Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As a rule I do not use this column for personal messages, but this one time I am going to make an exception. You see I have a very close relative who basically has two main problems. One is that he is an unabashed liberal, and the other is that he is my brother. He recently suggested that while I am quick to write about the idiocy of certain Democrats, I seem reluctant to give equal time to moronic Republicans. He even offered the name of Mark Sanford as a possibility. You may remember Sanford as the disgraced former governor of South Carolina who was recently elected to Congress. Who would have thought that could happen? Certainly not me. I am not a fan. My comment is simple. I think his election to Congress speaks less about Sanford and much more about his Democrat opposition. For him to beat her must mean she was really lame competition. Just saying.

Now, to the topic for this week. Every time I think I have seen it all, something happens that blows my mind. I recently reported to you that some moron on the New York City Council has proposed a new law regulating the way New York police officers can describe suspects. For reasons only a complete idiot could understand, her proposal would not allow police to describe any offender in any way which might suggest heritage, skin color, sex, sexual preference, or sexual proclivity?, whatever that means. Her thinking apparently is that someone in one of those groups might be offended. Under this idiot’s proposal police could only say, for example, a crime may or not have been committed by someone somewhere. Be on the lookout. Now that would be helpful. As I said before, if I were a transsexual thief of mixed heritage, New York is the place where I would want to ply my trade. The chances of being identified or caught would be slim to none.

Now I know what you are saying. Nothing could top that for stupidity, right? Sadly I must now report to you a matter which gives stupid a whole new meaning. Congressman James McDermott, DEMOCRAT, Washington, has demanded that the FBI remove posters identifying sixteen most wanted terrorists from public view. The posters even say that these are the faces of global terrorism. McDermott apparently thinks the posters might be offensive to Muslims. You see, the poster shows the faces of these sixteen most wanted baby killers and they are all, incidentally, dark skinned, Arabic looking young men with obvious Middle Eastern names. Not a single one of them is a red headed Irish grandmother, or a gray haired old Swede. McDermott apparently believes this is just so unfair to young, Muslim, Arabic looking males with Middle Eastern sounding names. Never mind that these are in fact the pictures of  most wanted killer terrorists. No, McDermott prefers we be fairer to those Muslims who are not guilty of baby murder. After all, we must be politically correct, right?

What is more troubling to me though is that the voters of his district keep re-electing this moron to Congress. Oh, wait. I used to live in Washington. I remember what Washingtonians are like. So, never mind. They all should be embarrassed and ashamed.

With all due respect to both Republicans and Democrats, there are plenty of idiots on both sides to write about. It is just so much easier to find morons among the liberal set. They seem to revel in their sense of rightness. It makes my job so much easier.

Ron Scarbro June 26, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have a few questions. Here’s one. Why is Maj. Nidal Hasan still breathing my air? This case is going on four years since this worthless piece of excrement opened fire on an unarmed group of people and wound up killing several. He hasn’t even gone to trial yet and he is still drawing his salary. You have to wonder if he is getting hazardous duty pay for having to be in prison. This coward needs to be introduced to his seventy two virgins and the sooner the better. The money being wasted on his salary and upkeep could be better spent assisting veterans and their families. Also who is paying for his lawyers? And are they billing by the hour? Are they looking for ways to draw this out for as long as they can? Let’s end this now and let’s end Maj. Nidal Hasan now. Gut shoot him with buckshot and feed him to the hogs.

Now let’s look at Edward Snowden. Here is a twenty-nine year old high school dropout who couldn’t make it in the Army who was subsequently hired by the CIA? Then on to a job with a private contractor for the NSA? And you are telling me this moron had access to top secret information? And that he secreted it out of the country for China? Is he an agent of the Chinese Government? How on earth did he get hired by these very secretive spy organizations in the first place? If he lives, which is highly doubtful, he should be hunted down, tried as a traitor, and if found guilty,  hung, period.

Okay, let’s see a show of hands from anybody who didn’t think that electing a junior level community organizer with a questionable background to the highest office in the free world wouldn’t wind up as an administration mired in scandal after scandal. Hmmm, not a lot of hands raised in this crowd. The real question is how long is the Congress going to wait before they exercise their constitutional authority and clean this mess up? AG Holder has already been found in contempt of Congress and has been subpoenaed yet again to answer questions. This time he has decided to answer eight pre-submitted questions behind closed doors and no more. It’s as if he doesn’t understand that he could be arrested and put into prison for his contempt of Congress. What are you waiting for Congressman Issa? Let’s start cleaning house.

I have a few questions about the impending “Immigration Bill.” Let’s see now. You propose to make it possible for some 25 million people to just fess up, pay their past due taxes, learn to speak English, then go to the back of some mythical line, and someday become citizens? And you want me to believe that this will somehow  secure our border and stop all these aliens from illegally entering America. What exactly are you smoking anyway? This, like Obamacare, has disaster written all over it. Just watch.

We have seen warning after warning concerning the signs that our democracy is in trouble. We have been told that governments like ours have a  life expectancy of some two hundred years. Have we reached our end? Are we ready to turn over the reins to dictators? I don’t think so. All we have to do is take the country back. We have a Constitution. We have law. Obama’s approval ratings are dropping like lead in soft water and that will continue to happen as more and more insanity surfaces. It is incumbent upon us the American people to see to it that there is no recurrence of what we have witnessed these past four years. It starts with the 2014 election. Don’t let your country down.

Ron Scarbro June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ron, you haven’t written anything funny for a while. All you are writing is serious stuff. Well, the reason I haven’t written any funny stuff lately is because there hasn’t been a lot of funny happening. Today though I did find something which I think is hilarious.  

Here’s what is funny. Obama, Holder, Hillary, the IRS, the Justice Dept, and all the others involved with the overt destruction of our values and our Constitution, think we are going to just look the other way and allow it to continue. They really think they are going to get away with it all. Now that is funny.

We the people have been patient. We have sat still and watched as this unqualified junior level politician in the White House has done his thing. Well that has ended. I think the listening in on our private conversations is the straw that breaks the back of this administration.

Holder will probably be the first to go. Remember John Mitchell? After Holder, the politicians in Washington as well as the liberal press will finally find their manhood and retrieve their heads from their previous dark places and start getting serious about all of this. Hillary’s dreams are finished. She had better really learn how to bake cookies. Her future is as Bill’s faithful little housewife standing by her man. I’m pretty sure that isn’t what she had in mind.

Then, like dominos, the rest will fall. We have an  election in 2014 and that is going to be the real test of the resolve of the American people. That election is the beginning of the taking back of this country by the American people.

Now I want to say a word or two about the mining of private conversations by the government. I, like many of you, am a Verizon customer. I also post a blog on the “Worldwide Web.” When I am on my cell phone, I have no expectation of privacy. Anybody could capture my conversations. When I post a column to the blog, I have no expectation of privacy. After all, it is there for all the world to read. I am even aware that my columns are read by someone in Washington because I have a service that informs me of my readership. I am okay with that. I hope they learn something. Where I grow concerned is that the government, who has proven to be totally and completely untrustworthy, is not only mining conversations, but they are also retaining and storing that information. All of this is without warrant and in violation of the fourth amendment to the Constitution. The government is breaking the law, period. And there is no other way of explaining it.

Of course this latest revelation is only the latest in a long list of legal and moral violations committed by this administration. Ours is a government of, by, and for the people. We are not subjects. We elect representatives, not leaders. Our representatives are our employees and they should be treated as such. We have three branches of government and their job is to watch each other. The Congress is in charge of the purse strings. We have a clear cut book of rules and if these political clowns in Washington think for one moment that we are going to continue to look the other way, they are sadly mistaken. We are coming and we are going to take it all back.

Ben Franklin warned that those who would give up liberty for security deserve or get neither. We have ways of dealing with terrorism without violating the rights of our citizens. We need to get over political correctness and target the bad guys and it is not difficult to know who they are.

Ron Scarbro June 12, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When I posted last week’s column one of my readers offered a comment that they had never known a politician that could be trusted. This reader opined that they were all dishonest crooks.

To some of you that might seem harsh. Yet to others it might seem rather tame. The problem comes when people are put into position where they can harm others by their dishonesty. It also seems that regardless of the ethics of an individual when they are elected, they appear overcome with their new sense of power and all the money that flows around them. In just a matter of days, they become Washington elites with little or no regard for the voters of their district who put them into the office in the first place.

I myself am a bit of a skeptic. Now I know most of you will find that difficult to believe, but it is true. This is what I think must happen when a newly elected legislator gets to Washington. He or she is brought before their party leadership and told the following. “Welcome to the best job you will ever have. You have just hit the lottery. You basically now have the ability to print money. You have all of this not because you have been chosen by the voters to serve your constituency, but because we are going to allow you to continue in that position. All you have to do is follow instructions and don’t rock the boat. You have been elected to serve a two year term but if you have any intention of being re-elected, you will have to do as you are told. We have the ability and the means to see that you are re-elected and we also have the means to get rid of you. Oh, and by the way, all that nonsense you told the voters to get them to vote for you in the first place, forget about it. We will decide how and what you will vote on from this point on. You are now a member of the most exclusive club on earth, don’t mess it up.”

Rarely does anyone dare to mess it up.

The only way this is going to change is for the voters to take their country back. The first and most obvious way is term limits. Believe me, Congress will never pass any term limits because it would kill the goose that lays their golden egg. We the people must exercise term limits by refusing to re-elect anybody regardless of who they are. The idea of career politicians is repulsive. The idea of Congressional leaders being selected because of their seniority is ridiculous. I don’t believe our Founding Fathers ever conceived of career politicians. Ours was always supposed to be a citizen legislature.

Today the majority of this country has little trust in their elected representation. Let’s face it, politicians have done little to earn that trust.

Look at the scandals infecting the Obama Administration. The primary role of Congress is oversight and funding. Where have they been? Did you know that Obamacare cannot go forward unless the House of Representatives funds it? Did you know that the House also funds the IRS? In fact it is the job of the House, currently controlled by Republicans, to fund all of government. Today we know that the IRS blew eighty million dollars on “conferences and team building.” Are they crazy? Where is the oversight? It does little good to lock the barn after the horse has already escaped.

I truly wish we could once again trust our government. I wish the liars in Washington were prosecuted and run out of town. Our republic is fragile and it won’t continue to hold up under the strain of dishonesty. Wouldn’t it be great to feel good about government? Wouldn’t it be great to trust once again?

Ron Scarbro June 5, 2013