Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Did you hear what the Disney Corporation decided? They are going to install metal detectors and body scanners at the entrance to all their parks. It’s probably a good idea. After all a park full of happy, laughing children on a holiday would be a great target for sadistic, barbaric baby killers. Disneyworld and Disneyland would be the  softest of soft targets. I am sure these mongrel Islamic terrorists would relish the thought of a pile of babies all blown to smithereens by their bombs. They would be dancing in the streets.

We take our shoes off at airports, suffer through body scanners at all sorts of public venues. We submit to body pat downs by TSA agents and allow our persons to be sniffed by dogs. No place is safe, we are told. We should look over our shoulders and be on constant alert. Our privacy is invaded on a regular basis. Our very freedom is compromised. We should be afraid, very afraid.

Okay, I understand this caution. I understand this need to be aware and alert. In our present situation caution is necessary. But fear is not.

I have a slightly different approach. This alertness and caution is because of radical Islamic terrorists who have as their life’s mission, killing us and our society. They have been somewhat successful at spreading their fear. I am sure they see themselves as something of a puppet master pulling the strings on the west.

My approach is simple. What if we decided to eliminate the need for all this extra caution by eliminating the threat itself? What if ISIS woke up one morning soon and saw a couple divisions of US troops and Marines bearing down on them? What if they looked over their shoulder and saw the 82nd and the 101st Airborne Division parachuting out of the sky? What if down the road came a couple Armored divisions under the command of a true warrior ready to lay waste to the open cesspools which serve as their homes? What if, instead of being afraid, we became the purveyors of fear?

Years ago I had a hard nosed supervisor. He used to tell me, “I don’t have ulcers, but I am a carrier.” In other words, while he didn’t suffer from ulcers, he certainly knew how to cause them in other people, like his employees.

So, what if we, instead of fearing terrorists, caused them to fear us?

We can’t kill them all. They are master recruiters. They keep getting new soldiers for their evil plans. This is what we are being told. Okay, what if these new recruits saw the barrel end of some of our more sophisticated weaponry and felt the sting of their power? We don’t have to kill them all. Killing a few will discourage the many.

But Ron, there would be collateral damage. You mean some of the breeders of these mongrels might be killed? I don’t see a problem with that. These people are going to have to come to the understanding that there will never be a world like they envision. There will be no Caliphate. There will be no super Caliph who will rule the world under sharia law. It ain’t gonna happen. They and they alone have to decide how many of theirs have to die before they get the picture. Remember they started this and we and we alone will finish it.

There used to be a t-shirt which showed a picture of an American flag in full color. The caption read, “These colors don’t run.” We do not run. We stand and we fight. We don’t fear, we create fear.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


It has been my pleasure this past year to write and publish columns on this blog site. There is much wrong in the world but there is so much more that is right. I rarely find it difficult to find a subject for these columns.

Today, though, I just want to concentrate on Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. From the time I was very young to now when I am old and gray, Christmas continues to be magical. And so today Linda and I wish you and yours the happiest of Christmases. We pray for this great country that we will once again find our way. We would love to have the spirit of this season descend to the whole world so that peace and goodwill could prevail and take hold. Our fervent hope is that good common sense strikes the hearts of voters and serious leaders come to our rescue. It is all up to us after all.

Have a Merry Christmas. May you create sweet memories for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Ron & Linda Scarbro

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Is it presumptive of me, when encountering a stranger on the street, to wish that stranger a cheery “Good Morning?” It seems innocent enough. It intends no harm. It is only my wish that this stranger have a good morning. But wait. What if this stranger, unbeknownst to me, is not a “morning person?” What if he actually hates mornings? He stays up late at night and maybe drinks heavily, suffering possible hangovers. Besides he is just crabby and out of sorts in the morning. He decides to take offense at my cheery greeting. Am I supposed to care if this stranger is offended?

Today’s political correctness would have you believe that my greeting, while innocent on every level, might be considered “passive aggressive.” What? Are you kidding me? What could be aggressive about wishing someone well? I apparently should never assume that this stranger or anyone would welcome my cheery greeting and that I should care if they are offended. Sorry. I really don’t care.

Of course this brings us to the point of this column. I regularly wish people at this time of year “Merry Christmas.” I don’t pre-qualify whether they are Jewish, Hindu, or anything else. I regard them as human and wish to share with them the joy of the season. How could anyone, unless they just happen to be a member of the “habitually offended set”, take offense at such a greeting?

Again the PC police are quick to point out that, under their interpretation of the rules for this time of year, some people don’t celebrate Christmas. Okay. I don’t care. I do celebrate Christmas and a part of my celebration is sharing the joy of this season.

In my zeal to tweak the humorless and the Christmas season impaired, I often will ask of someone saying “Happy Holiday” to me, which holiday are you referring to? While I am not at all offended, I am often amused. The lame attempt by some to de-Christmas Christmas is silly on so many levels. Like renaming the Christmas tree a holiday tree. What other holiday, pray tell, uses a lighted, decorated evergreen tree as a part of the celebration?

Life is all about choices. I have little interest in your choices, as long as they don’t affect me, and you should do the same for me. Some folks enjoy prime rib for Christmas dinner. Some have ham or even lamb. I even know of some who order takeout Chinese. I’m really, really okay with that. I’m even okay if you don’t eat anything for Christmas or any holiday. You can even have a veggie burger. That is your choice.

To me and to most traditional Americans, we celebrate Christmas. It is for us first and foremost a religious holiday as we are remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and secondly as a family time together. At my house we exchange gifts, eat great food, occasionally drink some adult beverages, and listen to the most beautiful music ever produced. It is a time filled with joy and love.

You are welcome to share in our joy. You are welcome to wish and hope with us for peace on earth. You are welcome to share in our prayer of good will to men. You are equally welcome to ignore my greeting and good wishes. That is your choice.

Merry Christmas.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Because of the season I had planned to write a light hearted column. I wanted to talk about peace and love and Christmas. But I don’t feel very light hearted right now. In fact I feel downright angry. I feel let down by a government that is supposed to be protecting me and its citizens.

So what do we have here in San Bernardino, California?  We have Muslim extremist jihadists hell bent on the destruction of everything we hold dear. We have a young man born in this great country who decides that he is too good for the country that spawned and nurtured him. He goes across the ocean to find a bride who appears to be a sadistic murderer. A woman who had no problem abandoning her baby, strapping on guns, and committing a bloodthirsty massacre. A woman who incidentally lied on her Visa application to get into our country to kill innocent neighbors who were doing nothing more than celebrating a Christmas party. Neighbors who had recently held a baby shower for her and her new baby. These killers are the epitome of human filth and waste. This also speaks to our ability to vet people coming into this country.

The PC police would have me not be unkind to Muslims. They want me not to offend. Well guess what. Today I don’t care if Muslims are offended. They should be offended and they should be embarrassed and ashamed. By their silence they are granting tacit approval of the actions of their brothers and sisters in the Muslim Community. If I were a Muslim, I would be ashamed to show my face and they should be too.

What exactly do you suppose these idiots see as the end game of their killing sprees? Are they so stupid as to believe the free world will allow themselves to return to the twelfth century where Muslim men lead their several wives around by collars and leashes? Where Sharia Law is the law of the land? Where nobody enjoys freedom of speech and thought? Are they really that stupid? I guess so.

I’ve got some bad news for them though. It ain’t gonna happen. What will happen instead is that the Muslim religion may well be destroyed by these very jihadists themselves. In a battle between goat herders and modern free people, the goat herders lose every time. There is no doubt that there will be some interruption of our lives and it will be painful, but in the final analysis, it won’t even register on the scale of human events.

To any Muslim who might be reading this. You can’t have it both ways. This is America. We are free people who live by laws handed down to us by our forefathers. We are never going to give in to your threat. We are far more likely to rush your trip to paradise and your journey will be far more horrendous than you could have ever imagined.

To the so-called moderate Muslims. If you and your religion intend to survive, remember this. Your days are being numbered by the very brothers and sisters you seem to want to ignore. ISIS, like so many arrogant philosophies before it, will crumble and all the people who attend that ignorance will crumble with it. Speak up and take charge of the thugs who have hijacked your religion. Clean up your act before it’s too late. The entire free world is after you and the clock is ticking.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So let’s see now. Russia and Turkey are on the verge of all out war. And since Turkey is covered under NATO, all of the Western World is now at odds with Russia. ISIS is killing and beheading all over Africa and others are killing and bombing in Paris. Their threat is real and being dealt with all over Europe. Tens of thousands of refugees are traveling around Europe trying to find someone who will take them in. Tens of thousands of illegal trespassers are daily trying to enter our country with very little opposition. Black people in this country are on the march because of perceived mistreatment of a few thugs. And in the face of all this, President Obama thinks the best thing for him to do is attend a “Global Climate Change” convention in Paris.

That’ll show them. ISIS can’t scare us. Mess with us and we will back over you in our Prius or we will hit you over the head with a solar panel. ISIS is far more likely to suffer a hernia from uncontrolled laughter at the thought of this response than to be concerned about global climate change. There are evil people who are barely human and who worship death. They could care less about the climate of the globe.  To top this all off, Obama wants the Congress to approve a two billion dollar, with a “B”, fund to give to third world countries in an effort to get them interested in this “Mickey Mouse” science. Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in disbelief.

The word from the White House is that the global climate thing is important to Obama and to his legacy. Once again I should remind you and them, his legacy is already established. He has been the absolute worst president in the history of our country. Now he is offering even more proof that he is also tone deaf. Now that’s a legacy.

The Republican Senate with their majority has already said they will not approve the two billion dollar request so the whole deal is dead on arrival in the Congress. So, what’s the point? Does Obama really want to show just how out of touch he is with the rest of the country? Is this the public image Democrats want as they try to win election in the next cycle? Somebody on their side needs to get into a private discussion with their champion and let him know just what the country thinks about his ridiculous actions. After the so-called nuclear deal with Iran, it should be clear to even the densest Democrat that this is not what the country wants.

But hey, it isn’t my place to tell the Democrats what they should do. They seem hell bent on destroying themselves. I’ll just be a semi-interested bystander.

It really doesn’t matter what Obama wants at this point. He is a lame duck president who is poisoning his party’s chances of winning any future election. One would think that reasonable concerned Democrats would step up and ask for some moderation of the idiocy that keeps coming from this administration. As for me, I’ll just let the voters decide.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I love this time of the year. When I was much younger, autumn was a time to go hunting. At that time in my life hunting was a favorite sport. As a very young child living in Tennessee Thanksgiving Day was the beginning of rabbit season. We would get our shotguns and our dogs and go rabbit hunting. Afterwards we would show up at my Grandmother’s house for a Thanksgiving feast that to this day is still one of my favorite memories. Now I am the grandpa and my children and grandchildren show up at my house for our feast. My hope is as they grow older they will have memories like I have.

And so I am thankful today for this time of year. I love the holidays. I have tried to think of a way to tell you what I am most thankful for, but there is just so much. I think mostly I am thankful for good health. I am thankful for my family. My wife Linda and I will celebrate our 53rd anniversary in early December. I am thankful for my children and grandchildren. I am excited to see them grow and prosper. My wife and I can be sure they will have happy, successful lives.

I am thankful for my friends and the readers of this weekly blog. I get great comfort from being able to spout off on anything I want to. I am so very thankful I live in a country where I can spout off. We should never take this freedom for granted.

As soon as Thanksgiving is done, we will begin to prepare for Christmas. I love the music, the spirit of people, the smells and the sounds of Christmas.

Today I wish for you the happiness of this season. I wish for you the peace that attends this time. May your memories be sweet and may you create sweet memories for the ones who follow you.

Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless us all,


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This world has a cancer. It is metastasizing and growing. That cancer is radical Islam.

If you had a cancer in your body, you would have a few choices. One is to do nothing which would almost certainly result in your death. A second choice might be surgery to remove the cancer. Still a third choice may be to treat the cancer with radiation thereby burning out the cancer cells and destroying them. Neither surgery nor radiation is a guarantee of a cure but the success rate is excellent. For a certainty doing nothing almost guarantees failure.

And so the world looks at Paris and Lebanon and the desert in Sinai. This cancer has struck the body of the free world. Hundreds of innocent people doing nothing more that traveling or going to a concert or just sitting in a restaurant having a meal are butchered because of an idiotic arrogance which is being perpetuated on the world by a few power hungry, greedy individuals.

These master manipulators seduce young, gullible, impressionable, people into a life of murder and mayhem by promising a life in the hereafter filled with virgins and joys. What they are really doing is preparing stupid youngsters for a horrible death as cannon fodder. They don’t seem to mind if their soldiers get killed by the dozens as long as they kill by the hundreds. These are vile evil men whose greed and arrogance knows no boundary.

The president has miscalculated the threat of this cancer. Initially he referred to them as the “JV” squad. Then on just the day before the attacks in Paris, he told us they were well on their way to being contained and were reducing their influence in the region. I understand why he has offered that assessment. This is politics. He wants to be thought of as in charge and successful. Who wouldn’t want that? The problem is he is wrong. We have a serious problem on our doorstep and it is not going away by itself.

Since the Paris attack I have heard many experts offering suggestions as to what our response should be. First, we are told, we must identify our enemy by name. Forget political correctness and call a spade a spade. These are radical Islamists using an ancient religion to further their arrogant greed and lust for power. They count on a ready supply of “useful idiots” to serve as cannon fodder. And thirdly, they depend on the evidence of our lack of will to defeat them. We won’t even identify them publicly.

This then should be our response. We found and disposed of Saddam Hussein. We found and rid the world of Osama Bin Laden. We now must find and demolish the leaders of this cult of blood thirsty killers known as ISIS. If necessary, we must do what radiation does to cancer cells. It often is indiscriminate. We may well have to blow up a few towns and villages. We are probably going to have to kill a lot of people. If you find this objectionable, remember this is the war that was brought to us by these radicals. The longer they go unchecked, the more likely we will have to kill them on our own soil. One thing is certain. It will only end when we end it.

All of free Europe will join us along with Russia now. We must unite and tighten the noose around this ragtag bunch of goat herders and send them off to their version of Paradise. I am certain as I sit here, it won’t be what they expect. The longer we wait to get the job done, the more of them we will have to kill. Our window is closing.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


True to form and to his liberal politics, Obama has terminated the Keystone Pipeline Project. He has kept his commitment to the environmental lobby to do everything in his power to eliminate fossil fuels from America. It seems both Obama and the environmentalist wackos think that just by eliminating fossil fuels that will somehow cause America to turn to wind energy or solar power. Wrong again. In a long list of wrong.

What would be funny if it wasn’t so sad are the reasons Obama gave for turning down the pipeline. He said the pipeline causes us to be even more dependent on oil at the expense of more environmentally safe fuels further delaying a new dependence on solar and wind power. He also believes that transporting oil through a pipeline could be more hazardous to the environment. Did you know that the day after he made his decision, a freight train derailed in Wisconsin dumping 10,000 gallons of ethanol into the Mississippi River? Trains and trucks, you see, will be the alternative methods of transporting these fuels without a pipeline. We are dealing with complete idiots.

Fortunately Obama’s refusal to approve the pipeline only delays the inevitable approval when we elect a Republican to the White House and return to fiscal and environmental sanity.

On another note a Federal Judge in Texas has stopped Obama in his tracks concerning his edict that we cannot deport illegal aliens who were brought here as children. Twenty-six states have sued the Obama Administration to bring an end to this latest travesty. One way or another these politicians in Washington are going to have to learn that we all have to follow the rules. Illegal aliens are by their identification illegal. No amount of language massaging is going to change that.

I find it amazing that with just a year left in Obama’s reign that he is still trying to find ways to destroy this country and its traditions. He speaks of his legacy. Well let me tell you this. His legacy has already been established. He has been the absolute worst President in our history. Most, if not all of his edicts and proclamations will be overturned by the next President. How’s that for a legacy?  

Concerning the next president. His will be a very difficult job. This will not be the first time a Republican has had to come in and fix a terrible mess caused by the Democrats nor, sadly, will it be the last. The voters just never seem to learn.

I don’t know about you but I have just about had it up to here with this current administration. I didn’t think it would be necessary to remove Obama from office before his term ended but I could have been wrong. It appears he is going to do everything in his power to destroy what is left of our America. If the Congress doesn’t get it, perhaps they need to be removed also. We elected a Republican majority and yet they act like they can’t do anything. They let Harry Reid run amok over needed legislation as if they could do nothing to stop him. If the majority party cannot stop an idiot like Harry Reid, what chance does this country have?

A reckoning is coming. There are enough true patriots in this country to stop the destruction of America by liberal  nonsense. To anybody who sits out this next election and then witnesses the further destruction of the country, you deserve the scorn of all who went before you. You deserve the country you will be left with. How’s that for a legacy?

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Now if I have this right, the Obama Administration, who apparently believes if everything was legal we wouldn’t have any crime, is planning to release thousands of “non-violent” incarcerated prisoners from our Federal Prisons before their terms are up over the next few days and weeks. This, they opine, will help ease overcrowding and improve our economy. I guess they believe these ex-cons will go out and get good paying jobs and become legitimate tax paying citizens. Besides, they say, most will have served a lot of their required time in prison. Also they will be on “supervised” release. That means they will have to report to a parole officer who will keep tabs on them.

Here is what we know. Most individuals who are released from prison are prone to be rearrested and returned to prison. The reasons given range from being unable to get an actual job to never having been rehabilitated in the first place. Prisons, we have been told, are institutions of rehabilitation as well as places of punishment.

Here is what else we know. Most individuals who make the news as thieves and killers, are people who have extensive records of arrest and imprisonment. This moron who was just killed in Tennessee was arrested at least twenty-eight times and convicted many, many times. The killer of the young girl in San Francisco had been arrested and convicted many times and even deported five times. But, instead of actually being in prison, these individuals were out on the street ready and willing to commit mayhem and all manner of lawlessness. How many times have we seen young people in their twenties having long arrest and conviction records but are out on the street reoffending?

But no, screams the Administration. We’re talking about non-violent offenders, mostly just drug criminals. You mean like dealers of poison to stupid kids? No, they say, these are people who are just trying to augment their meager incomes by selling and producing illegal narcotics designated for the unsuspecting users among us.

Also among those to be released are the users who steal to support their habits or commit other crimes like prostitution and forgery. Besides, the government is going to check them out and make sure they can be trusted to walk the straight and narrow. There should be nothing to worry about, right?

A number of police chiefs and sheriffs are worried though. Some are even saying this is going to cause a huge increase in crime. I think I would side with the police on this one.

I have wondered aloud and in this forum from time to time, just what sort of crime do you have commit to be put into prison and kept there?  I remember when armed robbery called for twenty to life. Now it is often pled down to a misdemeanor with little or no prison time. Drug convictions are so common that they seem to be swept under the rug. Prisons are swinging doors of recidivism. The penal is gone out of the penal prison system and the rehabilitation is just conversation.

As a country based on law and order we should require of ourselves the building of  sufficient prisons for  offenders. I know they are expensive. So is crime. If we are not willing to punish our offenders, we have no right to expect crime to go down. We also have no right to expect individuals to obey laws. This latest bit of nonsense coming out of the Obama Administration is just another example of liberal defiance of law. Watch with me how many of these parolees reoffend and wind up back in prison. Probably, I’m guessing, most of them.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I am not an expert on the black race. I have had black bosses, black fellow workers, and even some black employees. I have had a few black friends. I admire many in the black community. I am a fan of many black athletes, entertainers, and just some normal everyday people. In the military I served with black men whose blood would have been spilled just like mine had it become necessary. And as it turns out, all blood is red.

I have never owned a slave and I am pretty sure that no one in my heritage ever owned any slaves either. Therefore, I owe no one reparations. To my thinking, black people are entitled to no more or no less than anyone else.

So now we have the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Of course black lives matter. But they don’t matter any more or less than any other human lives. This is a political movement designed to secure special privilege for one group of people over another. In other words, reparations.

This group would have you believe that they are picked on over their white counterparts. That, of course, is nonsense. Any study of crime statistics proves beyond a doubt that crime, especially in the big, major cities, is a black problem. 73% of black homicide victims are murdered by black killers. The vast majority of babies born into the black community are born to unwed mothers whose fathers remain absent. What used to be settled by fist fights are now dealt with by gunfire. Inner city drug dealing is primarily a black issue. I know that many of the users of these drugs are white, but that is a different story.

When you add all this together along with the latest problem, a refusal to acknowledge the authority of police, you have a recipe for disaster. One of former Attorney General Eric Holder’s pet peeves was he thought that black kids were punished more often and more severely than the white kids. More nonsense. That is just like the liberal view that black people must be getting picked on because they fill our prisons and jails. They fill the penal system because they commit the vast majority of the crimes.

I have a simple solution for the “Black Lives Movement.” If you don’t want to have a problem with the police, don’t commit crimes. If you are stopped by the police, show respect and don’t try to resist arrest. If you do resist, you are going to lose, every time. If you want your life to matter, do something worthwhile. You get nothing just because you are black.

I have heard you say that the deck is stacked against you. Tell that to Dr. Ben Carson. He came out of the same ghetto that you say has trapped you. He has become a renowned surgeon. He has separated conjoined Siamese twins. He is running for President and is leading in many polls. If he becomes the Republican candidate, I will happily vote for him.

Some years ago, back when I worked for a living, I knew a black General Sales Manager of a high-priced import auto dealership. He made serious money. He dressed like a million dollars and had a great life. One day at lunch I asked him if he ever experienced bigotry and hatred as a black man. He told me that yes, he did. He found it everyplace he looked for it. That told me volumes.

This country owes none of us any more or less than anyone else. We are all afforded the opportunity to succeed as well as the possibility of failure. How we fare depends on our own initiative and willingness to work. There will be no reparations.

Ron Scarbro

Thursday, October 22, 2015


This probably won’t come as a shock to you but I am not a fan of labor unions. I believe they had their time and they provided a service to their members that helped this country at a very difficult time in our history. But, their time has long since passed. The only thing I dislike more than labor unions would be unions for civil service workers who already have guaranteed jobs and guaranteed wages. All unions do for them is charge the members dues which are funneled into the Democrat Party destined to help elect more Democrats.

I point this out because of an event which just occurred in Washington. The Republican House passed, with some bipartisan support, a bill known as the VA Accountability Act which would hold the VA accountable for their actions. It would have allowed incompetent employees to be fired. The bill would have gone a long way to help America’s veterans get the services they deserve. The bill was defeated by the Democrats in the Senate who owe their souls to the labor unions. Here at last was an opportunity to hold the VA and some of their incompetent managers and employees accountable for their actions and it was defeated by Democrats who obviously have more concern for the Labor unions and their support than they do for Veterans. How sad. How sad that it should come to this.

At about the same time the Senate Democrats defeated another bill which would have halted Federal funding to “Sanctuary Cities.” Now can someone tell me why anyone would be opposed to withholding funding from cities that violate federal law by giving sanctuary to illegal aliens? The bill was called “Kate’s Law” after the young lady murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco. None other than Senator Harry Reid took to the floor to describe the bill as vile. He called it the Donald Trump Act. He said the bill, designed to make municipalities obey federal law like everyone else, was abhorrent. What? Is there something that I am missing? I thought it was the duty of sitting Senators to make sure everyone obeys the law. After all, they passed the laws. Maybe Reid believes that the only laws that must be obeyed are the laws we agree with. If we oppose a law, I guess it’s okay to just ignore it.

I am sure that you, like me, have heard for years how the Republicans are obstructionists. They are the party of no. Well here was an opportunity for the Democrats to contribute something positive to the American people, and what do they do? They just said no. They defeated a law which would have stopped Federal funding to those cities. The mother of a murdered son killed by an illegal alien  guesses Harry Reid has never lost a loved one to an illegal. She further added that Reid should retire immediately. He has long since worn out his welcome by the American people.

Here’s my question. Are you a Democrat? If so, are you proud of these two glaring examples of Congressional manipulation of laws to help curry favor from a special interest group? Do you think it is better to support civil service labor unions over our veterans? And do you think the American people are going to forget the stupidity of the Democrat Senators when it comes time to vote again? Do you support continued funding for cities that violate our laws and thumb their noses at the American people?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I’m truly sorry for you. A day of judgement is coming and it won’t be pretty.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I tried to watch the Democrat “debate” if that’s what you want to call it. A news report released just before the debate warned those on the stage that anyone who spoke badly of or to Hillary would be dealt with by the national Democrat party. That along with CNN’s own decision not to challenge any of the candidates created what could only be described as a crashingly boring TV show. I watched as long as I could out of duty to you my readers. I now intend to share with you my thoughts that I derived from my viewing of the debate.

First of all, I believe Hillary showed better than any of the others on the stage. Why wouldn’t she? There was no one else there who was even remotely qualified to be President. Hillary supporters might be thrilled that she came out best, but there is, alas, bad news for them. A nationwide poll that was released on debate day showed that when running against the top four Republican candidates, Hillary loses and loses badly in every case. It is what we call a good news bad news scenario. Hillary wins the debate but gets trounced in the national election. Bad news for the Democrats, but great news for America. After eight years of Obama, America could not bear another Democrat in the White House.

The debate showed me, and should have shown the rest of the country, that the Democrats seem to be living in the past. I heard the same tired old rhetoric that they have been spewing for years. Bigger government, more freebies, and higher taxes for the wealthy. Added to those worn out issues is now more handouts and freebies to illegal aliens and of course the biggie, man caused global climate change. They would have you believe that of all the challenges facing this country today with a Middle East in constant war, Iran on the verge of nuclear capability, and Russia attempting to exert her influence in that area, climate change is our real problem. I heard no mention of China’s attempts to manipulate currency and flood the world’s markets with cheap goods. I guess the Dems just think all of that will blow over as soon as we get a handle on the climate.

Bernie Sanders looks like he should be living in a tree, riding his bicycle to and from the free clinic. His proposals of free stuff for everybody would cost in the trillions. He has yet to define how he would pay for any of this. Chaffee and O’Malley looked completely out of place on that stage. My favorite, Jim Webb, was essentially ignored by the debaters and CNN. He continues to remind me of how Democrats used to be. Good, honest patriots looking for solutions and the ability to compromise. Sadly, he has no chance of even being seen or heard.

The elephant in the room wasn’t even in the room. Joe Biden was sitting it out. I guess he wanted to see if Hillary could handle the debate. Well she did. Now what? Smart money says Biden will get in the race because the Democrats know Hillary cannot win and Sanders is a joke. Any way you look at it, it is going to be fun. Biden has at best one or two weeks to get in or stay out.

It’s anybody’s guess as to what is coming next but my final verdict, the Democrat party lost and America won.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


So let’s see. A wing nut with an armload of guns walks onto a gun-free zone, a school campus, and opens fire. He was described as strange, a loner. He said he couldn’t get a girl friend. He seemed to have a particular hatred for Christians, asking each of his victims to identify their religious preference just before shooting them. He was quite obviously a failure as a human being and as a man. It’s no wonder he couldn’t get a girl friend. It also isn’t hard to imagine why he decided to commit this atrocity at a gun-free zone.

It appears he wanted to be famous. Hitler was famous. Stalin was famous. Many crazy killers from the past have been “famous.” Is this the kind of fame he wanted?

Like so many others of his ilk, he was nothing more that a genetic experiment that went terribly wrong. His name will forever be reviled and despised. He was the classic loser.

And so, he had guns. Apparently a lot of guns. Guns, like hammers and screwdrivers are tools. When used for their intended purpose, they are good and they defend good. When they are in the hands of nut cases who have no concept of life, they become the tools of evil.

As expected, the left trots out their liberal politicians. “We’ve got to do something. We have to have the courage to fight back. We have to take on the NRA and defeat them. We don’t want or need the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Guns are just bad and we need to get rid of them.” Etc., etc.,etc.

Once again I am going to try to present information that should be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. It ain’t the guns. It’s the people behind the guns. If guns are ever outlawed, only outlaws and government officials will have guns. The Second Amendment came about to guarantee that citizens of this great nation would always be able to defend themselves, not just from criminals, but also from our government and government officials.

Hillary wants to remove all guns from the citizenry. Sorry, Hillary, it’s not going to happen. If Hillary had a clue, she would be looking for ways to deal with the crazies who arm themselves and try to “become famous.” We, as a nation, have a poor record of dealing with mental illness. We put people in prison who are looney bin crazy instead of in a hospital where they might be helped. Sometimes we just put them back on the street and tell them to take their medicine. Well, they don’t.

Living in a free society has inherent dangers. Living itself has inherent dangers. Lightning could strike you at any time. If you are smart, you try not to put yourself in a place where lightning could strike you. In a free society people are free to live and make choices. Sometimes they make the wrong choices. Sometimes they are chemically imbalanced and cannot make the right choices. Our laws do not allow us to arrest someone because of what they think. We can’t even arrest them if they show themselves to be unbalanced. It is only when they act that the law can intervene. That is the definition of freedom.

Perhaps it is time we passed laws that required mental health professionals to report unbalanced people. We need to get them help. Normally, crazy people don’t see themselves as crazy. They see everybody else as crazy. Many, many people are running around without the ability to care for themselves. Maybe it is time society intervened before they act out.

Here is another simple fact. The gun owners in this country are never going to give up their guns, period. No law, no edict, and no liberal politician is going to change that. It is past time for the government to find a better way to deal with mental illness.

Ron Scarbro

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Speaker of the House John Boehner, R, Ohio, is resigning his position as Speaker and also resigning as a Member of Congress effective the end of October. What took you so long? I have been listening to Boehner’s recent comments and he, along with many other Washington insiders, seems confused. The Washington political establishment of both parties hasn’t gotten the message that was clearly sent during the last election cycle. Polling has indicated without any doubt that the citizens of this country are unhappy with the direction we, as a country, are headed. The election should have alerted these brilliant politicians that change was necessary. Change in ideas. Change in direction. Change in political leadership.

Take a look at the Republican Presidential Primary being contested today. The three front runners are completely non-politicians. Two are businesspeople and one is a surgeon. None have political backgrounds and yet they are overwhelming the politics of the day.

Is there a message here? Are the people of the country trying to send another message? Will the political class get the idea that we want real change?

It is one thing to elect individuals from a different party. But, is it too much to expect the new party to get busy with the work the people elected them to do? We have Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate but nothing is changing. It is just the same game but with different players. We have all heard the tired old rhetoric that we can’t get anything done because Obama will just veto our efforts. Okay, let him. Put it on him. Let his legacy continue to be the breakdown of this country’s values and traditions.

Let’s face it. The Democrats are in trouble and they know it. I have even heard they are trying to trot out Al Gore. Are you kidding me? If you think Hillary is a mess, wait ‘til you see an Al Gore campaign or a Bernie Sander’s campaign for that matter. You and I know there are excellent Democrats with the intelligence and the ability to be President. The only one currently in the discussion however has been Jim Webb.

The facts are clear. What has been happening in Washington hasn’t been working. We are at war all over the world. Our economy is struggling. We are overrun with illegal aliens. Our drug problems continue to haunt our cities and when police officers try to intercede, they are sued and arrested. We are going in the wrong direction and we need a complete change.

I won’t miss John Boehner and I’m not too sure about his handpicked successor Kevin McCarthy of California either. I would like to see Trey Gowdy in that position. He is a former prosecutor who has experience getting things done and he is fearless.

There is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot of things changing over the next few months. It will not be enough for the country just to elect a Republican to the White House. It will be up to all of us to hold that individual’s feet to the fire to get the change our country so vitally needs.

We absolutely must let the world know that we will no longer put up with the Middle East problem. They either fix it themselves or we will. Secondly, we absolutely have to get the government’s boot off the neck of small business and allow them to prosper and grow. That along with meaningful tax reform will cause our economy to grow like it hasn’t for years. And finally, we must get a handle on our illegal immigration problem. It is costly, dangerous, and completely out of control. We have enough law, we just need to enforce the law.

We need a change, and change is good.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


If you turn on your TV set you are going to hear bad news. If you read your newspaper, you are going to read of bad news. If you listen to the radio, there is nothing but bad news.

The Stock Market is in the toilet. ISIS is taking over the world and it is just a matter of time until they are here and killing innocent Americans in the street. The Iranians are soon going to have nuclear weapons and they are going to use them on us. Young people have lost all respect for authority, especially police authority, and they are running wild. Soon, very soon, our country will be eliminated from the earth by, your choice, global warming, bird flu, AIDS, the Russians, the Chinese, high fructose corn syrup, or anything else you can imagine. Just fill in the blank.

Most of this frightening stuff is designed to sell TV time, newspapers, and radio commercials.

But I have good news. We, all of us, are part of a great experiment which got its start over two hundred years ago. A relatively small group of fed-up individuals decided that they would throw off the oppression of a foreign government and rebel. They decided they would take up arms and defend their new homeland. They wrote a Constitution which was their law and they created a new country. That country was and is America.

They knew what they were doing was dangerous. They knew if they were caught by the oppressive government, they would be executed. But they also knew that what they were working for was worth the sacrifice.

These were strong people. These were courageous people. These were daring people. Sure there were some doubts. I am positive that many never really thought they could pull it off. Some even probably stayed out of the fight and left it for others.

Let me tell you also there was blood shed. Many were killed in the effort to establish this new country. Most, fortunately, survived. They went on to establish America and make this country the most powerful force for good in the world.

I said I had good news. Well I have even better news. The blood that flowed through the veins of those early patriots still flows today in the generations which have followed. The daring and the courage that caused this great nation’s beginning is just waiting to be called on again. There is no people, no government, and no army which would have a chance of defeating this country. And the world knows it.

The blood of the early ones has been diluted to be sure. Some think it has disappeared. Don’t you believe it. It has been strengthened by the challenges of two world wars. It has been made stronger by immigrants who fled their own oppression to live free. Diverse races and ethnicities have come together to make a stronger America.

We know that some have come here with the goal in mind of destroying us. We know that some have come here in an effort to create the same cesspool from which they escaped. But what we also know, and they have yet to learn, is that they will fail. They will fail as others have in the past.

The fire of revolution that burned in the bellies of our forefathers burns yet today in the hearts of their offspring. “Don’t Tread On Me” continues to be our motto and this should be a word to any who think they have a chance against us. Don’t even try it. You have no idea what awaits you.

That is the good news.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I’ve always heard that there are two things you never want to see. Those are watching sausage being made and watching laws being made. Now I have made sausage. Simply, sausage becomes what you put into it. If the ingredients are good and properly mixed, then the sausage will probably be good. If however, the ingredients are questionable, then for a certainty the sausage will be questionable.

I have never participated in the making of laws but the principle seems to be the same. If the elements that make up that law are questionable, then the resulting law will almost certainly be questionable. I watched as the Obama Administration passed Obamacare. There was not a single Republican vote in favor of that legislation. It doesn’t take a mental giant to see what this has and will become. It will continue to be a disaster until it is repealed. To get this law passed the Administration cajoled, bribed, threatened, and bought the necessary votes. Many of the Democrats who sold their vote have since been fired by their constituents.

Today this same Administration is trying to get a treaty approved with the world’s most prolific supporter of worldwide terrorism. This treaty is to be Obama’s legacy. Obama will again cajole, threaten, bribe, buy, or promise anything to those few remaining holdouts to get approval for this extremely flawed treaty. This treaty, to my knowledge, has not one single Republican vote. In a recent poll the American people had their say. A scant 21% of the people think this is a good treaty. This should be a notice to the Congress. To those of you who would sell your vote will surely face the wrath of your constituents.

This treaty will be Obama’s legacy all right. When Iran violates the agreement, and they will, thousands will die unnecessarily. The Middle East will continue to be the most unstable spot on earth until we finally end their aggression, and we will. Israel will defend herself and there will be a sea change in the government of this country. At some point soon we will take care of this problem being foisted upon us by an arrogant politician who has a very limited view of reality. You see, a legacy doesn’t always have to be a good legacy. Sometimes Presidents are remembered for their stupidity.

I am writing this on September 11. The TV is full of remembrances of the event that changed the lives of so many. I am having difficulty watching it again. The whole sorry mess is etched in my memory. Can you just imagine what will happen when a moron like the current leader of Iran gets his grubby hands on a nuclear weapon? These radical extremists are not like normal people. They don’t care if babies are killed in their mother’s arms. They don’t care if thousands die for their sadistic pleasure. And when they do get their weapon, all the blood will be on the hands of the Obama Administration and those individuals who voted for this “Mickey Mouse” treaty. Talk about a legacy.

A point in time is going to come when we require our elected representatives to obey the law just like everyone else. And that includes the President. In the last election this country elected a Republican Congress and they have basically sat on their hands and allowed this Executive to run amok all over this country with no regard to the law. That absolutely has to come to an end. Our country was founded on the principle of law and order and one way or another we will return to that principle.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Kim Davis is the duly elected clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky. When she was elected and still in effect today, the Kentucky Constitution forbids issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Since her election the Supreme Court has decided, in a five to four decision, that same sex couples can in fact be married. This decision flies in the face of Kentucky law. Incidentally, the Supreme Court cannot make laws. If Kentucky decides to change their law and their Constitution to allow for the implementation of this new decision, then Kim Davis could and should be held to account for violating the law. Until then, she has a problem. If she adheres to Kentucky law, she violates the Supreme Court decision. If she issues marriage licenses to same sex couples, she violates Kentucky law.

Meanwhile a Federal Judge has decided that she must violate Kentucky law or go to jail. This is what happens when various branches of government go outside their normal spheres and try to do another branch's job. If there is to be a new law regarding homosexual marriage, then those new laws must be passed by legislatures and Congress. Not by any court, period.

In this country we have what is known as “settled law.” For example, our immigration laws are “settled law.” When someone enters this country without our permission, or overstays their visa, they are in fact breaking settled law. When cities or counties or any officials of those entities look the other way, they are also breaking settled law. When employers employ illegal individuals or when welfare organizations offer benefits or assistance to illegals, they are breaking settled law.

The ruling by the Supreme Court is not law. It is a determination by five lawyers wearing black robes. If their ruling is to become law, it must be dealt with by legislatures or the Congress. Laws must be enacted and signed by the executive. Unless or until that happens, it is nothing more than a Supreme Court ruling.

Now, in the face of that, who should be arrested and jailed? Should it be Kim Davis who was following settled law in Kentucky, or should it be the Sheriff and Board of Supervisors in San Francisco who clearly were violating settled law by giving sanctuary to illegal aliens? How about all the other municipalities who also give sanctuary to persons who are here illegally? How about the President who regularly ignores settled law and operates as if he is above the law? Or Hillary Clinton who has for decades skirted settled law and lived by her own rules?

I guess it is a lot easier to pick on a little county clerk in rural Kentucky. I rather imagine that the judge who ordered her to jail didn’t figure on the outpouring of support for Mrs. Davis. I rather imagine if he had it to do over, he would have perhaps chosen a different remedy.

It gets down to this. When is a law a law? At what point is a law valid? And, in our form of government, who makes those laws? Our Constitution clearly lays this out. We have three equal branches of government. Each has their own duties and responsibilities. The Executive branch is the President. The President cannot make law. Next we have the Judicial branch. The Judicial branch cannot make law. Judges are referees. They look into laws to see if they are valid and constitutional. If they determine a law is unconstitutional, it is referred back to the Legislature to be redone. At that point legislation is enacted, a law is written, and referred to the executive for signature in order to become law. Then and only then is a law a law.

The matter in Kentucky is less about religious freedom and much more about the law. Oh, and some serious political grandstanding.

Ron Scarbro