Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As a rule I do not use this column for personal messages, but this one time I am going to make an exception. You see I have a very close relative who basically has two main problems. One is that he is an unabashed liberal, and the other is that he is my brother. He recently suggested that while I am quick to write about the idiocy of certain Democrats, I seem reluctant to give equal time to moronic Republicans. He even offered the name of Mark Sanford as a possibility. You may remember Sanford as the disgraced former governor of South Carolina who was recently elected to Congress. Who would have thought that could happen? Certainly not me. I am not a fan. My comment is simple. I think his election to Congress speaks less about Sanford and much more about his Democrat opposition. For him to beat her must mean she was really lame competition. Just saying.

Now, to the topic for this week. Every time I think I have seen it all, something happens that blows my mind. I recently reported to you that some moron on the New York City Council has proposed a new law regulating the way New York police officers can describe suspects. For reasons only a complete idiot could understand, her proposal would not allow police to describe any offender in any way which might suggest heritage, skin color, sex, sexual preference, or sexual proclivity?, whatever that means. Her thinking apparently is that someone in one of those groups might be offended. Under this idiot’s proposal police could only say, for example, a crime may or not have been committed by someone somewhere. Be on the lookout. Now that would be helpful. As I said before, if I were a transsexual thief of mixed heritage, New York is the place where I would want to ply my trade. The chances of being identified or caught would be slim to none.

Now I know what you are saying. Nothing could top that for stupidity, right? Sadly I must now report to you a matter which gives stupid a whole new meaning. Congressman James McDermott, DEMOCRAT, Washington, has demanded that the FBI remove posters identifying sixteen most wanted terrorists from public view. The posters even say that these are the faces of global terrorism. McDermott apparently thinks the posters might be offensive to Muslims. You see, the poster shows the faces of these sixteen most wanted baby killers and they are all, incidentally, dark skinned, Arabic looking young men with obvious Middle Eastern names. Not a single one of them is a red headed Irish grandmother, or a gray haired old Swede. McDermott apparently believes this is just so unfair to young, Muslim, Arabic looking males with Middle Eastern sounding names. Never mind that these are in fact the pictures of  most wanted killer terrorists. No, McDermott prefers we be fairer to those Muslims who are not guilty of baby murder. After all, we must be politically correct, right?

What is more troubling to me though is that the voters of his district keep re-electing this moron to Congress. Oh, wait. I used to live in Washington. I remember what Washingtonians are like. So, never mind. They all should be embarrassed and ashamed.

With all due respect to both Republicans and Democrats, there are plenty of idiots on both sides to write about. It is just so much easier to find morons among the liberal set. They seem to revel in their sense of rightness. It makes my job so much easier.

Ron Scarbro June 26, 2013

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