Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Have you seen this classified ad under “HELP WANTED?” Help wanted. Individuals with strong backs needed to carry very heavy baggage for soon to be anointed Democrat Presidential candidate. This is not a temporary position as the baggage continues to build up and increase in weight. Those individuals who are successful in the carrying task can then be promoted to the position of “Hard Drive Eraser.” This very important position requires persons to be skilled at eliminating any and all incriminating evidence from a personal server. Future advancement could include high paying government appointments in this candidate’s administration. Female applicants should be advised, however, that their pay will be 77% of male salaries.

Of course no such ad is running nor would one be run but, when you consider the facts, Hillary’s baggage is building. I believe Democrats are getting worried. And, guess what. The campaign hasn’t even really begun. Mainstream Democrats are so invested in Hillary that they have no alternative candidate. They have good reason to be concerned. Most of Hillary’s problems have yet to hit the fan. Personally I don’t care who the Dems run. I think they are going to have serious problems with the mess that has been created by the current administration.

The Supreme Court left Wisconsin’s law requiring voters to show identification alone. They wouldn’t even hear the case. The liberal left is just going to have to get used to the idea that if they are to win elections, they will have to do it legitimately. One has to be registered, alive, an American citizen, and be able to prove those facts in order to vote. Wow, what a concept.

Sen. Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for President. I like Sen. Cruz. Can he win a national election? I don’t know. I hope, but I don’t know. Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Jeb Bush are waiting in the wings. Any one of these fine men would be a great choice for the country, but honestly, I don’t know if our next President has even come forward yet. I will just be patient. In the last election for President some voters sat it out because they didn’t get their choice of candidate. I would equate that philosophy to sitting down to dinner with three choices in front of you. The first is nutritious, healthy food but not your favorite. Choice number two is poisonous. Your third choice is to starve. Facing those choices, which one would you choose? Sitting out an election is like dying from poison or starvation. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Not only do you suffer but so does the entire country.

Finally, if we were really serious about illegal immigration, we could fix it very quickly. Instead of chasing down poor Mexican and Central American families, we should just make it illegal to employ anyone who cannot prove their American citizenship and then hold any employer liable for hiring them. I mean really hold them liable, like jail time for offenders, not just a slap on the wrist. The reason these people come here is obvious. If we removed the incentive, they would probably deport themselves, stay home and fix their own countries instead of coming here and screwing up ours. A workable guest worker plan could then be established that would supply needed workers. We have the technology to do this in a very short time. Oh well, it’s just a thought.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


If you have been listening to Attorney General Eric Holder recently you would probably come away with the opinion that there should be separate rules for white people and black people. The law, according to him, should allow for nuance. If you are a black man you can or should get away with crimes that would land a white person in jail. He recently opined that young black students are disproportionately disciplined in school and that prisons are disproportionately filled with black individuals. We need to remedy that situation by what? Giving black criminals a pass? Allowing young black students freedom to disrupt school? Look the other way when these punks and thugs patrol the streets selling and doing drugs? Is that his idea?

I know that the populations of prisons include a lot of black people which should lead anyone with common sense to the conclusion that black people commit a disproportionate amount of crimes. Is that so hard to understand? We absolutely cannot have separate rules and laws for separate groups of people. When someone, regardless of their race, breaks the law, he should be dealt with as the law prescribes without regard to their race or ethnicity.

I recently went on a ride-along with a police officer. It was the night shift. I noticed when he stopped anyone for a traffic infraction he had to note in his record book the race of the individual he had stopped. When I asked him why, he replied that it was the policy of his department to make that notation so that his traffic stops were not weighted too heavily toward any one race. It was impossible to know the race of a driver at night when the blue lights went on so I wondered why this silly policy was in place. The law was broken or the traffic stop wouldn’t have been made. What absolute nonsense.

The race baiting and race pimping that has happened in Ferguson, MO. since the young black thug was killed by a white police officer has virtually destroyed that city. And all for a lie. Michael Brown asked for the punishment he received. Every investigation that has been done has borne out that fact. We are left with only one conclusion. If you don’t want problems with law enforcement, don’t break the law. Don’t defy the authority of law enforcement.

From time to time I consider the plight of the black community. I ask sometimes, what do regular everyday black citizens think when they see what persons of their group do. In the area where I live the news every night starts with all the shootings that occur. You don’t have to see pictures to know who is perpetrating these crimes. And it is getting worse not better. Black groups gather and scream that the killing has to stop, but it doesn’t. Black mothers mourn the loss of their children, but it doesn’t stop.

I know there is no simple answer but one wonders if maybe a different approach might help. Many of these black people live on the government plantation. They live in government housing, eat government food, receive government checks and talk on government phones. Their actions seem to be condoned because some two or three hundred years ago some of their ancestors were slaves.

Well I don’t condone any of it. I have never owned a slave nor do I ever plan to. In fact, had I lived during the slave period it is far more likely that I would have been a slave than I would have owned one. If black people want to truly join today’s society, they have to move themselves off the plantation.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Here’s something you may find interesting. The following is a verbatim quote from the US Constitution. It is from Article II, section 2 and it deals with the Executive Branch of government. In other words, the president. “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur…..”

Now let us consider what is happening in Iran. This Administration is currently   negotiating a treaty with Iran which is right and proper, but right and proper only with the advice and consent of two-thirds of the Senate. Without that advice and consent it becomes an illegal act. This could be fixed by simply involving the Senate. Forty-seven Senators sent a letter to Iran informing them that any treaty signed but not approved by two-thirds of the Senate will be invalid when Obama leaves office. The liberal news media are calling these forty-seven Senators traitors. I suggest that the news media take a moment to read the Constitution before they make such accusations. Isn’t this President supposed to have been a Professor of Constitutional Law? How could he have missed that part about the Constitution  requiring two-thirds of the Senate before any treaty could be legal?

Here’s another little tidbit from the Constitution, Article II, section one, the Presidential Oath of Office. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

That seems pretty clear to me, no nuance, how about you? And I am not even a professor of Constitutional Law.

Some will say that the President can do anything he wants by “Executive Order.” The problem with that argument when it comes to treaties with foreign governments is they don’t always understand that once the President is out of office, his proclamations are invalid. His “Executive Orders” are then worthless. The forty-seven Senators who signed and sent the letter to Iran did them and the world a favor.

As I have said on so many occasions, we don’t elect emperors. We elect Presidents and they, like all the rest of us, have to obey the law. Failure to do so can and will result in prosecution.

We have three co-equal branches of government. They are the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. They have equal power with each other. The Congress, the legislative branch, has the responsibility and the duty to rein in this president. The failure of the Congress to do their job could create a catastrophic situation in the Middle East that will doubtless be exported to our shores.

If you think Obama is going to rein himself in, history tells us he has no intention of doing that. So, how far will we let him go? He has two years left on his term so does he think he is above impeachment? Do you have any idea how much damage he could do in a two year period?

What needs to happen is for the Democrats to make a little visit to Obama and let him understand clearly that he will not be allowed to continue on the path he has chosen. After all, the Democrats will be the ones to suffer if Obama isn’t brought back to reality.

We have a rule book. We have a set of laws. We have a President who has sworn to “faithfully” uphold those laws. We also have a Congress who must make certain that he does.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I’ve heard a lot recently about moral equivalency. Loosely translated it means if you do something to someone and then someone does something similar to you, that is equal, or equivalent. Continuing in that theme, if a thousand years ago individuals traveled from their homeland in Europe to the Middle East killing and maiming along the way calling it a crusade, does that mean that here in the twenty-first century individuals from the Middle East can travel anywhere in the world they choose killing, beheading, burning, and slaughtering, and call it equal? In other words is there a moral equivalency to their actions? Regardless of what the President says, there is not.

To me that is about as silly as the State Department suggestion that what we need to do is provide jobs for Islamic terrorists and improve their economies and they will stop their murderous activity. I am of the opinion that once these disaffected thugs become baby killers and rapists, they would have a difficult time going back to any normal, moral, human behavior. I am of the opinion that the rise of ISIS is because they are recruiting young, disillusioned, social rejects who get a thrill from baby killing and raping. Many come from well-to-do homes. Some are even well educated. Granted many are goat herders, but for the most part, jobs and economies mean nothing to them. These are bloodthirsty thugs who think they are going to Disneyland.

And so now, they have threatened Americans on our homeland, more specifically the Mall of America. These worthless punks have decided they will attack innocent shoppers in the Mall. What will be our response? Will we just stop shopping at the Mall of America? Will we let the terrorists win? Or will we continue to shop there, being vigilant and careful, thereby showing the cowards that they cannot frighten us?

And what should our government do? Will they just wait until an attack happens before they respond? This Administration has recently sent out a tweet asking everyday Americans what would they do to combat this terrorism. They want you to tweet your suggestions. Seems to me a strange way to conduct foreign policy, but whatever. Here’s mine.

First of all, face this fact. Radical Islamic terrorists are a cancer on the world. Were you to have a cancer in your body, your surgeon would cut it out. Then he would poison the area around it so that the cancer could not reoccur. That is how we must treat this cancer. We cut it out. We kill any possibility of it ever recurring. As is the case when chemotherapy is prescribed to humans, collateral damage can occur. Collateral damage also is the nature of war. Remember, we didn’t start this mess. It will just be left to us to end it.  

There is a lot of conversation in the media about what we call these thugs. The President apparently doesn’t want to call them Islamic terrorists. I personally don’t care what the media calls them, or what the President calls them. They are baby killing, blood thirsty, social rejects who will all soon die horrible deaths. They are not religious zealots. In fact religion has nothing to do with it. They are just thugs and killers.

Finally, this is not just going to go away. We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and have it all disappear. For it to end, we must end it. And the sooner the better.

Ron Scarbro