Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have a few questions. Here’s one. Why is Maj. Nidal Hasan still breathing my air? This case is going on four years since this worthless piece of excrement opened fire on an unarmed group of people and wound up killing several. He hasn’t even gone to trial yet and he is still drawing his salary. You have to wonder if he is getting hazardous duty pay for having to be in prison. This coward needs to be introduced to his seventy two virgins and the sooner the better. The money being wasted on his salary and upkeep could be better spent assisting veterans and their families. Also who is paying for his lawyers? And are they billing by the hour? Are they looking for ways to draw this out for as long as they can? Let’s end this now and let’s end Maj. Nidal Hasan now. Gut shoot him with buckshot and feed him to the hogs.

Now let’s look at Edward Snowden. Here is a twenty-nine year old high school dropout who couldn’t make it in the Army who was subsequently hired by the CIA? Then on to a job with a private contractor for the NSA? And you are telling me this moron had access to top secret information? And that he secreted it out of the country for China? Is he an agent of the Chinese Government? How on earth did he get hired by these very secretive spy organizations in the first place? If he lives, which is highly doubtful, he should be hunted down, tried as a traitor, and if found guilty,  hung, period.

Okay, let’s see a show of hands from anybody who didn’t think that electing a junior level community organizer with a questionable background to the highest office in the free world wouldn’t wind up as an administration mired in scandal after scandal. Hmmm, not a lot of hands raised in this crowd. The real question is how long is the Congress going to wait before they exercise their constitutional authority and clean this mess up? AG Holder has already been found in contempt of Congress and has been subpoenaed yet again to answer questions. This time he has decided to answer eight pre-submitted questions behind closed doors and no more. It’s as if he doesn’t understand that he could be arrested and put into prison for his contempt of Congress. What are you waiting for Congressman Issa? Let’s start cleaning house.

I have a few questions about the impending “Immigration Bill.” Let’s see now. You propose to make it possible for some 25 million people to just fess up, pay their past due taxes, learn to speak English, then go to the back of some mythical line, and someday become citizens? And you want me to believe that this will somehow  secure our border and stop all these aliens from illegally entering America. What exactly are you smoking anyway? This, like Obamacare, has disaster written all over it. Just watch.

We have seen warning after warning concerning the signs that our democracy is in trouble. We have been told that governments like ours have a  life expectancy of some two hundred years. Have we reached our end? Are we ready to turn over the reins to dictators? I don’t think so. All we have to do is take the country back. We have a Constitution. We have law. Obama’s approval ratings are dropping like lead in soft water and that will continue to happen as more and more insanity surfaces. It is incumbent upon us the American people to see to it that there is no recurrence of what we have witnessed these past four years. It starts with the 2014 election. Don’t let your country down.

Ron Scarbro June 19, 2013

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