Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I’ve always heard that there are two things you never want to see. Those are watching sausage being made and watching laws being made. Now I have made sausage. Simply, sausage becomes what you put into it. If the ingredients are good and properly mixed, then the sausage will probably be good. If however, the ingredients are questionable, then for a certainty the sausage will be questionable.

I have never participated in the making of laws but the principle seems to be the same. If the elements that make up that law are questionable, then the resulting law will almost certainly be questionable. I watched as the Obama Administration passed Obamacare. There was not a single Republican vote in favor of that legislation. It doesn’t take a mental giant to see what this has and will become. It will continue to be a disaster until it is repealed. To get this law passed the Administration cajoled, bribed, threatened, and bought the necessary votes. Many of the Democrats who sold their vote have since been fired by their constituents.

Today this same Administration is trying to get a treaty approved with the world’s most prolific supporter of worldwide terrorism. This treaty is to be Obama’s legacy. Obama will again cajole, threaten, bribe, buy, or promise anything to those few remaining holdouts to get approval for this extremely flawed treaty. This treaty, to my knowledge, has not one single Republican vote. In a recent poll the American people had their say. A scant 21% of the people think this is a good treaty. This should be a notice to the Congress. To those of you who would sell your vote will surely face the wrath of your constituents.

This treaty will be Obama’s legacy all right. When Iran violates the agreement, and they will, thousands will die unnecessarily. The Middle East will continue to be the most unstable spot on earth until we finally end their aggression, and we will. Israel will defend herself and there will be a sea change in the government of this country. At some point soon we will take care of this problem being foisted upon us by an arrogant politician who has a very limited view of reality. You see, a legacy doesn’t always have to be a good legacy. Sometimes Presidents are remembered for their stupidity.

I am writing this on September 11. The TV is full of remembrances of the event that changed the lives of so many. I am having difficulty watching it again. The whole sorry mess is etched in my memory. Can you just imagine what will happen when a moron like the current leader of Iran gets his grubby hands on a nuclear weapon? These radical extremists are not like normal people. They don’t care if babies are killed in their mother’s arms. They don’t care if thousands die for their sadistic pleasure. And when they do get their weapon, all the blood will be on the hands of the Obama Administration and those individuals who voted for this “Mickey Mouse” treaty. Talk about a legacy.

A point in time is going to come when we require our elected representatives to obey the law just like everyone else. And that includes the President. In the last election this country elected a Republican Congress and they have basically sat on their hands and allowed this Executive to run amok all over this country with no regard to the law. That absolutely has to come to an end. Our country was founded on the principle of law and order and one way or another we will return to that principle.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...


We are on the same side (who knew?) ;^D but this POS-in-Chief is not so much about his legacy or anything so topical, as far as I've seen. He's committed to the destruction of America...ya'll didn't hear me...HE'S COMMITTED TO THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA! Why can't people see it TOO obvious? Every single act he's done is "anti-America". There's not one initiative that's not dedicated to depleting our coffers, weakening our defenses, destroying our resolve, re-defining age old parameters and making the U.S. irrelevant...exactly what his POS Daddy, formative Socialist handler and slut Mother (yes, I've been listening to Trump) programmed him to do. Once this twisted kid grew up and met his Socialist financial benefactors, their vast dream became reality. All that was missing was the vapid, American Left voters and their stupid 'Hope & Change' rhetoric crap.

obama(spit!) is a Muslim! He's an enemy of this country and our traditional way of life. He needs to be brought up on Treason charges and prosecuted to the fullest, as does his ilk! He's pushing this law because of all the above and what it will eventually achieve, long after he's left office and is shuck-jiving around, giving "Hope'n Change" speeches to the vapids.

This Iran deal is so ridiculous, the only thing more ridiculous is debating the ridiculousness of it! No...the more ridiculous thing is the election...AND RE-ELECTION...of obama(spit!)

There...fired me up again...