Wednesday, December 31, 2014


There are none so blind as those who will not see. There are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. Did you hear Obama’s pledge that he made on public radio just the other day? He promised that he will use his veto power if the Republicans try to alter Obamacare or try to approve the Keystone Pipeline project or attempt in any way to, according to him, take this country backwards.

He probably is refusing to acknowledge the results of the midterm elections. That is his business. He is probably relying on his few remaining Democrat allies to go along with his petulance. That is their business and also their peril.

Here is a reality. The voters of this country sent a clear message to Washington. We are not happy with the direction this country has been headed and we want and expect a change. We will no longer tolerate the scandals, the lies, and the sloppiness with which we have been governed. We will not sit still for “tortured language.” We will not allow the IRS and the Justice Dept. to be used as personal tools for any politician of any stripe for any reason. These agencies belong to the American people and are not for sale.

So here is the challenge for the new Congress. Clean up the mess that has been created over the last six years. Return this country to fiscal sanity. Pass a legitimate budget. Get to the bottom of the scandals that are plaguing this White House. Bring the guilty before criminal courts and prosecute the offenders regardless of their station.

Republicans, you have been hired by the people to take care of business. And Democrats who still have a job in our government, pay close attention to where you might want to be in 2016. Sitting Congresspeople, if you  want to be returned to your seat in the next election, choose wisely as you face the opportunity to overturn petulant vetoes from your lame duck President. Thumbing your collective noses at the American people is a one way trip to unemployment.

For far too long we have allowed party politics to take center stage over what is best for the country. That has to stop.

America has a great opportunity in front of us. We have a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and the very real probability we will have a Republican in the White House in two years. There will be no acceptable excuses then. The business of governing begins now. Test the resolve of the Democrats to see if they have the willingness to go against the desires of the American people. See if they are willing to put their futures on the line for a lame duck President. The new Senate Majority Leader should round up the Democrats and develop a bipartisan coalition designed to overturn vetoes. He might find them far more willing than ever before. The handwriting is on the wall and they can read it too. The only way you can miss the message is to refuse to accept the message.

I started this column by declaring that there are none so blind as those who would not see and none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. That pretty much says it all. Time will tell.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I love Christmas. I always have. From my earliest memories this has always been a special time. As a young child I remember Christmas mostly as a religious holiday. My parents made sure that we were in church regularly and especially at Christmas. I love the Biblical story of Christmas, the music, just the whole feeling that I get at this time of the year.

I also remember the other side of Christmas, the Christmas tree, the stockings, and the presents. Our tradition was always that we opened our gifts on Christmas morning. Even though it was many years ago, I remember how difficult it was to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. I had two brothers about the same age and all of us had the same anticipation.

We were all believers in the Santa experience. I was a rather precocious youngster and didn’t shy away from difficult questions. For example I was painfully aware one year that we didn’t have a fireplace. We had a chimney because we had a pot bellied stove for heat, but we had no fireplace. I asked my mother how could Santa fulfill his mission to our house without an open fireplace. Her reply was simple and exactly what I needed to hear. It’s magic. Santa, she said, is magic. He can do anything he wants to and get to where ever he needs by magic. How else do you suppose he can get around the whole world in a single night? So, if my mother said it was magic, that was good enough for me.

Years later as I became the father of my own precocious children, simple answers became more difficult to sell. But I still spoke of magic because that is what it was to me. Maybe it is because my children wanted to believe or maybe they were just humoring me, at any rate they seemed to buy into all the magic of Christmas just like me.

Now I’m a grandfather and it has become even more difficult. My grandkids “Google” everything I tell them. There’s an app for everything, even Santa Claus. The Christmas trees are artificial. There is no smell of cedar or fir in the air. Stockings are hung on a fireplace fueled by gas logs. There is no coal to put into the stockings of bad children. But, you know what? There is still magic.

There’s magic in the joy of not just the little ones but in the entire family. There is still anticipation of opening gifts. Granted there seems to be a lot more electronic gifts, but how magic is that? How else would you explain wireless communication, instant answers to any question you could possibly ever have? Oh, there’s magic all right.

But the real magic is in the gathering together of family and friends, the fabulous meals, the wonderful music, and the joy of fellowship. I understand that other peoples and cultures have different traditions. Still most of the world celebrates Christmas in some fashion.

It is my Christmas prayer for you that you too have magic in this season. That you be surrounded by love and peace. That there is joy in your heart and love in your soul, and that Christmas is always, for you as it is for me, a magical time of the year.

Merry Christmas

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


If you are like me, you are probably tired of hearing about Ferguson, Mo. That incident has spawned another conversation however. In New York City an individual who was breaking the law, as he had some thirty times before resulting in arrest, decided to resist this arrest, was placed in a “choke hold” by a police officer, and later died. He happened to be extremely obese and suffered from many health issues. A Grand Jury heard evidence of any wrongdoing by police and decided not to indict any officer for the death of the perpetrator. Protests and marches followed led by the usual suspects. Many people have been arrested.

So what has been the response by the Mayor, the President, and the Attorney General? They say the police need to be retrained. What they are really calling for is that the police be restrained, not retrained. Their irresponsibility will hurt police officers. If just one officer hesitates in the line of duty and either dies or allows someone else to die because of hesitation, that will be the fault of these politicians. In my experience people who dislike cops have evidently had bad dealings with them in their past, probably while breaking the law.  Personally, I have never had any bad dealings with police officers. I have been stopped, cited, and cautioned, but never have I been disrespected nor have I have ever tried to resist lawful action by the police. Maybe there’s a message here.

Hillary has put her foot in her mouth again. In a speech recently, she said we must have empathy for our enemies. We must attempt to understand their point of view. Sorry, Hillary. Any individual or group of individuals whose sole purpose for living is to kill me or my family, behead anyone not of their religion, or whose goal it is to install their radical nonsense around the world does not deserve nor earn my empathy, sympathy, or any part of my understanding. They deserve and will receive my complete attention and if necessary my all out assault. Any gang of thugs who would assault a school in Pakistan and murder 150 children and their teachers are not worthy of any empathy. These baby killing vermin should only be studied posthumously. Any serious candidate for the Presidency of this country should feel the same way. Otherwise they should just write books that nobody buys or reads and make speeches that nobody shows up for or listens to.

In the face of overwhelming opposition, Obama has issued an “Executive Edict” granting amnesty for millions of lawbreaking illegals in this country. Best estimates are that this bit of nonsense will wind up costing this country trillions. His contention is that he had to act because the Congress wouldn’t. What he meant was that he had to act because the Congress wouldn’t give him what he wanted. I remember the last “Imperial President” we had, Richard Nixon, who said that if a president does something, it can’t be illegal because he is the President. Well it wasn’t true then and it is not true now. Maybe, just maybe, the Congress didn’t give him what he wanted because they knew the overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove. Maybe the Congress acted on what was best for the country.

Clearly the midterm elections reflected the will of the American people and they are not pleased with the direction the country has been headed. The denizens of Washington DC had best be aware of this. Regardless of party, only those politicians who get the message will have a future in government.

And to any police officer who might read this. Thank you for your service. Only you and God know what you have to deal with. Remember, the vast majority of America is on your side.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Recently Rolling Stone magazine printed a story covering what was described as a gang rape by members of a fraternity of a young unsuspecting co-ed. The story went into elaborate detail naming individuals by “nicknames” and describing graphic events to hold the readers’ attention. As it now turns out, the story was false. Something may or may not have occurred. Only the people involved know the truth. The magazine, currently facing major lawsuits and possible financial ruin, defend their action by claiming that gang rapes do occur. Maybe this one didn’t happen as they described in their story, but that the cause needed coverage and exposure regardless of the facts. The story/cause was more important than the truth.

Do you remember the accusations of the young lady who claimed that she was raped by members of the Duke University Lacrosse team? The University harshly dealt with those team members without investigating the veracity of the accusation. When the truth came out and the team was completely exonerated because no rape occurred, Duke defended their actions because the charge was so horrendous. The issue of rape on campus was so important that the truth was just an inconvenience.   

All across the country now people are protesting what they call “police brutality” by burning down businesses, blocking traffic, and looting. I saw an interview with some of the so-called protesters who claimed it was their right to protest in any manner they pleased because their agenda was so important. It did not matter whether the police officers were guilty or innocent of any crime, or that a Grand Jury found no probable cause to indict them, they were not going to let truth get in the way of their agenda. They were going to protest anyway. The  truth was not important. They refuse to be governed by facts. It is much more important to be the victim.

Then we have Prof. Jonathan Gruber. This particular arrogant liberal seems to believe that the passage of Obamacare was so important that truth was inconvenient and had to be necessarily removed from consideration. The “stupid” American people don’t know what is good for them. They need the helping hand of big government via arrogant people like him to lead them and guide them through their miserable little lives. Gruber is on record as saying that transparency is often the enemy of politicians and their legislation. They need to hide facts or couch them in “tortured” language in order to get legislation passed. If we told the truth, the “stupid” American people might reject this law which would be so good for them. We couldn’t allow that to happen.

These are just a few examples of where the truth is not important. It’s all about the cause.

I’m going to give you something to think about. If your cause is damaged by truth, shouldn’t you possibly re-examine your cause? If facts interfere with the agenda you have set, shouldn’t you consider taking another look at your agenda? Is it any wonder that American people are so skeptical of government? Lying has become common throughout our society and our government.

And so we have this obvious conclusion. If truth and transparency are enemies of your cause or agenda, there is the very real possibility that your cause or agenda is wrong.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Justice for Michael Brown. No justice, no peace. Justice for Ferguson. These are just some of the signs that so-called protesters have been carrying this past week. This, mind you, is after the Grand Jury had made their finding that no indictment was coming down against the officer involved in the shooting of Brown. After interviewing at least sixty witnesses and hearing hours and hours of testimony, that jury found no probable cause for any legal action against the officer. That is justice. In our country of law and order, justice is defined by a jury hearing testimony and making a finding based on that evidence or lack of it. Justice has been served.

So, what’s the problem? Why, since the Grand Jury made their judgement, has it still been necessary for protesters to take to the streets and try to burn their city down? It would appear that to some of the protesters justice could only be defined as the prosecution of Officer Wilson regardless of his guilt or innocence.

In reality this group of violent, so-called protesters doesn’t care whether the officer is guilty or innocent, they only want revenge. Never mind that the evidence clearly shows that Brown attacked the police officer right after he had robbed a merchant violently and walked down the middle of a busy street defying everyone. When approached by the officer, he showed contempt and disregard for law and law enforcement. He even struck the officer multiple times causing the officer to fear for his life. That’s what we call “suicide by cop.” If you attack a police officer, rest assured it is not going to end well for you.

Why did they shoot him so many times? Why didn’t they fire a warning shot?  These are some of the questions I have heard since the incident. The rules are simple. If you are in danger and you fear for your life, you shoot until the danger passes. This isn’t the movies. You don’t shoot to wound. You shoot until the danger passes, period.

I have sympathy for the parents of Michael Brown. They have lost their son. But the truth of the matter is they lost their son long ago when they didn’t teach him right from wrong and respect for law and law enforcement.

Just last week a twelve year old kid was shot and killed by police officers when he refused to put down what turned out to be a pellet gun that was altered to look like a semi-automatic pistol. Even as a twelve year old, he defied law enforcement. I have great sympathy for his parents also. But at the same time, I feel sorry for the officers who now must live with the fact that they killed a kid, even though it was completely justified.

So, these protesters want justice. So do I. When O. J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder by a jury several years ago, I was upset. I was angry. I believed then as I do now that he killed his ex-wife and her friend, but he was found not guilty. I did not go out and burn down any buildings. I did not march in the street. I do however continue to pray that every time he tries to close his eyes to sleep that he sees the terror in their eyes that he caused and that his days are shortened by his knowledge of his own guilt. I believe that he will someday face true judgement for his actions and he won’t have a slick lawyer defending him.

Justice is not about getting what you want. Ferguson got justice. I hope the hate mongers who created the riots in that city are proud of themselves. All of the violence and destruction is laid at their feet.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


On Thanksgiving Day my wife and I will host our family for the big Thanksgiving meal. It has been our tradition for most of our married life. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to have our daughter and her family with us for Thanksgiving. We know not everyone is so fortunate.

Prior to the big day we let everyone know that they will be called on at the table to let the group know what they are most thankful for. This gives them the time to consider what they will share with the family. It has always been great to hear from the grandchildren. Sometimes they surprise us.

I love that tradition. It has caused me to think for myself what I am most thankful for. Most of the time when I sit down to write a column it is to complain about something or someone. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to complain about. But, for today and for the season I choose to find things for which I am grateful.

Of course the first thing on my list is my wife, Linda. Next month we will celebrate fifty-two years of marriage. Every day of those years has been a blessing for me. Then of course my family. I love my life as a father and a grandfather.

I am thankful to be an American. How blessed we are to have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am thankful for the best military in the world and for what that deterrent means to this country. I am thankful for our political system which allows us to pick our leaders and to get rid of those who don’t get the job done.  Not everyone is so fortunate.

I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to sit at my computer and rant about whatever I choose and to have those rants published. I never have to worry that there will be a knock at the door from some government official asking me to explain. Our freedom of expression is what makes our country possible.

And for religious freedom. There is no state religion. There is no requirement that I have to believe anything or anyone about anything if I choose not to. I am free to worship in any way that I choose and any God that I choose.

I am thankful for debate. You don’t have to believe anything I say and I don’t have to believe anything you say either. You and I are free to disagree. We are free to discuss and debate any issue. Which brings me to this point. How grateful we all should be that we have newspapers that have the journalistic integrity to publish all sides of issues. We have an opinion page where we all can not only  express our thoughts but are encouraged to do so.

We truly are fortunate to be Americans. We can travel as far as our legs will carry us. Regardless of our origins, we have the freedom to rise to whatever level our talents and abilities take us.

So now we have a day set aside for thanksgiving. Don’t call it turkey day. Call it what it is, Thanksgiving Day. Be thankful for what you have, for your health, your liberty, and your freedom. Be thankful that you live in a country where freedom reigns today and everyday.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


“Grandpa, what’s a veteran? My teacher told us tomorrow was Veteran’s Day and I don’t know what it means.”

Well a veteran is any person who has ever served in the military service. “Why do they have a day? Are they special or something?”

Well little one, you are asking questions that deserve well thought-out answers. Let’s sit for a time and I’ll try to answer all your questions.

All through history it has been necessary for countries to have military forces to defend themselves when others try to invade and take their countries away from them. That is called war. America has had to defend herself many times since we first became a sovereign country. I served in our military and so did your Uncle Pete as well as your Aunt Thelma.

“So girls can be veterans too?” Yes they can and are. All through the years men and women together have stood side by side in defense of our country and our way of life. For many years women served only as nurses and other support services but today they can even join the fighting at the front of the battle. Many are flying jet fighter aircraft and driving tanks. They are warriors too.

“Tell me about war, Grandpa. Why do we have to have wars? Don’t people get hurt fighting in wars?”

Indeed they do. Hurt and even killed. But, military members have always been willing to give their all for their country. They do that so you can live free. They do that to protect your way of life. They do that because service is the sacred duty of a free people.

I don’t know why we have to have wars. I wish we didn’t. But what seems to  happen is people in a far away land decide that their religion is the only true religion or that they just want what we have. Some see our free way of life and they are just jealous. And some people are just evil. They are evil and cunning. They get themselves in positions of power in their countries and they decide to start wars. They want to make their countries bigger. They want the natural resources that belong to their neighbors and so they start wars. It has been that way since the beginning of time.

“Are veterans just people who fought in wars, Grandpa?” No, in fact most aren’t. Most are just individuals who put their lives on hold to enter the military service to fulfill their duty to make sure our deterrent force was capable of defending this country. They served their time and returned to civilian life. Most are probably a lot like me. They are proud of their time in the service and are happy they served.

On Veteran’s Day, though, we honor all who served. We honor those who fought wars. We honor those who were wounded and those who died fighting and didn’t return. We honor their families, their moms and dads, their sisters and brothers. We especially honor their wives and husbands. Their sacrifice can never be truly known or appreciated by anyone but them. We also honor those who only gave their time; those who joined but were never asked to fight. They all signed the same blank check payable to America, willing to serve and die if necessary that we all might remain free.

And so, little one, we set aside one day each year to especially pay tribute to our veterans.  If you see a veteran, thank him or her for their service. Thank them for the life you have and the freedom you enjoy. I am thankful for Veteran’s Day. In fact I wish every day was Veteran’s Day.

Ron Scarbro


Have you ever heard of Jonathan Gruber? Gruber is an economist and a professor at MIT, the Massachusetts Institution of Technology.  Gruber also served as a consultant on a panel which wrote the language in the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. As a consultant he was paid over one million dollars.

I am going to paraphrase some of what this individual has recently said regarding the language of the act. He claims they had to use “tortured” language in order to get by the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO would have had to call the individual mandate a tax unless they essentially lied about what was really going on. He went on to say that the American voters were too stupid to know what was good for them. In his view the lack of transparency was necessary to get the bill by the voters because if they knew what was really in the Act, they would be just too stupid to vote for it. He further added that he would rather lie to get the bill passed than to tell the truth and have the bill die because the resulting Obamacare was good for the American people. That, by any definition, is unbridled elitist arrogance. What he is actually saying is that you, the American people, are too stupid to know what is good for you. You need some elitist arrogant snob to make your choices for you. You cannot be trusted to decide for yourself.

Well let’s see what has happened since this law was passed. First, the Supreme Court has found that in fact the individual mandate is a tax. And, in response to that finding, the “stupid American voters” rejected the Congress people who voted for it. The next thing that is going to happen is bills to repeal Obamacare will be reintroduced in the new Congress. Without doubt the president will veto them but, Democrats who watched in horror as their colleagues were trounced in the midterms may want to rethink their positions. Obviously the final chapter on Obamacare has not yet been written.

This column is not about the merits of Obamacare, though. This piece is about the arrogance of some individuals who think they know what is best for us. From the foods we eat to the light bulbs we use to the kind of cars we drive. Obamacare will live or die on its own merits or lack of them. Elitist arrogance, however, goes on forever. These self anointed guardians of the public can’t seem to understand that America was founded upon the proposition that we are free people. We are responsible for ourselves and our choices. If you lie to us to get your point across, we will find out and we will respond. And you are probably not going to like our response.

And now a special message to Professor Gruber and people of that ilk. There is not a person on this earth who is intellectually or emotionally qualified to make my decisions for me. I will choose for myself as have my forefathers. I and I alone am responsible for my choices and their consequences as are you. I promise not to interfere in your life. Please show me the same respect, whether you think I am smart enough or not. If my choices are unwise, I will suffer the consequence. I am neither your servant nor your subject. I am a free person and I choose to live that way and I pity your seeming inability to understand that basic American  notion.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


You expect it from Joe Biden. He opens his mouth to speak and he inserts his foot. It’s just Joe, we are told. Well it is time we exposed another politician who suffers from hoof in mouth disease. That would be Hillary Clinton, of course.

We know of her infamous “Who cares” comment at a Benghazi hearing. “Who cares?” Really, Hillary?  Her latest tops that ridiculous remark. In a recent speech she literally said don’t let anyone fool you. Businesses and corporations do not create jobs. Is that not the dumbest remark anyone could make? Who, Ms. Clinton, do you think does create jobs? Do you think it is the government? How about the other liberal fantasy of bottom-up economics?

It is the simplest of the simple. The consumer wants or needs a product or service. A business or corporation builds or makes that product or service available. Of course the business must have employees to do the work of creating the product or service. The business sells their product. The company makes a profit. The employees are paid wages based on the value of their labor. Those employees then become consumers in the same marketplace buying products and services. Money changes hands and an economy is created. How simple is that?

Government, on the other hand, produces nothing. Did you hear that Hillary? Government produces nothing. To any business or corporation government is an expense just like the costs of raw materials and labor. In fact if there were no successful businesses or corporations, there would be absolutely no need for government, period.

To those of you who might say that government builds the roads, I would answer yes, but they get their funding from successful business. If there were no successful business, there would be no need for roads. Look at Afghanistan. They have no businesses or corporations. They have no roads. They have no infrastructure. They are settlements of goat herders and opium growers who are constantly at war with each other for entertainment if for no other reason.

Politicians often reveal their true selves at times when the microphone is on and their brain is off. But I don’t think Hillary would take back her statement even if she could because, in her warped view, she truly believes it. Like so many politicians and Washington denizens, she has never had a real job. She has never had to manage a for-profit company. She and they live in a fantasyland of government gobbledygook and bureaucratic speak. They don’t create anything but regulation and problems for the taxpayers to pay or solve. They are a liability, not an asset.

The idea that Hillary Clinton could ever be the President of the United States is repugnant to me and should be to all thinking individuals. I read today that she is favored by 47% of Democrats to be their nominee in 2016. Surely even the Democrats could do better. On second thought her only competition seems to be Elizabeth Warren. God help us if either of these extremely unaccomplished individuals ever darkens the doors of the White House. If you think this country is in trouble now, you have no idea of what could be.

This brief suggestion to Hillary’s handlers. I don’t know if there is any cure for “hoof in mouth disease,” but before she gets in front of another microphone you might want to check her meds.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Within the coming month, we are told, the Grand Jury will issue their findings concerning the case of the shooting death of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. They will either find the policeman legally culpable for that death or not. Some of the findings have been leaked to the consternation of Attorney General Eric Holder. They seem to favor the police officer’s version of events.

The police department is bracing for what could be an all out assault on the city if the officer is exonerated. Some of its citizens have apparently already decided Officer Wilson is guilty regardless of the evidence. It is no wonder they are in such an uproar. The entire area has been stoked to violence by the race baiting so-called leaders of the black community. They came to Ferguson determined to fan the flames of racial hatred without regard to the aftermath. They will go back to their penthouses after the riots and look for new opportunities to cause trouble. Ferguson will be left in ruins at the hand of their own citizens. How does any of that make sense?

Consider this. How would you feel if you were the police officer who, in the performance of his duty, was forced to use deadly force? What if it turns out that he was completely justified on his actions? Do you honestly think that this mob, armed for a fight and armed with a complete disregard for truth, will just go home and resume their lives? Me neither.

Another scenario which causes me considerable distress is, what if even if the officer was justified and yet for the sake of expediency, he is thrown to the wolves? What if the officialdom of the city decide that they would rather sacrifice one police officer than face another riot? What then?

If that happens I hope every police officer in the state of Missouri turns in his badge and lets the state deal with their considerable crime problem without them.

Police officers don’t go looking for individuals they can execute. I have talked with officers who, in the performance of their duty, had to use deadly force. For the most part they are people just like you and I and they feel the pain of taking a life the same way you or I would. Some take years to get over it. Some never do. Fortunately most officers never have to unholster their weapons.

Individuals I have known who become police officers are people who believe in service to their fellow man. Back in the sixties when the “Hippie Era” was going strong, many of the so-called hippies referred to police officers as pigs. I remember a bumper sticker of that period which said, “If you think police officers are pigs, the next time you are in trouble, call a hippie.”

Like you I don’t know all the facts in this case. But I believe in the system. I believe in the integrity of the Grand Jury. I believe in the fairness of our laws. If this policeman murdered this defendant without just cause, then I hope he is dealt with legally. If, however, he is exonerated by the Jury, he should be given a medal for bravery. If the people of Ferguson, Mo. want to continue to be victims, that’s their choice.

If Michael Brown caused his own death by his actions, he was not a victim. He was a criminal. If you attack a police officer and try to take his weapon away, you should be prepared to die.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


For most of my life on this earth homosexual activity has been illegal. It was described by various laws as “sins against nature,” or “crime against nature.” Either way it was illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Personally I am glad we got smarter and that these activities are no longer illegal. I believe it is nobody’s business what goes on in the privacy of one’s own home.

That having been said, something has come up recently which absolutely stretches the limits of my imagination. The City Council of Houston, Texas has passed an ordinance called the HERO act, Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. It seems simple enough on its face until you get into the details. For example, the new law allows men to use ladies restrooms and vice versa if they feel inclined to do so because of their perceived gender identity. All they have to do is declare their perception and walk right in.

Some religious leaders and pastors in Houston have objected and put together a petition with 50,000 signatures calling for the repeal of this ordinance. All they needed was 17,000 signatures. Well the City Council threw the petition out claiming they could not prove the signatures.

Oh, it gets better. The Mayor, Annise Parker, herself an avowed lesbian, has taken this illegal act a step further. She has declared that pastors in Houston must send their sermons to her for approval under penalty of contempt with a fine of $5000. Her contention is that pastors cannot use their pulpits for political speech, especially if they disagree with her. She and the City Council of Houston, the fourth largest city in America, have decided that they do not have to abide by the first amendment to the Constitution. Freedom of speech and religion only applies if they agree with your speech and your religion.

Well I’ve got some news for Mayor, emperor pro tem, Parker and her co-conspirators. You are violating the basic law of this country. Perhaps you all should read up on the first amendment to the Bill of Rights. It deals with things like freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The state of Texas is not going to allow this to go any further. Petitions are already being prepared to recall both the Mayor and all on the Council who signed on this silly ordinance. Very soon you all will be relegated to be the brunt of jokes and laid to rest on the dung heap of lousy politicians. And the sooner the better.

I really don’t care who the Mayor sleeps with. Her choices and lifestyle are her business. I do care when people in positions of authority decide to require me to knuckle under to their particular nonsense. Mayor Parker can sleep with her goat if she chooses but she cannot, under any circumstance, have edit authority over any sermon from any pastor, now or ever, nor can her goat.

Finally, the real problem here is that a city like Houston would elect someone like Annise Parker to be their Mayor. It doesn’t say much for their intellect, does it?  Electorates in cities, counties, states and finally countries make election decisions which they sometimes regret. Make wise choices. Elect competent people. The country you save may be your own.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Maybe it was because I was young. Maybe I was just naive. Whatever the reason, I used to be able to trust our government to, one, tell the truth, and two, do the right thing. That no longer is the case. It seems this entire government is built on lies.

Do you remember when we decided to go to war in Iraq because, among other reasons, they had chemical weapons? It made perfect sense. Saddam Hussein had used them already on his own people. Well, when we get there, we can’t find any. So the media begins the crucifixion of Pres. Bush. “Bush lied and people died.” What a mantra. Well guess what, they did find the weapons and they found them by the thousands. The Pentagon covered up the fact that they were found. Soldiers, many of whom were harmed by the discovery of some of those weapons were told to keep their mouths shut. Cover it up as if it never happened. Why? Why would our own government lie about this? Who gained what by this lie?

Let us consider Benghazi. Again, obvious lies. First we were told this was all about some silly video on the internet. Then we were told it was just a little group of upset militants. Three of our people died including our ambassador. The lies are still flowing. Who is being covered for? Is it Hillary? Is it Obama? And why? Why can’t these people man up and face the music? Or would they prefer to be remembered as just liars?

How about the IRS scandal? It is patently obvious that Lois Lerner is lying. She obviously destroyed her e-mails. When called before Congress to testify, she perpetuated her lies and refused to talk. Her punishment? She has retired to receive her substantial pension from the very government she tried to destroy by her lies.

I could go on and on but I think you understand the gravity of my comments and my concerns. My simple question is how much longer will we put up with the lying?

Here is a simple primer on American Government. Number one, Obama is not the government and he doesn’t own the government. He is a civil service employee who is responsible to the people. The Congress is not the government and they also do not own the government. They too are civil servants who are responsible to the people. The Judiciary is not the government and the judges do not own the government. They, like the previous employees I discussed, are merely civil servants who work for and are responsible to the people.

We are the government. We all are the government. Regardless of our station in life, we share equally as owners of our government. Those people in Washington, D.C. work for us, not the other way around. We get to choose them and we get to remove them. In fact, another election is just around the corner where we will choose again who will work for us. Don’t take that responsibility lightly. Do you want to continue to put liars in office? Or do you want to get someone in office who can be trusted to at least tell the truth?

I long for the day when I can trust government officials. This isn’t a party thing. Liars come from both sides of the aisle. Our world is a dangerous place. Now, more than ever, we need trustworthy people in positions of leadership. On Election Day, choose wisely.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


If anyone had told me this story just a few years ago, I would have laughed in their face. But sadly the story is true. I cannot make this nonsense up.
In Kentucky an Atherton High School student who was born an anatomically correct male, now wishes to “express” himself as a girl. He claims to be transgendered. He has demanded that the school allow him to use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms. He also intends to shower with the girls. The school board, in their zeal to be all inclusive, unbiased, and celebrate diversity, has agreed to the student’s demands. Now let’s see, a sixteen year old boy showering with a bunch of sixteen year old girls. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong?
Some time ago I wrote that California had passed a law allowing for the same type of treatment. Youngsters who are either homosexual, have a leaning toward homosexuality, or who just wish to express themselves as the opposite sex must have access to whatever facilities in which they feel most comfortable. Certainly showering together has to be a part of the experience. It’s a matter of “gender identity.”
Can you just see it now? Young teenagers, armed with raging hormones, getting together after gym for a quick little shower. Nothing could go wrong. After all, these kids have decided to “express” themselves as members of an opposite sex. They would have no interest in the naked bodies of anyone, right? Certainly not the opposite sex.
Are the people making these decisions nuts? Remember they are supposed to be legislators, school officials, and people who are highly educated. I think these people are just crazy.
This may come as a shock to some, but humans are members of the animal kingdom. While it is true some of us have developed bigger brains to reason out problems, sadly not all of us have advanced. And as animals we have certain instincts and proclivities. It would appear that these so-called enlightened individuals who think they know what is best for us are among those whose brains have not quite advanced.
Nothing good can come from young teenagers of different sexes showering together, period.
Those of you who know me know that I am not a psychiatrist. I don’t have a string of initials after my name. I don’t claim to understand the human brain or why some individuals seem to choose to be a different gender than their birth gender. Some of it may even be legitimate. I understand there are homosexuals in the world. Not everybody fits the same mold.
But I also know this. There is chicanery in this world. There are hijinks. There are people, especially young teenage boys, who just might take advantage of stupid laws and rules to subsequently take advantage of young girls. I don’t think that is a stretch of my imagination, do you?
Finally there is no way I would ever let my child, male or female, be involved in any organization, school, or anything which allowed for this type of behavior. I would also work diligently to fire any person in authority who advocated such nonsense.
All across this country it seems morons are getting themselves into positions of authority and sensible people are just sitting still for it. Would you allow your sixteen year old child to go to a school that allowed and encouraged mutual showers? Well neither would I. Be careful who you put into positions of power and constantly hold their feet to the fire. The kid you save may be your own.
Ron Scarbro

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I remember when I was a small child my mother and my grandmother cooking in the kitchen on a wood burning stove. They had to first build a fire, let it die back a bit, and then proceed to cook whatever they were preparing. They did this in the winter and they did this in the hot, steamy summer. This was in the south and let me tell you we did have hot, steamy summers. Oh, and we didn’t have an air conditioner. Nobody had an air conditioner. I remember small fans which were used to blow the hot air from one room to another. At that time, some sixty plus years ago, what I just described was commonplace.

We also didn’t have a refrigerator. We had an icebox. The iceman would come and deliver ice which sort of kept our food cold for a time. Spoilage was quite common. In fact food poisoning was a regular occurrence.

Time and chemistry changed all that. Today virtually all new homes and cars have air conditioning. Everybody has a refrigerator. Everybody has a range and oven. Almost everybody has a freezer to preserve food and to make their own ice. While food poisoning still happens, it is far less common.

My mother and my grandmother, as well as most of their peers, aged before their time. Their toils and labor just being homemakers were life shortening experiences. Back then a fifty year old woman was old.

Look at today. People, especially women, in their sixties and seventies are vibrant and alive. Seventy is the new fifty. All people are living longer, healthier, more comfortable lives. I believe a lot of this is because of refrigeration. Refrigerating the air we breathe and the food we eat. We have come a long way and it is good.

Here is the point of all this. Some in the so-called “scientific community” have apparently decided that the refrigerants we are now using are harmful to the atmosphere. It started with Freon. They didn’t like that so it got eliminated. Now they are after the chemicals which replaced Freon. It was just announced that some world leaders, whatever that means, are getting together to try and ban many of the chemicals that we use to cool our air and our food. I wonder what they have in mind to replace them. Some skeptics among us believe that somewhere in the wings is a chemical company which stands to make billions with the next big chemical and that many of these “leaders” will be in for big money themselves. Oh, and the cost to the consumer will skyrocket. Tsk, tsk. Why would anyone be that skeptical?

This is what I know for sure. People, all people, are living longer more comfortable lives because of many things but certain among them are refrigerated air and food.

As a child, if I wanted to experience air conditioning, I had to go the movies. For some reason, in those days, theaters had air conditioning. It was, in a word, heavenly. If I wanted a cold drink, I chipped a shard of ice off of the block in the icebox and chilled my drink. But there was no respite for my mother and my grandmother. They still had to build their fires and cook over that hot stove. We all took it for granted and never really appreciated what they went through for the family, and because of their sacrifice, they aged before their time. Look at how much better our lives are today through chemistry.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Like most of you I watch a little television. While watching news from virtually any station we are invariably treated on occasion to the Los Angeles freeway car chase. Somebody will steal a car or try to run from an accident or just have warrants. Whatever the reason, they decide to run from police. Well the news and police helicopters go up and record every move made by the perpetrator. Usually a battalion of police cars get in on the chase. Speeds often reach over 100 mph and other drivers on the freeway system are put at risk. I think to myself as I watch the drama unfold, this is probably going to end badly. And, almost without fail, the inevitable happens. The subject of the chase either stops because of car failure, tire failure, or worse case scenario, car crash. In many cases people are killed or maimed in these car chases. One could almost predict the end result well before it happens.

The point of all this is the situation we are facing today in the world. ISIS or ISIL, whatever you want to call them, are like the car being chased on the freeway. It is going to cause some mayhem. It may even cause some to die, but in the end it is  going to end badly for them. The reality is that groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are like ants at a picnic. They, in light of the bigger picture, are little more than irritants. And, like the ants, they will be squashed like the bugs they are. The world is not going to put up with murderous thugs running around killing and beheading people. For a time they will be news. They will cause many to fear. But, like the killer thugs before them, they will disappear from the earth and be relegated to the dung heap of yesterdays killers like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and so many others. The world has not been kind to killers in the past and they are not likely to in the future.

Instead of wringing our hands and worrying about this latest bunch and others in the future, there are things we as a country can do to mitigate this threat. ISIS is being funded by petrol dollars. Countries like Saudi Arabia and others of their ilk are using their oil money to fund groups like ISIS. What if we got off our duffs and began a serious effort to become energy independent? Drill our own oil. Extract natural gas from the deep recesses where it is hiding. Open up the Keystone pipeline to move the oil already discovered more cheaply to the refineries. Get off the backs of coal miners. Let them produce the energy that is basically at our fingertips. If Sheik Abdullah What’s-His-Name had to face life without his oil billions, he might be a little more reluctant to fund terrorist groups. Even Vladimir Putin would have to reconsider his position of trying to take over the Ukraine. His only power comes from the fact that he provides the Europeans with natural gas. How much power would he have if Europeans had other sources for their energy?

The inconvenient truth is that we have such energy reserves. We have the oil and the natural gas. Additionally, we have the brainpower to continue to find and produce alternate forms of energy and better products with better energy efficiency.

ISIS’s reign of terror will end badly, and soon. Al-Qaeda will disappear. The car chase will come to an end. Smart choices on the part of our government can speed that process along.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Racial injustice is a term that is being thrown around a lot recently. Our Attorney General has even weighed in decrying treatment of young black men by the judicial system. He has opined that black youngsters are arrested more often and incarcerated more often than their Caucasian counterparts. He even implied that black people were being treated unfairly by the judicial system.

It is true that our prisons and penal institutions are disproportionately populated by minority convicts and many of them black. The question is, is this because black people are being treated unfairly or is it possibly that black people are committing the majority of the crimes?

In Brunswick, Georgia recently there was a fight involving at least eight black middle school girls. The word fight doesn’t do it justice. It was more like an all out brawl. Several teachers were injured trying to break it up. Three were hospitalized for a brief time. Five of the girls were arrested for assault and  permanently expelled. They will not be allowed to return to public school. They are now being educated through a taxpayer funded home school program.

These girl’s parents along with some community leaders are protesting. “It was just a squabble.” “Kids will be kids.” “Let these girls return to school.” This, they claim, is racial injustice.

If this is racial injustice, what would racial justice look like? Isn’t that a fair question? I remember a bank robber who, when asked, “Why do you rob banks?” replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Why are so many black youngsters arrested and jailed for crimes? Because they are committing the crimes.

Some will say that black people are the victims of a white dominated society. Still others might believe that black people are owed because of their treatment in the past. The truth is that they are in the state they are in because of their choices and their actions, period.

If anybody chooses not to get the free education that is available to all citizens, and then run rampant in the streets using and dealing drugs and committing other crimes, they deserve the justice they get regardless of their race.

Nobody is picking on black people. We have elected a black president twice. He has surrounded himself with other black people of prominence. We have a black Attorney General. This victimhood business is getting tiresome.

It is really simple. We are all responsible for our actions and our choices. We all need to be respectful of law and law enforcement officers. And we all need to obey the law. When we don’t we face the consequences. Contrary to popular liberal thinking, we are not arrested because of our race. We are not convicted because of our skin color. We are dealt with by our criminal justice system because of our choices and our crimes. If you don’t want to be treated like a criminal, don’t commit crimes.

Of course all black people are not criminals. In fact the vast majority are not. I believe it is extremely painful to them that many of their children are so out of control. I am sure that most black parents wouldn’t choose for their own children what many of these kids are choosing for themselves. They would opt for, as most would, a good life, a happy life, a productive life.

True justice is blind. It is also color blind. When individuals, regardless of their race, take responsibility for themselves and the choices they make, they rarely have to deal with the Justice System.

Ron Scarbro