Wednesday, December 31, 2014


There are none so blind as those who will not see. There are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. Did you hear Obama’s pledge that he made on public radio just the other day? He promised that he will use his veto power if the Republicans try to alter Obamacare or try to approve the Keystone Pipeline project or attempt in any way to, according to him, take this country backwards.

He probably is refusing to acknowledge the results of the midterm elections. That is his business. He is probably relying on his few remaining Democrat allies to go along with his petulance. That is their business and also their peril.

Here is a reality. The voters of this country sent a clear message to Washington. We are not happy with the direction this country has been headed and we want and expect a change. We will no longer tolerate the scandals, the lies, and the sloppiness with which we have been governed. We will not sit still for “tortured language.” We will not allow the IRS and the Justice Dept. to be used as personal tools for any politician of any stripe for any reason. These agencies belong to the American people and are not for sale.

So here is the challenge for the new Congress. Clean up the mess that has been created over the last six years. Return this country to fiscal sanity. Pass a legitimate budget. Get to the bottom of the scandals that are plaguing this White House. Bring the guilty before criminal courts and prosecute the offenders regardless of their station.

Republicans, you have been hired by the people to take care of business. And Democrats who still have a job in our government, pay close attention to where you might want to be in 2016. Sitting Congresspeople, if you  want to be returned to your seat in the next election, choose wisely as you face the opportunity to overturn petulant vetoes from your lame duck President. Thumbing your collective noses at the American people is a one way trip to unemployment.

For far too long we have allowed party politics to take center stage over what is best for the country. That has to stop.

America has a great opportunity in front of us. We have a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and the very real probability we will have a Republican in the White House in two years. There will be no acceptable excuses then. The business of governing begins now. Test the resolve of the Democrats to see if they have the willingness to go against the desires of the American people. See if they are willing to put their futures on the line for a lame duck President. The new Senate Majority Leader should round up the Democrats and develop a bipartisan coalition designed to overturn vetoes. He might find them far more willing than ever before. The handwriting is on the wall and they can read it too. The only way you can miss the message is to refuse to accept the message.

I started this column by declaring that there are none so blind as those who would not see and none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. That pretty much says it all. Time will tell.

Ron Scarbro


James Thompson said...

Speaking of blindness...I just got done joyfully reading your opinion in the Newsleader which is basically a replication of this post. You claim to be a patriot, yet your refuse to refer to President Obama as such. Wouldn't a patriot, even if he disagreed, still respect the position of the President?

You claim "scandals in the White House", yet offer no specifics or details...

You claim that the new congress has to fix the mess of the last six years. Yet, we have had 20 consecutive months of job creation, the lowest federal deficit since 2008, $2 gas, the DOW is hovering around 18,000, the banks and auto industries are stable, and millions more have health insurance than didn't before. I have a feeling that if a Republican President had accomplished these things, you'd be singing their praises. However, since the President has a (D) after their name, it's a total failure. President Obama has achieved a lot in his 6 years. For you to sit here and arbitrarily bash him because you vote GOP is not fair, is very myopic and partisan at best.

Jwo- said...

James Thompson, what do you need? Would eyesight help? How about hearing? What if you took a gander at the Constitution...would an understanding of how this country evolved pursuant to that document give you some foundation? I can't and won't speak for Ron but my respect for the Executive branch/office remains, IN THE FACE OF the insult that is barack obama. He is a socialist POS that should be charged with treason...although that conviction would be difficult to attain, since vapids of your ilk elected the bastard!

With what scandals are you OK? The irresponsible 'sophomorish' foreign policy that lost the lives of four Americans? Is our porous Southern border of any concern to your happy ass? How about the IRS being used as a political government arm attacking private citizens? How about the racial disparities and mis-information of the justice (-cough) department? How about the bullshit that is obamacare and the methodology used to pass it through congress? Are you OK with those? How about the 'emporish' way this president creates laws though egregious executive actions? I and anyone with a current event awareness and a brain (missing among the Left) could go on and on...but you need specific details? I'll bet I know the answer...EVERY FRICKIN ONE OF THESE SCANDALS IS OK WITH YOU!

20 consecutive months of job creation? Where? Where the fuq are these wonderful jobs? Part time?? Is that what you call job creation? Do you not understand that 90M Americans have been removed from the work force? That's roughly 1/3 of our population and the figures you tout are crafted & skewed for the government's best advantage. We've accumulated almost $20T in debt, vastly the responsibility of your damn obama and the DOW you so tout is artificially propped-up by the FED!! The banks were crippled by Dodd-Franks and then rescued (geez!) by the Fed and the auto industry raped our coffers and should have followed bankruptcy would have improved them and their business practices dramatically! Millions now have healthcare?? Are you daft or just disinterested in truth? Where do I even start with this bullshit? My 3-month pre-natal niece has better depth awareness than this!! Oh yeah...and $2 gas is the result of American private business creating the industry of fracking and the resultant flooding of the market with an additional 4M gallons per day of oil.

Once and for all, quit using the (R) or (D) as a scale by which to judge. It's all about the Constitution, free-market principles and self-reliance...not whether an (R) or (D) defines our course! want get it because you're 'blinded' by your surface awareness/lack of depth views.

I'm stopping here before I pull a muscle...


Ron Scarbro said...

Now, Now

While I enjoy comment, I also understand that not everyone sees things the same way. Any writer appreciates thoughtful criticisms of his effort and I am no different. Please continue to read and hopefully you might come around some day. And yes it is a mess that needs fixing.