Friday, November 20, 2009


You know this is getting too easy. One would think that people in the public eye would pay closer attention to their activities and their pronouncements but no, they just keep feeding writers like me. Morons come in all sizes and shapes and from all political persuasions but it seems that the Democrats continue to lead the pack of idiots. Maybe it is just because they happen to be in power at this time but whatever, they once again get the honor.

Today's pick is none other than Attorney General Eric Holder. It certainly will come as no surprise to this group of intelligent readers that Holder has decided that the way to handle the 9-11 conspirators is to bring them to New York City and try them as if they were common street criminals. Never mind that New York will spend approximately 75 million dollars to try and protect their citizenry and that additional millions will be spent on lawyers, judges, and police activity, that doesn't seem to matter to Holder and his lefty constituents. No this is to be the maximum payoff to those on the left who are still trying to punish George Bush for his Presidency.

I have a question. Where is Obama on this issue? Has he spoken out? Did he bless this decision, or will he continue to ignore the firestorm and pretend it is Holder's problem and that it will go away. I think it is safe to say that Obama is going to let Holder hang in the wind because the stakes are the highest of his Presidency. I'll explain.

What if, as the press has pointed out, one of these thugs decides to use the whole proceeding as a rallying point to the rest of the world's killer terrorists? What if he gets his world stage and incites even more havoc on the free world? Even worse, what if some of his thug friends manage to evade the security and kill another two or three thousand New Yorkers or any other citizens as retaliation for the trial?
What if, God forbid, some of these killers are acquitted? You know, if they are tried in American courts and under American law, they will be entitled to all the rights and protections of any other American citizen. Remember the killer O.J. Simpson? If anyone on earth was ever guilty of double murder with pre-meditation, it was O.J. Simpson and yet he was found not guilty. Stranger things have happened.

Of course Holder has guaranteed a conviction. How does that happen? Is he buying the judge, the jury? Holder has guaranteed that our CIA tactics will not be compromised. How is he going to do that? It all seems so moronic to me.

The reason Obama is staying away from this matter is because he knows the danger to his Presidency for the debt they are paying the left. No matter, because if any of the things I have described occur, neither Holder nor Obama will be able to hide from the wrath of the American people. This is an unbelievable gamble on Obama's part. There is no doubt that we have in place measures to deal with these killers through Military Tribunals. The Supreme Court has blessed it and it should have gone forward long ago.

When I was in the military we were trained in how to take prisoners and we were taught that it is difficult to take them because it takes several soldiers to handle even one prisoner. This administration, through its Attorney General, is telling the military that it might be better just to forget trying to take prisoners. Is that what they want?

Like you I am not a fortune teller, but I see all kinds of potential problems ahead for Holder and the Obama Administration. This is just another example of their inability to lead this country. Let us all hope that this matter is dealt with quickly and without incident, but don't hold your breath.

Ron Scarbro November 20. 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on May 28, 2010)

Now let's see. I want to go on a vacation. I want to take some friends with me. We decide hey, wouldn't it be a great idea to go for a little hike along the border separating Iraq and Iran? What could go wrong? After all we know this is a war zone and people are getting killed by the thousands every day here, but we are just innocent tourists. Who would bother us?

Is there anything about the above conversation that you would find a little ridiculous? Of course I am talking about the three young people who have been taken prisoner by Iran for illegally entering their country, and have spent over one hundred days in captivity. We now have learned that they are going to be charged with espionage.

First of all, if these idiots are spies, they have to be the most incompetent spies in history. If they work for the CIA, I want that agency fired. No, I don't believe for a moment they are spies and neither does the Iranian government. As a sidebar, I read recently that if you illegally enter North Korea or Iran you get tried as spies and sentenced to hard labor. If you illegally enter the United States, you get a Social Security card, free health care, and a driver's license. But I digress. What is happening in Iran over these three morons is something quite different. Iran sees this as an opportunity to get the US to kiss their rear end and make concessions that ultimately could endanger the entire free world. I am sure they intend to hold these people until they get what they want.

I am truly sorry for the relatives of these three youngsters, but if it were up to me, I would tell Iran to proceed with any trial they choose but to do so at their risk. These three put themselves in serious jeopardy and they put their country in jeopardy as well. We must decide whether they are worth putting the world at risk to save their sorry hides. Iran must decide whether they, if they try these kids, are willing to put their country in harms way like they could never believe.

I have a few thoughts on a possible solution for this incident and for future such events. Too often countries such as Iran see these incidents as opportunities for gaining concessions from us. There is no doubt in anyone's mind who has given this matter any thought that Iran intends to have nuclear ability. They want to be the master of the Middle East and nuclear warheads will give them such power. We must never let that happen.

We need to send a message to Iran. Do what you wish to save face as you see it, but if you choose to harm or imprison any American, you do so at your peril. We need to end this blackmail once and for all. We will retaliate in any way we see fit. If we believe embargoes will be enough that is what we will do. If we believe more stringent sanctions up to and including military action is warranted, then we reserve the right to do that. It is up to Iran. If these three so called hikers are lost because of our actions, they brought this on themselves. If however we get them back in this country, we need to prosecute them fully for their actions.

Here then would be my message to Iran or any country who would dare challenge the power of America. Iran, are you willing to sacrifice your entire country to try these people? How much are you willing to lose? Do you really want to take that chance?

As long as we allow our might and our sovereignty to be compromised, these things will continue to happen. Let's just end it. Let us use this incident as a teaching opportunity for the rest of the world. Sooner or later we are going to have to deal with these thugs, why not just get it over with.

Ron Scarbro November 15, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on November 6, 2009)

Their blood has been spilled in the mountains and fields of Europe. Their body parts have been scattered over the swamps and jungles of Asia and the deserts of The Middle East and North Africa. Some have found their eternal rest in the watery graves of the North Atlantic and the South Pacific. Boys became men and little girls grew into women in defense of liberty and freedom. Still they answered the call. When this great nation needed them they came. They came by the thousands and tens of thousands. They came not to be heroes but that is the way it turned out. They are the veterans we honor today. Some came home in flag draped coffins. Some came home missing limbs and with bad dreams of the horrors they witnessed and dealt with. Still they answered the call. Some veterans gave their all and some just gave their time. Either way, they gave and continue to give today.

Today we pay tribute to war veterans, but we also pay tribute to those who put their lives on hold to enter the military service in times of peace to stand as a barrier against the evil in the world. Like all veterans, you too answered the call. By your presence you stood as a deterrent to those tyrants and thugs who would seek to destroy our freedom and our way of life. For your service you were paid poor wages and fed questionable food. Often you were required to sacrifice many of the freedoms you enjoyed in civilian life. But still you came.

Some returned from an unpopular war to a less than friendly welcome home. To those who felt they had to get out of their uniforms quickly, we apologize. To those who participated in the unfriendly welcome, shame on you. It may be helpful for you to know soldiers and sailors don't get to choose what orders they obey. They are trained as warriors and they put their lives on the line for your freedom when they are called to do so. Today we honor those among you who suffered such treatment. May we never again be so ungrateful as a people.

To the families who give up so much. You have given this country your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors and friends. Today we also honor you. No one could ever understand your fear or the feelings you experience when your loved ones are in harm's way unless they have been in your shoes. But still you stand and wait. Please do so in the knowledge that a grateful nation loves you and appreciates your sacrifice. 

America has set aside but one day out of the year to honor our warriors, our military, our veterans, but I say every day should be Veteran's Day. Not a day should go by that we all should not pay tribute to those who answer the call and serve. As has been said so many times, freedom is not free. To those among you who have paid the price and answered the call, we will never forget. A grateful nation honors you this day and every day.

Ron Scarbro  Veterans Day 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


Just another nut job with a gun? I am talking about the maniac who shot up Ft. Hood and killed, as of this writing, thirteen people. I am going to ask some questions with this column.

When I first heard of the incident my first thought was that this had to be the work of Muslim extremists. Now why would I think that? To me it is obvious. They are the group of people who do this sort of thing. Before you get all excited and yell at me, I know there are other nut jobs in the world and in our own country who commit heinous acts. I am aware of the Oklahoma City bomber as well as so many others who have perpetrated all sorts of mayhem on us in the name of some sort of real or imagined cause. When I first heard of the Oklahoma City bombing I thought that was probably a Muslim act also. When I see a person in Muslim costume or hear of a person with a Middle Eastern surname, I wonder if they are also fanatics. Am I profiling? You bet I am. Is it fair on my part? I think it is. I am automatically suspicious of all things Muslim. Whose fault is that? I'll give you two seconds to come up with an answer. If you answered it is the fault of the Muslims, you get a gold star.

As it turns out, the killer from Ft. Hood was in fact a practicing Muslim. He also had a Middle Eastern surname. The fact that he was a doctor and a Major in the army is superseded by the fact that he was a Muslim. It has been reported that during his shooting spree that he was shouting "Allah Akbar", which I am told is loosely translated as "God is Great". It appears to be the favorite phrase of Muslim crazies who commit suicide bombings and was the phrase used by those same morons during the 9-11 attacks.

Here is a question. How does a Muslim extremist who has clearly expressed his negative opinion on our war against terrorists get to be a Major as well as a doctor in the US Army? Did he escape detection? Or was his insanity ignored because of "political correctness"? After all he was an officer and a gentleman in the US Army. What he did was not the act of an officer or a gentleman however. What he did was the act of a homicidal maniac.

Political correctness is bad enough when it is practiced in the private sector but when it is practiced in the military it can become quite deadly as evidenced by the events of November 5.

It is well past time for this particular leftist concept to be tossed from our lexicon. If some person or group of people is offended by another's definition of them in a free country with free speech, that is just too bad. Taking offense seems to be the latest malady infecting people who under value themselves, and frankly I'm tired of it.

From all I can learn at this point, this particular killer was born in my free country, educated in  my free schools, wearing the uniform of my country's army, and enjoyed the life of any free American. It is quite apparent however that his loyalty was somewhere else. The time has come and gone for us to root out these morons and deal with them. We have one flag, one country, and one loyalty. If you want to live here, get used to it or get out. If you are offended by these statements, that is just too damned bad.

Ron Scarbro November 6, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009


When I first sat down in front of this computer to write this weeks' blog, it was my intention to write about the moron who decided that he  and his honor were offended by none other than his own daughter, and further decided that because of his twisted idea of religion he was required to kill that daughter. Her offense? Becoming too westernized. You have read the story. He ran her and a friend down in his car putting them both in the hospital. As of this writing his daughter is still in critical condition. My mere words could never do justice to the feelings I have about this barbaric act. If I had my way, I would gut shoot him with buckshot and feed him to a herd of feral hogs. But, of course, I am not in charge so I will have to let our judicial system deal with this sub-human idiot.

You, my readers, are far too intelligent to have to hear my thoughts about these third world, ignorant, cave dwelling, freaks. So, today I wish to be more philosophical.

 Here's my simple question. If you knew you were living in your last week of life, what, if anything, would you do differently? How would you spend that time? What, if anything, would you change? What would your meals consist of? Would you eat that hot fudge sundae? Who would you spend your time with? What would you worry about? Someone recently told me that the first thing he would do is light up a cigarette. I probably understand that. The questions could run on and on but I think you get my direction.

As for me, I think about this once in a while. I just had my 69th birthday so my age alone should alert me to the fact that time is fleeting. But consider this, being young doesn't necessarily guarantee you a tomorrow or a next week. By the same token, being older doesn't mean that you are living in your last hours either.

Here is what it gets down to. How am I spending my time? Is it being wasted? Tim McGraw recently released a song entitled "Live like you are dying". That is the message of this writing today. We don't know what tomorrow may bring. We have all lost friends and relatives and felt the sorrow of that loss. Our friends and relatives will feel that same sorrow when we are gone. But this message is not about dying. It is instead about living. It is about enjoying our time on this earth whether that time is measured in hours, days, or decades. It is simple enough to be distracted by the idiots in this world who do vile and vicious things to each other. My challenge to you and to me is to live our lives as if we were dying. Here is a simple task. Consider what you would order for your last meal on earth, then go out and have it. How easy is that?

Don't get me wrong. It's okay to be aware of things going on in the world, but, there is nothing gained by dwelling on them. Priorities, priorities, that is my message. Do you have debts? I am not talking about monetary debts. No, I am talking about emotional debts. Do you owe any "I love yous"? Do you owe any "I am glad to have you as my friend"? Have you told your kids how proud you are of them? Have you told your mate how your life has been made whole by his or her being in it? That is the living I am talking about.

My final point is this. If you were about to draw your last breath, is there anything you have left unsaid? If so, say it now.

Ron Scarbro November 1, 2009