Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Just last week a number of Clinton toadies appeared before Congress to testify. All had responded to a Congressional subpoena. Those who did show up refused to answer any questions citing their constitutional privilege under the fifth amendment. That privilege allows one to refuse to answer if they believe their answers might tend to incriminate them. They obviously know that they have been involved in a criminal enterprise and that to respond to questions would probably send them to prison as well as those who required them to participate in the crime.  One who had also been subpoenaed refused even to show up. This is called “Contempt of Congress.”

This column seeks to examine the crime, “contempt of Congress” or just contempt for that matter.

For example, there’s contempt of court. If you refuse to show up to court after you have been subpoenaed, you can be held in contempt of court. A warrant can be issued for your arrest. You could face serious jail time.

Contempt of Congress though gets a little fuzzier. Over the years the Supreme Court and the Congress have had disputes over the matter of contempt. For many years Congress used its power to arrest and punish those they deemed guilty of contempt. In recent years, however, Congress has forwarded these matters to the Justice Department for arrest and punishment.

Today’s politics just will not allow our government to work within the law. A Democrat President like Obama will not allow the Democrat Justice Department to proceed against another Democrat. It is for that reason that people like Lois Lerner and John Koskinen of the IRS can break the law and get away with it. I am sure that Hillary and her supporters depend on this same political favoritism to let them get away with their criminal enterprise.

Without doubt the Democrats today are in contempt. They are in contempt of the truth. They are in contempt of America.

There is a real problem looming on the horizon for those who have so blatantly broken the law. If the American people elect Donald Trump as our next President, Hillary, along with her inner circle as well as Lerner, and Koskinen, will all have to face judgement for their crimes. In fact all of the “power brokers” who have controlled our government for so long will be out of business.

Today we have a serious “credibility gap” with the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS. All have been involved in shady activities and some have even gone so far as breaking laws. No serious person with an ounce of intelligence could look at the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and come away with any other conclusion but that she deserves criminal punishment for her actions. Comey’s actions were a betrayal of the American people. No serious person, regardless of their political affiliation, could look at the Clinton Foundation and see it as anything but a slush fund for the enrichment of the Clintons. She and Bill have been selling access and influence for years and have made a fortune doing it. They both belong in prison.

It is obvious to me that Hillary Clinton has contempt for America. She is nothing more than a power hungry political opportunist who would do anything, say anything, or hurt anyone to achieve her goals. She knows beyond a doubt that if she loses this election, she will be headed for jail. Her allies and co-respondents will also face the harsh judgement of our laws. The millions of law breaking trespassers living in America will also have to face the same reality.

This country has no patience for such outright thievery and dishonesty. Hillary and her gang will soon learn exactly what contempt really means, and they aren’t going to like it.  

Ron Scarbro

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