Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I’ve heard a lot recently about moral equivalency. Loosely translated it means if you do something to someone and then someone does something similar to you, that is equal, or equivalent. Continuing in that theme, if a thousand years ago individuals traveled from their homeland in Europe to the Middle East killing and maiming along the way calling it a crusade, does that mean that here in the twenty-first century individuals from the Middle East can travel anywhere in the world they choose killing, beheading, burning, and slaughtering, and call it equal? In other words is there a moral equivalency to their actions? Regardless of what the President says, there is not.

To me that is about as silly as the State Department suggestion that what we need to do is provide jobs for Islamic terrorists and improve their economies and they will stop their murderous activity. I am of the opinion that once these disaffected thugs become baby killers and rapists, they would have a difficult time going back to any normal, moral, human behavior. I am of the opinion that the rise of ISIS is because they are recruiting young, disillusioned, social rejects who get a thrill from baby killing and raping. Many come from well-to-do homes. Some are even well educated. Granted many are goat herders, but for the most part, jobs and economies mean nothing to them. These are bloodthirsty thugs who think they are going to Disneyland.

And so now, they have threatened Americans on our homeland, more specifically the Mall of America. These worthless punks have decided they will attack innocent shoppers in the Mall. What will be our response? Will we just stop shopping at the Mall of America? Will we let the terrorists win? Or will we continue to shop there, being vigilant and careful, thereby showing the cowards that they cannot frighten us?

And what should our government do? Will they just wait until an attack happens before they respond? This Administration has recently sent out a tweet asking everyday Americans what would they do to combat this terrorism. They want you to tweet your suggestions. Seems to me a strange way to conduct foreign policy, but whatever. Here’s mine.

First of all, face this fact. Radical Islamic terrorists are a cancer on the world. Were you to have a cancer in your body, your surgeon would cut it out. Then he would poison the area around it so that the cancer could not reoccur. That is how we must treat this cancer. We cut it out. We kill any possibility of it ever recurring. As is the case when chemotherapy is prescribed to humans, collateral damage can occur. Collateral damage also is the nature of war. Remember, we didn’t start this mess. It will just be left to us to end it.  

There is a lot of conversation in the media about what we call these thugs. The President apparently doesn’t want to call them Islamic terrorists. I personally don’t care what the media calls them, or what the President calls them. They are baby killing, blood thirsty, social rejects who will all soon die horrible deaths. They are not religious zealots. In fact religion has nothing to do with it. They are just thugs and killers.

Finally, this is not just going to go away. We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and have it all disappear. For it to end, we must end it. And the sooner the better.

Ron Scarbro

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