Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Have you seen this classified ad under “HELP WANTED?” Help wanted. Individuals with strong backs needed to carry very heavy baggage for soon to be anointed Democrat Presidential candidate. This is not a temporary position as the baggage continues to build up and increase in weight. Those individuals who are successful in the carrying task can then be promoted to the position of “Hard Drive Eraser.” This very important position requires persons to be skilled at eliminating any and all incriminating evidence from a personal server. Future advancement could include high paying government appointments in this candidate’s administration. Female applicants should be advised, however, that their pay will be 77% of male salaries.

Of course no such ad is running nor would one be run but, when you consider the facts, Hillary’s baggage is building. I believe Democrats are getting worried. And, guess what. The campaign hasn’t even really begun. Mainstream Democrats are so invested in Hillary that they have no alternative candidate. They have good reason to be concerned. Most of Hillary’s problems have yet to hit the fan. Personally I don’t care who the Dems run. I think they are going to have serious problems with the mess that has been created by the current administration.

The Supreme Court left Wisconsin’s law requiring voters to show identification alone. They wouldn’t even hear the case. The liberal left is just going to have to get used to the idea that if they are to win elections, they will have to do it legitimately. One has to be registered, alive, an American citizen, and be able to prove those facts in order to vote. Wow, what a concept.

Sen. Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for President. I like Sen. Cruz. Can he win a national election? I don’t know. I hope, but I don’t know. Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Jeb Bush are waiting in the wings. Any one of these fine men would be a great choice for the country, but honestly, I don’t know if our next President has even come forward yet. I will just be patient. In the last election for President some voters sat it out because they didn’t get their choice of candidate. I would equate that philosophy to sitting down to dinner with three choices in front of you. The first is nutritious, healthy food but not your favorite. Choice number two is poisonous. Your third choice is to starve. Facing those choices, which one would you choose? Sitting out an election is like dying from poison or starvation. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Not only do you suffer but so does the entire country.

Finally, if we were really serious about illegal immigration, we could fix it very quickly. Instead of chasing down poor Mexican and Central American families, we should just make it illegal to employ anyone who cannot prove their American citizenship and then hold any employer liable for hiring them. I mean really hold them liable, like jail time for offenders, not just a slap on the wrist. The reason these people come here is obvious. If we removed the incentive, they would probably deport themselves, stay home and fix their own countries instead of coming here and screwing up ours. A workable guest worker plan could then be established that would supply needed workers. We have the technology to do this in a very short time. Oh well, it’s just a thought.

Ron Scarbro

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