Monday, September 29, 2008


Recent news is reporting that Russia and Venezuela are teaming up to hold war games in the Caribbean Sea. This wouldn’t even attract my attention except that it is so silly. Make that dangerous and silly.

Let’s see if I have this right. Hugo Chavez, tin horn thug from South America, and Vladimir Putin, former would be absolute ruler of Russia, are teaming up to show the world their military might. I think they call this saber rattling. It seems to me if you are going to rattle a saber, you should not play with paper swords. Is this the same Russia who, when playing with nuclear submarines, sank their prized vessel and lost their entire crew? They did finally call us up and try to get us to help them pull the ship and crew back up, but it was, unfortunately for the crew and their families, too late.

Is this the same Russia, who when playing with nuclear power, poisoned hundreds of miles in and around Chernobyl? We will never know how many died initially and have died since because of their malfeasance.

Now they want to once again get out and play big boy games. It reminds me of Frick and Frack playing battleship. Odds are they will more likely have serious problems in these alien waters.

I have some recommendations. I think we should dispatch a couple of our most impressive aircraft carriers fully loaded with the latest jet fighters. We should cruise down to the Caribbean and just let both would be warriors get a glimpse of what real armaments and weapons of war look like. We do not need to get in their way, just cruise around to let the sailors see what they would be up against if they allowed their over ambitious governments to get sillier. Besides, we would then be close at hand when the Russians and Venezuelans begin colliding with each other or running aground. We would be in much better position to bail them out by having this head start.

Of all the things these governments need to be spending their treasure on, war games have to be the least important. I have seen pictures of the thousands of poor wretched souls living in cardboard shacks in Venezuela. The Russian economy is in the tank and without extreme high oil prices might cease to operate in the world. The same is true for Venezuela.

Being the ever helpful individual that I am, I am now offering even more suggestions for these two would be world powers. Chavez, you need to get back to the work that your country does best. That is producing outstanding baseball players. Russia, this is your task. You need to get back to the job of producing vodka and world class female athletes who look more like starting fullbacks in the National Football League than like women. This is what you do best. Your female weight lifters and shot putters used to be the envy of the world. Leave the job of world security to the people who have the ability to take care of it. We promise not to invade either one of your countries. After all, we have enough baseball players and female shot putters for now, and very soon now we won’t even be a buyer for your oil. Oh, and look out for that big rock.

Ron Scarbro September 29, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008


Like most of you, I have been receiving a lot of forwards lately on matters political. Within my e-mail group are many and varied opinions. There are some die hard conservatives and some equally passionate liberals. I still count them all among my friends regardless of how misguided some are. I started trying to verify most of the forwards through but after a while I grew weary of the effort. Now I just read them for the information and in some cases the humor.

This blog posting will serve to clearly identify my position on the coming Presidential election.

First of all, I believe all four of the candidates are people of high integrity. They are probably people that we all would enjoy having a drink with or going to a football game with. I don’t think you can rise to the position they have reached without being good people.

Secondly, none of the four would be my first choice for the office they are seeking. I believe the office of President is an awesome responsibility and very few could do the job as I would like it done. Today it would be very difficult for me to name an individual who would be my first choice.

This then is my dilemma and this is my answer. I believe Barak Obama is a socialist. I believe his vision of America is alien to mine. As a socialist he believes in re-distribution of wealth. He would take from those who have and give to those who don’t. I do not think he truly understands that the only people in this country who produce wealth and jobs are the people at the upper end of the financial scale. As a liberal, he is less willing to make the hard decisions regarding the defense of this country. He would be far more likely to reduce our military might than to add to it and make us even stronger. He would surround himself with liberal sympathizers whose interests are not the interests of America. These are people who would change America to more resemble Europe and we all know what a mess Europe has become. After all, our ancestors have already escaped there once. He is apparently not convinced that we need to get our energy house in order. He seems to be more concerned with far out environmentalists than with people traveling to their jobs or heating their homes this winter. He no doubt buys into the global warming nonsense. Finally he doesn’t believe that personal responsibility is a trait of America. Let the government take care of you. After all they know what is best. To all this I say nonsense. This is not the America I know and wish to pass on to my grandchildren.

On the other hand we have McCain/Palin. Is Palin ready to be President? About as much as Obama is ready to be President. McCain is a veteran and as such knows the true meaning of war and commitment. Obama may have read about war in a book but that is as close as he has come to this reality. In an emergency, who would you rather have at the helm of the Ship of State, a proven veteran or a neophyte community organizer? That seems pretty clear to me. Someday, when he is much older and has gained the experience of those years, Obama may well become a serious contender for the Presidency but not until he has grown a few more years.

So that is my take on this election. We have a choice. We can choose a seasoned veteran of the military and of life, or we can choose a kid with virtually no experience at anything. What I don’t understand is how is this a choice? Tip O’Neill once said “Politics ain’t beanbag”. That is certainly the case now. This election ain’t beanbag. It is very serious. Choose wisely. The country you save may be your own.

Ron Scarbro September 29, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


As I am writing this, I am watching the breathless coverage of Hurricane Gustav. One would think in viewing this that this was the first hurricane ever to hit the coast of Louisiana. Some of the networks, the cable channels, and the weather channel have wall to wall coverage of this storm. If I am not mistaken, storms have hit our gulf coast several times a year for all eternity. Some strong and some just so-so. So what is so special with this storm? I have a few thoughts on this subject.

This is the PC coverage requirement. This is the make up for Katrina. This is the media doing their mea culpa for previous sins. The sin of omission. When Katrina hit, several people died. Hundreds of homes were lost to flooding. The left jumped on this as an indictment of President Bush and the rest of America. We let the people of New Orleans down. We didn’t take care of them. We just let them suffer and die. We didn’t physically evacuate them. Finally we haven’t re-built their city.

You can think what you wish, but I deny responsibility. Consider this. If you lived in a city that was in the path of several major hurricanes every year, and you lived below sea level, and you were somewhat protected by some very questionable levees, and you didn’t evacuate when you were given plenty of time to do so, and you didn’t carry flood insurance, and you suddenly lost everything, how much of this loss would be your responsibility? How much of it should be mine?

New Orleans is supposed to be the city where the party never ends. Perhaps it is past time for the party if not to end, at least to be tabled until the adults have time to get their city ready to deal with the nature of their normal weather patterns.

This reminds me of the California problem. Every summer they have brush fires. Every summer hundreds lose their homes. Every winter rains bring mud slides and what homes are left slide down the mountain. It never fails. People, when asked, plan to re-build. Right in the spot where Mother Nature has told them that homes should not be located. Of course their insurance goes through the roof, but so does yours and mine. Ultimately we all pay for the excesses of the few. I am told that some insurance companies are trying to deny coverage for these multiple losers. I wish them luck.

Every Spring, in tornado alley, twisters spring up. Homes and farms are lost. People are killed. It is the nature of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Indiana. Often other states feel the power of these storms. Still people choose to live there and to re-build. How much of their loss should be the loss of the American people? How much should be theirs because of their choices?

Nature, by its nature, isn’t very friendly to humans and other living critters. It is therefore incumbent upon us to take responsibility for our own safety and for the security of our possessions. Why should the people in Bangor, Maine be held liable for the irresponsible people in New Orleans? Why should the people in Fargo, North Dakota be held to account for the hillside dwellings in southern California? Whether through insurance or more probably through taxes we all pay.

I have this message for the political left of this country. The biggest flaw in your philosophy is the absence of personal responsibility. As more and more people grow weary of supporting the so-called wards of the government, this problem will only get worse. Those who pay are rapidly being overtaken by the people who receive. This does not bode well for the continuing general welfare.

To the media, you’ll forgive me if I change the channel or turn the thing off entirely. I have seen enough hurricane coverage to assuage my guilt for generations to come.

Ron Scarbro September 1, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008


The democrats have held their convention and the republicans will do so this week. Obama’s choice for veep is Joe Biden and McCain’s choice is Sarah Palin. I have been asked by a number of people my opinion of these choices. With this writing I hope to offer some commentary on that question as well as other matters we face as the election draws near.

The office of Vice President is mostly a ceremonial office with little importance or function up until it becomes the most important office in the free world. That, of course, is if or when the President becomes incapacitated or worse yet dead. The Vice President must be able to step in and be the President.

Let’s examine what it takes to be the President. I am not talking about the constitutional requirements of age or citizenship, I’m talking about their preparedness for the job. As a sidebar, if a draft dodging, womanizing, redneck from Arkansas can be President, anyone can. We survived him and we will survive anyone America chooses. That having been said, we all have our preferences. Sometimes, however, good has to be sacrificed for just good enough. That’s called compromise. We make our choice for elective office from among the choices available to us. Obviously not voting is also a choice. While that may make you feel better, it only serves to force others to make the choice for you. You may or may not be happy with the result.

Barak Obama is a young inexperienced fellow from who knows where. His total resume is that of a “community organizer”, and a one term U. S. Senator. His total time in the Senate however has been spent running for President. So he brings us nothing but good speech making. Joe, me too, Biden is a lifer politician who has always been running for the presidency. The democrats continue to offer very little to America in the way of leadership.

John McCain is a war veteran, some might say hero, who has spent many years in politics. He also has been running for President forever. He has sponsored some questionable legislation but for the most part has been a good soldier. Sarah Palin is a first term Governor from Alaska who was previously the mayor of Wasilla, AK. She is an avid moose hunter, ice fisherman, and a life long member of the NRA. She is a strong advocate for the second amendment. While those qualities do not qualify her for leadership of the free world, they do make her special to me. She also apparently is a very honest person who is a thorn in the side of the political establishment of Alaska with all their iffy practices.

There isn’t much else to report. These will be our choices. How will you vote? What is important to you? With your kind permission, I will offer my thoughts.

First and foremost our President must be ready to protect and defend this country. Sometimes that means bombing and killing. It also could mean using diplomacy, sitting down and having conversation but only if that has a positive end result. You can’t match wits with an unarmed person. I suspect the morons who have decided to be our enemies are not given to too much compromise.

Secondly, our President must select the Supreme Court Judges who are supposed to interpret our Constitution. Since the Constitution is not a living document, it does not need to be re-written every time some idiot doesn’t like what it has to say. Laws are made by our elected representatives, not by the judges.

Finally our President should preside over the country and promote the general welfare. Everything we need for life in this country is guaranteed by the Constitution. Presidents do not spend treasure. That is the province of the Congress. Granted the President can veto bills, but the Congress can also override that veto. Historically Presidents have been given credit for things and been blamed for things that they do not have any power over. Most of our financial messes originate in the hallowed halls of the Congress.

We have some awesome challenges facing the next administration among which are energy, terrorism, wars, and the economy. They are all inter-related. If it wasn’t such a dangerous world, it would be fun for me to watch the democrats deal with it. But it is a very dangerous world so I will choose John McCain and Sarah Palin. I encourage you to do the same.

Ron Scarbro September 1. 2008