Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Let’s say that you have this beautiful home and you decide to invite some visitors over for a visit. You set out plates of delicious food. You decorate with flowers and plants. Everything is in place for your guests.

You send out an invitation, a visa, to invite guests over. And they come. For the most part it all goes well. Your guests enjoy your home and your food. They behave themselves. But, as is always the case, the evening comes to an end. Your guests don’t get the hint. They don’t want to leave. They even go so far as to hide in your home to try to extend their stay. They seem to prefer your home to their own.

While you are dealing with that, a large group of people decide to invite themselves to your house. They don’t have an invitation/visa. This group just moves in. They also eat your food. They sit on your furniture. You don’t know anything about them. You don’t know if they are disease carriers, or criminals, or anything in between. They set up camp in a section of your house, speaking their own language and continuing their own traditions. In other words, they bring their old house with them and try to take over your house.

These two situations are simplified examples of the current problems we face regarding immigration. For some reason we seem to be offering visas to people to visit, study, or whatever without knowing enough about them. In other words we don’t do complete background checks. Then we don’t follow up to see what happens when these visas expire. We issue student visas to people who never attend school. It seems that we put everybody on the honor system. Isn’t it pretty clear by now that many are just dishonorable?

The other problem is, of course, the millions who have trespassed into our country, and are doing so every day, without invitation and are living among us without documentation. Those who actually work are doing so with stolen identities or are being paid under the table. They drive on our highways without license or insurance. They take advantage of our good nature and use our hospital emergency rooms for their normal medical care. They take welfare and food stamps. They take American jobs for cheaper wages thereby cheating our citizenry.

The politicians, whom we hire to take care of these problems, seem to see this group as potential new voters and therefore are more inclined to try and win their favor than deal with their law breaking.

We need to take a step back and get our collective heads out of the dark places where they have dwelt. Issuing visas to individuals from countries which harbor and train terrorists is patently ridiculous. Especially student visas. Let’s face it, terrorists are generally young Muslim  men. And Islamist terrorists are our enemy. Is that so difficult for our PC politicians to understand? Refusing to follow up on expired visas is just plain dereliction of duty.

Those millions who have entered this country illegally are another huge unknown. Many are carriers of diseases which we have previously dealt with. We also don’t know their political affiliations or their allegiances. We don’t know from where they originated. This group of people is possibly just walking time bombs. We don’t know.

The Boston bombing should at least wake us up. Evil exists and evil has infiltrated our country. Today the PC politicians are busy arguing Miranda Rights instead of putting the heat on the terrorist we have captured. They are either tone deaf or just stupid. We have an immigration problem in our house. It is clearly past time to deal with it.

Ron Scarbro April 24, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


When events like the Boston Marathon bombing happen we all look for answers. Obama said in his first speech after the explosion that we will find out who did this and why they did it. Let me be the first to offer this thought. I want to know who did this, but I do not care why. There is no reason on earth for any person or group of persons to plant bombs set to kill and maim innocent civilians. The perpetrators are just evil baby killers. Regardless of their perceived grievance, there is no justification, period. There is no quid pro quo. There is no we are mad at you for something you might have done at some time in the past, and we are right to kill you. No, there is only evil. The most sadistic and vilest of evil.

As of this writing we do not know who perpetrated this act. Speculation ranges all over the map. I remember when the Oklahoma City bombing happened I immediately thought it was Islamist radicals. It turns out that it was just a few cowardly, home grown, baby killers instead. Americans who should have known better. Americans who knew what it meant to be free. But, you know what? Cowards come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Cowardice is not a respecter of national origin. Evil baby killers can slide out from under any rock anywhere.

We will discover the bad guys here. We will probably capture them, and I do believe there is more than one, and we will prosecute them. Personally I still believe it will turn out to be Islamist radicals. I believe they will be found to be organized and funded by countries we are supporting through foreign aid. It is just a matter of time. Remember Osama Bin Laden, judgement day will come.

How shall we deal with them when they are captured and convicted? What should their punishment be? Shall we imprison them and feed them for the next several years? As for me, I would like to gut shoot them with double aught buckshot and feed them to the feral hogs. I probably won’t get my wish, however. Cooler heads will prevail and these punks will spend the rest of their miserable lives in a dark and empty cage.

And speaking of that, how would it be to wake up every morning and know that this is the rest of your life? How would it be to try to sleep with the vivid image of bloody children and women in your head? The night terrors deny you sleep and you slowly go crazy. There will be no respite short of death. When you see your image in a mirror, you see the face of a coward.

There is a benefit as well as a problem living in a free and open society as we do, and that is we cannot control everything and everybody around us. There are going to be those individuals whose jealousy and envy will bring out their evil.

What troubles me most today is I have so little confidence in the people we have in charge. We still have done nothing about Benghazi. When we need strong leaders with conviction and resolve, we are left with inexperienced politicians with no military background, junior leaguers. In this case though, I will withhold my judgement. I will give Obama and his minions the opportunity to prove me wrong. Round up these punks and give the world the perp walk of all perp walks. Let the world look into the face of these cowards, then put them in dark, empty cages for the rest of their miserable lives to be relegated, along with those of their ilk, to the trash heap of infamy

Ron Scarbro April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It was just announced that Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87. This lady was one of my heroes. She was courageous, daring, and smart. As Prime Minister of Great Britain she worked with President Reagan to bring about the end of the Soviet Union. That was their gift to the world. My favorite Margaret Thatcher quote continues to be, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Thatcher will be missed and the world is a better place for her  having been here.

Our very own junior league president is trying to deal with a bloated budget mostly of his own making. A couple of items he is said to be considering is changing the way Social Security cost of living increases are figured. Under his plan those increases would be much lower. He also proposes lowering payments to Medicare providers. What this all means is that he proposes balancing the budget on the backs of senior citizens. You will remember it was the democrats under Lyndon Johnson who stole the entire Social Security fund in order to “balance the budget” a few years ago. They replaced the money they stole with I.O.Us. Had they left the fund alone to grow, recipients would be receiving much larger payments today with their future being much more secure. Now the democrats want to do further damage to seniors. To all Members of Congress, leave my money alone. Fix your mess with some other source, like foreign aid, or grants to study owls or the sex habits of cross-eyed lemmings.

The United Nations has passed their gun control treaty. It is clear the intent is to disarm the United States. If this nonsense is ratified by our Senate, it will destroy our second amendment, period. It is also clear to me that these little third world countries which make up the bulk of the UN are trying to lessen America’s influence in the world. Any Senator who votes to ratify this silly treaty should be immediately removed from office and never allowed to return. The great state of Texas has already written a letter to Obama advising him that if the so-called treaty is ratified, they will file a lawsuit to prevent it from ever becoming the law of this country. Don’t mess with Texas.

We lost another Foreign Service worker this week. She was murdered by a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan. You know there was a time when killing a US citizen in a foreign country was met with swift and certain retaliation. There was a time when the US was feared. Alas no more. There isn’t enough testosterone in Washington  to grow whiskers, let alone reproductive body parts.

Colorado and Connecticut have passed laws which will virtually guarantee them financial problems which they cannot even imagine. The hunting industry is a major contributor to Colorado’s bottom line. That will completely disappear with their new gun control laws. Both of these states will be boycotted by the reasonable citizens of America. Gun and ammunition manufacturers are looking for more gun friendly states in which to operate. Some of these more liberal states who are offending the second amendment will definitely feel the pinch.

Sooner or later state and federal legislators will come to realize who really is in charge, and it’s not them. Laws passed which violate the Constitution or are otherwise illegal will not be obeyed or enforced. A group of some 350 sheriffs have sent a letter to Congress informing them laws interfering with the second amendment will not be enforced. Basically we are traveling on some pretty scary ground here. Time will tell just how scary.

Ron Scarbro April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Have you ever been sound asleep in your warm, comfortable bed only to be awakened by a buzzing mosquito? You swat at it and swat at it but it just will not leave you alone. Finally in exasperation, you get up, turn on the light, find the offending insect and squash it like the bug it is. You savor your victory by returning to your bed and falling back into delightful sleep.

This, however, is not a column about mosquitoes or sleep. No, this is about Kim Jong-un, Pillsbury Doughboy look-alike and current dictator of North Korea who has been acting like just such a mosquito. Lately he has been buzzing around rattling sabers, and generally making a nuisance of himself talking up war. His latest pronouncement is that the peninsula of Korea is in a state of war. He is threatening not just South Korea but he is also preparing his military for war against the United States. He has even gone so far as to select targets. They include Washington D.C. as well as Hawaii and, for some unknown reason, Austin, Texas. Just as a side note, he might get away with threatening Washington but when he threatens Austin, Texas, he is asking for more trouble than he could possibly imagine. Texans don’t take too kindly to people threatening Texas.

I don’t know about you but there are times when I get so tired of hearing from these little tin pot dictators that I just wish they would send one of their missiles up. We would, of course, shoot it out of the sky. Then we surface one of the several nuclear submarines we have just off their coast and vaporize Pyongyang and all who dwell therein. I know that is a brutal way of looking at the situation but sometimes I just wish we could end all the nonsense. It is indeed sad that so many people will die if North Korea decides to commit national suicide by trying to start a war with anyone. Their so-called million man army would be gone in a flash, literally.

So, what should we do? Should we acknowledge their threats? Should we give any credence to their arming of missiles and moving them around? In other words, should we be concerned? I think the answer is yes. Yes, we take them seriously. Yes, we believe they are stupid enough to fire a missile at us or even at South Korea. Then, if they do, finish their presence on this earth. I heard an Army General this weekend saying our military believes it would take approximately fifty hours to completely decimate the entire North Korean military. That, ladies and gentlemen, is less than a long weekend.

It is indeed possible that North Korea doesn’t know or believe this. That miscalculation would be to their peril. It is also possible that we have in place such an inept administration that we could lose a lot of people before the unqualified politicians we have in power actually pull the trigger and take care of business. That remains to be seen.

These things are certain. North Korea is just trying to be noticed and taken seriously. Any offensive action taken by them against any of our allies or against us would be a fatal decision on their part. It may take us awhile to act, but eventually we would act and that probably would end North Korea’s existence on this planet. Like the mosquito buzzing around your ear at night, a serious bug squashing would follow and the rest of the world would then return to peaceful sleep.

Ron Scarbro April 3, 2013