Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In Panama City Beach, Florida an event just occurred which should get everybody’s attention. There was a celebration and recognition of veterans, many of whom were disabled, held at one of the hotels there. Veterans came from all over the country to be honored and celebrated. If that was the end of the story that would be great, but sadly it is only the beginning.

At the same time of this veteran’s celebration, a fraternity known as Zeta Beta Tau, representing the University of Florida and Emory University of Georgia, was also in Panama City Beach holding a fete for themselves. I know very little about this particular fraternity but it appears, like many fraternities, they have a drinking problem.

To shorten a long story some of these little frat boys with way too much liquor on board, disrespected these veterans and the flag. They threw beer bottles, vomited,  urinated and spat on the veterans and on the flag. They screamed obscenities and generally made complete fools of themselves. They displayed the arrogant attitude of spoiled brats. They were the epitome of self indulgent, over privileged, coddled, children. Their mothers must be very proud. The Universities are conducting investigations and some could even face criminal charges.

At about the same time at a rally on campus at Valdosta State University in Georgia, there was even more disrespect shown for our American flag. Individuals were seen stomping on the flag as a sign of total disrespect. There, an American veteran, Michelle Manhart, took a flag away from an individual who was stomping on it, only to be barred by the University from the campus claiming that disrespecting the American flag is freedom of expression. Talk about wrong headed nonsense, this is ridiculous. Perhaps the officials of that University might benefit from a review of American history as well.

As a veteran and a proud American, I am disgusted. I believe there is a possible remedy however. Perhaps the draft is the answer. Instead of wasting thousands and thousands of dollars of their parent’s money going off to these party schools, maybe these drunken little boys would be better off in a military camp with really big, no-nonsense drill sergeants. After a few weeks of basic military training their attitude might change dramatically. They might come to understand just what being an American really means. They might come to understand just what others have sacrificed for them and their freedom. They might even get the opportunity to make some sacrifices themselves to earn the right to be called an American citizen.

Now I recognize that the military doesn’t want this. They don’t want these little frat boys messing up the Army. They really don’t want to have to teach them how to be men.

I’m not going to bore you with another “when I was younger” story. It is sufficient to say things have definitely changed. I can tell you this for a fact though, in the military boys do become men. They have to. By the way, girls should not be exempt. Just like in Israel, they should be included. I am sure they would want the opportunity to contribute to this country as well.

All in all, I believe the country would benefit from a required conscription of military service for all able bodied citizens. It works in Israel and it would work here. We need a return to patriotism. We need for people to understand and appreciate what it means to be an American. A couple of years of military service  might just do the trick.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Do you remember when President Bill Clinton was caught literally with his pants down? The story was excused by Hillary as just lies from the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Had there actually been a vast right wing conspiracy I would have been a charter member but I digress. The point of this comment is that Clinton got away with his dalliance. Oh sure he was impeached but he was not convicted. One of the problems was that his insurance policy, Al Gore, was waiting in the wings and the country could never have survived an Al Gore presidency even for a short term and the Congress knew it.

You may also remember that the most powerful women’s groups of the time and their leaders excused Clinton’s sexual deviations as actions of  “a strong leader who had strong needs.” The fact that he took advantage of a naive young intern was not important. She was just a bimbo who deserved her fate. You will remember that Clinton went on to lie to a Grand Jury and was subsequently disbarred from the practice of law because of that violation of the law. And the Democrats still love him. Go figure.

This has all come up because of Hillary’s decision to try again to run for President. A group of us were discussing the many scandals she is facing and some even could be so illegal that she could face prosecution. So, will that affect her chances for victory? The best guess of this group is that it won’t. Clinton supporters seem to place very little value on integrity. The Clinton’s seem to have a teflon coating. That coating is applied liberally and continuously by a media who support her unashamedly. I continue to be amazed by the willingness of so-called intelligent people who just look the other way.

When Hillary scrubbed her hard drive of e-mails after being subpoenaed by Congress, she broke the law, period. No nuance, she broke the law and she knew it. That violation, if prosecuted as it should be by our Justice Department, carries  possible prison time. Of course Eric Holder is the Attorney General and what are the chances that he will do his job and prosecute? I’m going to guess zero.

There are, of course, many more possible violations of law that could and would land anybody else in serious trouble. Not Hillary. So far she has escaped any real consequence for her apparent determination to live by her own rules.

Haven’t we seen enough of what happens when we elect an individual who was never vetted? An individual whose arrogance and disregard for law has seemingly been excused by the media? The question is will we go through this again?

I read recently a European’s essay concerning our election choices. He was not so troubled by the election of Obama as he was an electorate who would vote for such an unprincipled individual with virtually zero experience. His thought was that we got what we deserved.

Now the American people are facing another election with choices that soon will be clear. Seriously, haven’t we seen enough of the Clintons? Haven’t we seen enough of their self-serving politics? Aren’t we ready yet to retake our country and change the direction we are headed? Our current rate of travel downhill is unsustainable. Surely the Democrat party can come up with a better candidate who has as his platform what is best for America, not just what is best for him or her. If Hillary is their candidate, I hope she is defeated by such a margin as to eliminate the Clintons from our minds forever. We can only hope.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. From my earliest memories our family attended church every Sunday morning and evening. We also attended on Wednesday evenings for prayer meeting. For the most part members of the church got along with each other. On occasion however, one group would take exception to something or someone and there would be a split. That split would show up in the seating of the congregation. The opposing sides would choose one side or the other of the church. Eventually one side would disappear and start their own church. I am convinced that is one of the main reasons there are so many churches in the south.

Sometimes, though, there were gatherings of different denominations, such as Baptists and Methodists. There were even Catholics and Lutherans. We would get together for “fellowship.” Our differences were settled by three legged sack races or volleyball games. There were even cooking contests to see who baked the best pie or the best cake. Usually a good time was had by all. Different denominations of Christianity gathering in fellowship. It was all very civilized.

How different from what happens in the Middle East. There appears to be one dominant religion, Islam, with at least two denominations or factions, Sunni and Shiite. Imagine how much better off this whole world would be if they could settle their differences with a three legged sack race. It is pretty clear that these aren’t like Catholics and Lutherans. These people have to kill each other if they are sitting  on different sides of the Mosque and this has been going on for thousands of years.

And so enter the civilized world into this snake pit of opposing ideas. In our wisdom we figure to bring these decades of war to an end by just introducing democratic ideals. Free speech. Free choice. No dress codes. Freedom of or from religion. Free elections. In fact all of the freedoms we civilized people enjoy. They should embrace it all, right? Sorry. They would much prefer to kill each other and anybody else who gets in the way. Women are owned property in the same way as livestock with  a value just a bit lower than a goat. Their wives are not partners, they are slaves. Slaves who are publicly whipped and beaten for any real or imagined disobedience. These are not people for whom freedom is appealing.

They live in tribes in much the same way as did Native Americans at the time of America’s discovery. Everyone who thinks differently are automatically enemies who must be destroyed. I am confident that most of these people don’t even know why they hate whom they hate. Religion is used as an excuse for their barbarism. Clearly these are not people who could ever understand individual freedom and responsibility. They murder because they always have. They will continue to kill because that’s all they know or care to know.

I have been told that not all adherents of Islam are this barbaric. I am told that the radicals only amount to a small percentage of the faith. That is probably true but even at that, the larger majority must share the blame for the minority who make them all look so bad.

This is a reality. Eventually we, the free world, are going to have to kill off individuals who cannot or will not co-exist with civilization whether they be Sunni or Shiite. We will do this to preserve our way of life.

Here is another reality. Our enemies don’t fear us. They really have had no reason to. That must and will change dramatically. That change will come with a change in leadership. That change will come in 2016.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The other day I heard a former FBI agent saying in an interview on TV that we are just going to have to get used to attacks on innocents at schools and in malls. We are just going to have to get used to marauding mobs of killers looting and killing at will. We also have to expect so-called lone wolfs bent on jihad. This, he surmises, is the new normal. What do you think? Is this the new normal? In fact is there anything normal about this sort of activity?

What if, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, we just resigned ourselves to the fact that this was going to be the new normal? What if, when the Nazis bombed England, the rest of the free world just threw up their hands and conceded that this was just going to happen? If we had we would be speaking Japanese or German today.

But no. We didn’t throw our hands up and surrender to the evil in the world. We fought back. We fought back and destroyed those who tried to dominate the world. We faced enemies that many thought were invincible. We faced odds that many thought were impossible. We took the fight to them and took the fight out of them.

We had leaders then who were willing to deal with the reality of the situation. In fact two of my favorite Democrats possessed the leadership qualities necessary to get the job done, Roosevelt and Truman. They had a military with leaders like Eisenhower and MacArthur willing and able to lead our troops as well as our allies into the battles that brought about an end of the tyranny of the evil doers.

Of course that didn’t end wars. Wars continue to happen. It was Shakespeare who said in his play “Julius Caesar” through a soliloquy by Marc Anthony, “The evil that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones.” There is still evil in the world. Evil lives on after evildoers die. As long as one person wants the possessions of another or the land of another or who believes his view of religion is the only view allowed, there will continue to be wars.

What then is our role? How do we deal with this evil? Do we just resign ourselves to the massacres? Or do we decide to stand up and fight? This evil is not going to go away of its own accord. The radical Islamist jihad against the free world will end when we end it. It will end when we take the fight out of them. It will end when they see that there is no hope for their ridiculous plan of worldwide domination.  

Somebody recently said that there are over a billion Muslims in the world. We can’t kill them all. That’s right but we don’t have to kill them all. We didn’t have to kill all of the Japanese. We just had to show them the folly of their fight. All of the Japanese were not at war with us. All Muslims are not at war with us. We just need to discourage the few who want to kill us.

In the final analysis it is up to us. We will not find security by sticking our heads in the sand or anywhere else dark and forbidding. We need to face the facts and deal with the reality. The jihad declared by the radical Muslims will end only when we end it.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Black lives matter. That has been the mantra ever since the police shooting incident in Ferguson, MO. Well of course black lives matter. So do white lives, yellow lives, red lives, and in fact all lives. The real question is do lies matter?

This entire campaign was started after the shooting and is based on a complete lie. All of the evidence is compelling and has been thoroughly vetted. The police officer involved was completely justified in shooting Michael Brown because Brown was trying to assault the officer. He didn’t have his hands up. He wasn’t on the ground in a surrender position. He was attacking the police officer. It is unnecessary to revisit that entire incident but know this, if there was any way the Justice Dept. could have brought any charges against the police officer, they would have done so. There wasn’t, they didn’t, and that should end it. It would end it if outsiders could just back off and deal with the reality of the situation. But no. The race baiters have to find something or some way to stir up trouble.

So this is it. Hands up. I can’t breathe. Don’t shoot and finally black lives matter. These are the slogans designed to continue the lie that began in Missouri.

How about we start a new campaign and this time start from the truth. How about this truth. All people, regardless of race, must obey the law. All people, regardless of race, should respect law and law enforcement officers. Nobody should, under any circumstance, defy authority especially when that authority is the police department. If you or anyone, regardless of race, just followed these simple guidelines, the chances of ever having a problem with law enforcement is virtually non existent.

Yes, all lives matter. The lives of the victims of crime matter. The lives of little innocent babies born into fatherless homes matter. The lives of the mothers of these babies who must struggle through life without the support of a loving partner matter.

Hitler, in “Mein Kampf” declared that if you tell a lie and tell it often enough, it becomes the truth. No amount of telling this Ferguson lie is going to make it the truth though. It will always be a lie. And continuing that lie is not at all helpful to black or white people.

Just recently a self-proclaimed liberal reporter for the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart, himself black, apologized for continuing the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot.” He admitted that after his own extensive investigation, the Ferguson lie was proven to be untrue. There was no hands up. There was no surrender. There was only an authority-defying attack on a police officer. That reporter has been under assault in the media for his apology. For some reason many of the liberals in the media just will not let this lie die.

Every day we are aware of innocent people who are assaulted by criminals. Just turn on the news any evening and count the shootings. Lately, it seems, more and more police officers are shot in the line of duty. Fortunately they are still willing to  step between the innocents and the perpetrators to protect us. Sometimes the officers are hurt themselves. Sometimes they are even killed. But still they serve and protect.

Yes, black lives matter as do all lives including police officers. But truth matters also. No one is served by living a lie. No one is served by perpetuating a lie. The truth will out. The sooner the better.

Ron Scarbro