Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads in every newspaper, television station, and radio station in the country. I have pandered to every left wing special interest group that exists. I have even spoken personally with actual black people. The question I have is, “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead in the polls?” That indeed is an interesting question Hillary. Is it possible that people just don’t like you? Is it possible that your lifetime of lying about everything from the “bimbo” eruptions to  your personal wealth to your performance as Secretary of State has finally caught up with you? Is it possible that your selling influence and access for hundreds of millions of dollars is out in the open? I think a more appropriate question might be, “Why aren’t you in jail, Hillary?” I also believe that when Trump wins in November, that is where you and your toadies will be.

Charleston, SC is erupting because a black arrestee was shot and killed by a police officer when he refused to follow lawful orders from the policeman. Incidentally the police officer was also black. The police report that the individual who was killed had a gun and refused to put it down. There is allegedly body cam video of the incident which proves the police officer’s accusation and the police recovered the gun. So, what is the reaction of the black community in Charleston? Why, this is a great opportunity to rob and loot the stores in our city. We can get some free stuff. We can stick it to the man. It also appears that during the riot an individual in the crowd saw an opportunity to kill another person for unknown reasons. Maybe that was an ongoing feud. Who knows? They will find the killer and then the truth will come out. These are not the actions of good citizens.

The talking heads on TV would have you believe that we face almost insurmountable problems in our race relations especially when it comes to the police. It is just too complex, they say. What if I told you this is the simplest thing to fix?  Here’s how. First, to all who break the law, stop it. If you do the crime, you will do the time. Secondly, if you are stopped by police, follow their instructions. Show them your empty hands. Don’t even think about trying to run away or become belligerent or aggressive. The police are armed with guns, dogs, and backup. They have radios that you cannot outrun. If you are dirty and you get caught, face it, you’re just going to have a bad day. A bad day, incidentally you caused yourself. Don’t resist arrest. You’re going to lose every time. If you are innocent, you will be found to be soon enough. The police didn’t stop you just for something to do. They had  reasonable justification to do so. It is called “probable cause.” The police aren’t paid enough to take any abuse from thugs or would be thugs.

The liberal politicians are fueling this problem by seemingly always siding with the bad guys when they should be supporting the police. The liberal national media gets great ratings from the continued battle of the races so they also keep the fire going. Just stop it. From Ferguson to Baltimore to Dallas to now Charleston, stop pouring salt on this wound. You are a major part of the problem and none of the solution.

And finally to those of you who would choose to sit out this election or vote for some lesser candidate like Johnson or Stein. What you are actually doing is voting for Hillary Clinton. Any vote not cast for Trump is actually a vote for Hillary. You would be voting for a continuation of the mess this country has become and that mess will only get worse under Hillary. To the Bushes, the Kasicks, and other so-called elite establishment Republicans, shame on you. Shame on you for your dereliction of duty. Shame on you for turning your back on America.

Ron Scarbro


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Just last week a number of Clinton toadies appeared before Congress to testify. All had responded to a Congressional subpoena. Those who did show up refused to answer any questions citing their constitutional privilege under the fifth amendment. That privilege allows one to refuse to answer if they believe their answers might tend to incriminate them. They obviously know that they have been involved in a criminal enterprise and that to respond to questions would probably send them to prison as well as those who required them to participate in the crime.  One who had also been subpoenaed refused even to show up. This is called “Contempt of Congress.”

This column seeks to examine the crime, “contempt of Congress” or just contempt for that matter.

For example, there’s contempt of court. If you refuse to show up to court after you have been subpoenaed, you can be held in contempt of court. A warrant can be issued for your arrest. You could face serious jail time.

Contempt of Congress though gets a little fuzzier. Over the years the Supreme Court and the Congress have had disputes over the matter of contempt. For many years Congress used its power to arrest and punish those they deemed guilty of contempt. In recent years, however, Congress has forwarded these matters to the Justice Department for arrest and punishment.

Today’s politics just will not allow our government to work within the law. A Democrat President like Obama will not allow the Democrat Justice Department to proceed against another Democrat. It is for that reason that people like Lois Lerner and John Koskinen of the IRS can break the law and get away with it. I am sure that Hillary and her supporters depend on this same political favoritism to let them get away with their criminal enterprise.

Without doubt the Democrats today are in contempt. They are in contempt of the truth. They are in contempt of America.

There is a real problem looming on the horizon for those who have so blatantly broken the law. If the American people elect Donald Trump as our next President, Hillary, along with her inner circle as well as Lerner, and Koskinen, will all have to face judgement for their crimes. In fact all of the “power brokers” who have controlled our government for so long will be out of business.

Today we have a serious “credibility gap” with the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS. All have been involved in shady activities and some have even gone so far as breaking laws. No serious person with an ounce of intelligence could look at the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and come away with any other conclusion but that she deserves criminal punishment for her actions. Comey’s actions were a betrayal of the American people. No serious person, regardless of their political affiliation, could look at the Clinton Foundation and see it as anything but a slush fund for the enrichment of the Clintons. She and Bill have been selling access and influence for years and have made a fortune doing it. They both belong in prison.

It is obvious to me that Hillary Clinton has contempt for America. She is nothing more than a power hungry political opportunist who would do anything, say anything, or hurt anyone to achieve her goals. She knows beyond a doubt that if she loses this election, she will be headed for jail. Her allies and co-respondents will also face the harsh judgement of our laws. The millions of law breaking trespassers living in America will also have to face the same reality.

This country has no patience for such outright thievery and dishonesty. Hillary and her gang will soon learn exactly what contempt really means, and they aren’t going to like it.  

Ron Scarbro

Thursday, September 15, 2016


A few years back I was proud to be a part of what Hillary called the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Hillary came up with that bit of nonsense when reports emerged that her husband, Bill, was a sexual predator and a serial molester of women. She thought that coming up with this vast right wing BS it would take the attention away from Bill’s criminal activity. Of course there was no conspiracy. It was just another Hillary lie to cover up wrongdoing. It didn’t work. The accusations of rape and all manner of illicit activities with young women continued, and it turns out that the reports were true. He was and is a serial molester of women as well as being a liar and Hillary was and is nothing more than a power hungry enabler.

Today we are faced with yet another insulting accusation from Hillary. She says that Trump supporters are a “basketful of deplorables.” According to her, you and I are in that basket.

For the record I would like to examine her comments. I will use myself as an example of her description of deplorable. I am a law abiding, tax paying, veteran of the military who has never been arrested, and has raised his children to be good citizens who also have an exemplary record as citizens. I worked my entire life and have since retired to live out my days in peace and love for my family and my fellow man.

I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as written and that they are not “living documents” that can be changed depending on the whims of politicians. I believe in self reliance and self responsibility. I respect our flag and our National Anthem. I believe we should have enforceable borders. I believe we should have the strongest possible military and that they should be equipped with the absolute latest and best armaments and gear. I respect local police departments and law. I even obey speed limits. I am grateful to have been born an American citizen and welcome immigrants into this country when they come in legally. I also believe english is our national language and that we should never be expected to alter our language to accommodate foreigners. If they want to live here, they should assimilate in our culture and learn our language as well as our laws.

I have said before I am a “traditional American.” I don’t apologize to anyone for the way I think or feel.

A part of my belief system is that I also believe you have the right to disagree. You have the right to worship as you choose. You have the right as an American to live the life you choose. But you do not have the right to make up your own laws or to live here but follow some other country’s law.

I guess, according to Hillary, that makes me deplorable. It seems clear to me that she doesn’t understand what it means to be an American. Apparently if you share my beliefs, you also would qualify as deplorable to Hillary. To have Hillary think that of me is a badge of honor.

This should not come as a great shock to you but I find Hillary deplorable. I find her disgusting. She is a consummate liar who could never be trusted. She is an embarrassment to every citizen in America. Her supporters should be offended by her stupidity, but sadly they are not. It seems birds of a feather flock together.

If America elects her as President, we deserve the calamity that will ensue. As Jeff Foxworthy has said, “We are a country founded by geniuses, but run by idiots.” God help us.

Ron Scarbro

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


F is for frustration, E stands for embarrassment, and D is for disappointment. These are the feelings I am experiencing as I look at today’s situation.

Who could not be frustrated with Colin Kaepernick? What a punk. This clown couldn’t carry the lantern that lit the path to the outhouse for the average soldier. He makes 19 million dollars a year and he complains that he and his ilk are mistreated. Put a rifle in his hands and send his butt to the Middle East and let him learn what being mistreated is all about. The reality is that Kaepernick probably couldn’t survive basic military training. One of the main jobs of that training is to weed out punks and that would take care of him.

As an American citizen I am embarrassed about Hillary Clinton. Is this the best the Democrats can do? She is without a doubt a criminal who should be in prison. Her activities as Secretary of State involving secret emails alone should convict her not even counting the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation. The truth will  come out. She may well be elected President but that is not going to keep the truth from coming to the forefront. When it all hits the fan, America will pay a huge price for putting this crook in office. Markets will suffer, the economy will suffer, and those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder will suffer the most. She can run but she cannot hide from the truth. God help us when it all comes out.

Disappointment is a word that cannot even come close to describing how I feel about the media in this country. They should be a vanguard for all of us against corruption and crimes at the highest level and it turns out that not only do they distort the news and make up their own stories, they are also complicit with the criminals in our government. They are at least as corrupt as the people they are supposed to be covering. What they pass off as news is nothing more than agenda driven opinion which belongs on the Op-Ed page, certainly not on the front page. In years past one could count on hearing the facts and then making up one’s own mind. Not anymore. Now we are fed a complete line of BS euphemistically called the news of the day. They are generally lies. They are distortions. Stories are altered to fit the agenda of the news service. The vast majority of this country never gets to hear the truth about Hillary or anything that turns out to be inconvenient to their agenda. Freedom of the press is sacred but so is truthfulness. Shame on the media.

Finally, I am sad. Sad that the qualities and traditions that created this, the greatest country on earth, seem so distasteful to the younger generation. The traditions of service, self reliance, responsibility, and pride in oneself and his ability. I am sad that work seems to have become a four letter word to be rejected. What is to become of this nation? What will we do when foreign governments decide that we don’t have the courage or the will to defend ourselves? With our continued depleted military, who will be our champions then?

Is it too late? Are we watching the destruction of our country? For a certainty the generations coming behind us are going to either have to change their ways, or learn how to live under different governments.

Me, I am seventy-five and I know I don’t have that much time left to witness this tragedy. My children and grandchildren will have a big job just to survive. I am sad for them and just plain fed up.

Ron Scarbro