Wednesday, February 25, 2015


If you are a student of history you will remember the warped view Adolf Hitler had of life. He had this opinion that the Aryan race was a superior race of people. He seemed to believe that tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, people were better than anyone else. That’s strange since he himself was a squat little man with dark hair, but I digress. So strong were his opinions that he set about killing off anyone who wasn’t what he called pure.

He carried his insanity even further by establishing a stable of Aryan breeders. He selected young, healthy Germanic types and set them up in quarters with the goal of breeding Aryan babies. Their only job was to produce babies. These offspring were to become the foundation stock for the new world populated by tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, Germanic types. Of course this new world would be under the rule of Adolf Hitler.

In addition he established what was called “The Hitler Youth.” These were young people, children, who were gathered up and separated from their families to become soldiers of the “Third Reich.” They were trained militarily and fed a steady diet of propaganda of Hitler’s nonsense. These were to be his next army.

Of course, as we know, his whole world came tumbling down when the rest of the world decided that we had had enough of “Der Fuhrer.”

I point this out because of the marked similarity between Hitler and his gang of thugs and that group of social rejects known as ISIS. Just this week we were shown large groups of children dressed in military uniforms standing at attention in formation learning the propaganda of their leaders. I am sure that the leaders of ISIS see these children as their next army. It must be working because just yesterday a ten year old girl blew herself up killing and wounding several people in Africa.

We are also learning of young fifteen and sixteen year old girls flying to Syria to become “jihadist brides.” They are recruited online. What they don’t know is that what they become are not brides, but sex slaves to baby killing murderous thugs. As was the case in Hitler’s plan, their job is to produce babies for the next army of jihadist thugs. These events are eerily similar.

So, what do we do about this? When Hitler reared his ugly head, the world smashed him and his ideas. The same thing needs to happen to this latest attempt at world domination by these few morons.

As was the case with Hitler, there can be no negotiation. There can be no “peace treaties.” There can only be annihilation of their entire machine and all their warped ideas. The so-called moderate Muslims have had ample opportunity to rein in these radicals and they haven’t. Because of their failure, their whole way of life is now at risk. Maybe even their religion.

We have been told by this Administration that we cannot kill our way out of this. As for me, I’d like to try. Dead terrorists can’t fight back. Leveled cities can’t house fighters. Weapons melted down by bomb blasts are useless.

In the forties the world said no way to an insane maniacal leader and put him and the world out of misery. The time has come and gone for us to do it again.

Ron Scarbro

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