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(The following was published in the Newsleader on December 11, 2009)

A news story appeared in the Star Tribune on November 9 that brings up many questions. The story, written by Amy Forliti of Associated Press, relates an incident that should concern us all.

According to the report ABM Industries, a New York based company, issued a ruling that all workers in their company had to prove their eligibility to work in America. In the Twin Cities alone, approximately 1,250 workers were terminated. In this instance all appeared to have been janitors and, according to the news item, all appeared to be "undocumented workers". It would further seem that Immigration and Customs Enforcement are now beginning to require that all workers show proof that they are eligible to work in this country.

The act by ICE and this particular employer raises a n
umber of questions. First, is this a response to the fact that we are experiencing 10% unemployment? I know of no new law having been passed that suddenly requires legal eligibility to work here. That has been the law for many years. So what has changed? Are we now going to try to retain our jobs here for legal residents? According to published reports, there are over 25 million illegals in this country and you can be assured that most of them are holding down jobs that would otherwise be available to unemployed legal citizens. If ICE were to get serious about making sure that American jobs were held for Americans, our unemployment problem would disappear overnight.

The second problem that has arisen by the firings in the Twin Cities is very troubling. According to reports, none of these illegals has been arrested or deported. If that is true, what are they doing now? How are they paying for their groceries? How are they paying their rent? How are they paying for their health care? I think it is reasonable to assume that they have not just picked up and returned to their own country. Will they now just become a drain on our welfare system? Our emergency rooms? Our criminal justice system? These are fair questions and questions we should be asking our elected leaders. I read an item recently which reported that over 30% of babies born in California are born to illegals and paid for by Medi-Cal, medical care for poor people of California. All of those babies are suddenly US citizens with illegals as parents. It is no wonder that California is bankrupt.

No one really knows how many people are here illegally. If they are employed, they probably have stolen identities, stolen social security cards. Many cannot speak English. Most have no driver's license or automobile insurance. All have already shown a disdain for our laws by illegally entering our country. It is extremely unlikely that these illegals will suddenly realize their error and return to their own countries.

This brings me to my final questions. What are we going to do about it? Are we just going to continue to look the other way? When the compost hits the fan with all the stolen identities, are we just going to say, "Oh Well"? Can you imagine the mess that is facing the IRS with all of these unknowns? Do you care? Are you one whose potential job is being held by an illegal?

Just yesterday a report from the Federal Reserve stated that our unemployment problem could extend for many years. I think it is past time for us to take care of ourselves. Let Mexico and the other countries that regularly chase their citizens out to come to America figure a way to deal with their own problems. We have enough on our plate.

Ron Scarbro November 11, 2009

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