Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Black lives matter. That has been the mantra ever since the police shooting incident in Ferguson, MO. Well of course black lives matter. So do white lives, yellow lives, red lives, and in fact all lives. The real question is do lies matter?

This entire campaign was started after the shooting and is based on a complete lie. All of the evidence is compelling and has been thoroughly vetted. The police officer involved was completely justified in shooting Michael Brown because Brown was trying to assault the officer. He didn’t have his hands up. He wasn’t on the ground in a surrender position. He was attacking the police officer. It is unnecessary to revisit that entire incident but know this, if there was any way the Justice Dept. could have brought any charges against the police officer, they would have done so. There wasn’t, they didn’t, and that should end it. It would end it if outsiders could just back off and deal with the reality of the situation. But no. The race baiters have to find something or some way to stir up trouble.

So this is it. Hands up. I can’t breathe. Don’t shoot and finally black lives matter. These are the slogans designed to continue the lie that began in Missouri.

How about we start a new campaign and this time start from the truth. How about this truth. All people, regardless of race, must obey the law. All people, regardless of race, should respect law and law enforcement officers. Nobody should, under any circumstance, defy authority especially when that authority is the police department. If you or anyone, regardless of race, just followed these simple guidelines, the chances of ever having a problem with law enforcement is virtually non existent.

Yes, all lives matter. The lives of the victims of crime matter. The lives of little innocent babies born into fatherless homes matter. The lives of the mothers of these babies who must struggle through life without the support of a loving partner matter.

Hitler, in “Mein Kampf” declared that if you tell a lie and tell it often enough, it becomes the truth. No amount of telling this Ferguson lie is going to make it the truth though. It will always be a lie. And continuing that lie is not at all helpful to black or white people.

Just recently a self-proclaimed liberal reporter for the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart, himself black, apologized for continuing the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot.” He admitted that after his own extensive investigation, the Ferguson lie was proven to be untrue. There was no hands up. There was no surrender. There was only an authority-defying attack on a police officer. That reporter has been under assault in the media for his apology. For some reason many of the liberals in the media just will not let this lie die.

Every day we are aware of innocent people who are assaulted by criminals. Just turn on the news any evening and count the shootings. Lately, it seems, more and more police officers are shot in the line of duty. Fortunately they are still willing to  step between the innocents and the perpetrators to protect us. Sometimes the officers are hurt themselves. Sometimes they are even killed. But still they serve and protect.

Yes, black lives matter as do all lives including police officers. But truth matters also. No one is served by living a lie. No one is served by perpetuating a lie. The truth will out. The sooner the better.

Ron Scarbro

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