Wednesday, January 7, 2015


How could this be? Masked gunmen rushing into a newspaper office with automatic weapons blazing, killing, as of this reporting, twelve innocent newspaper workers, screaming “Allah Akbar,” in a country known as a poster child for liberalism. What country you ask? Why, it’s France of course. France, the bastion of liberal, progressive thinking. A country with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. A country which elected a socialist as their President. A country with open borders who seems to welcome anybody from anywhere with no strings attached. A country which taxes her successful citizens to such a degree that they move out. A country which has adopted “political correctness” in order that no one should ever be offended. There must be some mistake.

Well there is no mistake. What we are witnessing today is the result of liberalism and political correctness run amok. What we are witnessing is the precursor to many countries, including our own, of what these weenie policies create.

The newspaper in question, Charlie Hebdo, happened to be under “police protection” because of previous threats. Where were the cops? Were they on a coffee break? Were they polishing up their Billy Clubs?

The attack on this newspaper office is an attack on the freedom of the press throughout the world. This particular paper was famous for tweaking political leaders, Catholics, Muslims, and anyone they chose. Apparently tweaking the “humor impaired” was their calling. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech is a fundamental right of any free society. When that right is attacked anywhere in the world, the whole world suffers.

The gunmen are still at large. They evidently had a plan to attack and to escape. So far they have been successful. But they will show up. Somebody will rat them out. And when they are found, they should be lined up against a wall, gut shot with buckshot and fed to feral hogs. The Muslim leaders in France should be witness to their execution. These people did not act alone. They had help. They had funding. They had big support. The entire free world should rush to the aid of France and get these perps and make an example of them for all of the Muslim world to see.

Is it just me or can anyone else see a correlation between France and say for example, America? How about Great Britain?  Do we just not get it? How many times must we point out that these radical terrorists are not people with whom we can negotiate? These are murdering thugs, baby killers. They have no uniform and represent no flag. They are just killers. They don’t care what your laws are. They don’t care that guns are illegal. Outlaw killers rarely do.

It is long past time that the free world get off their duffs and hunt down all of  these radicals and rid the world of their miserable presence. This world has passed radical Islam by and it will never return to that century and there is no place in the modern world for this extremism. If moderate Muslims don’t want to be shot down in the street, they had best round up their children and rein them in. The world is not going to put up with this.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

The Liberal is the muslim's greatest ally...even if Libs run aghast from this fact. ("How dare he?") Their driving desire for passivity, political correctness and big government, coupled with their desire to control & rule their counterparts, drive them (and us) unarmed right into the path of deranged zealots. Our (and other's) temerity in the face of murderous outlaws is revolting to anyone with a brain, a backbone and historical knowledge. If you want to see our collective futures, look backward into our past...results light our way forward and prevent repeating mistakes. Liberals NEVER do this! They tread blindly on lessons learned and recreate failures, whether political, social, military, et al. I wish we could just ship them all to the Middle East and let them hug a terrorist?? They could strive to attain office, peddle their Socialist agendas and rule/control their muslim constituency. I wonder how long it would take for them to get it?? I wonder how many would live 'til Christmas??

Due to Libs controlling France (and every other bankrupt country...HELLO), I suspect they will become a Muslim country in the next 50-60yrs. Once a majority rules, then its "Sharia Law or leave"...then "leave or die"...then "just die".

Try to live peacefully in your home with a rattlesnake...swim sweetly in a river with crocodiles...splash offshore at night or Dawn...jog across the Serengeti...hike in wolf unarmed for trout in bear country...let muslim populations grow unchecked in your country...guess what results all these situations eventually share??