Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Have you heard about the guy who was caught in a bad situation, like in a compromising situation with the other woman, etc? Rather than facing the situation and dealing with it, it seems easier to just change the subject. So he says to his accusing wife, “How about them Dodgers?” Somehow I don’t think that is going to work.

That is what I thought when I heard Obama telling the American people in his weekly radio address that Washington is just too concerned with phony scandals. It is taking their eye off the ball. Let’s change the subject. Let’s talk about the economy, or health care, or basketball. Anything but the “phony” scandals.

I have a question. Which of the scandals is phony? Is it Benghazi, where four American citizens were murdered by radical Muslim killers during an all out 9-11 attack on our embassy? An attack where we shamefully refused to intervene and try to defend them?

Maybe he is referring to the IRS’s illegal profiling and targeting of so-called enemies of Obama? Enemies such as Tea Party groups or even challengers to him politically? Then, on being called to defend themselves and explain the situation in sworn testimony before Congress, invoke their privilege under the Fifth Amendment to prevent being prosecuted for crimes?  

Perhaps he was talking about the NSA and their illegally listening in on American telephone conversations and trying to gag the legitimate news gathering and reporting services through indictment and threats of prosecution?

I’ll bet he thinks the sudden and almost total rejection of Obamacare by the unions who carried the mail for Obama when he was trying to force this crap down the throats of the American people might be a phony scandal. Even including now the IRS union who has asked to be relieved of the requirement to enroll in Obamacare saying that this requirement would be harmful to the health of their members.

It couldn’t be these “phony scandals,” could it? Then there’s the illegal gun running scheme to Mexican drug cartels led by Attorney General Holder. A scheme which caused the death of at least one of our law enforcement officers and who knows how many more? How about the newest scandal which is just about to unfold. AG Holder has apparently decided that he is not subject to the rulings of The Supreme Court and has decided to go after the state of Texas regarding voter’s rights.

I could go on, but I think you might get my drift. From the Administration’s injecting themselves in local trials for political expediency or for whatever reason, to all the nonsense we will have to fix when they are finally out of office, this entire Administration is a scandal.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The “phony scandal” comments come from an individual who may well be illegally occupying The White House.

This is what I know. The truth will come out. The future will reveal all that has been hidden. From his birthplace to his college attendance and grades to the identity of his money sources during his youth which covered his college expenses and allowed him to travel all over the world. There will be no escape from the truth.

I suppose if I were in the position Obama is in, I would try to change the subject too. After all, if these scandals aren’t phony, then they must be true and that could be bad. History will be the judge. Obama’s legacy is assured. It just isn’t the legacy he had in mind.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So the NAACP is upset over the jury’s finding in the George Zimmerman trial. They have even gone so far as to ask the US Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Eric Holder is upset. He is out and about trying to stir up trouble.

The reason Zimmerman was found to be not guilty is because there was insufficient evidence to convict him. In fact he never should have even been arrested. The only reason he was arrested was political pressure. What we have now is “selective outrage.” Last weekend ten youngsters were killed in Chicago. Where was the NAACP? Where was Holder? In fact just since the verdict was announced many others of all races have been murdered. Where is the outrage?

It is obvious to me that some individuals are just trying to gin up racial tension across the country. When President Obama injected himself into the Zimmerman case, he started a ball rolling that hasn’t stopped yet and probably won’t until more people are killed.  Whatever problems ensue from the unrest being stirred by these so-called leaders will be laid at the feet of the instigators of this unrest and that includes the president.

America is not a banana republic and should not act like one. We are a country of laws and order. Politics have no place in murder trials, especially not this one. Local police investigated the death of Trayvon Martin and concluded there was not enough evidence to bring charges. That should have been the end of it. Sadly it became a cause cèlébre to some. The usual suspects showed up with their bands of goons pressuring politicians to do something. Well the politicians got involved and you can see the aftermath of their involvement.

If George Zimmerman had a Hispanic sounding name, you would never have heard about this case. If George Zimmerman had himself been a black man, you would never have heard about this case. This became ugly politics, period. Can you imagine the surprise when the instigators found out that Zimmerman was in fact Hispanic?  To deal with the matter, they decide to call him a “white Hispanic.” What nonsense.

To be sure, America has far too many murders. America has far too much crime. Our outrage, however, seems limited to certain crimes and certain races. I hurt for the parents of Trayvon Martin. I also hurt for the parents of George Zimmerman. Do we not also hurt for the hundreds of other victims of assault and murder that happen every day in our country?

Neither you nor I were out on that dark street the night Martin was killed. None of us knows exactly what happened. All the available evidence was presented to a jury and they found the defendant not guilty. That is the way our system works. You don’t have to like the verdict. I didn’t like the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial, but life has gone on. I didn’t like the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, but life has gone on. Ultimately all of us will face true judgment.

Holder and the NAACP and all those who are suffering from “selective outrage” are just picking at scabs. If they do not rein themselves in, that scab will erupt and no one will like the result. We are over the sixties. We don’t need to re-live it. The evidence was presented, the jury made their decision, now all of us have to just live with it.

Ron Scarbro

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you are a writer, New York is the gift that keeps on giving. I have written many times about the antics of Emperor Bloomberg as well as the City Council. Now we have new stuff that is so ridiculous in my wildest fantasies I couldn’t make up. Disgraced former Congressman and child sexter Anthony Weiner has decided to run for Mayor of NYC, and.... wait for it.... he is leading in the polls. What could be more stupid? Well, how about this? Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, famous for hiring large numbers of prostitutes while in office, who lost his job because of these activities, has decided to re-enter politics and run for State Comptroller. Oh, and one of his opponents for this office is a Madam who supplied prostitutes to Spitzer while he was in office. He will probably be elected. The people of New York should be ashamed.

Rat hole countries all over the world who receive aid from us continue to bad mouth us and defy our interests. From offering Snowden political asylum to burning our flag. Here’s a thought. How about stopping all foreign aid to all these countries and putting that money into the Social Security trust fund?  I don’t know how much it would amount to, but I am sure it would be in the hundreds of billions. Then we should double the amount we send to our seniors. The subsequent boon to our economy would be unbelievable. Let the tin horn despots and their third world countries take care of themselves. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that money can’t buy you love?

The next issue to deal with is the George Zimmerman trial. He was not arrested when the initial action occurred because there was insufficient evidence. It was only after Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their traveling bunch of goons came to Florida and threatened riots and unrest that the politicians decided they should do something. Oh, and it was just reported that our own US Justice Dept. through CRS, Community Relation Service, paid for buses to bring protestors from all over to put more pressure on the good citizens of Florida. They also paid for anti-Zimmerman rallies. Bowing to that pressure, Gov. Rick Scott appointed State’s Attorney Angela Corey as special prosecutor. She then offered evidence to a judge who issued a warrant for second degree murder. The problem is that she lied on the filing and has since been indicted by a Grand Jury for fraud. As a result of her fraudulent testimony to the judge, a murder warrant was issued for Zimmerman.

Of course you know what just happened. Zimmerman was found not guilty and has been released. I listened as the prosecution tried to present their case. They never had a case. This whole matter was a racial, political persecution. It never had anything to do with the facts in the case. It became clear that there was never enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman for anything let alone second degree murder.

There are now threats against the Zimmerman family as well as the judge, jury, and the attorneys. Radical morons, ginned up by our own Justice Dept. as well as the Jackson/Sharpton goons, have threatened to kill.  The state of Florida and the Justice Dept. should be ashamed. If a single member of this jury or anybody associated with this trial is harmed, it will be on them and their able co-respondents, the media. The idea that any Florida jury could find Casey Anthony innocent of killing her daughter and then find Zimmerman guilty of anything should tell you all you need to know about Florida’s judicial system. Angela Corey is the one who should be in jail.

What have we become? This was nothing but racial politics. Neither the Federal Government nor Obama should have ever gotten involved. There should never have been an arrest or a trial. What, indeed, have we become?

Ron Scarbro July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” That was a bit of wisdom my mother shared with me when I was a small child. I have never forgotten it. I am bringing this up because of the recent problems suffered by southern cook and restaurateur Paula Deen. Paula has been accused of apparently using the “N-word” at some time in her past. She didn’t use an N-stick or an N-stone. She used an N-word. She has been fired by her employer, Food Network, and has lost several sponsorships. She is being crucified for using a bad word. The best reporting is that her multi-million dollar empire is crumbling.

At the risk of being crucified myself, I am going to comment on this issue. If my empire crumbles, it will be considerably less than a million dollars.

What is in a name? What is in a word? Why have the PC and thought police gotten so powerful that people like Deen can be so brutalized by something that happened many, many years ago? Like Paula, I was raised in the south and over the years different groups of people have chosen to be known by different names. The so-called N-word was common in my early years. I know things change so how individuals choose to identify themselves today is their business. I don’t care. I have a sister-in-law who is African-American. She isn’t black, but she was born in Morocco which is a country in Africa and has since become an American citizen. I am sure you will agree that most black people who live in America were not born in Africa. But if they want to be called African-American, that is their business.

Homosexuals want to be called gay. Personally I don’t see anything gay about a homosexual lifestyle, but that’s their choice. American Indians prefer Native American. That’s okay with me. I have some Cherokee Indian heritage in my bloodline and I was born in this country. You could say that I have an identity problem. I guess I am a Native American Native American. Oh well.

This is the point. How people choose to identify themselves is their business. Because of our freedom of speech, we, the people, are not required to use any particular name for any particular group. As free people we can address anybody by any name we choose. That is our right. Granted some people are going to be offended. That is their business.

Apparently there are groups of people so devoid of self esteem that they are somehow harmed by name calling? I am not black and have never been, so good judgement says I probably shouldn’t comment about black people, but good judgement has never gotten in my way before. Therefore it is my opinion that black people need to get over themselves. They need to get rid of the race hustlers who are intent on keeping all of them on the plantation.

If you are black and you want to succeed, you don’t need Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Pull your pants up, speak proper English, educate yourself, and emulate successful people of both races. The NBA is composed of very few people. If you are not seven feet tall, you might want to find a different line of work. We are all the product of our choices. The white majority is not the demon the hustlers would have you believe. Sharpton and Jackson have their agendas and it is most certainly not the improvement of the status of the black race. Their livelihood and continued fortune depends on black people looking to them for leadership and they are probably the worst possible examples of leaders one could imagine.

Finally, words in fact are neither “sticks nor stones.” They are only words. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” In other words, no one can offend you unless you allow it.

Ron Scarbro July 10, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


How much would you charge for your legs? How about your arms or your eyesight or hearing. Then after we had made a deal for these body parts and functions, how long would you wait for payment? One year? Two years? How about five years or even longer?

It has recently been reported that some 600,000 veterans today are backlogged and waiting for their VA benefits. These are our warriors who made a contract with you and me, joined the military, went to war to help save our freedom, were wounded or harmed in some way in that service, and are now waiting for us to fulfill our end of the contract. Our end is to help them with their expenses and their medical costs. Our end is to assist them in their return to mainstream life. Our end is to help them with education so that they might figure out a way to earn a decent living in light of possible disabilities. Our end is to be grateful for their service and their sacrifice. These are our warriors. These are our champions. We should be ashamed.

Their body parts are scattered all over the Middle East. Their sense of sight and their sense of hearing are lying on the sands of the Iraqi and Afghani deserts. In many cases their sense of worth is also laying there. And so the question. How much would you charge for your legs? How long would you wait for your contract to be honored?

I never cease to be amazed that we, in our zeal to stay free, send our military into harms way with the promise that we will be there for them when they need us and then we turn our backs on them. Our politicians and bureaucrats say to these champions, be patient, we will get around to you in time. Most of these slick little dudes who fill the offices and bureaus of our government never actually see war. They never actually feel the pain of limb loss. All they apparently see is paperwork. They read statistics.

Here’s a thought. Get them out of their little cubicles. Get them out of their offices. Send them to the hospitals and rehab centers and let them see what war is really all about. Let them walk with the veteran who experiences artificial limbs for the first time. Let them read to the veteran who gave his sight for their freedom. Let them comfort their spouses and children as they face an uncertain future.

Then send them back to their little offices and see if they are not in some way a little more compelled to speed up the process of caring for these warriors. When they understand that these are real people with real issues and not just numbers on a sheet of paper, they might try a little harder. The military did their job, now it is time for civilian bureaucrats to do theirs.

Here is a little exercise. Look down at your legs. Take a long look at you arms. Gaze out at your spouse and your children. Listen to some great music. Now imagine what you would charge to give any or all of that up and how long would you wait for your agreed upon benefits. How patient would you be? How long would you wait before you got really angry? It’s a fair question.

Ron Scarbro