Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I love Christmas. I always have. From my earliest memories this has always been a special time. As a young child I remember Christmas mostly as a religious holiday. My parents made sure that we were in church regularly and especially at Christmas. I love the Biblical story of Christmas, the music, just the whole feeling that I get at this time of the year.

I also remember the other side of Christmas, the Christmas tree, the stockings, and the presents. Our tradition was always that we opened our gifts on Christmas morning. Even though it was many years ago, I remember how difficult it was to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. I had two brothers about the same age and all of us had the same anticipation.

We were all believers in the Santa experience. I was a rather precocious youngster and didn’t shy away from difficult questions. For example I was painfully aware one year that we didn’t have a fireplace. We had a chimney because we had a pot bellied stove for heat, but we had no fireplace. I asked my mother how could Santa fulfill his mission to our house without an open fireplace. Her reply was simple and exactly what I needed to hear. It’s magic. Santa, she said, is magic. He can do anything he wants to and get to where ever he needs by magic. How else do you suppose he can get around the whole world in a single night? So, if my mother said it was magic, that was good enough for me.

Years later as I became the father of my own precocious children, simple answers became more difficult to sell. But I still spoke of magic because that is what it was to me. Maybe it is because my children wanted to believe or maybe they were just humoring me, at any rate they seemed to buy into all the magic of Christmas just like me.

Now I’m a grandfather and it has become even more difficult. My grandkids “Google” everything I tell them. There’s an app for everything, even Santa Claus. The Christmas trees are artificial. There is no smell of cedar or fir in the air. Stockings are hung on a fireplace fueled by gas logs. There is no coal to put into the stockings of bad children. But, you know what? There is still magic.

There’s magic in the joy of not just the little ones but in the entire family. There is still anticipation of opening gifts. Granted there seems to be a lot more electronic gifts, but how magic is that? How else would you explain wireless communication, instant answers to any question you could possibly ever have? Oh, there’s magic all right.

But the real magic is in the gathering together of family and friends, the fabulous meals, the wonderful music, and the joy of fellowship. I understand that other peoples and cultures have different traditions. Still most of the world celebrates Christmas in some fashion.

It is my Christmas prayer for you that you too have magic in this season. That you be surrounded by love and peace. That there is joy in your heart and love in your soul, and that Christmas is always, for you as it is for me, a magical time of the year.

Merry Christmas

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

As I have said before dear brother, we were raised by different parents. This was really sweet though
Love and Merry Christmas

Heather Olson said...

Merry Christmas Daddy! I still Believe in Santa Claus. I still Believe in Magic. Mostly, I Believe in the Miracle of Christmas and the Love of our Lord and Savior. GOD Bless. Love, Heather