Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The state of Georgia has passed a new law that makes the Arizona immigration law look weak. Did you hear anything in the news about this? If you are in Georgia illegally and you are stopped by the police for any reason, you had better have available identification showing that you are in fact an American citizen or at least in this country legally or you are in trouble. If you are an employer in the state of Georgia and you employ anyone, they had better be legally able to be in America or you are in trouble. Did you hear anything about this in the national media? Probably not. Several other states are also working on similar legislation.

What you probably heard was that President Obama brought together a group of individuals who were purportedly gathered for the purpose of finding a solution to the illegal immigration problem. The group did not include any of the border state Governors who are directly affected by the illegal entry of people from all over the world. No, it was a group of liberal apologists who seemed to be looking for a way to grant amnesty to these illegals without bringing down the wrath of the American people. For some reason one political party seems to think that if illegals are granted immunity they will suddenly become voters for that party. What do you think? As for the big conference, nothing new seems to have come from the event. I think this is called kicking the can down the road.

Meanwhile Senator John McCain traveled to Libya and pronounced that the anti-government rebel fighters were his heroes. He also proffered the opinion that we should further arm them and help in their fight against Moammar Gaddafi. I hope he knows something that the rest of us haven’t learned yet. Like who are these people and who is financing them and what is their ultimate objective? I think a little skepticism might be in order until we know more.

In the rest of the Middle East rebellion is breaking out almost as if by magic. Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and now Syria. Who knows what is next? Are these legitimate freedom fighters or are these groups who will bring about a bigger problem than exists now?

Of course we all will know more as this continues to develop. I hope it is legitimate. I hope their objective is honorable. I hope that the Middle East joins the twenty-first century. If so, the world will be a safer place. Time will tell.

Let’s talk about gasoline prices. Four dollars a gallon and headed higher. Do you think Obama and Biden are in cahoots with the big oil companies? The media decided that during the Bush administration high gasoline prices were the work of the Bush/Chaney/Big Oil cartel. The press now seems strangely quiet on the issue. Does that seem odd to you? Regardless of the reason, the price of everything is headed up and by a lot. Fossil fuel moves everything in this country and will continue to. This current administration needs to understand this, skip the fantasy, and get on with drilling. Perhaps someday other forms of energy will take the place of oil but for now the reality is we must have an increased supply. Deal with it. Meanwhile, social security recipients will not get an increase because the head of that agency doesn’t think prices have increased. Really? I am not making this stuff up.

Finally, sixteen states have sued the Government over Obamacare. The cases will ultimately be in the Supreme Court for final judgement. I believe the law will be found unconstitutional and will be invalidated. Until then states will spend millions preparing for a situation which will be overturned by the Court. No reading of the Constitution could find any other way.

Sometimes I wish I was making this stuff up, but facts are facts. I report, you decide.

Ron Scarbro April 26, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have been in Florida for the past few weeks and the news is out. Social Security expects to increase by a paltry 1.2% for the next year. The problem is, the cost of medicare will rise above that amount which means for the third year in a row there will be no increase in benefits to the millions of seniors who depend on their checks for survival. Here in Florida where the average age is considerably higher than the rest of the country, the news has been devastating.

Just last week the head of the Social Security Administration described the reason there would be no increase. His conclusion is that there is no inflation. His belief is that prices are not really going up. Apparently the rising cost of fuel, food, medical care, clothing, services, transportation, and all of the other things you and I spend money on is just our imagination. He seems to believe that Social Security recipients are in better shape today than they have ever been. I have a question. What planet is this moron living on? Does he go to the grocery store? Does he buy his own gasoline? I find that virtually everything my wife and I buy is going up and not by just a little but by a lot.

Social Security is called an entitlement. I believe that calling it that makes it easier for our elected leaders to treat it as some sort of welfare. As I have written before, Social Security is a contractual debt owed by the Federal Government to me as well as all those who have paid into this fund and have reached the age where that payment is due. It is not a gift to be doled out and treated as if it were some sort of privilege. It is instead a debt owed to the recipients just as cost of living increases are owed by the government. We never had a choice of whether or not to invest in Social Security. Our wages were hijacked by the government. Now the debt is called and payment is due. Don’t fall for the notion that senior citizens are some sort of dependents waiting with hat in hand for the largess of the plantation owner to take care of us. Nonsense. We are creditors and we demand to be paid our just and proper return.

I learned that the Social Security Administration has until the end of September to determine whether or not there will be a COLA increase for this year. You and I need to make sure our employees, our Congresspeople, hear our thoughts and know clearly where we stand regarding this debt owed by the government. They need to understand that we will not be passive any longer. It is not welfare. It belongs to us. Past congresses have raided and stolen from our funds and now the chickens are coming home to roost. The reality is that many seniors are living an entire year on less than just the raise Congress voted for themselves. Our elected representatives should be ashamed. Imagine, if you will, how different this all would be if Congresspeople had to follow the same rules as everybody else.

If Congress insists on calling Social Security an entitlement then know this. Entitlement means I own title to this fund. I bought it and therefore I own it, just like you do. Having reached the age whereby that fund has to start paying me back for my lifetime of investing, I expect no less than precisely that.

Ron Scarbro April 4, 2011