Wednesday, September 7, 2016


F is for frustration, E stands for embarrassment, and D is for disappointment. These are the feelings I am experiencing as I look at today’s situation.

Who could not be frustrated with Colin Kaepernick? What a punk. This clown couldn’t carry the lantern that lit the path to the outhouse for the average soldier. He makes 19 million dollars a year and he complains that he and his ilk are mistreated. Put a rifle in his hands and send his butt to the Middle East and let him learn what being mistreated is all about. The reality is that Kaepernick probably couldn’t survive basic military training. One of the main jobs of that training is to weed out punks and that would take care of him.

As an American citizen I am embarrassed about Hillary Clinton. Is this the best the Democrats can do? She is without a doubt a criminal who should be in prison. Her activities as Secretary of State involving secret emails alone should convict her not even counting the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation. The truth will  come out. She may well be elected President but that is not going to keep the truth from coming to the forefront. When it all hits the fan, America will pay a huge price for putting this crook in office. Markets will suffer, the economy will suffer, and those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder will suffer the most. She can run but she cannot hide from the truth. God help us when it all comes out.

Disappointment is a word that cannot even come close to describing how I feel about the media in this country. They should be a vanguard for all of us against corruption and crimes at the highest level and it turns out that not only do they distort the news and make up their own stories, they are also complicit with the criminals in our government. They are at least as corrupt as the people they are supposed to be covering. What they pass off as news is nothing more than agenda driven opinion which belongs on the Op-Ed page, certainly not on the front page. In years past one could count on hearing the facts and then making up one’s own mind. Not anymore. Now we are fed a complete line of BS euphemistically called the news of the day. They are generally lies. They are distortions. Stories are altered to fit the agenda of the news service. The vast majority of this country never gets to hear the truth about Hillary or anything that turns out to be inconvenient to their agenda. Freedom of the press is sacred but so is truthfulness. Shame on the media.

Finally, I am sad. Sad that the qualities and traditions that created this, the greatest country on earth, seem so distasteful to the younger generation. The traditions of service, self reliance, responsibility, and pride in oneself and his ability. I am sad that work seems to have become a four letter word to be rejected. What is to become of this nation? What will we do when foreign governments decide that we don’t have the courage or the will to defend ourselves? With our continued depleted military, who will be our champions then?

Is it too late? Are we watching the destruction of our country? For a certainty the generations coming behind us are going to either have to change their ways, or learn how to live under different governments.

Me, I am seventy-five and I know I don’t have that much time left to witness this tragedy. My children and grandchildren will have a big job just to survive. I am sad for them and just plain fed up.

Ron Scarbro  


Alice Tellefson said...

Spot on, G.R.! Very sad indeed.

Jwo- said...

I'm a little late to the party on this (and subsequent posts), Ron, but absolutely spot on! I'm 61 and euphemistically say, "they'll take pregnant women and Civil War Veterans over me", when it comes to military induction. If this keeps up, I may need to go down and enlist, to try to keep us all free!