Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is far better to keep your mouth shut and let everybody think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt. Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat, Nevada, are you listening?

Harry Reid is an individual from a tiny little town in Nevada called Henderson who entered politics as a person of moderate means, who has become a millionaire many times over, who illegally uses his campaign war chest to give cash gifts to his relatives, who is involved with very questionable business practices and investments, and a person whose accomplishments are solely due to seniority which has allowed him to become the leader of the Democrats in the US Senate. The people of Nevada should be ashamed.  I have said before that it is bad enough that voters would choose a moron as their senator, the real problem is that he then is inflicted upon the entire country. Do you really believe that Harry Reid is the best possible citizen in the state of Nevada to serve as US Senator? Is he the best choice for Majority Leader? He is a proven liar. He spends most of his time removing his feet from his mouth. He makes ridiculous statements that embarrass his fellow Democrats and his constituency. He is a joke. The problem of course is that only the voters of  Nevada can get rid of him.

Our Congress is full of these individuals. They get elected, move to Washington, change their zip codes, and then forget where they came from. They join the club. They see themselves as some sort of royalty and live the life of elitism. They are ferried by chauffeur driven limos to wherever they choose to go. The only time they concern themselves with their constituency is when they have to seek reelection.

Reid probably believes he will continue to get away with his larceny. The big problem is that now he has alerted a huge number of people to his activities and they will not let it go. Why is Harry Reid so interested in the open range land being used by rancher Cliven Bundy? Is there truth to the rumor that Reid and others are planning a business venture of, let’s just guess, a wind farm? The open range that rancher Bundy has been using to graze his cattle is being targeted by Reid and his associates for some reason. Somebody please tell me how public land can be used for private business regardless of what the business is.

Why do the voters continue to reelect these morons to these offices? Granted the incumbents have all the advantage but still the voters could toss them if there was a concerted effort to do so. Congress’ approval rating is just a hair above leprosy. And Congress is made up of your representatives and mine. The time is long past to deal with this most pressing issue. While we desperately need term limits for Congress, that is never going to happen if Congress gets a vote on the issue.

Truth be told we already have term limits. All we have to do is toss these parasites after they have served a term or two at the most. Another problem that would be solved by this is seniority. Nothing in our Constitution allows for seniority. It is a completely unconstitutional power grab.

In my perfect world candidates for these high offices would have to take intelligence tests. They would have to submit to background checks. They would be held to the highest standards available. Anyone, candidate or elected official, would be jailed for any breach of the law or the standards set for them. We the people have the right to expect honor and integrity from those who feed at the government trough.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Have you heard of Tom Steyer? Well you probably will soon. Steyer is a billionaire hedge fund owner from California who just gave the Democrat party 100 million dollars. Fifty from his personal fortune and fifty from his business. Steyer is a self described “greenie.” He is the epitome of the radical environmentalist. For his millions to the Democrats he demanded a halt to the Keystone Pipeline. He got his wish. For thirty pieces of silver, Jesus Christ was betrayed. For one hundred million dollars the American people were betrayed.  In other words, he bought a destructive political action for a hundred million dollars. Do you wonder as do I just what Steyer’s true motive is?

For the record, the Keystone Pipeline would create thousands of jobs, bring down the price of oil by millions, and based on every intelligent report, harm nothing or no one. The only opposition is a tiny group of radical environmentalists. Sadly this tiny group is well funded by the likes of Tom Steyer. Also sadly it is apparent the Democrat party is owned by people like Tom Steyer, George Soros, Peter Lewis, Chairman of Progressive Insurance, and a few other zillionaires. It is also sadly obvious that at least in this case, the Democrats win, they get a million dollars, and the American people lose. They just get zilch.

I point this out because Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat, Nevada, took to the floor of the US Senate to criticize and demonize the Koch brothers. The Kochs are millionaire conservatives who contribute to conservative causes and generally support Republicans. According to Harry Reid though, the Koch brothers are un-American. It is clear that only people who agree with Reid are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech. Otherwise you are un-American. What an absolute idiot.

You may remember the Beatles had a song, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.” What exactly can money buy? If you are a vicious child molesting murderer with not a friend in the world, give an attorney his retainer fee and suddenly he becomes the best friend you ever had. Let’s say you are lonely and in need of female companionship. Find one of these street walking types and give her fifty bucks and she becomes not only your friend, but also your lover, at least for a few moments. The same seems true for politicians. Give them a few bucks and they become your friend, protector, and even your ticket to personal wealth.

Call me crazy but it seems to me that lawyers, politicians and prostitutes have a lot in common. Money, it would seem, buys their love. Money buys their friendship. Money buys their influence.

A few years ago Sen. John McCain, Republican, Arizona, said during a debate over campaign money, that money is the evil in politics. He held that the money being delivered to politicians was the evil of politics and if only the money could be removed, politics would be cleaner and more legitimate. It appears he thinks it is the money that is the evil and not the givers or the recipients of that money who are at fault. I think we have just discovered the problem. Money, Sen. McCain, is just a tool. Like all tools, it is neither evil nor good. The evil is in the motive of the donor and the recipient. If your influence, your friendship, or your love is for sale to the highest bidder, you have just identified yourself as a common prostitute.

America deserves better. Money should not buy love, neither should it buy politicians nor their political party.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was born and spent my early childhood in East Tennessee. My home was just a few miles from a little town known as Oak Ridge. At that time Oak Ridge was the home of the development of the atomic bomb. Little was publicly known or reported, but everyone who lived near there knew. My father worked as a guard there. He didn’t talk about it but we all knew.

I point this out because I remember well the fear we all had. We knew that in the event of an attack from anyone, Oak Ridge would have been the first target. In our school we had bomb attack drills. The bell would ring and we would crawl under our desks and cover our heads waiting to hear either the bomb drop and explode or the all clear. Even and especially for children it was a scary time.

There were the bomb shelters. People would buy and bury huge tanks and fully stock them with several weeks of supplies. A lot of entrepreneurial people made big money selling fear. It was an intense time in our history.

Many of you will doubtless remember this time. I am sure that the bomb drills happened everywhere. I am sure that the fear we felt was felt in many if not all parts of the country. That fear was a part of my life for many years. It was the Japanese, then the Germans, then the Russians. Somebody was going to get us, it was just a matter of time.

The Russians, or as we were told the “Red Menace,” were the worst. They also had the bomb. Russian spies stole our secrets and gave them to the Russians so now they had the bomb.

The fear I had lasted until a fellow named Ronald Reagan along with a lady known as Margaret Thatcher decided to bring this fear to an end. Essentially they got together and priced the Soviet Union out of existence. I was thrilled when the wall came tumbling down. I was thrilled to know that the “Red Menace” was just a paper tiger after all. The Soviet Union broke apart.

Today a little fellow known as Vladimir Putin has apparently decided to reconstitute the old Soviet Union. He and his cohorts have looked over the world situation and decided that neither NATO, nor the United Nations, nor the United States will do anything to stop them from their desire to once again try to obtain world dominance. So far it appears they were right. They moved into Crimea and took over with no resistance from anyone. Now they are doing the same thing in Ukraine with little or no resistance or interference from the West or anyone. To me this is doubtless an attempt to reestablish the old Soviet Union.

I have a simple question. Will we sit by and allow Russia to get away with this or will we stop it? Will we submit to this international terrorism or will we stop it? To date our record under this President has not been very good. Our stinging letters of protest have not been very successful so far. It would appear that the Russians don’t speak “stinging protest.” The only language they understand has a little more force behind it.

I refuse to be afraid anymore. I refuse to allow my children and grandchildren to be afraid. It is time to stand up to Putin and his henchmen. Do you recall the commercial that says, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later?” We can deal with Russia now or we will surely have to deal with her later. Let’s stop this aggression now.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I have never met Brendan Eich but I have read a bit about him. He appears to be a brilliant computer guy who has developed many programs which have helped make the internet doable for morons like me. He is the former CEO of Mozilla who was recently booted due to blackmail pressure from the “Gay Gestapo” for his support of California’s proposition 8. Prop 8 was an initiative on the ballot in 2008 designed to prohibit homosexual marriage. Eich, as a private citizen, contributed a thousand dollars to that campaign. It would seem that the homosexual community, while demanding tolerance and acceptance from everyone else, refuses to tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. As a side note, Barack Obama also did not support homosexual marriage in 2008. He has since changed his position or, as his handlers explain it, evolved. Whatever that means.

Apparently homosexuals want me, a traditional American, and society as a whole to accept and legitimize a life style and choice which I find unnatural and perverted. My failure to accept their activity is intolerable in their eyes. In other words if I do not think the same way they think, I am not allowed to have my own position. I must knuckle under or else. I must accept their thinking and have no right to my own opinion. That, friends, is the definition of fascism.

For the record, I don’t care what any consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes. They can sleep with each other or they can sleep with their sheep if they want to, assuming the sheep is a consenting adult sheep, I just don’t want to have to constantly hear about it. They can have their parades and their flamboyant lifestyle. I don’t care. Just leave me alone. Leave my institutions alone. Oh, and leave my sheep alone.

I looked up the word “fascism.” The homosexual lobby is practicing fascism. It is loosely defined as thought control. In other words we must think like them or else. They apparently can’t just live their lives and do as they please. No, they want and expect me to endorse and approve of their choices regardless of what my personal preference is. This sorta makes me wonder if they are so convinced in the righteousness, why are they constantly attempting to get approval for their choices?  Hitler practiced fascism. Mussolini practiced fascism. You can see where it got them. They were destroyed because of it. How much of this crap will we put up with before we end it?

Here’s some interesting information which I read recently. Persons who practice homosexual activity on a regular basis and identify themselves as homosexuals represent less that 10% of our population. Persons who are actual homosexuals by physiological circumstance are considerably less than 1% of the population. The rest choose the lifestyle for reasons they alone can explain.

I am constantly amazed that so few can make so much noise and get the attention of so many. For most of my life their practices were considered crimes with a remedy of prison time. In many parts of the world their practices are punishable by death. And here we are now in the 21st century attempting to legitimize their activities and even allow them to marry each other.

As I said earlier, I personally don’t care what they do in the privacy of their own homes. And I also don’t agree that their activities should be illegal. In the meantime, please, just leave me and my sheep alone.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So now we have the “victory lap.” Now we have the “spiking of the football.” They are saying that they knew all along that they would hit their number of seven million. Obama is on the bragging trail. Well I have a caution. First of all we have no idea how many of these so-called signups have actually paid for their insurance. Secondly we don’t know how many of them have signed up because Obamacare caused their previous insurance to be cancelled. And finally we don’t know how many of these signups are in the desired young and healthy group and how many are in the old and sick group. Time will tell.

Soon we will be informed just what the facts are. It will probably be one of those Friday night news dumps in advance of a holiday when most people are thinking of something else. Something like, for example, Good Friday. That would be perfect because it precedes Easter Sunday and most people will be thinking of other things.

Regardless of when they fess up, the truth will have to come out. And that truth will have consequences. The first and biggest consequence will be the cost of Obamacare to the consumer. That will be the time when those who have signed up will learn just how much this free insurance is actually going to cost. They will learn how much their deductibles are going to be. They will learn just how difficult it will be to find a doctor who will accept the coverage. They will learn how long they must wait to see any doctor. These are truths which cannot be hidden.

You doubtless have heard the old adage, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” That adage certainly applies to today’s situation. The eggs are on the nest and the old hen is sitting. Only time will tell exactly how many chickens will hatch. Obama’s victory lap may well be short lived.

I have been listening and watching as the Democrats and the media are out and about trying to sing the praises of Obamacare. It is not necessary to promote it now. Now it has to stand on its own merits. If I am wrong about the predictions I have made, I will be the first to acknowledge it. My opinion is based on simple math.

When this all began we supposedly had some thirty million uninsured Americans. Today, after spending hundreds of millions of dollars, we have signed up seven million, many of whom have not paid their first premium, and had six million people cancelled from their previous coverage. To somehow believe we are now better off seems silly to me. The real test of the effectiveness of this program will be written in the Emergency Rooms of our hospitals. If the number of people visiting the ER goes down that would either mean that we are getting healthier or that Obamacare is dealing with the previously uninsured. Call me crazy but I seriously doubt if either of those scenarios will prove to be true.

What we have done instead is attempt to grow government to include health care headed for the true goal of liberals, that of single payer health insurance, and in the process seriously damaged the best healthcare system on earth. For anyone to run around spiking the ball and declaring victory is just ridiculous. Time indeed will tell.

Ron Scarbro