Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Have you heard about the guy who was caught in a bad situation, like in a compromising situation with the other woman, etc? Rather than facing the situation and dealing with it, it seems easier to just change the subject. So he says to his accusing wife, “How about them Dodgers?” Somehow I don’t think that is going to work.

That is what I thought when I heard Obama telling the American people in his weekly radio address that Washington is just too concerned with phony scandals. It is taking their eye off the ball. Let’s change the subject. Let’s talk about the economy, or health care, or basketball. Anything but the “phony” scandals.

I have a question. Which of the scandals is phony? Is it Benghazi, where four American citizens were murdered by radical Muslim killers during an all out 9-11 attack on our embassy? An attack where we shamefully refused to intervene and try to defend them?

Maybe he is referring to the IRS’s illegal profiling and targeting of so-called enemies of Obama? Enemies such as Tea Party groups or even challengers to him politically? Then, on being called to defend themselves and explain the situation in sworn testimony before Congress, invoke their privilege under the Fifth Amendment to prevent being prosecuted for crimes?  

Perhaps he was talking about the NSA and their illegally listening in on American telephone conversations and trying to gag the legitimate news gathering and reporting services through indictment and threats of prosecution?

I’ll bet he thinks the sudden and almost total rejection of Obamacare by the unions who carried the mail for Obama when he was trying to force this crap down the throats of the American people might be a phony scandal. Even including now the IRS union who has asked to be relieved of the requirement to enroll in Obamacare saying that this requirement would be harmful to the health of their members.

It couldn’t be these “phony scandals,” could it? Then there’s the illegal gun running scheme to Mexican drug cartels led by Attorney General Holder. A scheme which caused the death of at least one of our law enforcement officers and who knows how many more? How about the newest scandal which is just about to unfold. AG Holder has apparently decided that he is not subject to the rulings of The Supreme Court and has decided to go after the state of Texas regarding voter’s rights.

I could go on, but I think you might get my drift. From the Administration’s injecting themselves in local trials for political expediency or for whatever reason, to all the nonsense we will have to fix when they are finally out of office, this entire Administration is a scandal.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The “phony scandal” comments come from an individual who may well be illegally occupying The White House.

This is what I know. The truth will come out. The future will reveal all that has been hidden. From his birthplace to his college attendance and grades to the identity of his money sources during his youth which covered his college expenses and allowed him to travel all over the world. There will be no escape from the truth.

I suppose if I were in the position Obama is in, I would try to change the subject too. After all, if these scandals aren’t phony, then they must be true and that could be bad. History will be the judge. Obama’s legacy is assured. It just isn’t the legacy he had in mind.

Ron Scarbro

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