Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads in every newspaper, television station, and radio station in the country. I have pandered to every left wing special interest group that exists. I have even spoken personally with actual black people. The question I have is, “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead in the polls?” That indeed is an interesting question Hillary. Is it possible that people just don’t like you? Is it possible that your lifetime of lying about everything from the “bimbo” eruptions to  your personal wealth to your performance as Secretary of State has finally caught up with you? Is it possible that your selling influence and access for hundreds of millions of dollars is out in the open? I think a more appropriate question might be, “Why aren’t you in jail, Hillary?” I also believe that when Trump wins in November, that is where you and your toadies will be.

Charleston, SC is erupting because a black arrestee was shot and killed by a police officer when he refused to follow lawful orders from the policeman. Incidentally the police officer was also black. The police report that the individual who was killed had a gun and refused to put it down. There is allegedly body cam video of the incident which proves the police officer’s accusation and the police recovered the gun. So, what is the reaction of the black community in Charleston? Why, this is a great opportunity to rob and loot the stores in our city. We can get some free stuff. We can stick it to the man. It also appears that during the riot an individual in the crowd saw an opportunity to kill another person for unknown reasons. Maybe that was an ongoing feud. Who knows? They will find the killer and then the truth will come out. These are not the actions of good citizens.

The talking heads on TV would have you believe that we face almost insurmountable problems in our race relations especially when it comes to the police. It is just too complex, they say. What if I told you this is the simplest thing to fix?  Here’s how. First, to all who break the law, stop it. If you do the crime, you will do the time. Secondly, if you are stopped by police, follow their instructions. Show them your empty hands. Don’t even think about trying to run away or become belligerent or aggressive. The police are armed with guns, dogs, and backup. They have radios that you cannot outrun. If you are dirty and you get caught, face it, you’re just going to have a bad day. A bad day, incidentally you caused yourself. Don’t resist arrest. You’re going to lose every time. If you are innocent, you will be found to be soon enough. The police didn’t stop you just for something to do. They had  reasonable justification to do so. It is called “probable cause.” The police aren’t paid enough to take any abuse from thugs or would be thugs.

The liberal politicians are fueling this problem by seemingly always siding with the bad guys when they should be supporting the police. The liberal national media gets great ratings from the continued battle of the races so they also keep the fire going. Just stop it. From Ferguson to Baltimore to Dallas to now Charleston, stop pouring salt on this wound. You are a major part of the problem and none of the solution.

And finally to those of you who would choose to sit out this election or vote for some lesser candidate like Johnson or Stein. What you are actually doing is voting for Hillary Clinton. Any vote not cast for Trump is actually a vote for Hillary. You would be voting for a continuation of the mess this country has become and that mess will only get worse under Hillary. To the Bushes, the Kasicks, and other so-called elite establishment Republicans, shame on you. Shame on you for your dereliction of duty. Shame on you for turning your back on America.

Ron Scarbro


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