Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Do you remember when President Bill Clinton was caught in a sexual misconduct incident with an intern? Of course you do. He chose as his defense, to lie about it. He even lied to the Grand Jury and was rewarded by disbarment  from the practice of law. He was also impeached being only the second President in our history to be impeached.

The reason I am bringing back this painful memory is to point out the reaction at that time by some on the left. You know, the liberals. None other than Gloria Steinem, head of N.O.W., the National Organization for Women, excused Clinton for his sexual “dalliance” by stating that powerful people like Clinton have strong sexual urges and cannot be denied. So, according to Steinem, if you are a powerful politician it’s okay to cheat on your wife by having sexual contact with a very young intern in the Oval Office. After all, he has been a “champion of women” and overall he has been good for their causes. That’s a lot like saying that Jerry Sandusky, formerly of Penn State University, now a lifer convict in prison, should be excused for raping young football players because other than that, he was a good coach. After all, boys will be boys. That is what I have been hearing from the liberal press now that accusations are flying around about certain politicians.

So, what do you think? Will boys just be boys? Should we just expect boorish, criminal behavior from males just because they are males? What that means is that females are nothing more than sexual objects for the pleasure of males. Apparently, according to this thinking, the rules of civilization and common good behavior don’t apply if one is male and especially if one is in a position of power.

Or maybe this is all just a double standard whereby low life slugs on the left can get away with anything as long as they remain good liberals. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters have taken to the airways to defend John Conyers and Al Franken. Pelosi has since come to her political senses and is now calling for the resignation of Conyers. But, did you hear Franken’s apology? Translated it said that “some” women just didn’t get the fact that his groping was all in fun and they should have enjoyed the attention from a big powerful Senator. Here’s a message from one who might not be so lenient. Al, try grabbing my wife or daughter’s rear end and see what happens to you. Should you survive their initial reaction, then you would have to face their husbands. Not a pretty picture, Al. Both you and the liberal media might come to understand what the phrase boys will be boys really means. I promise you, you will never grope another woman.

And so it comes to this. As a male/boy, I take offense at the idea that just because I am a male I can grope, kiss, grab, fondle, or anything else I might be inclined to do, and be excused because after all I am just a boy. That is a slanderous concept that should offend all citizens. It is not now and never has it been okay to be so disrespectful of anyone. Respect for a person’s privacy is sacrosanct. Our houses have doors. If we open those doors and allow someone to enter, that’s our choice. But until we allow the entrance, entering that door is a violation of privacy as well as a criminal offense.

As you listen to the liberal women proclaim that certain acts by certain people is okay because of who they are, remember how you might react if you were the victim of such disrespect.

And this thought to anybody regardless of position who might choose to grope another woman. Be very careful lest you find that you will no longer be able to use that groping hand again. Because this truth remains in my world, men will be men.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


We’ve all studied and read about human history on earth. We have been amused by early man’s attempt to understand his environment and his use of witch doctors to deal with pain and sickness. As our history moved forward, mankind moved forward too, or so it seemed. We learned to cook our food and to kill germs, but we also decided that some women were witches. What did we do? Well we burned them at the stake or we just drowned them in the nearest pond. We did what we had to do to rid ourselves of the scourge of witchcraft.

It’s fairly easy now for us, the enlightened ones, to look back and laugh at the ignorance of early man. After all, we have had the advantage of science and technology to give us clarity. Well, one would think it easy until we learn of an attempt by a school board in Delaware to allow students of any age to choose either or both their sexual identity or their race. Regulation 225 calls for official records on a student’s race or gender to be sealed from parents allowing them to be “transracial” and “gender fluid” at school without “interference” from their home life. Pretty cute, huh?

Basically this means that kids as young as five or six can decide they would rather be of a different race or gender than the gender or race of their birth. And this policy further allows the school district to allow this choice without the parents knowing anything about it. Their reasoning is that some parents are so stupid they just wouldn’t understand or support little Johnny’s wish to be little Joanie or that a youngster born to black parents would rather be Chinese or caucasian. It appears, according to this policy, that one’s gender or race is a matter of choice rather than a fact of birth. Where does stupidity like this come from?

California, not to be outdone by anyone on the “political correctness” front, has decided that only having two choices of gender is unfair. Henceforth they have declared one may choose any number of possible genders, I guess depending on the time of day or whatever. They opine that your gender at birth is irrelevant and that it is all a matter of choice. Also your choice of public restrooms should be left to you and no one else. I can see it now. High school boys and girls showering together and using the same bathrooms. What could possibly go wrong?

Let us now fast forward some five hundred years as future generations look back on their history which is our present. First of all I think it is presumptuous of me to believe there will be future generations the way we are going now. But, assuming somehow mankind survives our current stupidity, perhaps there will be people to look back and study their heritage. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall as they giggle and laugh at the ignorance of twenty-first century man? They will probably see us as we sometimes see our early ancestors. They will probably pause in amazement at “political correctness” and its destructive power. They may well ask, what could these morons possibly have been thinking? With all the technology available to them, they chose instead to be ignorant. They could have accomplished so much. They apparently decided instead to make everything political and throw natural science out of the window. One has to wonder how mankind survived such ignorance.

Well, back to the present. I am amazed. I am amazed that so-called intelligent people like those administering our schools can even lace up their shoes. I remember John Wayne’s immortal words, “Life’s tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This begins my favorite time of the year. Starting with Thanksgiving, then Christmas, ending with a new year and all of the promises that holds.

When I was a youngster, my family always went to my Grandparents house for Thanksgiving. All of the cousins were there. All of the Aunts and Uncles came, but most importantly, they all brought food and especially desserts. My Aunts were all great cooks and Thanksgiving was a day when they brought their very best. In my Grandmother’s house was a long buffet table and it was covered with desserts of every kind one could imagine.

When I grew a bit older, I would go rabbit hunting since Thanksgiving Day was the opener of rabbit season. But we always wound up at my Grandma’s for a feast of feasts. I don’t go rabbit hunting anymore but those are great memories.

Now I am the Grandpa and we look forward to our daughter and her family joining us for our feast.

Then comes Christmas. In those bygone days there was a parade the day after Thanksgiving. We called it the Santa Claus parade. At the end of the parade, Santa himself would appear riding in the back of the latest convertible. It was all so very exciting. We never heard of “Black Friday” probably because it didn’t exist back then, but Christmas shopping began in earnest after Thanksgiving.

That was the time also when Christmas music would start playing on the radio. In those early days, there was no television, certainly not at my house. My family were regular churchgoers and Christmas was always a special time in the church. The choir would work on special music concerts and performances. The church and the music put an exclamation point on the holiday. I learned early the “reason for the season.” I continue to be thankful for my early Christian education.

We always had a Christmas tree. We would go out and cut a fresh cedar tree which grew everywhere. When it was in the house the fragrance was unbelievable. I still love that familiar smell. Our decorations were a combination of very old ornaments and a few new ones. Sometimes we would make ornaments. Decorating the tree was a family job and we all participated. My father usually played Christmas carols while we decorated the tree. I am so thankful for those memories.

Our tradition was to wait until Christmas morning to open our presents. As kids we were allowed to get our stockings down and go through them before anybody was up. There was fruit and nuts and a few little gifts from Santa. It all set the stage for the main event which was to come later.

Finally, my parents would get out of bed and the real fun began. We were a family of modest means but my mother always made sure our Christmas was special. They probably paid for it the entire next year, but we always had a great Christmas. After the tree, we usually went to church which was at the time a very difficult thing for the kids to do. There was so much fun waiting back home. Looking back on this time I am so thankful my parents loved us and worked to make our Christmas so special.

Of course New Years was next. I remember when we first got a television set and could watch the Rose Parade. We got to see the weather in Southern California. It seemed surreal at the time. Just seeing that was, I think, the impetus for our moving to California when I was a very young teenager. Eventually my parents moved back to their old home but I decided to live in California. For that decision I am most thankful because that is where I met the love of my life who still sits beside me fifty-five years later.

We wish you a merry season and we hope you are thankful for all the blessings you have. I am blessed and thankful to have you as my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving
Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


It’s been a year since Donald Trump was elected President. A lot has happened since that election so I thought it might be good to go over this past year and mark both the good and the bad.

I have made no secret that Trump was not my first choice as President. I wanted Huckabee. I appreciated his maturity and his humor. I also thought he best fit the mold of “world leader.” I still like Huckabee and hope that he stays relevant because we need his calming influence in these troubled times.

But, the voters decided differently and elected Trump and I am okay with that choice. Never, however, in my nearly eighty years on this earth, would I have believed what we have witnessed since Trump’s election. It has been pure disrespect, and just plain ugliness. Never have I seen the losing party in such an uproar over their loss. The so-called mainstream media is so far from the mainstream of America as to be unbelievable. They and the Democrat party live in a fantasy world of resistance, resistance to the choice of the voters of America. Some of the wealthiest liberals in this country are buying billboards and ads calling for the impeachment of Trump. They should probably read the Constitution and save their money. Impeachment can only happen if an individual commits high crimes or misdemeanors. That has not happened and it won’t. Sorry, liberals, especially you Tom Steyer, you are spinning your wheels.

So, what are they so upset about anyway? Is it the fact that the stock market has risen almost 39% since Trump took office and that consumer confidence has gone through the roof? Maybe it is because unemployment is at a seventeen year low of 4.1%. Is that it?

Is it that a true Constitutionalist, Neil Gorsuch has been chosen as Supreme Court Justice? And that over the next several years of Trump’s term/terms he will select even more jurists to that court who both read and understand the Constitution? Jurists who know that their job is to referee the law and not to write it. If being a loyal American upsets them so, I can understand why they would be offended by a Trump Presidency.

President Trump said he would make America great again. No doubt he is well on his way to fulfilling that promise. One of his objectives seems to be making the world respect America again as the preeminent world leader in both commerce and protectors of freedom. Making our so-called enemies who are incidentally enemies of freedom all over the world, understand we will defend ourselves and our allies if and when we or they are attacked or even threatened. We will defang the little tin horn wannabe dragons who talk big and just want to cause trouble, like North Korea and Iran among others.

Are the liberals upset that Trump intends to reserve America and her fruits for Americans? While he welcomes immigrants who come to our shores legally and with contributions to make, he will continue to arrest and deport illegal trespassers and send them back to their own countries.

When the Congress finally gets their act together and passes real tax reform, our economy will boom again, as it did after Reagan’s tax reductions. And that upsets liberals? This will doubtless happen with little or no assistance from the Democrats. Oh well.

Attention liberals, and Democrats in general. The election of 2016 is over. The American people made their choice and you lost. You had a terrible candidate who cheated and lied her way to the nomination and she lost. Get over it. Continuing to go through your life with your panties in a wad has got to be uncomfortable. Just think, you’ll probably get to go through this all over again in 2020.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” I don’t remember when I first heard that, but it was many years ago. I always believed it was one of the best statements I had ever heard to describe how you don’t have to look very far to find someone who is worse off than you. That really came home to me on a recent visit to a VA Medical facility.

I had gone to have a problem dealt with. To me it was a very serious issue, but as I traveled through the lobby of the facility, I was struck by the number of people I saw who really did have problems. The more I witnessed, the more I was left to question how I could call my issue a problem worthy of concern when compared with these veterans with real issues?

I am a veteran and I have a minor service-connected disability which is more an inconvenience than actually debilitating. I didn’t give my life or any of my limbs for my Country. What I did give was some of my time. I’d like to say right here what I have said many times before. I always believed I got more from my time in the service than I ever gave. I was a young hillbilly from Tennessee who went in as a kid and came out as a man. What I saw and learned was immeasurable. My status as an adult was directly impacted and enhanced by my time in the service of my country.

I am left now to compare my contribution with the contribution of these people I saw in various states of disability and disrepair. They were young and old. They were men and women. They were in wheelchairs, walkers, and gurneys, and in all manner of appliances. There were missing limbs. There was blindness. Some would visit but most just seemed to stare off into the distance. I did not hear a single complaint however.

As I watched I was struck with this thought, what they say is true, “Freedom is not free.” We have all heard this, but the way to bring it home is to visit a VA Hospital. I hear so many people complain of our war efforts across the Middle East. I’ve heard complaints about the monetary cost. Then they go about their day, going to work, school, or just anything that is a part of their lives. Do they take for granted their freedom? Do they feel any compassion for those who gave their lives or their bodies as a sacrifice for those freedoms? Do they understand the cost that is being borne by our military to ensure that those freedoms continue? And while we are talking about cost, how much would you charge for your legs? How about your vision? Would it probably be more than the meager pension these veterans are entitled to?

Today, in some quarters, we are witnessing total disrespect for our military, our veterans, and our flag. Our military was even disrespected by a military court who decided that traitor, deserter, Bowe Bergdahl though guilty as charged, should not serve any time in prison. A slap in the face of all of us.  It is also coming from some in the NFL who say they have grievances. Most of those millionaire football players couldn’t shine the boots of the military men and women they choose to disrespect. It is my hope that across this country, fans of the NFL will, on Sunday, November 12, let these players and their owners know without a doubt how we all feel by tuning out the NFL and staying home instead of going to the games. That will be a true celebration of Veterans Day, 2017.

Freedom indeed is not free. Be thankful and remember the people who give their all for freedom this day and every day.

Ron Scarbro
Veterans Day 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


George Washington is the “Father of our Country.” He served as the first president and served for two terms. He was also a plantation owner where he raised crops and brewed whiskey. As was the custom in that era as a wealthy land owner and grower, Washington owned slaves.

It is said that he attended Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia for some thirty years. The church even placed a commemorative plaque on their wall in Washington’s honor.

Well, apparently some, or who knows maybe one, of the parishioners took offense that a former slave owner was so honored, so they screamed to have it removed. Now mind you, this is the same George Washington who led troops to victory over the British that made America, the country, possible. The same George Washington who presided over the beginnings of this great country. The same Washington whose name is prominently on cities, counties, states, streets, avenues, buildings, schools, currency and all manner of American history.

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in amazement. Not that someone would take offense at anything, but that a church would bow to such stupidity. There are people in this country who are perpetually offended. They look for ways to be offended. When we acknowledge their offense by acting on it, we are participating in their stupidity.

Shall we now rename Washington D. C. or Washington state? How about Madison, WI? Or Jefferson City, MO? Shall we destroy all currency bearing the likeness of former slave owners? Shall we remove all the statues of our Founding Fathers who may not quite measure up to some of today’s customs or morality? How about Mt. Rushmore? Should that monument now be  scheduled for destruction? Do you have any idea of how many places and streets are named for our founders? Schools, bridges, turnpikes. Beaches. Far too many to name.

We need to start a new movement. We need to identify stupidity and nonsense for what it is. We need to tell the “society of the perpetually offended” that their causes are ridiculous and that we will no longer give them any credence.

There was a civil war. Thousands died and were injured. Battle leaders on both sides of that war have been honored by statues and in all manner of recognition. In many parts of the country people proudly fly the Rebel flag. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, has highways named in his honor all across the south as well as schools and buildings.

The civil war is a part of our history. Slave ownership is a part of our history. Who among the early founders would be able to stand up to the type of inquiry today’s politicians face? There is probably a dossier on everybody from the credit bureaus to the FBI.

We have all heard the maxim, “If you choose to ignore history, you are bound to repeat it.” I believe that, don’t you? We cannot change our history by tearing down a few statues or changing the names of a few buildings or cities. Our history is our education. We either learn from our mistakes or we repeat them. We either learn from our victories, or we never see them again. Our history is our history and it won’t go away. Whether we acknowledge it or not changes nothing. It is still there.

I am proud to be an American. I have never owned a slave and wouldn’t. But wishing our past was different will not make it so. Our challenge going forward is to learn from our mistakes and be better. We are, and will continue to be, a beacon for the entire world and that is as it should be.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


There is just so much to talk about I hardly know where to start. It seems ignorance reigns. So, that is where I am going to start.

Maxine Waters, Democrat from California, displayed her ignorance of, or maybe just total disregard for the law by threatening to kill the President of the United States. What a complete moron. She told a gathering, which was recorded and televised, that she may just go and take out President Trump herself. If she isn’t brought before the courts to answer for this there truly is no justice. Imagine if any Republican had said the same thing about Obama. The entire mass media would be apoplectic.

Then we have this cowboy hat wearing clown congresswoman from Florida running her mouth in an effort to gain some publicity. She is an embarrassment to the entire country. Voters in Florida should be ashamed. Through her self-serving efforts to gain notoriety, she has defamed a fallen serviceman, his family, and the entire military. She is no friend to veterans. She and the people who voted for her should be ashamed.

Lest you fear that I am picking on one particular race or gender, remember the Congressman from Georgia who believed the Island Nation of Guam was floating? He opined that to put more service personnel on that island might cause the island to tilt over and spill everyone into the ocean. And this clown is serving in the House of Representatives? Did he even attend school? How could any adult in this country be that stupid? Worse yet, how could any voter in this country vote for such a moron?

Next we have Nancy Pelosi. At seventy-seven and with over thirty years in the House to torment the citizens of this great country, surely she can find a better way to spend her senior years. She told a national audience, if you can believe anyone actually watches “The View,” that since Hillary lost it is imperative that she, a woman, stays at the top of the table. After all, she says, she is a “master legislator” and this country needs a woman in charge. To me and to many in her own party, she is the master of nothing and the sooner she is gone from the national spotlight, the better.

And speaking of people who should avoid the national spotlight at all costs, how about Hillary? Her whole mess is soon to hit the fan. The uranium deal with the Russians and the millions paid to the Clintons is going to get re-examined and believe me, it will not stand up to legitimate inquiry. Doesn’t she understand that everything she has ever said has been recorded and for the most part televised? She is on record and there is no escape. For a person who has been described as the smartest woman in politics, she appears a little dense to me.

I could go on and on about the stupidity of some people who serve in elected office, like the Congresswoman who thought we had landed a man on Mars, or Congresswoman Corrine Brown who was convicted of starting a phony charity to create a slush fund for her personal use. She stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her sentencing is scheduled for November.

Therefore, here is my thought. I propose a required IQ test for all sitting members of Congress and for any candidate for public office in the future. Their score should be a part of their resume. Dull witted morons need not apply. Of course there are some on the left who believe an IQ test is irrelevant. If I were a dull witted moron, that’s what I would think also.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I have recently been wondering how it would be if I could invite a true, hard core liberal to dinner. Now mind you, this liberal would have to be brutally honest and deal with my questions truthfully. Already you can see my problem. What I would like to understand is just how any true American could believe the way they do. This column is speculation of what my questions would be.

Initially, I suspect the meal itself could be a problem. It would probably be fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans cooked in bacon grease. Dessert would be banana pudding. That might be off-putting for some of the liberals I have seen on TV and out in public. Many of them appear a bit under-fed. Oh, and we may well say grace before our meal. That could create indigestion before a bite was taken.

So, on to the reason for the meeting. First, I wonder why do liberals hate America and her traditions? What is so wrong with patriotism? Why is the flag and our national anthem so offensive to them? One of our traditions is making certain that we have a strong, well equipped military. A military so strong as to discourage any attack from anybody. It is no accident that we are a free society. Our way of life has been earned by the blood and courage of our military. We remain free because of this country’s unfettered support of our military. Why is having a strong military so offensive to liberals? Very puzzling.

My next issue of inquiry has to do with responsibility. Why do liberals have a problem with individuals being responsible for themselves and their destiny? Oh, pass the gravy please. Traditional Americans believe if a person wants to live with another person of the same sex, they have every right to do so. Liberals seem to think that if that situation should exist, everyone should bless their choice and regard it as normal. Well, it’s not normal and no amount of whining is going to change that. That having been said, free Americans have the right to choose their own style of living. They do not have the right to expect me to bless their choice or bake them a cake for their wedding.

As Americans we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We have the right to travel as far as our legs, and talent will take us. We all have equal opportunity. We do not and have never had the right to an equal outcome. That is based on a number of factors, maybe even including luck. But regardless, our destiny is and should be in our own hands. There is no situation where all wealth is divided up and everyone is given an equal share. Even if that could happen, it would be just a matter of days before that wealth would return to the original holders anyway. Sorry, liberals, but success is based on initiative not government handout. So, how’s your chicken?

I would ask my dinner guest, why do you object to requiring voters to prove who they are before they vote? Traditional Americans like the idea. Is it because liberals know they could never win an honest election? Sure seems fishy that liberals are the only ones who find identity verification so offensive.

Before we tear into the banana pudding, there are just a few points that I want to make. Declaring yourself a sanctuary city, county, or state, is declaring that you refuse to obey the law. There is nothing noble about lawbreaking. And, California, there are only two genders of humans, male and female, and no amount of weenie whining is going to change that. And to the NFL. If you think traditional America is going to forgive you and look the other way, you are sadly mistaken. If you don’t like it here, see the last paragraph.

No, we are not perfect, but we are as close as I have seen. And one more great thing about being an American is, if you don’t like it, you can always leave. The door swings both ways.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


“How many times have you heard someone say,
If I had his money, I could do things my way,
But little they know that it’s so hard to find,
One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind.”

To those who aren’t familiar with it, those are the words that start the song, “Satisfied Mind.” It was originally recorded by Faron Young in 1955.

I have always liked the song because it has such a deep message. But this is not about traveling down the memory lane of classic country music. No, this has more meaning.

Ever since the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas many have been trying to make sense of the act. They have been looking for a motive, a reason. What would possess an individual to commit such a senseless, heinous act? Did he just snap? How long had he planned this massacre? Did he have an escape plan? Was he just a nut case?  

From all published information, it appears this particular nut case was a millionaire. He owned at least two private airplanes, had a pilot’s license, owned as many as five different houses and had a lot of money in the bank. He had been a very successful real estate investor as well as a lucky high stakes gambler. It has been reported that he made five million dollars last year gambling. He had a girlfriend of many years. I don’t know if he ever had children but from all indications he was an extremely successful man. So, what happened? Why did he snap?

Over the next few weeks and months we are going to hear opinion after opinion from expert after expert as to why. There will probably be long drawn out discussions of psychological explanations to try and put a cause to this causeless action.

Well I, being no slouch and given as I am to wild opinion, have developed one of my own and I offer it here for your consideration. Mind you I do not bring to this discussion degrees in psychology. I do not bring in years of experience in dealing with the criminally insane. No, I just bring common sense.

What if this killer was nothing more than just bored with his worthless life? What if he just found no challenge in anything? He obviously had achieved success in most of his endeavors. Maybe he was just dissatisfied with his meaningless life and wanted to put an exclamation mark on it. Some call it going out with a bang. It is also obvious that he had much more death and destruction in mind before he was interrupted by his own cowardly suicide.

There was material in his car that could have easily been turned into a bomb capable of blowing up thousands more depending on where he drove the car.

So far, the people who knew him could offer no motive. They never saw anything like this in him. His brother said he was just a regular guy. Well, inside this “regular guy” was an evil brewing that would most certainly record his name in the history book of mass murderers. He will have achieved at least one of his objectives, notoriety.

This could be nothing more than an individual who, having lived an unchallenged life, sought satisfaction and couldn’t find it as normal people do. So, he does the unthinkable.

The song finishes this way.

“The wealthiest person is a pauper at times,
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind.”

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


This month, October, will mark my 77th year on this earth. It has been an amazing time to be alive. So much has been discovered. Diseases have been conquered, communications have been perfected to such a degree that one can speak in real time across the world at will. Lifetimes have been extended and improved. And the most amazing of all is that we have only just begun to discover. The next 77 years will probably be even more amazing. It boggles my mind.

As I write this, I recall events from my life. As a very young child I remember sitting in church with my mother and listening to the preacher scare me to death with his predictions of the “end of the world.” He wasn’t the only one with such grim predictions. There were people walking on the street with signs claiming the world was coming to an end.  A Stanford professor wrote a book declaring that the world was overpopulated and could not sustain itself. He called for ZPG, zero population growth. That was about forty years ago. He stated unequivocally that the world would end in ten years. Didn’t happen. Today, those predictions continue. Just last September 23, according to a so-called Christian numerologist, our world would collide with an alien planet and we would be destroyed. Oops, that didn’t happen either. Oh well, back to the drawing board and the calendars.

The point of all this is that the world ends every day for some. Several people, whose only crime was to attend an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, saw their world come to an end when a nut case with automatic weapons opened fire on them. In reality all of us will face the end of our world eventually. Some sooner than others. Christians, like me and most of you, know that this world is not our home, we are just passing through. So, when this world ends, a new and better world awaits. But this world will end for all of us.

The next point of this piece is a suggestion. People in my age group are much closer to the end of our earthly lives than to the beginning. So then my suggestion is this. If you aren’t happy, get happy. If you aren’t loved, find someone to love you. If you don’t love, find someone to love. We only get one shot at this. If you want to travel, travel. If you don’t like the weather where you live, move to where you would be more comfortable. Don’t be the one sitting in his rocker saying “well I could have, or I should have.”

If you are lucky enough like me to have a loving life partner, ask that partner, are we where we are supposed to be and are we doing what we are supposed to be doing? Is there anything else that would make us happier and more fulfilled? If our world came to an end today, would we leave this world happy and satisfied? I believe these are fair questions.

A number of my very close relatives and friends have recently been given some tough news by their doctors. They have had diagnoses of challenging diseases. The good news is that there are new and vastly improved remedies and even some cures available. While the diagnosis is negative, the possibilities of cure are very positive. We are all hopeful. As they read this they know we are with them in spirit and prayer.

This is not, and has never pretended to be, a sermon or a church service. To me it is just common sense. None of us know when our world will end. For me and mine, we plan to live as if the end is truly at hand. We plan to live and love until we cannot any longer and we hope the same for you.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I am a sports fan. I guess I always have been. As a young adult I began to watch the LA Rams. I was enthralled with the skill of the players. I remember, what seemed to be every year, when the Super Bowl came around the Rams would have to travel to places like Green Bay or Minneapolis where the weather was freezing to play their championship games. It all seemed so unfair, but I and they persevered.

I also watched and attended pro basketball games. When I lived in the Northwest, I was a fan of the Seattle Sonics and the Portland Trailblazers. The game was beautiful. It required skill. Shots were made from the floor and “dunks” were quite rare. In other words, the game was played below the rim. Something happened though. The uniforms changed and so did the attitude of the players. The tailored uniforms of old became what I called “thug” clothing. It became a game of showboaters and braggers. The team concept gave way to individuals. “Slamma Jamma” became the order of the day. It seemed the only talent one needed was the ability to grow to seven feet tall. It left me cold. I no longer pay any attention to pro basketball. It is not a game for me.

I have stayed with pro football so far. Over the years I have enjoyed many teams and the game itself. I know it is a brutal sport, but it usually is played with respect for each other and the opposition.

Lately, however, I have been aware of the creeping individuality and showboating that has become a part of many of the games. Then, to cap it all off, a mediocre quarterback named Colin Kaepernick decided to make a fool of himself in order to get attention. I think he knew he was in trouble with his team and that his future was in jeopardy so he decided to draw attention to himself in the most disrespectful way imaginable. He refused to stand up for our National Anthem. Had the NFL done what should have been done and sent him to the locker room, all this nonsense would have ended. But, no. They tried to ignore the whole thing. Now the entire league is participating in some way. Most of the players don’t even know why. It just appears to be mob rule.

Kaepernick explained that his protest was because he believed black people were being abused by police officers. Total B.S. Here’s a simple way for black people, or anyone for that matter, to get along with police. Number one, obey the law. Number two, respect the law and law enforcement officers. Number three, don’t resist arrest. Pretty simple, huh?

The NFL has apparently decided to bow to “political correctness” and give in to some of the players and their disrespect.

I, along with many others, believe this is a crucial mistake. I think it is just stupid to alienate over half of your customers by allowing an act which could be ended with a simple order from the commissioner. I just heard a poll which concluded that over 96% of Americans object to the players kneeling during the anthem. I know the NFL is a money machine, but it can be brought down just like any other business which does stupid things.

As for me, I will be watching college football. It is refreshing and more fun than the pro game anyway. I have lived quite comfortably without pro basketball and I am certain I will be fine without pro football.

What a sad obituary. Here lies the NFL. They didn’t have the courage to enforce their own rules and they disappeared without a whimper. But they were politically correct.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Let’s say you had this goose. The goose seemed normal, just waddling around and eating and doing what geese do. Then one day you discover that this is no normal goose. This goose lays golden eggs. You begin to gather up these eggs and you know you are going to be very rich. You decide if you just increase the feed and push the goose a little more, she will lay more eggs. So you feed and you push until you reach a point where the goose is exhausted. Then, sadly, you go out to gather eggs and you find your goose dead. Graveyard dead. Your steady supply of wealth has come to an end.

As I look around me, I can see a number of golden egg-laying geese. One might be the medical industry. The entire conglomerate has priced themselves out of the market. If it were not for insurance, that industry would collapse. Obama tried to salvage it all with his “Mickey Mouse” scheme known as Obamacare but that is failing. Collapse is imminent.

Never fear, avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders has the solution. Single payer government-controlled “free” medical care for everybody. Estimates are that the ten-year cost of such a “free” program would be in the trillions of dollars. Guaranteed bankruptcy for America. So much for free medical care. This golden goose is being strangled and it won’t last long.

A number of other entities are working at killing their goose as well. Consider ESPN. In their wisdom they have decided to become a political action sports network. It is not enough to broadcast sporting events, no, they must also offer political commentary on events whether they are related to sports or not. I, like many others, tune in ESPN now only when I have no other choice. Very soon other networks will take up the slack and ESPN will be history. Another dead goose.

How about the National Football League? A few of the players, millionaire spoiled brats, have decided to disrespect this country, our military, and our flag be sitting or kneeling during the playing of our national anthem. The NFL says they have that right to self-expression. This is the same league that dictates how long their socks must be, but they have this other right to be disrespectful to their country. Their ratings are down, down. Their goose is teetering on the brink. They have a choice. Either get a handle on their disrespectful punks, or watch their audience, and incidentally their billions in revenue, disappear. Another one bites the dust.

Not to be outdone in the killing of geese department is the US Congress. For years they have catered to special interest groups and to big money donors passing laws to benefit them at the expense of the country as a whole. What they euphemistically call campaign donations turn out to just be bribes to get special consideration for pet legislation. Their practices and actions have turned our nation’s capital into a swamp and as it turns out, golden geese cannot live well in a swamp. Our Congress is well on their way to killing their goose as well.

There is no doubt that others are busy working on their own geese. It happens every day. Greed seems to take over and good common sense goes out the window. The election of Donald Trump should have been an alert to the  greedy everywhere that the people are fed up. The swamp is going to be drained. Time will tell who will survive the drainage.

America is going to return to her earlier greatness and Hollywood, Emmy Awards shows, the national media, and higher education are just going to have to get used to it. You are killing your golden goose.

Ron Scarbro

Friday, September 15, 2017


It’s Friday and here I sit. I am watching weather reports. I’m trying to make the best decision I can in light of what information is available.

We have been warned of an impending hurricane named Irma. Cute name, huh? We have further been told by the weather wizards and prognosticators that Irma is the largest hurricane in recorded history. This storm is scheduled to hit southern Florida as a Category five hurricane. At that point, and this is where it gets a little iffy, the storm will travel up the center of the state of Florida and hit southern Georgia as a Category one or possibly Category two hurricane.

For those of you who don’t know, I live on St. Simons Island which is approximately ten miles east of Brunswick, Georgia. It is basically a barrier island. This is truly a beautiful place with huge oak trees which are hundreds of years old. This island has seen many, many storms over the years and so have these trees. Today, however, we are in the target area of Irma.

Now it’s Saturday and we have been ordered to evacuate the island today. In fact, our local emergency management people have ordered the evacuation of our entire county which includes Brunswick. Incidentally, there are no available rooms in the entire state or even in surrounding areas. Many Floridians have reservations with hotels in this county but these will be cancelled and those people will have to just find someplace else to hunker down. Our son-in-law’s mother has invited us all to her house on the extreme west side of the state which should give us safety. That will be a four to five hour drive which we will probably undertake tomorrow.

The latest update just came in. The storm is now due to hit Georgia about 150 miles west of my home. Winds are forecast for the island of about 50mph at their strongest. That is barely a tropical storm. Now the dilemma, what to do? This storm could move even further west and miss us entirely, or, it could go the other way and smack us right in the face. What to do?

This is the dichotomy. As I look outside, it is a beautiful day. Our temps are in the low eighties with gentle breezes. It is a postcard day here on the island. No one could know what is bearing down on them without modern weather tracking equipment. In a couple of days, southern Florida could be under water. Much of the state could experience catastrophic damage. People could be killed. But today it is beautiful.

I am going to close this column for now and re-visit it after the storm, which should be in three days. We shall see.

We decided to ride out the storm at my daughter’s house which is about twenty miles from the coast. It hit Sunday night. We were wakened at 3:00 AM by extremely high winds, probably 75 mph or greater, and torrential rains. We also had a power failure. Sadly, because my daughter’s home is served by a well, we also lost water. So here we were. No power, no water, and what turned out to be five inches of rain in twelve hours. We were by a small lake which continued to grow. The road out front flooded. By Monday afternoon, the storm moderated but our situation didn’t.

Both we and our hosts had prepared by buying water so we had plenty. Showers were accomplished by pouring bottled water over ourselves while standing in the shower. Cold sandwiches were the order of the day. On Tuesday we ventured out to see if anybody was open. We found the Waffle House who served hot sandwiches and coffee. It was a Godsend.

Finally, on Thursday we were allowed to return to our home on the island. You can only imagine the trepidation we felt as we drove past huge downed trees to get to our home. And then we were in front of our home. We looked but saw no structural damage. Trees and limbs covered the yard but they all missed the house. I pressed the garage door opener and it opened. Power! We raced inside and the water worked. Hooray! Our freezer food survived. We immediately took real showers and had a hot meal. We were safe. Our home had survived.

So today I sit here and consider how important the little things are. Power, water, hot food. I hope I never again take these things for granted. We are indeed blessed and thankful.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


At what point is a crime a crime? We are a country of laws with a basic book of rules starting with the Constitution. The job of law enforcement is to find and arrest the lawbreakers. The job of the courts is to interpret the law and to render the proper punishments. It’s really all pretty simple.

We don’t get to pick and choose which laws we obey. We can’t break a law just because we don’t like it. If you are out on the highway and the speed limit is 65mph, that means some governing agency has decided that 65mph is the maximum speed one should travel. It is for the safety of everyone using the highway. If you violate that law, you do so at your peril. You face monetary punishment and worse, possibly even losing your driving privilege.  

If you are a law enforcement officer, you are faced with similar restrictions. You don’t get to decide what laws you are going to enforce. In court you have a somewhat different situation. Often judges can mediate a case and offer reduced punishment if they feel the community is best served. Sometimes however judges take on too much power. They can bring their political bias to a case and make a complete mess of the law.

Such is the case in the matter of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Leftover Obama appointees decided that the good sheriff was arresting too many illegal aliens so he must be targeting them. He must be profiling them. To make sure he never did that again, he was arrested and convicted of disobeying the “illegal” order of a Federal Judge who told him to leave the illegals alone. This 85-year-old sheriff who had faithfully discharged his duties as sheriff was now facing jail time for the crime of arresting criminals.

It is important here to state for the record just what is a crime and who is a criminal. Every single individual who is in this country without proper documentation, whether by overstaying a visa or sneaking in through an underground tunnel, is a criminal. They are law breakers. Some may be murderers or rapists or thieves, who knows? Some may bring strange diseases. Again, who knows? The simple fact is they are here illegally and are subject to arrest and jail time.

Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner just signed a bill forbidding his state’s police agencies from arresting illegal aliens or from working with Federal Immigration agencies. He has decided to make his entire state a sanctuary state. In other words, he has decided to only obey laws which he likes and will only allow that state’s police agencies to enforce laws with which the Governor agrees.

What we are talking about here is simple anarchy. What if the good governor decided that child molestation was okay?  How about simple assault? In other words, what if this governor and the prosecutor in Maricopa County along with the judge who levied punishment on Arpaio, just made their own laws? Oh, wait a minute. That’s exactly what they just did.

Fortunately for the sake of justice and law and order, President Trump pardoned Arpaio thereby relieving this law enforcement officer of what could have easily been a death sentence. It is interesting to note that the Mayor of Phoenix, Democrat Greg Stanton,  publicly declared that this pardon was a slap in the face of all of Phoenix.

No, Mr. Mayor. This pardon was fair and just. The prosecution of Arpaio was an insult to all law abiding citizens of the entire country. You and all who participated in this travesty should be ashamed. Crime is crime, criminals are criminals, and we are fortunate indeed to have law enforcement officers who still do the job they are paid to do.

Ron Scarbro