Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It is far better to keep your mouth shut and let everybody think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt. Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat, Nevada, are you listening?

Harry Reid is an individual from a tiny little town in Nevada called Henderson who entered politics as a person of moderate means, who has become a millionaire many times over, who illegally uses his campaign war chest to give cash gifts to his relatives, who is involved with very questionable business practices and investments, and a person whose accomplishments are solely due to seniority which has allowed him to become the leader of the Democrats in the US Senate. The people of Nevada should be ashamed.  I have said before that it is bad enough that voters would choose a moron as their senator, the real problem is that he then is inflicted upon the entire country. Do you really believe that Harry Reid is the best possible citizen in the state of Nevada to serve as US Senator? Is he the best choice for Majority Leader? He is a proven liar. He spends most of his time removing his feet from his mouth. He makes ridiculous statements that embarrass his fellow Democrats and his constituency. He is a joke. The problem of course is that only the voters of  Nevada can get rid of him.

Our Congress is full of these individuals. They get elected, move to Washington, change their zip codes, and then forget where they came from. They join the club. They see themselves as some sort of royalty and live the life of elitism. They are ferried by chauffeur driven limos to wherever they choose to go. The only time they concern themselves with their constituency is when they have to seek reelection.

Reid probably believes he will continue to get away with his larceny. The big problem is that now he has alerted a huge number of people to his activities and they will not let it go. Why is Harry Reid so interested in the open range land being used by rancher Cliven Bundy? Is there truth to the rumor that Reid and others are planning a business venture of, let’s just guess, a wind farm? The open range that rancher Bundy has been using to graze his cattle is being targeted by Reid and his associates for some reason. Somebody please tell me how public land can be used for private business regardless of what the business is.

Why do the voters continue to reelect these morons to these offices? Granted the incumbents have all the advantage but still the voters could toss them if there was a concerted effort to do so. Congress’ approval rating is just a hair above leprosy. And Congress is made up of your representatives and mine. The time is long past to deal with this most pressing issue. While we desperately need term limits for Congress, that is never going to happen if Congress gets a vote on the issue.

Truth be told we already have term limits. All we have to do is toss these parasites after they have served a term or two at the most. Another problem that would be solved by this is seniority. Nothing in our Constitution allows for seniority. It is a completely unconstitutional power grab.

In my perfect world candidates for these high offices would have to take intelligence tests. They would have to submit to background checks. They would be held to the highest standards available. Anyone, candidate or elected official, would be jailed for any breach of the law or the standards set for them. We the people have the right to expect honor and integrity from those who feed at the government trough.

Ron Scarbro

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