Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Many years ago in my youth, traveling carnival shows would come to our little town. There would be rides, games of chance, concession stands with all kinds of carnival foods, a freak show, and all sorts of oddities to amaze our little community. I clearly remember the “Barker.” He was the well dressed gentleman who came out on stage and told the gathered crowd what to expect from the upcoming show. He was a great salesman. Then the exotic music would start and suddenly scantily clad young women would appear and begin dancing on the stage. They would seductively sway and shake to the music. The men in the audience would gather and be mesmerized by the spectacle. At just the right time, other members of the traveling group would pass through the gathered crowds and pick the pockets of the unsuspecting men hypnotized by the show. The oldest scam in the world and it worked.

As I look out on this country today I see a replay of that old scam. The barkers are out there in force along with the dancing girls taking our attention away from the  government pickpockets. Remember for years, starting in the seventies, we were told that the world was running out of oil. There were huge lines at the gas pumps. The price of gasoline started going up and it hasn’t stopped. But, and this is forty years later, there still is a glut of oil. With just what has been discovered in this country, we probably have hundreds of years of supply available to us.

Next, we have the “green” movement. I think it began with aerosol spray. We were told we were destroying our ozone layer. Then it became “global warming.” Now the government says we have to burn fluorescent light bulbs instead of the old incandescent. They want us to drive electric cars. They would have you believe that puny little man is capable of destroying this earth. Next, more government interference.  We now have guidelines for school lunch menus. A maximum of 850 calories for a growing teenager? Are you kidding me?

There is a town in California which has outlawed owning a pet. You have to adopt them. Private restaurants cannot give free toys with their kid’s meals. The government is concerned parents may not be able to say no to their children.

I could go on and on. There are so many distractions. If you believe the media, who by the way are in the tank for all of this, our only hope is to ride bicycles and never again cook on our charcoal grills. Our only salvation is total government control of our lives and our fortunes.

Well, what if all of this is just a bunch of dancing girls? What if none of it is true? What if the real agenda here is to distract the American people so that their pockets can be picked? There are at least as many so-called scientists who think “global warming” is a scam as there are who believe it. Can you just imagine how much of American life has been altered by this phony movement?

This then is your choice. You can still go on believing the nonsense emanating from Washington or you can look more closely and formulate your own opinion. You, for example, could believe that Harry Reid rose from poverty in Searchlight, Nevada to become a multi-millionaire by hard work and diligent saving and if you did believe that, you probably also believe a campaign contribution is not a bribe. If you do believe these things, the kool-aid is being poured and I think I hear the exotic music beginning to play. Watch out for the dancing girls.

Ron Scarbro September 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our embassies are being attacked all over the Middle East this week. So far at least four of our Foreign Service personnel have been killed. These attacks are obviously coordinated and planned. This is not just a mob out of control. There is obviously some group or groups of radical Islamist in control of these attacks.

Some time ago during the “Arab Spring” I asked who really was in charge. It seemed pretty clear that this was not just a random demand for a free government. The demonstrations which led to the overthrow of several dictators had to be led and controlled by some powerful body. I wondered then where this was all leading. The answer now is emerging. It is pretty clear now that the “Arab Spring” could lead to an “Arab Winter.”

The reason for these attacks is not so difficult to understand. We are facing another Jimmy Carter moment in the Middle East. Our unwillingness to react and respond to threats and literal attacks on our soil (our Embassy) has left us looking like helpless paper tigers. These idiots in the Middle East don’t fear us. That, my friends, is a problem. Because they have the precedent of our non action, they probably believe we will do nothing. What really troubles me is they are probably right.

I am beginning to wonder if the people in this region can co-exist with the modern world. Are they so backward that they cannot understand that their only possible future is by joining the twenty-first century?  There is another clear reality. The world will never be a Muslim world. The real world is a free place. Religion is a free exercise. Different people worship in different ways or not at all. Personally I don’t care if you worship a bell pepper. That is your choice. The problem comes into play when you demand that I also worship a bell pepper. That crosses a line which I will not allow.

So what should we do? What should our response be? Well first of all we have to get their attention. Number one, do not forgive the enormous debt owed to us by Egypt and stop all payments to the rest of these mongrel countries. We are sending billions to the Middle East every day. Not just in buying oil. We are sending aid to these people. How stupid is that? Next, shoot any trespasser dead in his tracks if he approaches our Embassy. Third, flood the Mediterranean with warships, loaded with missiles and troops, and then send a message to all governments in the region that any future act of war perpetrated by any country or group will be met with full retaliation. After we have leveled a few cities there is the real possibility that we might get their attention. I am convinced the only language they understand is force. In their wildest drug induced dreams they could not imagine what our country could do if we chose. It took two bombs to bring Japan to her knees and I doubt that it would require anything close to that for the Middle East. We could change the entire topography of the Middle East in just a few moments. Back when we first got involved with Iraq, an email forward was going around the internet. It showed an obvious Arab type racing on a camel across the desert waving a sword and screaming, “Holy War.” The second picture showed that same Arab type racing the other way with a US smart bomb on his tail and he was screaming “Holy Crap.” That image should be burned into the memory of every person in the Middle East.

We are running out of time. Iran is months away from having a nuclear weapon. Israel is not going to sit by and let themselves be destroyed. This is going to hit the fan whether we like it or not. How shall we respond???

Ron Scarbro  September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


On a recent campaign stop President Obama said that if Congress would just pass his “Jobs Bill,” which he says he sent to them a year ago, he could create a million new jobs almost immediately. Wow, that sounds really good, doesn’t it? A million new jobs.

Well, as usual, a closer examination of the facts brings us back to reality. The absolute last thing this economy needs is a million new government (taxpayer) funded pencil pushers and paper stackers. You see there is a big difference between jobs and work. As we have discussed ad nauseum, the government doesn’t produce anything. The jobs Obama is talking about is not real work. Now if you are one of the twenty-three million unemployed I suppose any sort of income producer would do. But, these government “jobs” are not real work. What they are is  government welfare.

Jobs which are actual work are produced by private business creating products or services that are sold for profit. Governments do not produce any product. Governments do not create any profit. The only things governments produce are regulations and taxes. The reason Obama’s “Jobs Bill” hasn’t passed Congress is simple, there is no provision in the bill to pay for it. Funding such a government welfare bill would have to be with more borrowed money thereby further increasing our overwhelming deficit. All that would do is kick the can down the road. Eventually the preacher has to be paid. Eventually, if you are to dance, the band has to be paid. There is no free lunch and all other trite metaphors one can think of.

Why is this so hard for the people in power who should know better, to understand? It seems that when people are sent to Washington to conduct the business of government, they park their brains at the door before they enter. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you put two people in a room and give them a dollar, all the trading in the world, all the regulation, all the taxes, all or any activity performed by these two people produces nothing more than the original dollar. That, my friends, is an economic reality. The government doesn’t sell anything. They only spend money. In other words, they aren’t the answer.

For our economy to recover we need productive work. We need private business, big and small, to unleash the great economic engine which had driven us for the past several decades, and all that business is asking is for the government to get out of the way.

I watched on TV today as a fifty-eight year old man who had been unemployed for six years told his story. It was sad. His observation was that there are so many unemployed people that employers can have very strict requirements for employment. They have so many to choose from and rarely does that choice include fifty-eight year old men. If our economy was anywhere close to normal this man would be employed immediately. Today his jobless benefits have expired and he has few options.

Frankly the people we have employed in Washington from the President on down to include the Congress have failed miserably. They are not helping start this economic engine.

My request is simple. To all of you who serve the people in our Capitol, get off your collective butts and get busy. Rein in the EPA. Approve the Keystone pipeline. Repeal Obamacare. Lower taxes on everybody. The sooner this happens the sooner this problem will be solved. It is going to happen. It can happen with you or without you. Your choice. Perhaps a period of unemployment might help you understand. If you don’t get this matter solved, unemployment is definitely in your future.

Ron Scarbro September 12, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For some time I have been aware of the almost visceral hate for Sarah Palin by some liberals. I also noticed that same hatred for Herman Cain when he was running for President. Now, with the Republican convention just finished, the liberals have a new target for their hatred. He is Marco Rubio.

I began to wonder why. Why are these accomplished individuals so despised by the left? Is it because one is a woman, one is black, and one is hispanic? That can’t be right. The left holds no prejudice against anyone because of gender, race or national origin, right? So, it must be something else.

I think I may have come up with the answer. They, the left, don’t hate these three people, they fear them. They are scared to death of a strong independent woman who doesn’t “know her place.” They fear a black man who has escaped the plantation, a black man who doesn’t refer to his white superiors as “Massa.” They are frightened beyond belief of any hispanic who thinks for a moment that he can succeed based on his personal initiative. You see these three are the epitome of what America truly is, not what the liberals think it should be.

It has been amusing to me to watch the national news media struggle to report on people like these three. The media knows they are news. They know they are popular. They know the country wants to hear about them. They just don’t know how to report on them and be true to their leftist agenda. I feel their pain. In fact I am going to do them a service. I am going to report on people like these plantation escapees so as to relieve the national media of the responsibility. They can return to their agenda of re-electing Obama and keeping their collective heads in the sand concerning the massive failure of Barak Obama and his policies.

The American electorate sleep-walked through the last Presidential election, but they are waking up. The former “silent majority” will not be silent any longer. The great experiment of electing the first black president just didn’t work. Its failure was not because Obama is black, it failed because of Obama’s liberal policies.

Today I am encouraged and excited about this upcoming election. Today I truly feel we as Americans will correct the mistake we made just three and a half years ago. There is work to be done for sure, but judgement day is at hand for Barak Obama.

If you ask me if Palin, Cain or Rubio will figure in tomorrow’s politics, I cannot say. This much I will say however, America needs such people. America needs true Americans. America needs people who love this country and her traditions. There is another thing that I have learned in my time on this earth. That is that we fix our mistakes. We always have and we always will. As Clint Eastwood said during his presentation at the convention, “We own this country. Politicians are our employees. When someone cannot do the job, it’s time to let them go.” That time has come for Barak Obama.

Like Rubio said, I don’t believe Obama is a bad man. I just believe he is a bad President. He was ill prepared for the job and his results prove that conclusively. Today we have the opportunity to elect an accomplished, successful businessman to take over and fix the mess we have gotten ourselves into. My hope is that you feel the same way.

Ron Scarbro September 5, 2012