money serves to insure that the particular Representative will continue to have the means to defeat any challenger in the future. A statement credited to an Assemblyman in California, Big Daddy Jesse Unruh, was that money is the mother's milk of politics. Unfortunately and sadly that seems to be very true.

I could go on about how words are changed to reflect the agenda of the user. It is not the exclusive province of politicians. Advertisers do it. Salesmen do it. What we the people must do though is not just blindly accept what Washington is selling and examine the true meaning of the words that they are using. If you are satisfied with legislation being passed by people who accept bribes, then this rant is probably not for you, but if, like me, you are fed up with this practice, then scream loudly and long until it is brought under some kind of control. We cannot compete with big labor unions, or teacher's groups or big pharmaceuticals, but we can remember on election day. Your one vote is worth more than all the money the bribers can spend. Spend your vote wisely.

My final word today is skeptic. That pretty much identifies me and I hope all who read these musings.

Ron Scarbro September 7, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have said many times in the past that the problem of selecting a moron of the month is not a shortage but an abundance. Let's face it, we could have picked Sheila Jackson Lee. You will remember this is the Congresswoman who took phone calls during a question from a constituent at a town hall meeting. You may also remember that this is the same moron who doesn't know the difference between the moon and Mars. She thinks we have landed a man on Mars. Identifying her as a moron would be just stating the obvious. Of course there is that bastion of wit, intelligence, and good humor, Barney Frank. Who couldn't be happy with him as this month's selection? No we have once again traveled to California, a state which seems to grow morons on vines in clusters. It would be bad enough if California voters just elected these people for their own state but no, they have to inflict them on the rest of the country by putting them in the Congress. I refer today to Barbara Boxer. Excuse me, Senator Barbara Boxer.

I am only going to cite a couple of instances where she has strongly identified herself as worthy of this month's honor. The most egregious was in her interrogation of General Michael Walsh, a man whose boots Boxer is not qualified to shine, at a committee hearing. During her questioning of General Walsh, he responded to her question and referred to her as Ma'am. She was aghast. She was offended. She then took it upon herself to try and embarrass the General by insisting he refer to her as Senator Boxer, not as Ma'am
. Senator Boxer, there are a few little things you should understand, Ma'am. First, as a southern raised boy I was taught Ma'am is indeed a title of respect. As a former military man I was instructed to refer to women, especially older, or higher ranking women, as Ma'am. I am certain the General meant no disrespect. I today, on the other hand, am not under the restraint of those good manners.

The second of the latest incidences where Boxer has shown her true colors was in her description of town hall protesters of the new health care legislation now being debated as too well dressed to be actual protesters. Apparently to qualify as a protester in Boxer's world, you have to be dirty and poorly dressed. Well excuse me for bathing and dressing to go out in public. California is only one state in this great nation and in most of the country bathing and dressing is a normal activity. If she is more comfortable with dirty rag tag hippie type protesters, maybe she should return to that once great state of California to be with her people and leave the rest of us alone.

As I sit here in front of this keyboard I am in awe and wonderment. Are you telling me that in the entire state of California, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi are the most qualified, the most intelligent, the most worthy of high office in that state? If that is the case, I truly feel sorry for you. I know California doesn't have the franchise on electing idiots to the Congress, but they do seem to elect the loudest. I am embarrassed for you.

Ron Scarbro August 24, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


I love words. I especially love words when they are strung together by great authors, poets, song writers, and stirring orators. Words are the paint and brushes by which writers create their art and speakers grasp and hold the attention of their audiences. The problem I have today is that some great words have been hijacked by special interest groups and have become quite hateful. Not all words, just some words and some of these words just make me tired. This essay will examine a few such words that have become tiresome to the ear and to the eye.

The first great word is green. I used to love the word green. It is the color of money. It is the color of trees and grass. But now if I never hear the word again it wouldn't bother me. It has been driven down my throat by so-called environmentalist radicals to the point of torture. This lovely innocuous word has, to me, become a swear word. I am a conservationist and an environmentalist but I am not green. Frogs are green.

My next word is eco-anything. Do you understand what I mean? I have lost all interest in anything that starts with eco. To those who insist that I pay particular attention to this, sorry, you have lost me with your zeal to advance your agenda. I guess I have eco-fatigue.

Word number three is diversity. This used to be a very acceptable word. It described differences. Well guess what? Today there are not supposed to be any differences. Today everything is supposed to be the same. Again I offer my apologies. There are differences, and as the French would say, "Viva la difference." Being different doesn't make you bad, it just makes you different. One can still be equal while being different. Whether or not you are acceptable to the majority is mostly up to you. It is not up to law or any other societal mores. Spare me any other mention of the word diversity. I will continue to share my time with those I wish, not with those I am supposed to.

My next problem word is bio-anything. Again an overused under-necessary word. This is another example of agenda driven political correctness. I have grown to detest anything that starts with bio, especially bio-diversity.

That brings up the next word. Organic. I believe this word serves only to increase the price of a commodity. This again is an over used worn out word that has lost all of its original meaning. I wouldn't eat anything organic if I had to starve. First I don't believe the claims of organic farming and secondly most have been proven to be false. I will just continue to wash my hands and wash my food. If that doesn't take care of it, oh well, my bad.

Rap is a tiring word also, but my music was criticized when I was young so I guess I 'll just let that be. Still, though, it is hard to use the word music and rap in the same sentence.

My final word is gay. This is definitely a word that has been hijacked by a special interest group who apparently didn't like the word homosexual. The dictionary says it means joyous and lively. That definition works for me. As for me, when it is necessary to write about homosexual people, that is how I will refer to them. I will save gay for its original meaning.

I am sure if I thought about it, there would be a lot more words that have been destroyed by people or groups for their own benefit. I am going to try to stay true to my understanding of the original meaning of words. I will continue to endeavor to write words using their original meaning and hope that you, my readers, will understand the message.

Ron Scarbro August 16, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on August 7, 2009)

Health care reform will prove to be one of the most difficult programs for our government. There are embedded traditions
and habits that will not be fixed without pain. This essay will not offer all the answers but will pose some very serious questions.

Question number one is why do we need reform? To me this is obvious. It, the medical industry, costs too much and because of the cost it is not sustainable for the future. I have been asked, "What is it supposed to cost?" My only answer is that the cost must be so reasonable that the consumer of the product can and will pay. An example of this ridiculous cost is my mother-in-law's final days. She was hospitalized for three days. During this stay she was given no treatment and wasn't even fed. She received a damp sponge to keep her mouth moist. That was it. The bill was $38,000.00. I attempted to learn how this bill could possibly be justified. I was told that all of the bill would be paid by Medicare and her private insurance so why should I even care? After a great deal of effort I finally was told that many of their patients pay nothing and this is how they help pay for those. This appears to be common practice.

I know of another situation where a young man who without any health care insurance suffered a catastrophic condition. His care now costs over $300,000.00 per year. He is also now totally disabled and cannot work. Even if he had insurance, his co-pays would be $60,000.00 per year. Where is that supposed to come from? We the taxpayers are paying for his care through Medicare. He incidentally could not even buy health care insurance prior to his sudden illness because of high blood pressure. That is one of those famous and pesky preexisting conditions you have heard so much about.

The second issue which I believe is very important is the cost to the medical profession of malpractice insurance. Any reform of our health care must include tort reform as well. Of course Congress is made up of lawyers so what do you suppose are the chances of this reform? Malpractice judgments are too much like jackpots in the lottery. Medical people must be liable for their mistakes but there has to be some common sense involved. If the plaintiff lost his case and was liable for the court costs and a money judgment, don't you think that might have some cooling effect on the lawsuits?

Here is another controversial issue. I think it is unrealistic for young doctors coming out of school to expect to make incomes in six and seven figures. I suspect that ours is the only country where that is even possible. By the same token, I believe the cost of medical school is ridiculous. Young medical people coming out of school should not be facing huge debt for their education.

How about this question? Why does the same medication manufactured by the same company cost less in Canada and Mexico than it does here? Is it because our government is allowing the drug companies to charge more here? Does that mean that we, through our purchases, are subsidizing the medical cost for these other countries?

Some things are clear. We are not going to allow people just to die from lack of available medical care. There will continue to be provisions made for the uninsured and the poorer among us, but at what cost? I have been trying to learn what is in the current bill that the President is trying to get passed. I cannot seem to get the answers. I honestly don't think most in Congress know either. That should be concerning to us all.

This also is clear. The goose that laid the golden egg is dead. Reform is going to happen. We can only hope the change will be for the better and not plunge us into total bankruptcy. Ultimately we the people must decide the direction this reform will take. Stay informed and stay involved.

Ron Scarbro July 24, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on June 5, 2009)



It was back in the early
1950s. I was a newspaper carrier. In those days when a big event happened, we
were given extra copies of the paper to sell on the street after we had
delivered to our regular customers. The event at that time was the end of the
Korean War.


As I was given the extra
copies, I was told that I should yell loudly that the war was over. The best
phrase, I was told, was “Korea’s
fighting days are over”. People did stop on the street and bought up all of my
extra copies of the newspaper. I remember one particular customer who stopped.
He said to me that it is foolhardy to believe that Korea’s fighting days are over. Mark
my words, he said, they haven’t been totally defeated. Maybe he was right after


Their beloved leader and all
around moron KIM Jong Il, dictator of North Korea, seems to have a death wish, not
only for himself but also for the entire population of North Korea. His people
are either too hungry, most of their food goes to the Army, or too stupid to
see what they are facing in the world. Regardless of the reasons for their
apathy, they will be the ones to have to deal with the consequences of their
dictator’s actions. Those consequences could be severe.


The UN has tried general
trade sanctions and other attempts to rein in this little dictator to no
apparent avail. The time now is rapidly approaching when Kim will get his wish.
South Korea, Japan, and Russia
cannot allow North Korea
to continue its belligerence. We cannot allow North
Korea to sell nuclear weapons to the Middle
East. No, this has to come to a halt and come to a halt now.


I am not suggesting an all
out war with this little backward country. My suggestion is much simpler. One
of our nuclear armed subs, which is ambling about in the depths around North
Korea, should just surface for a second or two and release a couple of its
missiles and make a mud hole where Pyongyang used to be. End of story. No
ground troops. No other material at risk, just total destruction. To end Japan’s war
making in World War II, we had to bomb two of their cities. It worked. All of
the fight went out of them in an instant. Granted there was great suffering,
but the people of Japan
allowed their country to participate in the war with their apathy and inaction
and as always is the case, the people are the ones who suffer.


KIM Jong Il is picking at a
scab. He has apparently decided that the Armistice agreement his country signed
to end the war and prevent their total destruction is no longer valid. Regardless
of the reasons, he is putting his entire country at risk. If we don’t bring
this nonsense to an end soon, it will only create a bigger problem and sooner
or later we will have to deal with it.


We all know that freedom is
not free. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. I wish we didn’t have to
intervene. I wish China
would stop this before we have to, but their record is not very good. China
stands to lose almost everything they have created for themselves if they do
not get involved and soon.


My customer’s comments of years
ago still ring in my ears. You just think Korea’s fighting days are over. This
time we need to end it once and for all.


Ron Scarbro May 30, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well it has happened again. Three young, apparently naive, people have put themselves and their country in serious jeopardy. They were hiking in the mountains between Iraq and Iran. What? Are they crazy? Would they crawl in a pit with rattlesnakes and scorpions? What in the world were they thinking about? Why were they even in a war zone in the first place? They are not military personnel. Now they have been captured by Iranians or so we are told. They will no doubt be charged with spying or who knows what else. It is pretty easy to imagine the coming "negotiations". These morons have become bargaining chips in a battle that never seems to end.

Recently two young ladies were captured by the North Koreans for entering their mongrel country illegally. They were tried, convicted, and sentenced to twelve years at hard labor. As of this writing Bill Clinton is in North Korea trying to spring them. I wonder what that is going to cost. I already know what it has cost in prestige. We will grovel and beg. We will promise whatever we must to get them out. We should just let these little ladies serve their terms. Either that or make it clear that unless they are released immediately we will dramatically alter the landscape of North Korea and their population numbers.

We just recovered another young lady from Iran who was taken as yet another bargaining chip. She was the reporter who had put herself and her country in jeopardy by trying to report facts from a dictatorship without freedom of the press. How naive is she?

I bring these items to your attention for two reasons. Number one is this question. Why are these people allowed to travel to these dangerous places with apparent impunity? It is not a matter of if, it is instead a matter of when they will be taken and used by that country as an instrument for that country's benefit. We will cave in and give up who knows what to obtain their release. They will then come home to accolades and parades as heroes. Why do we continue to allow this to happen? There is nothing heroic about their activity.

Point number two is just this. Not very long ago no country on Earth would have defied the United States by trying to take an American citizen against their will. That just would not happen. There would have been swift and sure punishment for any such act. Countries used to be afraid to offend us. Not anymore. The reason they don't fear us is they have proven we will not retaliate against them. We are seen as a paper tiger in the eyes of these third world mongrel countries. We certainly haven't given them any reason to believe we will do anything.

Consider this. What if we, instead of trying to negotiate with these idiots, just took out one or two of their cities. What if we killed off about ten or twenty thousand of their people. Would you think this activity would continue? That is what it took to take the fight out of the Japanese. I understand that this may well cause the death of those held but they put themselves in that peril in the first place. It just might serve as an example to other morons who would travel to these war zones to just stay home.

Finally, I am a peace loving man. I don't want to kill anybody or bomb their cities. I wish there was not evil in the world, but there is, and evil has to be deterred. By continuing to reward evil behavior, we are encouraging it. The time has come for this country to show the world that we will tolerate this no more.

Ron Scarbro August 4, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was going to leave this alone. I was just going to let this die a slow, natural death, but something happened today that has forced me to get my two cents worth in. I am talking about the incident in Cambridge, Mass. where a Harvard Professor was arrested for disorderly conduct and the subsequent commentary by President Obama during a news conference.

In case you live in a cave without any news source, the brief facts are that a black Harvard professor had lost his house keys and tried to break down the door to get into his own house. A neighbor witnessed the act and called the police to report a break in. So far so good. A white police officer answered the call and tried to investigate the facts of the case. The black professor took offense that the white cop didn't know who he was and became belligerent. Rather than just showing the police an ID, the professor decided to be a victim. When the cop had had enough abuse from the professor, he placed him under arrest and hauled him off to jail. Later the professor was released and charges were dropped.

The events that followed caused this incident to get blown out of proportion. During a news conference, President Obama said that the police acted stupidly. Later when he came to his senses and when he read the headlines he had caused with his ridiculous comment he tried to back off of the situation. He finally decided that both parties had over reacted. Sorry but that isn't going to work either.

Rather than being grateful that the police came to protect the property of this professor, he decided that he would play his race card. I am sure that all of his life he has been told that he has been put down by white society. Never mind that he has a position of Professor in one of America's most prestigious universities. Never mind that he is probably in the top two or three percent of wage earners in this country. No, he is a victim because he is black. Nonsense. He was arrested because he committed a crime. That crime was disorderly conduct. He would have been arrested whether he was black, white, or Asian. Imagine if you will what would have happened if the professor had been white and the cop had been black. Do you suppose President Obama would have injected himself into that situation?

The incident that set me off today was the offer by the black professor to give the police department a free lecture on race relations. What absolute arrogance. He is lucky that he is not picking taser leads out of his butt and spending some serious time in jail. As an aside, the particular white police officer who made the arrest is also the officer in charge of teaching race relations for his department. If this professor wants to offer some atonement for his stupidity, he should apologize both to the officer involved and to the entire police department in Cambridge.

There are lessons to be learned here. The race hustlers who continue to inflict themselves on the black community are not helping. Their separatist rhetoric serves only to guarantee
that black people will have to work all the harder to compete in this society. We will never be a color blind society as long as the black community sees themselves as second class citizens. As long as they listen to the nonsense spewed by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton nothing is going to change for their people.

Here then is the rule. When a police officer says to you "stop", you stop. If he says "go", you go. That is the law in every city and state in this country. The cops often don't have the time to have a debate. They are just trying to protect the community and themselves. I am truly sorry for you if this rule is too tough.

Ron Scarbro July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on August 14, 2009)

On Tuesday of this week Oakland, California passed by an eighty per cent majority a new tax on the retail sales of their four medical marijuana dispensaries. A bit of research on this matter has revealed some amazing facts.
According to Oakland's City Auditor sales from these four dispensaries is $17,500,000.00 per year. Oakland should realize $294,000.00 per year from the new tax. The measure ran unopposed. This column is not about taxes or the plight Californians finds themselves in concerning their budget woes however. No this is about something totally different. Read on.

Some further information regarding the legal selling of marijuana. California currently has eight hundred medical marijuana dispensaries, or pot clubs as they are called, operating today. If they all were doing the same business as the Oakland clubs, they would be generating $35,000,000,000.00 worth of business each year. That, folks is a lot of dope. More importantly, that's a lot of sick people. After all isn't this supposed to be prescribed medicine for sick people? Thirty five billion dollars represents 1,633,333,332 doses of medical marijuana. As I understand the law passed in 1996 to legalize medical use of this drug, one would have to have a prescription in order to buy it legally. That is a lot of prescriptions.

One would not have to be too skeptical to believe that the law was being slightly circumvented would they? The other amazing thing to consider is that this is just the numbers on the so-called legal sales of marijuana. Most of the users are doing so illegally. It does explain a couple of things though. The reason Californians are so strange is probably because they are all stoned. The second fact appears to be that the hippies have gotten older and are now in charge of California government and politics.

I personally am not a user of the magic weed. I tried it a couple of times when I was a kid, but frankly I find I prefer martinis. They taste better, they don't make you cough, and besides you get an olive. I don't even care if California decides to legalize the drug. That is their business. I do believe however that it is silly to call what they are doing now a medical procedure. We should call it what it is, pot heads getting stoned with the authorities looking the other way.

Legalization of this drug has been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature several times and will continue to be introduced until they win, I suppose. It would be interesting however to see what happens on the left coast before too many others step into the fray. If, like me, you have seen a person who was stoned, you would realize that they are pretty much harmless. The problem is that they are also helpless. It would be frightening to consider airline pilots, semi truck drivers, police officers, firemen, EMT personnel and doctors under the influence trying to do their jobs, let alone everyone else.

These are just some ramblings of one who is still trying to understand what it is about life in our world that is so problematic, so difficult that individuals need to medicate themselves to escape reality. I hope I never have to find out.

Ron Scarbro July 22, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was pointed out to me recently that the moron of the month for the past several months has seemed to come from the Democrat party. I went back to check and sure enough that was the case. I assure you it was never my intention to pick on one particular party, it's just that, as you know, the Democrat party offers so many more opportunities for selection of morons. Democrats take heart however. This month the Republicans have foisted upon the world a first class moron who will be this month's honoree.

I refer to that poster child of hypocrisy, Mark Sanford, Republican Governor of South Carolina.

Don't these people get it? Do they not understand that everything they do or say is being watched and recorded by someone somewhere? I believe they are so arrogant that they must think they are just above the rules. This is of course a married man with children who has been touted as a big part of the future of the Republican party. He was to be the savior and the standard bearer for the next big test of the electorate. He would bring to the lawless masses the truth and the way. Well not anymore.

This reminds me of that other champion of integrity Bill Clinton. It's just sex. It's no big deal. His actions should have no impact on his job performance. Wrong again. Character and trustworthiness are utmost in the minds of most clear thinking Americans when selecting their representatives and their leaders. If an individual cannot be trusted to keep his commitment to his wife and family, not to mention to his staff or his state, how on earth could he be trusted to maintain the trust of the country as a whole?

We are not talking about some average guy who lives down the block from us. No we are talking about the chief executive officer of a state. His personal life is my business. His personal integrity is my business. How he carries himself in his daily life is my business. Whether he likes it or not, he is an example to other people. It has been said, "To whom much is given, much is expected." I expect, and you also should expect, our so-called leaders to be bastions of integrity and honor. Sanford now appears to be turning his life over to God to straighten it out. He, like Clinton before him, will have religious leaders help him maintain a proper life style. He intends to regain the trust he has lost. To quote a famous line from a past TV show, "I don't think so, Tim." You made this mess Governor, you clean it up.

I know this is not an isolated case. Republican Senator Ensign of Nevada has made the news for the same crimes. His Mommy and Daddy attempted to pay off the woman in an effort to keep her quiet. Didn't work. Sorry. He also is finished. Another Republican bites the dust. There have been many others too numerous to count. They never seem to learn.

The truth is that moronic behavior is no respecter of political affiliation. This blog is also no respecter of political preference when choosing who is honored by "Moron of the Month". I will continue to call it as I see it. And as the bumper sticker on the cattle truck proudly stated, "Let the Chips Fall Where They May".

Ron Scarbro July 19, 2009